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"Stan? Stan! STAN! Let me in! Please!" If I don't get in soon, they'll find me and I won't have anywhere safe to go. I'm barely ahead. I hope my false trail fools them.

"STAN! Please open the gate!" He probably can't hear me. I picture the main house, and now I can see what's happening. I zone in on Stan, and I project my voice into the house with a spell.

"Stan! Please come open the gate! I need to get in!" The panic is evident in my voice. I can't be caught by the Society. I picture my pursuers and find that they're not far from the end of my trail. They'll find me if I don't hide. I know Stan heard me, so all I can do is wait.

Within five minutes, I hear the gate creak open. I turn around, and peeking through the open two inches is a familiar face. "Warren?!"

"Zada! I recognized your voice, but it's different to see you here in person! I don't believe it!"

"Warren, the last time I saw you, you were a mindless albino! What happened?"

"Well, it's a long story. I'll tell you later. What happened to you?" he asks, looking me over, "No offence, Zada, but you're a mess."

"That's a long story too. One I'd rather not repeat. I'm sorry for imposing, but we really need to get inside…"

"Not a problem! You're not imposing at all."

"Thanks. I'll feel much safer once I'm behind locked gates."

As soon as I enter the Sorensons' living room, I am virtually blinded by a bright white light. I raise my hand to cover my eyes, but it doesn't help much. I locate the source of the light. It's a girl who looks about the same age as I do. Of course, I'm much older than I look, so we're probably not the same age "WOW. I'm sure you get this a lot, but the light coming from you is blinding. You must be Fairykind."

"Kendra, Seth, this is Zada. She's a witch." This gets me weird looks from both of the teenagers sitting on the couch. "Sorry. She's not a witch like Muriel. She's the real kind." Stan introduced me as a witch. Definitely started on the right foot here.

"So you used to be a dragon?" asked the boy sitting on the couch who looked about thirteen. I assumed he was Seth.

"No- er- I'm not a witch who's a human that got interested in magic, but I'm not the type of witch that used to be a dragon, either. It's complicated." That also got me weird looks.

After an awkward silence, Stan said," Well that's certainly news to me." Around the room, heads nodded in agreement. I noticed Coulter Dixon, Tanugatoa Dufu, and Vanessa Santoro, whom I knew from the Knights of the Dawn. Then I saw Warren's brother Dale and Ruth Sorenson.

"Ruth? I thought you were a chicken!"

"I was. But I'm not one anymore."

"Obviously! That's amazing! Where's Lena?" Silence followed. I looked around, hoping for an answer, but everyone's gaze had dropped. "Oh… I had no idea. I…. I can't believe it... What happened?"

So the group explained the last few years at Fablehaven, from Kendra leading the fairies into battle to Seth defeating the revenant (explaining the cure to Warren's albinism) to the more recent shadow plague and Chronometer.

"You've certainly been busy," I commented.

"And what of you?" queried Coulter. "You look like you've just run a marathon or seen a ghost- both, actually."

"An what did you mean by you're not a 'dragon witch' and you're not a 'human witch' either?" This question came from the fairy girl, who must be Kendra.

"Well, I'll start by telling you who I really am. Not many people know what I'm about to tell you, but that's because it could potentially harm me- scratch that, it would definitely harm me- if it were to leak out. You seem to trust me enough to tell me all of what happened to you recently, so I'll return the favor.

'I'm not a witch that used to be a dragon or a human that messed around with dark magic, but I am, in a sense, a 'dragon witch.' I'm actually more powerful than a dragon that became a human. You see, both my parents were wizards- or, a better way to say it is that they were a witch and a wizard. They helped seal Zzyzx. They disappeared a long time ago.

"Sorry. I'm getting off topic. What I'm saying is that I'm a child of a true witch and a true wizard, so I inherited both my mom's and my dad's powers. I'm a 'dragon witch' because I can, in fact, turn into a dragon-"

"Can we see it?!" Seth asked.

"Maybe later. What I was saying is that I was born a human, but I do have a dragon form. Considering how few dragons choose to become human, I'm pretty much unique."

"How many people have you told?" Ruth asks.

"No one, really, except for y'all. I mean, people who were close to my family know, mostly other wizards. Agad, for example, is like an uncle to me."

"Does the Sphinx know?"

"No. He doesn't." The almost palpable tension in the room at the mention of his name evaporates when I say this.

"You must know, then. He's a traitor."

"How long have you known?" Vanessa asks.

"About three years."

"THREE YEARS? Why didn't you tell us?"

"And what was the other thing you had to say? Why do you look like- how did Coulter put it- you've seen a ghost and run a marathon? And done many other things, judging by your current state."

"I'm getting to that. Both questions are related. The Sphinx tried to persuade me to join the Society of the Evening Star, but I refused. At that point, I knew I had to go somewhere safe. I immediately thought of Fablehaven."

"There are places that are much safer than Fablehaven. You could have saved yourself a whole lot of trouble if you went to Wyrmroost-" Tanu says.

"Yes, but do you know how hard it is to get your hands on the first horn of a unicorn? Almost impossible." Coulter interjects.

"Unfortunately," I continue loudly, "that didn't work out for me. You see, I was at the last hidden preserve. That's where the Sphinx has his headquarters. He already has the artifact from there, the Font of Immortality."

Stan looks as if a light bulb has just gone off in his head. "That explains a lot," he murmurs.

"Yeah, it really does. Anyways, once he told me his secret and I refused his offer, he threw me in the dungeon. There was an enchantment on my cell that blocked magic. Every two months or so, he asked me if I was ready to reconsider. Every time, I said no.

"Many of the cells have passageways connecting them. I had many friends who would walk around the passageways and come see the other prisoners. There's even a game room. I don't think the Sphinx knew mine was connected to it, because as soon as I left my cell, I could do magic again. Not anything on a large scale though, because I was still too weak for that.

"Over time, the Sphinx got more -ah- forceful with his attempts to persuade me," I say, subconsciously glancing at the bruises up and down my arms. "He told me he wanted to test me and put me up against powerful enemies when I was at my weakest. He hoped that would convince me to join, but it didn't." Everyone in the room is staring at me with wide eyes.

"After much trial and error, my friends and I succeeded in coming up with a good escape plan. It backfired, but I managed to escape. I set a false trail for my pursuers then teleported away. And here I am."

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