Beauty and the Beast

Chapter 1


For Faberry Week Day 1: Fairytales. I know it's late and it certainly isn't a one shot and not Faberry only. However, this has been in my head for awhile now and Faberry Week gives the plot bunny an excuse to bite me into writing it.

This includes aspects from the traditional fairytale as well as Mercedes Lackey's 500 Kingdoms series and Tamora Pierce's Tortall series (which if you haven't read, I highly suggest doing so) and a tiny bit of Once Upon a Time. Kudos to anyone who spots what belongs to what.

Pairings include Faberry and Brittana with some Finn bashing, Artie bashing (sorry, but he fits the bad guy role for this idea), and the awesomeness that is Puck broship and Chang-squared loyalty. There is also mention of G!P in here and sex, but nothing detailed. If that's what you're looking for, I'm sorry but my talents do not pertain to that area.

"You're a monster Russell Fabray!" The Fairy Godmother who had been called in for assistance with an evil witch that had tried to steal the prince spoke with a sneer.

Russell Fabray, Lord of Wolfshire, laughed in her face. "I may be, but there is nothing you can do about it."

The woman frowned at him. Nothing she could do about it? She was a godmother! Of course she could do something about it! In fact, she had the perfect spell in mind.

"I curse you, so that all can see the beast you truly are!" She threw the spell at him.

The man simply laughed again as the spell bounced off of him and disappeared into thin air. "I am protected from such things as that!" He sneered at her surprised face. "Why do you think the witch wanted my infant son and not my worthless middle child?"

The Godmother's face firmed into a stubborn expression. "You will be punished for your cruelty one day, Lord Fabray." Now she understood why so many of the heir's gifts from the fairy godmothers had pertained to kindness and its fellows.

Startled screams rent the air. Russell stood and ordered the fairy godmother to be taken prisoner. He ordered other guards to guard his precious son and more to investigate the screams. The Fairy Godmother laughed and disappeared.

"Russell! Oh Russell, it's horrible!" Lady Judy came scrambling down the hallway. "Lucy's been cursed!" She turned back down the hallway. "Don't hurt her, you brutes!"

The guards brought forth the child. Only the child wasn't the pretty girl she had been. Her features had been twisted up with that of a lion's. Her clothing hung off her in rags and, in the shock at her change, switched between tears of pain and fighting to get the guards off her. As her clothing was nothing more than rags, her abnormal genitalia could be seen.

"What's going on? Father what's happening?" The ten year-old cried out, seeing her father.

"Send it away!" Russell ordered, seeing a way to get rid of the child that had caused him so many headaches since the day she had been born and he'd been forbidden from killing her outright. "Lock the beast away! It is no daughter of mine!"

The guards, accustomed to doing as ordered, did so. Judy wailed and tried to go to her favorite child, but was held back by her husband. She fell to her knees as Lucy was taken away.