In April 27 2557 the Spartan team bravo moves into the building of Prometheans,the spartans are investigating the place,the place was dead until...

Spartan bravo leader:Halt,i heard something,did you guys hear it?

Spartan 1:No.

Spartan 2:Not.

Spartan 3:Same here.

There was silences for 10 secs but the console popped out of the screen,
and its showing the planet earth.

Spartan bravo leader:What the hell.

Spartan 2:Is that...Earth?

Spartan bravo leader:i think so.

Spartan bravo leader is about to touch the button but...

Spartan 3:What are you doing sergeant?

Spartan bravo leader:Just my job...

Spartan bravo leader touched the button and its showing that Prometheans and Covenant are attacking the earth including california London Japan Brazil and more.

Spartan bravo leader:Oh shit,this is Spartan bravo leader we found something that you want to see,we will send a video to you right now and...
Wait i heard something.

The Prometheans came out of no where and attacking the spartan bravo 1 got shot in the heart,Spartan 2 got stabed,spartans backstabed Spartan 3, but Spartan bravo leader is still fighting at them and Prometheans still coming,Knight shot the bravo leader in the leg and Spartan bravo leader went down on the floor.
Spartan bravo leader look up at the knight and knight stabed him and everything went blar.

The war begins...

Cast of this story

Master Chief



Andrew Del Rio

Captain James Cutter




Blu and Jewel's kids

Nico Pedro Eva



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