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This explains all Ciel has to endure and why she dresses as a boy.

Ciel's POV 3 years ago

I had found my once home in ruins, then I had it rebuild to every crack and dent. Once the manor was rebuilt, I moved back in.

The people who had kidnapped me had torn my dress, so Sebastian had to put me in boy's clothing. My hair was short, and now I looked like a boy.


I turned around to face my aunt, Madame Red, with my good eye. Since my right eye had the mark of the contract, I had to bandage it.

"Ciel, I'm so glad you are back!" Madame Red hugged me close and ruffled my short hair. I stood quietly, embracing her back.

After she had settled down and sat on one of the sofas, she explained to me why she had come so urgently once she knew I was back.

"The contractors informed me that if the heir of the Funtom Company is not found, then they shall find another person to run it." Madame Red looked down at her teacup.

I looked at her with a widened eye. NO! They will never give me the company over because I'm a girl!

"You know what this means, right? Ciel, you are a lady. Ladies don't run companies as large as this! But you can't just let all your father's hard work goes into the hands of someone who doesn't know anything!" Madame Red put down her cup and twirled the pearls around her neck.

"Madame Red," I took a breath. "I will...I will take over as the head of the Phantomhive Manor and the Funtom Company."

Madame Red gaped at me.

"But that means..."

I nodded. "In order to maintain everything of my father's, and since I am not old enough to inherit or have a lawyer to read my parent's will, I will take on the role of Earl Phantomhive."

"But that's a role for the first born son!" My aunt dropped her cup.

"Yes, I am aware. I cannot just stand here and let people take my father's company!"

"Lady Ciel... I beg you to reconsider."

"No, Madame Red, I am no longer a 'Lady'. I will now be known as the Earl Phantomhive." I said sternly.

"You were such a frail and sick child... no one ever saw you. You will have no problem pulling this off." Madame Red finally stated as she looked at the carpet.

I sighed. I was the mysterious child of the Phantomhives. It was time to let the world know that I was the son, not daughter, of the late Phantomhives.

"Don't worry, Ciel, I'll help you along the way. You know you can always count on me... your dear aunt." Madame Red opened her arms to me. I hugged her really hard.

"Thank you, Aunt. You're all that's left of my family. I couldn't bear to lose you!" I sobbed onto her shoulder.

She patted me on my head and smoothened down my hair.

"And I couldn't bear to lose you, my dear Ciel."


Ciel POV Present

As I walked down the stairs, my maid came running up to me.

"Mistress Ciel, I tried to tell him to leave but he wouldn't—"

She got interrupted by an excited yell. "Ciel!"

A pair of arms encircled me. 'Shit. It's Elizar'

"Elizar! I am working on a very important case!" I said with my teeth clenched shut.

"Ciel, that is Scotland Yard's job! That's not a job for a lady!" He said as he leisurely sprawled on my staircase.

"How do you expect me to act like a lady when you act like a slob?"

"Easy. It's your duty. And, as for me, I am a man. And a man can do whatever he pleases."

"Are you forgetting that I am Earl Phantomhive?" I said haughtily.

"Ah, and are you forgetting that I can easily blow your cover. By the way, I am your fiancé. We will get married when you're 18."

"If you do blow my cover, you won't live to see another day because first, I will make sure you don't. Second, you will be charged by being my accomplice. As for getting married at 18, I will be old enough to have my parents' inheritance and have their will to be read. I'll just simply state that people mistook me as a boy. Easy as that." I shrugged.

That was a lie; I wouldn't tell people that they just mistook me as a boy. I would just simply disappear and pretend to have an accident, and then my sister would come and take my place since they left everything to her. Which wasn't true, since I didn't have a sister.

I had stated that my sister, Ciel, was sick and couldn't be seen. I also use the name Ciel, but with the name Azurre Ciel.

Fortunately, my birth certificate and other important documents of mine were rescued from the fire.

My mother was supposed to have a first child that was a boy, and his birth certificate remained. I had mine and Azurre's certificate.

Azurre died 1 month after he was born. His death was never recorded, which meant he was still alive. Anyway, no one questioned anything or wanted to see my supposed sister.

Then, there was Elizar. I had him swore that he wouldn't say a word. Of course I didn't tell him my plan of when I turned 18. I just told him what he had to know, because he was still my fiance. He knew I didn't have a sister, but an older brother that died before I was born. I couldn't lie to him.

'It's funny how everything plays out perfectly...'

"How's your sister?"

"Pale, delicate of health and barely moves."

This was something we both came up with; he would have an excuse to visit me and I would tell him something to make my 'sister's' illness more believable. He would claim that he saw her from afar.

"So, she doesn't look like she would last much longer," he stated rather than questioned.

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.

"Now can you please lea-"

Suddenly, his lips were on mine.

"Mmpf!" I struggled against him. He finally stepped back.

"What's wrong with you?!" I held my hand up to my lips.

"What is wrong with YOU?" He stated almost angrily. "You are my fiancé! I can do whatever I want to you!"

He forcefully grabbed my arm and tried to kiss me again.

"I advise you to let go of my lady," Sebastian stated with a deadly hint in his tone. He finallyshowed up!

"Where were you?" I asked as he blocked Elizar with his body.

"My apologies, aijin*, but I was getting your carriage ready. The horses were being...unruly," he smoothly stated.

"Ciel! Tell your butler to let me be!" Elizar sounded irritated.

"Sebastian, step aside."

He obeyed.

I looked at a very pissed off Elizar.

"Leave. Next time, tell me when you will come here. Maybe I won't be in a bad mood and allow you to do as you please. And, remember this: blow my cover and I will break the engagement —or perhaps I'll become a widow before the marriage." I icily stated.

He gulped and bowed.

"Of course, Earl Phantomhive." He stood back straight and took his leave.

"God, he is a horrible fiancé." I rubbed my temple.

"Then, why are you still with him?" Sebastian asked as he fixed my coat.

"Sebastian, don't ask stupid questions. I need him, because he is nothing but a chess piece to be used by the Queen."

"You mean King?"

"No. The King in chess barely moves and it depends on the other chess pieces to protect him. The Queen, however, is powerful and can move around as she wishes to take out potential threats."

"So, wouldn't you say, I would be your knight, my queen?" Sebastian asked as he faced me.

I didn't answer.

"Actually, a King doesn't have to be completely immobile. That is, if you play a fair game, then the King would be important yet useless. But, according to the games you play... they are not always completely fair per say." He raised an eyebrow as he finished talking.

"I am the King, you say?"

He nodded once. Well, he had a point.

"Then, you are right. The chess pieces will sacrifice their lives to protect the King, whether they choose to or not."

"And the King will leave successfully and claim a checkmate for herself." Sebastian added.

"Not caring how many lives are lost in order to get what she wants," I said as I descended the stairs.

"Indeed, my mistress. Indeed. And I am your faithful knight."

"This is an order, Sebastian. Never betray me and always stay at my side! Protect me at all costs!"

"Hai, aijin."

He went on one knee in front of me and placed his right hand over his heart.

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Aijin- Mistress

Hai, Aijin- Yes, my mistress

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