Three Brothers In A Bed

A.N: This wasn't going to leave my head untill I wrote it down. Plus I have a thing for UK Brother fluff (on profile) and there just isn't enough Scotland and England fluff for me.

Umm, accents fail (I think). Sorry. You'll just have to imagine them, to the best you can.

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After coming home from a long day at work England decided the best thing to do, was just to have a quick dinner, a cup of tea and crawl into his double bed. He had been working the whole day and was ready to relax and let his worries go away. His brothers, Scotland and Wales, could let themselves in with the spare key under the flowerpot. They were staying at England's house, because they had to do some seperate business, or something like that. Northern Ireland was in her own house, since she was taking a break from her work (although she didn't get that much in the first place). Finally their bedrooms, ever present in England's house, could be put to use.


As England was beginning to welcome the serenity of sleep, his bedroom door opened spilling faint hallway light and the scent of beer into his room. Which probably meant Scotland had been out drinking, and was now utterly smashed, since Wales didn't drink much. Also meaning he probably couldn't tell this wasn't his room and was going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning.

"Wrong room." England sighed, eyelids begining to fall shut.

"Don' care, bugde up squirt." Scotland groaned stumbling over to the bed and climing in, next to England. England wrinkled his nose at the exteremely heavy scent of booze. Scotland was alseep before his head it the pillow, emitting soft snores. England sighed, then pulled the quilt further up himself and his brother and closed his eyes, willing sleep to come quickly.


England was awoken 2 hours later by the sound of someone yawning and gently climing into his bed behind him. Wales. Extremely tired. Probably oblivious to whose bed he was in as well.

"Wrong bed." England groaned. He just wanted to get back to sleep.

"Mmmph, your bed's... warmer..." Wales quietly said, nestling his head in the back of England's neck.

"Your bed's next to a radiator." England retaliated, but when he got no reply, he just sighed, rolled onto his side, now facing Scotland, to give Wales more room and tried to fall asleep again.


In sleep, the three brothers gravitated towards each other, hugging each other, for warmth and protection as they used to, now mainly (probably) for comfort.