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The next day

You were the earliest, or so you thought, until you see the other managers plus Kinako at school, earlier than you.

"Hi, Aoi-chan, Akane-chan, Midori-san, Kinako!" You greeted. They waved back.

"Why so early?" You asked.

"Why do you think?" They gave you an evil look as you shuddered.


"Come with us, (F/n), and we shall transform you to a princess!" Kinako said.


About thirty minutes later everyone already gathered, and they were shocked to see you... looking different.

"Hah! Look at them, all surprised. I knew it, we rock, Aoi, Akane, Kinako!" Midori said, high fiving the other girls.

"(F/n)-chan looks cute~" Kinako said as she smiled at you with her usual cheerful grin-smile, whatever that is.

"(F-F-F...F/n)?! W-why are you—" Tenma asked.

"E-ee... I'm not sure, too... Suddenly Midori-san and the rest pulled me and gave me make over..."

"You look cute, (F/n)." Taiyou praised as he smiled, eyes closed. You blushed.

"Thank you!" you said.

"...A-ME-MI-YA!" Yukimura exclaimed, whilst Tsurugi, Kariya, and Kageyama glared discreetly at Taiyou. "Hmm? What might the problem be, Yu-ki-mu-ra-kun?" Taiyou asked innocently, "I'm only praising (F/n), as you can see, Yu-ki-mu-ra-kun." Taiyou seem to be taunting Yukimura alot. "..Grr... A—aa, (F/n), you look really... nice..." Yukimura's voice went from loud to really soft, as he looked down.

"...Yeah, you look... better." Tsurugi added.

Midori slapped Tsurugi's back lightly, "Would it kill you to praise someone?"

"Mi-Midori-san, I'm not-!" Tsurugi protested.

"Save your lame excuse for later! Look, she's talking so lovey-dovey-ly with Taiyou. You know, you might lose to Taiyou or Yukimura—or even the others, if you don't act fast." Midori grinned.

"...The others?" Tsurugi asked.

"That's for you to find out." Aoi chimed in as Midori and her both grinned at Tsurugi.


Suddenly you called him, startling him. You were playing and chatting with the rest plus Kinako, catching up with Taiyou and Yukimura.


"Join us! We were talking about keshins, you know?" You said.

Tsurugi discreetly smiled, as he walked towards you and the rest, acting as if he doesn't care. He is confused as to why you are talking about Keshins during a valentine event, though... well, maybe he would never know why. You're just like that.

"Geez, that one boy." Midori said, as she shook her head.

All of the people were busy talking to each other, about things, catching up, soccer, almost everything they wanted to talk.

Yukimura and Kariya fidgeted alot,

Taiyou kept smiling,

Tsurugi rarely talks,

Tenma blushes,

Hikaru talking normally,

Kinako teasing everyone.

Akane took photos of everything, you laughing, Tenma blushing, everything that she sees. And of course, Shindou, or Shin-sama as how she called him.

"Oh, Yukimura-kun, Amemiya-kun, have you all sign up for the event? Or do you not feel like it?" You asked. "I have," Taiyou smiled, "Together with Yukimura-kun, before we get here." He said. Yukimura nodded. "Alright!" You said. Kinako then announced that the event is starting.

"Let's go!" Midori said. Everyone followed.

There are so many people participating; they are all already brought their envelopes and writing papers, most have dreamy looks on their faces, some a bit scared. Most of the people are looking for a place where they could write their letters without being seen by other people.

"Oi, (F/n), do you want to write one?" Midori asked.

"N-no! I'm not writing one!" You replied quickly and loudly, but after you noticed the stares, you blushed as you looked down.

"How about Aoi, Akane, and Kinako?" Midori asked the other girls.

"Midori-san, I want to write one~" Akane said. Midori and the rest looked at her with the same looks, one that said I knew it. Shindou wasn't paying attention, though; he's surrounded by his fans—er, girls.

"How about you all?" Aoi asked the boys, and almost all of them nodded, except few of the third years. They said they don't have anyone they like, and if they do get accepted, they will get separated anyway, since they're almost graduating.

Endou came, and he gave the people papers and envelopes. Haruna and Kidou came and led you all to an unused room, asking the boys to write there.

"Is it OK for all of us to write in the same room?" Tenma asked, worried that people would look at his... letter.

"It's okay, beside, you all like-" Haruna said, but then Endou gave her a look and she shuts up. Oops, that wasn't intended! It was an accident!

Inside the room, there are a lot of colorful pens, crayons, and pencils. It seems that this place and these pens are lent by the headmaster for the soccer club, considering there are a lot of writing equipments.

"Alright, start writing! When you hear the school bell sounds, the time's up." Endou said.

"Ah, Endou, Gouenji and Fubuki texted me earlier that they would be here." Kidou informed. Endou looked surprised, and grinned cheerfully. "Then we'll meet them. Alright, we'll see you around! Don't be too noisy, OK?" Endou said, followed by Yes from all over the room.

The adults walked out of the room.

"Hey, Hayami, you're going to write one?" Hamano asked, twirling his orange pen. He, too, is going to write one, but he doesn't even know who to give.


"Who is it for?" Hamano asked, a slight teasing smile on his face.

"It's a secret!" Hayami replied exasperatedly.

"It's that girl from class 2-3, isn't it?" Sangoku said.


"It's alright, it's alright. That girl's quite cute." Sangoku said. He is one of the third years who doesn't write a letter.

On the other side of the room, the first years are all struggling, writing, drawing, arranging perfect words so it doesn't seem all that cheesy, giving decorations and all of that. Tenma, Tsurugi (Surprisingly. Everyone except the girls' jaw dropped when they heard that Tsurugi wants to write one) and Yukimura seems like they're having a very hard time.

"Do you guys want my help?" You asked innocently.

"No!" Yukimura and Tenma said in synch, whilst Tsurugi only shook his head.

"A-alright..." You said, sulking. Geez, they could've been more nicer than that.

An hour later almost everyone finished. The remaining unfinished ones are Tenma and Yukimura. But then the bell sounded.

"Alright! Everyone finished?" Endou barged into the room, together with Haruna, Kidou, Gouenji and Fubuki.

"Yes!" The kids replied.

Then they heard a knocking sound. As Haruna opened the door, the adults all gasped.

"Hiroto! Midorikawa!" Endou exclaimed, "Suzuno!" Fubuki called. "Ah, Nagumo, and Afuro." Gouenji said. Soon after, the hallways are filled with the players of Inazuma Japan and the original Raimon. Everyone hugged and chatted, whilst grinning cheerfully.

"You know, remember how Gouenji dyed his hair?" Saginuma, or Desarm said. "He was like I need to be badass so nobody would know who I am!" Midorikawa said, laughing. "But yeah, everyone knew anyway." Afuro said.

"Who are you to talk, hm, Afuro? You also dyed your hair." They heard a comment, from god knows who.

"Well, don't I look better?" Afuro replied, as he flipped his hair, just like how he always did when he was younger.


Unknown to them, you and all the others are sparkling with joy seeing all of your idols. Akane took a lot of pictures.

Then they heard a loud announcement from the headmaster, saying that everyone should put their letters into the lockers now—that, and that you can't see yours, you need to be as far as you can from your locker so you wouldn't know who sent you letters.

"Alright, let's go!" Endou said, as he chuckled, "We hoarded the hallways and this room for far too long already," he said as laughter followed.

A few moments later everyone finished putting their letters on the lockers. All they got to do now is wait, or maybe walking around the school, looking for food stands or something.

"Right, everyone done?" Endou asked. Everyone nodded eagerly.

"Do you guys want to eat whilst waiting for the prom—since you open the letter right before the prom—or do you want to go home and rest? There is still about six hours left 'till the prom." Endou said. Everyone wants to stay, so nobody went home in the end (you all are already brought formal suits).

"Okay, everyone can split now, you can go wherever you want." Kidou said.

"Heeey guys, want to go to Rairaiken? Tobitaka's there, isn't he?" Endou said to all of his old friends. Everyone from Inazuma Japan and Original Raimon nodded eagerly, and they marched out of the school, not caring—or maybe oblivious—to the stares directed to them from the other people.

"Whoah... superstars..." You said, amazed.

"I know right...!" Aoi nodded.

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