England awoke feeling quite, if a little uncomfortably, warm. With his memories from last night ever-so-slowly filtering back, he opened his eyes to find himself encompassed by Scotland and Wales, both of which, had an arm across England's waist, effectively trapping him. Raising his head slightly, England found Scotland's head resting on the top of his, while Wales' was still on the base of England's neck.

He wasn't getting out of here unless one of them woke up.

Just as England was pondering how to wake Wales up (to get aspirin and water for Scotland's hangover), behind him, Wales stretched and yawned.

"Wales." England hissed, trying not to wake his other slumbering brother.

"Mmm?" Wales hummed.

"Can you go get some asprin and water for Scotland?"

"Shuddup..." Scotland groaned as he shifted a little. The smell of booze was still lingering about, something which England knew he would have to wash out of the sheets, and himself.

"'Kay." Wales whispered and England felt one of the arms about his waist dissapear, only leaving Scotland's heavier arm.

As the door shut quietly England set to work the process of gently removing the other arm from about his waist and rolling away. Scotland groaned a little and mumbled something under his breath. England, having removed the arm, sat up cross-legged on his bed and watched his eldest brother crack a bleary eye open.

"Don't worry, asprin's coming." England said quietly.

"Good." Scotland grunted. As Wales re-entered the room, Scotland heaved himself upwards and gratefully accepted the water and asprin, downing it in one. Wales dissapeared again, but to the bathroom this time, to 'relive' himself.

England swung his legs of the bed, stood up and started looking for clothes for the day. Scotland watched him, letting the asprin start work.

"Why'd you choose my bed? I mean it's not exactly the closest to the stairs, that's yours." England asked, trying to sound causal. Soctland shrugged, thinking about it. He had been stoned out, but he had still definately known where his room was, so why had he stumbled to England's room?

"I guess... I dunno... it's probably summin' like a brotherly instinct." Scotland guessed. Truth be told he felt a little lonley, not that he would ever admit it mind you. Stepping off the bed and stretching his legs, he walked over to England who was by the wardrobe "Thanks for letting meh stay 'round little brother."

"So you'll be going home today?" England asked. His house did seem big when it was just him, and nobody else to fill it. Truth be told, for him, England was always happy when his family stayed around since nobody else really wanted to.

"Maybe... but I might stay another day or so." Scotland ruffled England's soft golden blonde hair who felt his lips curve upwards slightly.

"Now I'm gunna go change meh clothes."Scotland said and left the room, leaving the door half-open.

England felt the smile on his lips grow some more.

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