Author's note: So I recently discovered Once On This Island and I absolutely adore this musical. I feel it is vastly under-appreciated, so its only fitting to create a fan-fiction to shed some light on it. So TA-DA! This is my very first fan-fiction ever. EVER. I hope you enjoy it!

As Daniel passed her by, doing an excellent job of rejecting her, she felt a horrible pain in her chest. It was as if her heart had shattered like glass. Ti Moune sobbed weakly, her emaciated form trembling. The coin fell from her hand and she watched bitterly, helplessly, as the world began to grow dim.

Suddenly she saw the thin and shadowed face she'd grown accustomed to. Papa Ge. She opened her mouth to speak, hot tears streaming down her face, but the god put a gloved finger to her lips, shaking his head. She studied his features with the last of her strength.

He no longer wore the grotesque war paint he'd displayed when they'd first encountered one another. She noticed his smooth, chocolate-colored skin, and for the first time noted how darkly beautiful he was. His attire was formal; he wore a dark black suit with blood-red hues infused into the fabric. His gloves were a pearly white. His eyes were mesmerizing; a strange gray color. Normally his eyes were dark, wrathful even but this time? They seemed almost calming.

He reached forward, leaning in. His hand cradled her cheek thoughtfully. Ti Moune looked up at him. What was he doing? Before she could ask, he leaned in and kissed her softly. Her eyes fluttered shut. She felt strangely calm. Normally she was petrified by the sight of Papa Ge, but now she felt herself melting into him.

Suddenly she felt light. Detached somehow from the pain that had haunted her for weeks. When she broke away, she looked down and saw with a start, herself. Her dead body. Ti Moune gazed at herself, or rather, the hollow shell of her former self. Her cheeks had sunken in from starvation. Dark circles framed her dim eyes. Emaciated. Fragile. Broken beyond repair. All of this because of a boy she thought quietly. A voice abruptly interrupted her internal soliloquy.

"That wasn't romantic in the least, you know. People say 'kiss of death' for a reason. Just thought I'd inform you. " Papa Ge stated matter o factly.

Ti Moune nodded absent-mindedly. "Right. Of course."

"Come along then." He said briskly.

And with that he turned sharply on his heels and began making long, quick strides away from the scene. Ti Moune paused only for a moment to look at Daniel. Shaking her head, she scrambled to follow Papa Ge.

Papa Ge led the peasant girl to a relatively deserted beach on the island. He stole a glance at her. She really was beautiful. And the way she gaped at everything in awe, her brown eyes wide with wonder? It was slightly charming.

Ridiculous. She was a peasant. An insignificant peasant. Simply another soul he had to lead from life to eternity. He pushed any foolish thoughts from his head and forced himself to get back into the routine of things.

He pointed across the water into the mist.

"That's where we're headed."

The girl shook her head. "But there's nothing—"

"Are you HONESTLY going to question the authority and knowledge of a GOD? A god who is CENTURIES older than you no doubt?" he exhaled impatiently.

That shut her up. Her naïvety was too damn cute. Ugh, again with the ridiculous, frivolous thoughts? He thrust them from his mind.

He made a sweeping gesture with one of his arms. The mist reassembled to form a ghostly bridge. Papa Ge methodically began to cross. Sensing an absence a few feet onto the bridge, he whirled around to see Ti Moune staring longingly at the island.

He cleared his throat. "Come along" he urged gruffly yet quietly.

He seemed to be struggling. He wanted to be DONE with this seemingly arduous task, he knew he would need to be firm. Yet something inside him made him weak. He wanted to almost comfort the girl. This was a stark contrast in comparison to a few months ago, where he'd dragged screaming souls across the bridge, cackling for dramatic effect.

When she didn't come he made up his mind to be firm. He strode over to her and grabbed her hand and firmly proceeded to lead her across the bridge.

"You made a promise Ti Moune. Now it's time to pay your dues. Your life is forever mine." He said flatly.

She sighed shakily. "And I am yours. "