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"This is an order, Sebastian. Kill all these people, devour their souls and make them beg for mercy," the voice rang out from where the person stood.

The man, who dressed all in black, uttered three words and carried out the orders.

Screams of humans filled the child—who uttered such words—'s ears. A smile formed on those lips.

"Make them suffer," the child said, then laughed as the screams once again penetrated the air.

"It's time to wake up," the butler all in black set a tray with tea and breakfast on a table next to the king size bed, "my lady." The demon butler opened the heavy navy blue curtains to let light in. The young girl groaned and turned on her bed.

"A few more minutes, Sebastian," her monotone, yet somehow melodic, voice was muffled by the pillows.

The demon butler got near the dark haired girl's ear and whispered almost seductively, "Your schedule is full, and you will have a guest arriving shortly."

The girl's eyes shot open, though on the inside yearned for that sinful love from her butler, she remained calm and stern on the outside. Almost painfully, she pulled away from the butler.

"Sebastian, mind my personal space," she said in a monotone voice. 'I will not let a low life demon get to me, especially one as a butler.' She took her already poured tea and lifted the teacup to her lips.

'Why is she so unreadable? She is truly a soul worth devouring,' Sebastian thought as he made her bed. He marveled at how dark and twisted her soul was, yet it was pure.

He ran his eyes over his fourteenyears old mistress. Her porcelain-like skin, her rose petal lips and womanly curves. He licked his lips as he stared at hersand smiled mischievously as he thought a plan. His yearning for her over the past two years had almost driven him mad.

"Hurry up, Sebastian! Dress me!" Ciel put down her teacup and crossed her arms.

"Yes, my lady." Sebastian smiled. It's time to put his plan into action.

Sebastian guided Ciel to her bed and sat her down. He had already laid out her clothes. Ciel didn't dress like other girls. She dressed in more boyish clothes. Sebastian took off her nightshirt, which was his, which he had managed her to wear after some pleading and threatening.

He took off his gloves so it made it 'easier' to change her. In reality, all he wanted to do was to feel her soft skin. He slid on her ruffle shirt as his hands grazed her arms and shoulders. He buttoned up the front of her shirt,while his hands roamed her stomach and grazed just under her breasts.

Her breathing hitched and her panting became shallow.

Sebastian smiled at this. He then proceeded to slip on her mid thigh shorts, his hands rubbed up her thighs and rested on her hips. His hands ran up to her waist and pulled her up.

When she was standing, Sebastian turned her around to scoop her black almost blue hair into a ponytail. When he was done, he turned her around to put on her coat.

Sebastian pulled Ciel to his chest, so he could reach behind her and tie the laces in the back.

Ciel started panting slightly. When Sebastian had done, she looked up at him.

"Sebastian?" Ciel called in a sing song, sweet voice.

"Yes, my lady?" Sebastian tried to hide his excitement.

"One teensy favor please." Ciel walked two fingers up Sebastian's forearm to stop at his shoulder.

"Anything for you, my lady." Sebastian's eyes smoldered and glowed in fuchsia. Ciel smiled and gripped his shoulder tight.

"Then," Ciel went on her tippy toes and spoke in his ear, "would you stop molesting me every time you dress me?!"

Ciel then pushed him away real hard as she elegantly stormed off to her office.

Sebastian was left in shock.

'What. Just. Happened?'

Sebastian then smiled. He knew his mistress for her games, and she was playing hard to get.

The feelings that had stirred in him started when his mistress began to grow into a beautiful woman

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