"Hey Anah, you coming now or are you going to wait until your running late," my friend Kelsey questions sitting beside me.

"I have to finish this but I'll come when I'm done, I won't be long. Save me a seat?" I ask referring to the fact that the whole school assembly's starting in five minutes.

"Fine but hurry cause apparently we have a guest speaker coming, hope it's a hottie," she replies standing and moving toward the library doors waving goodbye as I laugh.

"Still as desperate as ever," I call after her, rolling my eyes when she flips me the bird.

"What'd I miss," I ask getting comfy in the seat Kelsey's saved for me in the middle of the hall.

"Nothing much, turns out the speaker, is a guy, but that's all they'll tell us," Kelsey replies rolling her eyes.

"Please give Kyle Harmon your upmost respect. He's just got back from war this morning and agreed to come and talk to you all," Mr Turk, the principle says.

I've frozen already, and I guess I made a sound because those around me turn to stare, one of those people being Trent, he picks on me a bit. He thinks he's all that, and I guess everyone else does to considering he's really popular. He's always got a girl on his arm. Kelsey seems to think he likes me.

"What's wrong," Kelsey asks as all but she and Trent turn back round to face Kyle.

I only nod, before focussing all of my attention on Kyle.

"You may all go, early," Mr Turk says laughing as we all sit up and smile.

"Yuss, ten minutes early, Mr Turks is so cool," Kelsey cheers from beside me as we all stand to leave.

"Ahh god we're always in the middle," I hear Trent complain behind me, making me roll my eyes.

"Hold on," I say grabbing Kelsey's arm the moment we're in a safe place, so as to not get squished by the oncoming crowd.

"Why," she asks as Trent and his friends stop across from us talking loudly.

"Anah," Kyle yells as he steps out of the building.

"Kyle," I sob running straight for him.

"God it's so good to see you," he says into my hair as he spins me around.

Pulling back I place one hand on his check smiling when he leans into my hand.

Leaning down he captures my lips with his, his bright blue eyes sliding closed, at the same time mine do.

"I love you," I say when we finally pull back, slightly out of breathe.

"I love you too," he replies dropping to one knee a bright smile on his face.

"Anah Jane Kurner, your all I can think about. I love you so much. Marry me?"

"Oh God," I sob a hand to my mouth as I nod, so fast I feel like my heads going to fall off.

"Yes," I cry as he slips the ring onto my hand, before I pull him to his feet and kiss him, everything falling away.

"You're getting married," Kelsey squeals drawing me into a hug as Kyle pulls out his phone, the moment we let go of each other.

"She said yes," I hear him say, happiness in his voice.

"Why didn't you tell me you were dating someone," Kelsey accuses when we pull back.

"I hinted, but I never outright told anyone in case he died, I didn't want pity," I say leaning back on him when he wraps his arms around my waist from behind.

"Hi I'm Kyle," he says smiling at Kelsey.

"Kelsey," she replies smiling.

"You two are so cute together," she adds.

"Thanks," Kyle laughs kissing me on the check.

"I'll call you later, Kels," I say as me and Kyle make our way toward his Porsche.

"He's rich too, damn you're lucky," Kelsey yells.

"Don't I know it," I call back smiling up at Kyle.

"Love you," he says grabbing my hand as we tear out of the car park.

"Love you too," I reply, leaning back in the seat and closing my eyes.