The Shining Serpent (Kmon13's Renegade Version)

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, that honor belongs to J.K. Rowling and G.I. Joe belongs to Larry Hama, Marvel comics, and Hasbro toys.

Title: The Shining Serpent (Kmon13's Renegade Version)

Author: Kmon13

Beta: Slytherin Studios

Story Summary:

Slytherin Studios Version: After killing the Dursley's for betraying their master, the Baroness and Storm Shadow find a half-dead Amaryllis Potter in the cupboard under the stairs, they decide to take her with them back to France. The Baroness (or Ana Lewis or Anastasia DeCobray) decides to adopt her, and her husband agrees since it made her happy, Baroness also gets Storm Shadow to train Amaryllis when she was healed enough to train. What happens when Dumbledore finds out his favorite weapon is missing and the Dursley's are dead? What happen when an Order member locates the missing Girl-Who-Lived accidentally?

A/N:This Slytherin Studios version is based off the GI-Joe, Rise of Cobra Movie and possibly parts of it sequel.

Kmon13's: After Vernon Dursley sold out Cobra and M.A.R.S. Operatives to the British Authorities the Baroness and Storm Shadow are sent to resolve the retribution in a way that would make Vernon and Petunia Dursley suffer the most…

Their only child Dudley Dursley…

However instead leaving with child like the commander ordered the Baroness and Storm Shadow end up returning from their mission with two future assets …

This one is based off the Larry Hama/ Marvel Comics/ Devil's Due version of GI-Joe however I will be using elements from Hasbro's GI-Joe "Pursuit of Cobra" Line such as the Updated Flack Armor used the Iron Grenadiers, Cobra Vipers, and the Alley Vipers for example. However, I'll also going to be adding elements I felt Cobra and GI-Joe would've had at their disposal since it will help with plans set my version of Amaryllis' future.

Chapter Summary:

Slytherin Studios: A tragic even happens to the Dursleys, Amaryllis gets rescued and Dumbledore worries about his weapon being missing.

Kmon's Version: Almost t the same with one difference accepting his fate Dudley Dursley asked the Baroness an unusual request that leads to the rescue of His cousin, which will later lead to Dumbledore losing control of his sacrificial/glorified pawn in the name of the Greater Good…

Soon Dumbledore the rest of wizarding world will soon learn that one persons Pawns the greater good can become a greater asset to someone else...

Ships: Storm Shadow/OC or Junko, Amaryllis/OC, Snake Eyes/Scarlett.

Chapter Cast: Storm Shadow, Baroness, the Dursley's, Amaryllis Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape, Crimson Guardmen

~September 8th, 1986 - The Dursley Residence~

Three people huddled, terrified, against the sitting room wall, mostly they were terrified because the white clothed man had a very large sword. Said man was calmly admiring the sword as he stood at the side of a tall black haired woman with an accent that put her somewhere in eastern Europe, either Ukraine or Russia.

The woman eyed the three people against the wall with disgust, after a moment she speaks, "You know why we're here, don't you, Mr. Dursley?"

Vernon Dursley had known why they were here the moment he opened the front door. So the only thing he could really do was nod pathetically. A small smirk appeared on the woman's face as the man behind her tilted his head towards the cupboard under the stairs as if hearing something no one else could.

"You've betrayed our Organization to the authorities, normally for that your price would be death, and no one betrays cobra and lives to tell about it, but that would be too easy a way out for detestable worm like you."

Vernon starts to sweat and whimper as the woman known to him only as the Baroness was now eyeing his son who was being hugged by his wife Petunia paled and sweated perfidiously.

"P-please, b-baroness, let t-them go I'm the one you want." Stutters Vernon, gesturing towards his wife and son, but at the same time didn't care what happened if his niece was to die, he never wanted the freak in the first place.

The woman, or Baroness, seems to ponder what he said before silently signaling Storm Shadow with a look to remove the boy. As he motioned the boy the follow him as Petunia Dursley asked with fear in her voice.

"Where is that man taking my son." She asked with a stutter in her voice

"He'll be atoning for your husband's sins of betrayal as young recruit of Cobra's Viper Academy in America and I'll be honest with you if your son is weak minded he won't survive the training or it depends on his resolve and make a man out of him." She said to the woman as she went into her prada bag and pulled out a berretta with a silencer before she continued "Hopefully he'll understand the choices given to him and make a better future for himself. Perhaps that will give you comfort where you're going." The Baroness said with a smile before she took aim and shot Petunia between the eyes killing her instantly before turning to shoot Vernon in both kneecaps before he could grab her.

As she watched the man who was so smug when betrayed cobra to British Intelligence now squirming in pain. This alone pleased the Baroness who calmly put her gun away only to pull out a mall folding bag that had various sharp interments. As she pulled out a mall and very sharp scalpel and she held it close to his eyes she hushed him with a purr in her voice. "Stay with me Mr. Durstly your lesson isn't over just yet I've you've only seen a preview showing the extent of Cobra's Mercy Mr. Dursley however unlike your loving wife your death won't be so quick." She said before deciding where to stick the knife first.

At the same time Storm Shadow was escorting the young man outside the young boy ran into the closet. Seeing this he figured the boy was resisting his fate, but as he went into the closet preparing to stun the boy and ready him for transport Thomas Arashikage ended up seeing something that would enrage his even the harden shinobi as he seen a young girl no younger than six tied to a small make shift bed in barely clothed showing signs of abuse as the boy himself was attempting to remove the leather bonds on her arms.

Walking over to the boy he moved him aside and removed the young girls bonds with a tanto and covered her in his white trenchcoat which calmed the boy's fears. He felt the girls pulse to see if she was alive before silently motioning for the boy to stay with her before leaving out the closet.

After stepping out of the closet he could see the Baroness had already started torturing the man as she began stabbing him in non vital areas that would make the hardened of men cry for the mercy that was death. Vernon now had four wounds in his ribs and could see him now bleeding from them before she took one of his hands and was about to start removing layers of his skin on his fingers before removing his nails. Before she could begin getting creative in the lover regions of Vernon's body Strom Shadow interrupted her and spoke in his native tongue (Anastasia, leave this scum of a gaijin with and deal with calming the boy in the cupboard.)

"What's wrong did the boy give you trouble."

(No just go to the Cupboard and all will explain itself ) He said looking down at the man who betrayed the interest of Cobra and M.A.R.S. for his own greed. ( leave this scum to me. ) he said with ice in his voice.

The Baroness nodded before she heard the Ninja ask her (Where are the C4 explosives Destro given you?)

She walked over to her bag and placed to small grey clay like bricks on the table before walking off to the closet leaving Vernon with Storm Shadow who stabbed it in a part of his neck that controlled his vocal cords that made it so he couldn't scream or move as then whispered something in his ear in English…

"I've seen what you did to that young girl you inhuman slime!" he said already seeing the fear in his eyes " No child should suffer like that!" he said before looking into Vernon's fear shot eyes as he said "Normally would do something to you that would make what the Baroness did to you would seem like a mercy." He said before took C4 and setting the timer before placing it on his body in a way it couldn't be removed. "Be grateful for the end of your suffering Vernon Dursley , I would love to finish what the Baroness started but since we are pressed for time I figured that it would be karma that you know what it feels like to be helpless by making you a prisoner in your own body, so in your last moments you will feel the pain of your flesh being overheated on your bones due to explosion caused by the gas main and the C4 to feel but a fraction of what she suffered before going to a place in hell reserved for people like your kind."

As he left out of the House he could see the Baroness and two men he knew were Crimson Guardsmen as they were wearing black suits and glasses who were assigned as security carrying the girl to the Land Rover while the baroness was walking the boy the Sedan to hear him ask her questions.

"Will my Cousin… Will Amaryllis she be okay Ms. DeCobray?" the young boy asked her as he got into the car.

"She'll be fine Dudley I'll have the best doctors looking over her when reach our castle."

"My parents are dead now aren't they…"


"you killed them didn't you?"

"Yes I killed them. Do you hate me for it?" she asked him

"No, I see it's retribution my father did your employers was wrong despite what they do as for my mother you just punished her for a crime that was long overdo." He said showing some remorse for her death " She was no different for allowing my cousin to be abused and treated like a slave and for the crime of being born different." The Baroness heard the young boy say as she gave a look back at the house with a hardened look before he continued "They even had the gall to force me join them in there torment of Amaryllis justifying it by saying she's a freak and needed to be taught a lesson…. hell I was even plotting on how to murder them and Aunt Marge before reaching an age I could get work."

"Well then fortune has smiled on you then because they will trouble you nor your young cousin no more Child." The Baroness said allowing her gentle side to emerge only once before with her own brother before he died. "When she is well enough you'll be given the chance to say your goodbyes but then you must start attending the Viper Academy to pay for your father's mistakes and teach you how to channel those impulses of yours properly."

"I don't care what happens to me just take care of her she my only true family I have… I gave a blood oath to protect my cousin even if I had to do bad things in order to protect her." He said surprising both the Baroness and Storm Shadow who heard the boy words and could see the determination in his eyes…

He didn't care for himself only the girl's life mattered to him.

Convinced by the boy's determination the Baroness gave him an offer she knew he would accept.

"Dudley darling you're very brave for doing what you've done in the shadows for your age but the time for that is over if you wish to better honor your oath to her you'll join Cobra, with our training will help you grow strong enough to protect her and others like her so nothing like this happens again." she said remembering the look saw exactly what made her partner so angry to call her off and deal with the Bloated Whale himself. The 6 year old little girl tired to a bed, she was badly beaten, and surprisingly still moving slightly despite her injuries. Then she looked to the driver..

"Driver takes us to the nearest safehouse with a medical facility." She said picking up the cellphone and a detonator as she spoke to the person at the other end "Destro darling it me I've just dealt with our British problem, and also found out some interesting things about Vernon Durstley that Twin's Legal and Public relations department could deal with make the cover up unquestionable." She said from the back seat of the dark sedan as it pulled off along the Land Rover accompanying them. "You and our guest can meet us their…. Hold on for a moment. " She said before handing Dudley a detonator and said "Could you press that for me please Dear I figured you would like the honors of wiping away you past or you could let storm shadow do it."

Dudley didn't even blink when pressed the button from his seat as the two vehicles that had with tinted windows and no plates as disappeared into the night as they just missed an old man wearing robes walking across the street towards Number 4, Privet Drive. If Dudley had bothered to turn around instead of sleep on the baroness lap he would have watched the old man flying backwards from explosion of the place that held terrible memories for both himself and Amaryllis.

Storm Shadow on the other hand watched had watched as the old man in robes before he flew backwards from the former residence and the people who were now tending to him as the place now burned. Thomas Arashikage personally was hoping he wasn't one of the magic users of the region his Grandfather once told him.

but for now he would consider the possibilities of training the young girl who was able to survive and endure so much and still cling to life…

The sign of one who perfect for training as a Kunoichi

~Scotland, Hogwarts Castle - Headmaster's Office~ (Earlier…)

Thousands of miles away from the Dursley residence, several monitoring talismans and artifacts in the headmaster's office started crashing. From his spot on the balcony, the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, despite his old age, ran over to the artifacts with fear of the unknown over his future pawn in the war against the dark in the name of Greater Good.

He quickly runs over to his fireplace, not noticing his potions master and his deputy. Dumbledore grabs some powder and throws it in the fireplace. The fireplace roars to life with green flames, he steps in, surprisingly not burning himself and says, "Figg's House, Privet Drive!"

The other two quickly follow him, when they arrive at Privet Drive, they can hear the front door slam. They exit the house to see the headmaster head to a house directly across the street. They quickly head in that direction just in time to shield themselves from the explosion as Dumbledore flew backwards into the lawn.

When the Headmaster comes to all he could see as the home of the Dursley's was in flames was the death of the girl who lived, the fame of training her to fight in the name of the light along with his hopes and dreams for access to her family fortune with it when Gringotts or the surviving members of the Marauders hears about this.

Minerva McGonagall as she helped him up all she could see was the house that kept Amaryllis Lillian Potter the last child of two of her best students and the last hope for the wizarding world now in flames.

As Minerva or Albus watched the inferno the believed held claimed the life of Lily Evans daughter Severus Snape silently grieves before he noticed something bright red on the sidewalk…

It was a symbol of a Cobra spray painted crimson on the sidewalk near the home…

It made the former Death Eater wonder if the master had decided to return early under a new banner?

Unknown to the three another witness to the tragedy was watching what took place...

A scarab beetle not native to England shores...

A/N: That the beginning of My version of Shining Serpent and trust me there will be more...

I also like to add

- I also will take time due to using elements from GI-Joe cartoons and comics but I refuse to use Cobra La from GI-Joe the movie.

- I going to do my best to show elements from both GI-Joe and the Harry Potter Universe and maybe some other element as well.