Beauty and the Beast

Chapter 14


"So, there are two weddings to plan then?" Lady Gloria asked, curious as she watched the two couples later on.

"Yes, Santana and Brittany first and then myself and Quinn." Rachel answered. "We are hoping to have both of them here, if the Godmother would consent to performing the marriage blessing. If not, I'm certain my aunt can find someone even on short notice."

Lady Gloria laughed. "Yes, how is Lady Sylvester? Still terrorizing pages and squires?"

"Knights as well," Justo added in, grinning. "She's not afraid to prove if a knight's been sloppy with his or her training."

"Yes," Rachel answered, giggling at Justo's rather spot-on description of her aunt. "In fact, she's currently in the capital as a training mistress for the pages."

"So we've heard. Abigail's betrothed is a scholar in the palace." Lady Gloria told them. "His letters are vastly entertaining."

"Scholar?" Quinn looked at her grandmother. "I thought Father had arranged a marriage with one of Lord Desman of Rock Point sons?"

Lady Gloria scoffed. "He did, but your grandfather chased him out of Frost Lake after finding with the chambermaid. Abigail much prefers her scholar, who, in my opinion at least, will make a much better lord for Frost Lake than that bumbling fool your father chose."

Quinn nodded, happy for her sister despite their lack of relationship. "And my mother and brother?"

"You can ask us yourself Quinn." Lady Judith was standing in the doorway of the pallor they were seated in. A child about eight years old stood beside her. He was watching Quinn with curiosity.

"Mother…" Quinn stood and went to hug her mother tightly.

"Oh Quinn…you've grown so beautiful. Just as I knew you would." Lady Judith returned the hug tightly. "Meet your brother, Lord Leon of Wolfshire." Russell had died when he heard of the curse on his banished daughter being broken by a mage-girl from a minor noble family. He wasn't missed.

Quinn knelt down so she was eyelevel with the boy. "Hello Leo. It's nice to finally meet you. I'm Quinn."

"I know," the boy said shyly. Like Quinn, he was much more Lady Judith's child than Lord Russell's. "It's nice to meet you."

"You know, my lady knows magic." Quinn told him softly as if it were a secret. "Would you like to meet her?"

Like any child, Leon's eyes widened at the thought of seeing real magic performed. "Really? Do you think she'll like me?"

"I'm certain she'll adore you." Quinn told him. She held out her hand and he took it.

Rachel was already standing. She smiled at the two. "Lady Judith, it is an honor to meet you." She curtsied. "You as well, Lord Leon."

"Can you really do magic?" Leon asked her.

"Yes," Rachel told him, "see?" She held up a hand and slowly a little kitten made up of light and dust swirled into existence.

"Wow…" Leon stared at it in wondered as the kitten turned into first a griffin, then an eagle, and then finally a dragon before dissolving into dust and light once again.

"I know," Quinn agreed, staring at Rachel with complete adoration. Rachel returned the smile with equal emotion.

"So, what are your wedding plans?" Lady Judith asked, taking a seat beside her mother.

"We're having a combined ceremony with Santana and Brittany," Rachel began, retaking her seat beside Quinn. "We're planning on having it as soon as spring as fully settled into place…"

The day arrived faster than any of them really thought it would. Godmother Gracie had agreed to give the blessing for both couples. Justo and Leon stood behind Quinn and Santana as Puck and Tina stood behind Rachel and Brittany as witnesses. Everyone else was gathered in the courtyard to watch.

Quinn was dressed in Frost Lake colors of ice blue and white, silver accenting sparkling in the sunlight. Santana was resplendent in red, black tourmaline and onyx caught flashes of sunlight as did their silver settings. Both were waiting for their ladies to walk towards them.

Sue had agreed to walk both Brittany and Rachel down the aisle in place of their fathers. Rachel's were seated with Puck's mother and little sister along with Quinn's family. Brittany's were sitting with the rest of Santana's family. Servants and guardsmen were sprinkled around the courtyard to watch. Mike had been given the task of guarding the rings.

The music began. Santana and Quinn caught their breaths as Rachel and Brittany emerged.

Rachel was wearing her family colors of rose pink and midnight blue, the gold accenting glittering like stars in the night sky. Silver and gold hairclips in the shape of stars held her hair in place. They had been a wedding gift from Quinn. To Quinn, Rachel had given her a silver dagger with a stylized lioness engraved on the hilt. Quinn wore it proudly on her belt.

Brittany's family colors were sky blue and bronze and the tall blonde wore them well. Her gift from Santana was the silver and bronze necklace she wore. Santana, like Quinn, had received a dagger only instead of a lioness the cat on hers was a jaguar.

When asked later, none of them remembered much of the actual ceremony. Both couples were far too wrapped up in each other to really care beyond saying the right words at the right times to seal themselves together more than they already had.

"So, are you happy?" Quinn asked Rachel later as they danced. It had taken awhile, but they were finally having the ball they had been planning since finding out about Brittany's pregnancy.

"Extremely," Rachel replied, kissing Quinn softly. "Do you think Santana would like to be a godmother?"

"What?" Quinn asked in confusion. Rachel just smiled at her. It slowly dawned on Quinn what Rachel meant. "Are you?" Like their friends, they hadn't bothered to wait for the wedding to happen before consummating their relationship.

"Yes, Tina confirmed it for me yesterday." Rachel replied. "In about eight months, our friends won't be the only couple with a little one running around."

Quinn smiled widely and spun Rachel around. "That's just…purr-fect."