The Dark Lord could only stare in disbelief at the crazy teen.

This was supposed to be the child who would vanquish him?

"Well fuck this." A previously noseless face morphed into the features of his much more acceptable 16 year old form.

Harry Potter was ranting about the weirdness of life and Voldemort's weird snake life features and pulling jokes like "Hey Voldemort, Simon says touch your nose!" when his magic did something.

It changes Voldemort to a human.

Harry starte laughing hysterically and punched Voldemort in the nose.

"I've always wanted to do that, but you didn't have the nose for me to punch. My magic apparently has rectified that.

The "Greatest-Dark-Lord-Of-The-Century-Ignoring-The-Fact-That-He-Was-Just-About-The-Only-Dark-Lord-Because-The-Other-One-Didn't-Really-Affect-This-Generation" felt tears well up, as his magic slowly knitted his broken appendage back together.

It wasn't fair! How could a snot nosed brat do what he'd been trying to do for ages by accident.

Then he gasped in horror! His soul had become whole again, and with repressed teenage emotions from being a Slytherin as a 16 year old, he recognised himself starting to have a temper tantrum.

Harry started in amazement after he'd caught his breath from laughing to hard.

He'd made the Dark Lord cry.

His immediate though was "OMFG, this is utterly hilarious." and promptly began laughing again as the Now-Teenaged-and-Rather-Handsome-Dark-Lord stormed around the room, pouting and muttering about the unfair nature of life.