Minna! Okay, I put this part because there might be writers need explanation and tips about it. So… Let's start!

#1: No Yaoi! It's forbidden in all my stories.

#2: Before you guys type IE/IEGO names at the crush, see the reviews first. Because there might be Fan Fictioners put the same crush as you guys. So… Those who have the same crush, I will not accept your OCs crush. I will type your OCs crush to 'NONE CRUSH'.

#3: This story will be about IE, not IEGO. I will write about IEGO in another season.

#4: Now about your OCS Profile. First of about their names. If she/he is a mage/wizard and came from the magic world, their names must sound secretive, because as Mage, they are not allow to reveal their true identities to the humans. For examples, I show you one of my OCs names.

i- Real Name: Fam Winslow

Fake Name: Kohaku Naomi

ii- Real Name: Nolan de Weston

Fake Name: Fushimi Koe

#5: Now about their status, you guys type human. Well, it's normal. And you guys also fill their Powers/Magic too. It's perfect. But do you guys want me to make your OCs joining IE characters go to the magical world too? Besides, I think there are many people out there fill the Powers/Magic profile. There are limits too you know. Now, you guys can also make your OCs doesn't have Powers but can join the IE characters go to the Magic world.

#6: Okay, like I've said there some of the OCS has the same crush and some of them aren't for crush. Okay, I've receive many PM'S from Fan Fictioners so I type IE and IEGO characters name that has been took.

IE and IEGO Characters

-Kazemaru I–

-Tsurugi K-

-Kirino R-

-Kariya M-

-Afuro (Aphrodi) T-

-Gouenji S-

-Fubuki S-

-Otonashi H-

-Yukimura H-

-Kiyama H-

-Tsurugi Y-

-Matsukaze T-

-Amemiya T-

-Midorikawa R-

-Nagumo H-

-Fudou A-

-Mark Kruger-

-Dylan Keith-



#7: About IEGO OCs, they will be appearing in another season. So you guys can send them after this story ends or reserve them.

#8: For those who have send reviews for me, hontou ni arigatou! and to tell you guys, in the IE series, the age will only between 14-19. Those who send 20 or more than 19 for IE series, I will not accept it. 13-16, 20 or more than 20 are for IEGO seasons. Those who sends IEGO OCs are fully accept.

Okay, that's all minna-san! If there are any questions, feel free to ask me! ^^

PS: Remember! No YAOI in my stories! =3=