Pokémon: Black and White

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His red monocle glinted. His other eye shone with, for once, something that wasn't hatred. Something that wasn't bitter. Something that wasn't… evil. Instead, as he sat there, stirring sugar into his tea with his long, slender, bony fingers, what reflected in the eye not covered by the monocle was… curiosity. He was curious, which was odd for him, because he usually knew something the second he saw it. He wasn't one to have to reconsider something. No, once he'd made up his mind, the decision was final. His spoon cluttered, clashing with the patterned mahogany table as he placed the spoon down, before placing his hands on his chin and relaxing himself while he waited for his tea to cool. Yes, when he had to consider something before knowing without a doubt in his mind what was wrong with it, he knew there was something wrong.

And that was exactly what the girl did to him. The girl made him reconsider. The girl made him think. And it was the first time he'd sat at his table in the castle shrouded in darkness in awhile. He usually only sat there to think on his own. No one else knew of the room, not even the king, the one he was meant to be following. But how could he follow someone as childish as him? How could he put his heart and soul into trusting a person that actually didn't hate the girl that made him reconsider? He couldn't. It was impossible. Because he knew N didn't hate the girl. Quite the contrary, actually. He'd called her interesting. He'd called her nice. He'd told him that she wasn't like other Trainers. He'd called her different.

That was what scared Ghetsis the most as he sat there in darkness. That was what caused a sliver of fear to run through his mind. No, not fear. He didn't fear for things. It was more like doubt. Yes doubt, almost as bad as fear, but doubt could be easily overcome. Why, if he feared something that wasn't dangerous in the first place, that didn't make things any better. Even if he doubted, she was still just a girl. She could do nothing to the hundreds of grunts he held at his disposal. Heck, if it got to that, he still had the rest of the Seven Sages and N, who would soon be invincible with the legendary dragon at his fingertips.

And if she managed by some ungodly chance to get past N, then she still had Ghetsis. Himself, the mastermind behind it all. The genius. Yes, he was a genius. He'd thought it all up. He'd plotted. He'd planned. And he'd waited. Waited for people gullible or desperate enough to come along and follow through with his plan. No one, especially not a mere teenage girl, would get through his plans. As if she thought she could, too. No, the only thing he had to worry about was the second legendary dragon; Reshiram, the one who would rise from the ashes at the last minute and attempt to destroy the hero of Zekrom. Of course, that person didn't know they were the hero so far, so what did he have to worry about?

Nothing. That's right. Nothing. Nothing would stop his plans. Nothing would get past him. And nothing would get in his way of his new world. He would succeed, and he'd never doubted that. He laughed slightly, picking up the teacup and taking a tentative sip of the tea held in it. Ah, so much better than the tea the servants had brought in for him the previous day. That was good, but it wasn't made by him. This tea was, just like everything else he did, perfection.

The real interest began when three shadows appeared in front of him, their white hair blowing in the shadows even though there was no wind to blow them. They were almost invisible in the darkness, their costumes blended into the blackness of the room. But that only made their faces and hair stand out more. If they didn't want to be seen, they wouldn't have been. Except by Ghetsis, for he had learned to see them even when they were unseeable to the naked eye. He looked down at them as they dropped to their knees and bowed. He watched them with all his attention and stood up again. They were the only beings that were allowed to stand up without his permission. He couldn't exactly punish them, anyway. They had no feeling, so yelling or insulting wouldn't work. They were too quick for him to throw a punch and actually hit them enough to hurt them.

Even through this, Ghetsis knew they were his most loyal servants. He knew that, because of their lack of feeling and his lack of punishments for them, they had their own free will. Yet still, they decided to follow him, to take after his every move. To serve him to his own satisfaction. He liked that. More, he was satisfied by that, because Ghetsis didn't really like anything. The closest anyone could get to him was him having a neutral feeling towards them, and what an honour it would be to have him not hate them. If he didn't feel neutral towards a person, then the relationship only got worse from there.

"What news do you bring me?" he asked, taking another short sip of his tea. The Shadow Triad stayed silent for a moment, observing Ghetsis as much as they could, who didn't get impatient. He knew they would give him the news. Yelling at them would only make them take longer and make him lose his temper quicker.

"We come with news about our lord N," they chorused in monotone, none of them moving other than their lips parting and joining again in perfect sync. Even Ghetsis was not sure how they did it. They were, in a way, the same people. They were also, in a way, not people at all, just beings of shadows that had split apart into three different souls. Ghetsis didn't mind, though. It just made them that much easier to control.

"About our lord?" asked Ghetsis, though the word "lord" had a slight sarcastic sneer to it, like he was mocking the word. Like it didn't deserve to be said by his dirty mouth. The Shadow Triad nodded before continuing.

"Yes. Lord N has met up with the girl again," they explained, their tone not changing at all as the words were said. Ghetsis' attention was rising with each word, his ears becoming more in tune by the second. "He had ordered for us to follow her, which we have been doing. She is a very strange one. She says she hates him, but she seems to have more of a neutral feeling. We believe she is just in-denial. She had chased some of our grunts into the amusement park when they tried to steal from an old man, and she found N there."

"Interesting…" muttered Ghetsis, the word dripping out of his mouth like grease. "She doesn't hate him, does she? Well, I guess it's better than her liking him. That would cause some problems and she may find out. Tell me more."

"I am afraid the finding out part is already too late." Ghetsis raised an eyebrow, his uncovered eye widening as he continued to sip at his tea. "He told her he would help her find the grunts, when really he was just steering her attention away for the night. He succeeded in doing that, but then the two entered the Ferris wheel. It seems N had sworn to himself to tell her of his… secret, but he hesitated a lot. Eventually, however, it came to a point in their conversation where he got a little annoyed at her and ended up spitting it out."

"What?" Ghetsis almost spit out his tea, and he slammed the cup onto the ground, causing the contents to spill all over the perfectly clean mahogany and into the patterns that were carved into it. "She knows? How can this…?"

"She took it pretty well," they continued, ignoring Ghetsis' reaction. "Her feelings showed that she didn't feel any different about him even though she said she hated him more. She did seem a little taken aback, however, but all in all it doesn't seem she sees him as anything more or less than she did before."

"So this may not be a big toll on our behalf… I see."

"But what did rise was her determination, which was already high. It seems now that she is putting more and more of her efforts into stopping our plans from succeeding. Do not underestimate her." The Shadow Triad finished and bowed once more, before vanishing into thin air. Ghetsis didn't call them back, however. He knew that if he needed them again then they would come as soon as he did.

But the girl, she actually knew of N's leadership? For some reason, he though he would have thought worse of this, but he found himself realising he saw this coming. If anyone was going to find out, then it would be the girl. The nosy, horrid little brat. He didn't feel like going out and murdering her on the spot. Actually, he wanted to find out even more now what the fate of the girl would be. Getting involved with Ghetsis, however, and her fate would not be good for her. He found his curiosity rising, and he even found himself smiling slightly. In a few seconds, he was laughing loudly, the sounds echoing through the room and only serving to become louder as they did so. After a few seconds, he stopped, placing his balled fists down on the table and staring straight ahead of him, his eyes squinted and his mouth planted on a smirk.

"Well, this will be interesting now, won't it?"


"Rollercoasters? Really?"

White hadn't felt this weirded out since her battle against Burgh in the Gym full of honey, and even then she'd thought that that Gym would be the last one to have some insane maze or puzzle that would have to be completed. But no, obviously she was wrong. She didn't know what she was thinking. The first two Gyms had been normal, but she was beginning to believe that the Gym Leaders past Lenora were ever-so-slightly out of their minds. And Elesa was no exception, for she had a Gym full of rollercoasters, the colourful lights flashing neon through the wires that controlled them, lighting up what would otherwise be a pitch black room due to its lack of windows.

"This. Is. Awesome!" yelled Black, jumping up and down a little and reminding White of an overexcited three year old about to go on the roundabout at an amusement park. Of course Black had the opposite opinion to her on this; he usually did when it came to most things. But White came for a Gym battle, not a rollercoaster ride. If she wanted that then she would have gone into the actual amusement park.

"Stop being so childish," she snapped, staring at the rides as they rotated around the rails, one stopping every-so-often at the station on their platform. "This is ridiculous. They spend more time building the Gyms than they do on the actual battles!"

"Oh, lighten up and have a little fun for once," retorted Black. White just scowled, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up as she stood there, cross armed, tapping her foot impatiently and rolling her eyes; the usual position she stood in when she was around Black.

"You sound like Bianca," she replied, shaking her head at his childishness. Black whined, grabbing her arm and tugging her over to the car that had now stopped at their platform.

"Come on, just this once," he said, shoving her down to take a seat in the car. "You want a battle, don't you?"

"Yeah, but…"

Before White could get out a decent answer, the words she was beginning to say got shoved down her throat as the glass case over the top of the rollercoaster car sealed over them and the ride kicked into action. She heard Black scream with excitement, where as White herself was just busy trying to cough her words back up again before she choked on them. The neon lights didn't help, either. The flashing array of pink, yellow and green hurt her eyes as she flew past to the next platform.

Fortunately for her, the ride stopped almost as soon as it had begun, and she stumbled out of it, her eyes spinning and her body wobbling, still coughing like mad as she tried to spit up the rest of her sentence. Black was looking exhilarated, and he leaped out of the ride and eyed the next car that was quickly darting around the corner towards them. White would have seen it, or rather, she did, but she mistook it for something of the many things flying around her eyesight that didn't belong there and, quite frankly, didn't exist at all.

"This shouldn't be legal…" she grumbled, clutching onto Black's shoulder to catch the breath that she'd left behind at the start of the ride. Unfortunately, steadying herself on her cousin wasn't the best thing for her to do, and she soon found this out when he grabbed her wrist and tugged the still dizzy girl over to the next car, which was now pulling to a stop on the platform.

From experience, White now knew to never open her mouth to speak or take a breath before a ride skidded to a start, and this time she settled for taking a massive breath before even stepping into the vehicle and holding it until the ride halted again on the next platform. If dizziness for her opponents was what Elesa was trying to acquire by doing this, then she'd had that in the bag since day one, but White knew now that she had to beat her even more if not for her pride and dignity, which were also a few things she'd left back at the start of the ride.

As soon as she stepped off of this car however, placing her already exhausted feet onto solid land once more, the feeling was different. Different because she was even more annoyed about getting a challenge almost before the glass case sealing her inside the vehicle even opened entirely. A kid, looking around ten to twelve, was looking down at her pale green face along with a Blitzle standing beside him, looking equally as eager to battle.

"Aren't these rollercoasters great?" he said happily, giving White a thumbs-up as soon as her stumbling form stepped out of the car. "They really make your head spin! I can do that to you, too. I'll shock you even more!"

It must have been in some sort of rule book, White thought, for all of the Gym Trainers in Elesa's Gym had to give a really annoying pun about electricity every sentence, if not every half-sentence. White had heard Elesa saying something like, "Maybe you can give me a jolt!" when she'd met her with Bianca. Everyone did it, and it only served to make this Gym about ten times more annoying.

"Fine, but make it snappy," she said, pulling out Lillipup's Pokéball; she figured she was the one who needed most Training, especially if she was going to be the ace-in-the-hole against that Gym in particular. "Lillipup, stand guard!"

"And I'll use Blitzle!"

Another thing, along with the ten others, that made this Gym annoying for White was the added light affects when the Electric Pokémon began battling; the walls in the Gym acted like mirrors, so every time an Electric move hit one of them, it bounced off and back in the direction it came until it fizzled out into nothing. This, of course, added to the blinding neon lights that came from the rollercoasters, and White would have been surprised if she came out of the Gym not entirely blinded.

Other than not being able to see half the time, the battle went quite smoothly, resulting in Lillipup showing her strength against the Blitzle, who seemed to be taking her lighter than it should have and even laughing at her cuteness at times.

"I'll remind you that just because a Pokémon doesn't have a determined nature doesn't mean it's weak!" called White, as she clambered into the next rollercoaster after Black. The kid scowled a little, but his face brightened back to its usual self as soon as she left; apparently he couldn't be left down in the dumps for long enough to actually affect him properly.

The next battle was a little harder due to White almost being scared half to death by a girl in a fancy dress that White couldn't have afforded with her life savings plus the money she would receive for selling all of her belongings. If the money the dress would have costed wasn't enough, the fact that the girl had leaped out of the rollercoaster that her and Black were about to enter didn't help, and Black had also been scared enough to have a good argument with the girl about heart attacks, much to White's amusement.

All the other battles weren't bad, even the second person who jumped out of the car, as White and Black were prepared for it this time. Finally, after what seemed like much too long for White, whose head was still knocked around and shaky after all of the rollercoaster rides, including a loop-de-loop that she hadn't been expecting at all due to her eyes being shut tight to avoid motion sickness, they finally stepped off at the final platform, where a delighted-looking Elesa stood, her smile almost as bright as all of the lights filling her Gym.

"So, how were my rollercoasters?" she asked, but before White could answer with "Terrible," she cut in, "They're my pride and joy! Did they make your head spin? If not, I'll finish the job for you. I, Elesa, accept your challenge! We will have a best of three battle; whoever wins two out of three wins the entire match, that sound okay?"

White nodded, glad that the Gym Leader seemed slightly determined about the battle and not just her amazing rollercoasters. She waited for Elesa to send out her Pokémon first to see what Pokémon she should use; she had to be careful in a Gym where two thirds of her Pokémon were weak to the Gym Leader. Elesa's first Pokémon was Emolga, and the little black and yellow flying squirrel looked positively delighted about it, instantly proceeding to fly around happily in the air crying out its name. White laughed slightly, before sending out Tranquill, due to him having the upper hand over the rest of White's Pokémon against Emolga.

"Flying-type?" questioned Elesa, turning her head to the side and raising an eyebrow. "That's an odd choice. Don't you have other Pokémon you can use?"

"I do," said White, though her "other usable Pokémon" list consisted only of Lillipup, unless you count Dewott, but she, also, was weak to Electric, "but I want to give my other Pokémon a go, too."

"Alright, suit yourself." Elesa shrugged, and White got a little annoyed at her attitude; did she think type advantages were everything? White had strategy to overcome the fact that she didn't have a type advantage; that was the reason she hadn't caught a Sandile back in the desert.

"I guess I'll start off, then," said White. "Tranquill, use Quick Attack!"

"Emolga, you use Quick Attack, too!" called Elesa. White scowled; was she just going to use her own strategies the whole time? Luckily, Tranquill seemed to have the upper hand at the time, but White wasn't sure for how long.

"Fly up!" ordered White, pointing toward the sky. Tranquill obeyed, swooping up into the air just as Emolga shot straight for it, leaving the little Electric-type looking around confusedly, searching for where the bird had flown. White smirked. "Now, use Air Cutter!"

Tranquill flapped its wings, shooting wisps of swirling air blades cutting through the air, crashing down on Emolga from above. Even through the massive hit, however, it still didn't do a very large amount, and Emolga managed to glide straight back up into the sky after shrugging off the hit like it was nothing.

"Emolga, give 'em a Volt Switch!" called Elesa, laughing off White's attack, causing the brunette to scowl irritably.

"Dodge with Quick Attack, Tranquill!" ordered White, and Tranquill let out a screech before diving down quickly and flying across the bottom of the platform as close to the ground as he could, dodging the sparkling ball of electricity that had been shot at him from Emolga. The ball of light hit the ground, though the platform didn't seem to take any visible damage. White did feel the ground shake beneath her, however, which made her feel uneasy since they were elevated off of the ground by nothing but pillars

"Volt switch again, Emolga!" ordered Elesa, and this time Tranquill was to busy redeeming his height from the drop to dodge the ball of electricity and instead flew straight towards it.

"No, Tranquill!" yelled White, but Tranquill managed to shrug the hit off and ascended into the air again, though not undamaged. His right wing seemed limp, and he appeared to be struggling to keep himself in the air as his left wig had to do most of the work. "Tranquill, use… wait, what?" White's mouth dropped open as Elesa held out Emolga's Pokéball and recalled it. "Hey, you're not…"

"Actually, I am." Elesa smirked. "Volt switch allows the Pokémon using to switch with another Pokémon automatically. Neither of us is allowed to switch out, but it's a nice little loophole for me. You have to keep Tranquill in, but whatever Pokémon you take out with Tranquill will count as your knockout for that specific Pokémon."

"Right…" muttered White, thinking it was a pretty cheep move, but she had to go along with it. "Why didn't it work the first time?"

"It only works if the hit lands. Anyway, I guess I'll send out… Emolga!"

"Another Emolga?" White groaned, her mouth dropping open. "Anyway, when I get to the second Emolga, I guess it'll be weaker, so that'll help me."

"You figured it out then." Elesa laughed slightly. "If I am reduced to sending out my injured Pokémon, you'll have the upper hand. You have to actually get to the injured Pokémon first."

"Dammit…" grumbled White. "Tranquill, use Quick Attack again!"

"Quick Attack too, Emolga!"

The next few minutes were a battle of speed, each side's Pokémon dancing and swooping around each other in the sky, neither side showing any signs of giving in. White thought that Tranquill had taken the Volt Switch pretty well, considering it was a direct hit with a type disadvantage, but White was beginning to doubt herself.

No, she thought, shaking her head. I will not lose! "Tranquill, use…" White stopped when she realised that, upon diving down low on the ground and suddenly ascending into the air again, the wind around his wings was visible and shooting past it, like the bird was cutting through the air as it flew. With one quick movement, it crashed into Emolga with amazing force and accuracy.

"Is that… Arial Ace?" muttered Elesa. "But Tranquill can only use that move via special training, how…?"

"I guess my Tranquill is just special, then," said White proudly, placing her hands on her hips and standing tall, though she too was slightly surprised. "Alright, Tranquill, let's give 'em another Arial Ace!"

Emolga, being unable to tell where Tranquill was going to strike from, was unable to dodge the attack and was stuck upon from below, taking the blow to the flaps of skin that were keeping it airborne. It cried out painfully, falling to the ground and landing there with a small thud.

"One more Quick Attack, Tranquill!" yelled White, her heart pounding. "Maybe I can actually win this…"

With that, Emolga was taken down, and Elesa reluctantly recalled it.

"That was… surprising…" she said, before pulling out her next Pokémon.

"Tran!" cooed Tranquill, fluttering down to White and landing on her shoulder. White scratched him on the head before returning him to his Pokéball.

"Awesome job, seriously," she said gratefully, before pulling out her next Pokémon. Trainer and Gym Leader both released their Pokémon at the same time; Lillipup and the Emolga that Elesa had already used.

"A Lillipup, at this stage?" muttered Elesa. "This girl is crazy… though I guess I said that about her when she used Tranquill, too. I can't underestimate her."

"Hey, Sparky, we gonna battle or what?" called White. Elesa raised an eyebrow.

"Sparky?" she whispered, before laughing to herself. Admittedly, she was having fun battling this girl; more than she'd expected to. "Alright, then, Emolga, start this up with Volt Switch!"

"We can't let it hit, Lillipup!" called White, and Lillipup yapped loudly, leaping somewhat gracefully out of the way of the sparking ball of electricity, before bounding off of the wall and biting down on Emolga's flesh, following White's next command. The Emolga screeched, but when it shut its eyes, sparks came out of its little yellow cheeks and crawled their way around Lillipup, stunning it. The puppy's eyes widened and it froze and fell to the floor, paralysed.

"Ha, that's my girl, Emolga!" cheered Elesa, punching the air happily. "In case you didn't know, White, my Emolga has the ability Static, which paralyses Pokémon if they stay in contact with it for too long, and Lillipup fell into that trap!"

"Dammit…" grumbled White, though Lillipup still looked able to move, though her speed had fallen a considerable amount and she seemed to be struggling to move. "Lillipup, are you okay to go on?"

"Pup!" barked Lillipup, though she had noticeably less pep in her bark than would usually show.

"That's the spirit! Right, use Take Down!"

Unfortunately for the challengers, the paralysis was taking a toll on Lillipup's health, and the poor puppy was unable to move as quick as she usually would have been able to, causing her to miss Emolga by a mile. White groaned as her Pokémon got hit with a direct Quick Attack. Then another. Then another, and White realised after awhile that she wasn't going to get past Emolga's speed as long as her Pokémon was paralysed.

Before she could think about this for too long, however, Lillipup took a massive hit from Volt Switch, which took it down entirely. White groaned, rushing up to pick up her Pokémon, who looked a little guilty. She whined a little, as if trying to apologise to her Trainer.

"Don't worry, girl," said White, laughing slightly. "You did well. You're an awesome Pokémon, seriously, that speed just got the best of you."

"Pup," yipped Lillipup, licking White on the face, causing a playful giggle to escape her mouth.

"Now, return and take a good rest." White returned Lillipup to her Pokéball before facing Elesa once more. This was not good for her. If she lost this last battle, she would be done. All she had left was Dewott, and she had a weakness to Electric. What's more, it was without a doubt that Elesa had something special shoved up her sleave as her final Pokémon. White glared at her opponent, before pulling out Dewott's Pokéball.

"It's all yours, buddy," she muttered, a glimmer of hope buried into her voice. She hurled the Pokéball into the air just as Elesa did hers. Dewott landed on the ground, glaring at the opponent now materialising into the air, which took the form of a zebra with a bolt for a tail; Zebstrika. Dewott didn't look intimidated at all, even though Zebstrika had a good few inches on her and generally had more odds of winning than she did. Rather, she looked determined. Determined to win for her Trainer. Determined to not let her down. White felt bad knowing how terrible her Pokémon would feel if she lost.

"Alright, Zebstrika, Flame Charge!"

Flame Charge? That was an odd move to start off with. White assumed Zebstrika knew Electric-type moves, so why would it start of with Flame Charge, a move that Dewott would resist.

"Dewott, counter with Razor Shell!"

Dewott lunged forward, fearlessly clashing into the Electric-type, which was now cloaked in red hot flames. This didn't bother her, however, as she took much less damage than a different typed Pokémon would take. She landed on the ground after absorbing the Flame Charge like it was nothing. Zebstrika seemed to come out worse, with a small cut down its leg where the shell had slashed into its flesh.

"Flame Charge again, Zeb!" commanded Elesa, seeming rather amused at White's still confused face.

It was then that White realised that this time the Zebstrika was much faster than it had been the previous time. Flame Charge raised speed, so if the Zebstrika used that enough times, then it would easily be fast enough to make it so Dewott couldn't do anything against it enough to even get a hit in.

"Dodge, Dewott, then strike from above with Water Gun!"

Dewott leaped out of the way, before extinguishing the flames charging at him with a jet of water. She then smashed down on Zebstrika with a Tackle, delivering a crushing blow. Even so, Zebstrika got up again, though it did have a noticeable energy loss.

"Zeb, use Charge!" yelled Elesa, and Zebstrika was cloaked in electricity, and bolts that seemed to come out of nowhere were stabbing into it until its body became cloaked with a yellow light. "Now, use Spark!"

"Dodge, Dewott!" yelled White, somewhat desperately, and her Pokémon narrowly leaped out of the way of the incoming attack. As soon as she was in the air, however, she was vulnerable. Elesa and Zebstrika seemed to know this, and also know how to take advantage of it. Zebstrika, obviously having done this more than once, charged straight at the wall, kicked its hooves off of it, propelling itself into the air and crashing straight into the airborne Dewott. White screamed, hoping her Pokémon wasn't too hurt. She found herself not caring about the battle anymore. She just hoped Dewott would be okay. She'd never taken this much damage before.

Smoke clouded the area where Dewott had hit the ground, making the waiting for the end scene even more painful to White's eyes. To her surprise, however, when the smoke began to clear, she saw the shadow of a clearly standing Dewott in the middle of it. She was breathing heavily, clutching onto her legs in order to remain standing. But she was still there, a determined look in her eyes.

"Huh, she's still standing?" muttered Elesa, before shrugging. "Alright, we'll just finish it off here. Zebstrika, use…!"

"No, stop!"

White dived into the battle scene, throwing her arms protectively around Dewott. She glared at Elesa angrily for even considering attacking her Pokémon that was obviously already hurt enough. She didn't care if Dewott was still willing to go on. She didn't care if Elesa was willing to take her down then and there. She didn't care that by doing this she was instantly losing. She cared way too much about Dewott—her partner and friend—to let that happen. Elesa raised an eyebrow, before smiling slightly.

"That was a good thing to do, White," she said, walking up to her. Dewott didn't seem happy about the decision, and her eyes were fixed on White, though not angry. More confused. She knew White was her friend, but she didn't realise that she would have willingly taken the hit from Zebstrika for her. If she were any later, she would have been hit with the attack from the opponent. Instead, she had gotten to her just in time, too soon for the Zebstrika to begin charging up for its final attack.

"We… forfeit," whispered White, standing up. She looked down at Dewott, smiling slightly. "I'm not going to let her go down like that. Not saying she's weak, but I knew she wasn't going to take another hit. Any hit would be a massive overkill. So, you win…"

White couldn't believe what she'd just done. She'd… lost. She'd actually lost. She never lost. And now she finally realised what Black had been saying about her overconfidence. But confidence didn't make her an idiot. Especially when confidence would hurt her partner. She realised then that she knew where to draw the line, and it was probably a good thing to know that.

But that didn't stop her from feeling utterly heartbroken.

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