The Shining Serpent (Kmon13's Renegade Version)

Chapter 5. The Rise of Madam Hydra

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Harry Potter, that honor belongs to J.K. Rowling nor G.I. Joe who belongs to Larry Hama and Hasbro.

Title: The Shining Serpent (Kmon13's Renegade Version)

Author: Kmon13 / with permission from Slytherin Studios

Beta: Slytherin Studios

Story Summary: This story is an alternate version of Slytherin Studio's Shining Serpent Release that I will attempt to base as close to the Larry Hama version as possible. As for Harry Potter's characters expect the unexpected….

This Chapter: Dolores Umbridge is about to be used to send a message the Wizarding World about Hydra's rise.

I wanted to recap on that like this after reading Devil's Due version of GI Joe: Cobra only I added a twist along with adding a few more Easter eggs from Wildstorm/DC's Danger Girl, Shin Megami Tensei Persona, and Operation Darkness.

Scotland, Castle McCullen

Torture Room

Dolores Umbridge experienced an interesting method of waking someone up as she was being splashed with cold water before being hit with Electricity tied to a torture rack...

She when she opened her eyes to see who she would curse when she managed to free herself she could see the ruthless smirk of one Harriet Lily Potter who was now using the alias of Lilith McCullen standing over her wearing rubber gloves apron over her green dress gown armed with a strange metal gauntlet ..

"Ah nice to see you're finally awake Umbridge we have a lot to talk about and very little time since we both know you're the only one who knows the truth about me and since someone from Hogwarts is going to be arriving I plan to have said person return take you back to your beloved Minister Fudge." she said with a sadistic smirk

"What.. Do... You want you little Halfblood whore...Ahhhhhh!" Umbridge spat out only to experience pain from being touched by that gauntlet again.

"Please Madam Umbridge you're speaking to the daughter of a Scottish lord who has it within her power to let you leave in one piece or thousands so please act accordingly or you find yourself wishing you had!" Lilith said in warning tone that was sarcastic and promised great pain before she continued. "Now that we've broke the proverbial ice I would like some answers from you starting with how you found me, how many of your friends in the ministry know my true identity and when I should expect a visit from them, Oh and please speak properly without insult or breathing to hard from the pain just because you're being tortured doesn't mean you lose your dignity and stiffer lip your British wizard and a Pureblood remember."

The Woman growled out the words "I'm the only one who knows at the moment but I must know why you chose to forsake your family name for Scottish blood traitors and criminals like McCullen."

"Oh it could be a number of reasons Delores... Maybe it's because if things went the ways of a certain old meddling bastard who see himself as the second coming of Merlin my life would be hellish and knowing the bastard he would have been keep ignorant of my heritage and status as a heir to an ancient house including those seat on the Wizengamot which I plan to retake from the old goat when I'm officially of legal age and undo his damage however..." She said with a grin before she poked her chest with the gauntlet again to hear her scream.

"As I was saying before I indulged myself...due to your recent actions not long ago the element of surprise might been lost to me because of your arrogance, now if I had more time I'd play a few more games with you until dawn or until I it got me off, but I'm very pressed for time since there's a birthday party being held in my honor upstairs and I refuse to keep my guest and family waiting due to dealing with a fashion challenged pig who can't keep her big snout out of my personal affairs which will cost you dearly."

"You little bitch when the minister hear about this he's going to have you locked up in Azka...ahhhhhh!" The Undersecretary screamed out once more.

"Please again you are forgetting your place as a proper Englishwoman but please I ask that we push past this and move on I'm finished trading insults with you. Now I know I'm pressed for time but I figured you could do with a small history lesson on how the McCullen Clan handles situations like yours since you've made the mistake of not only underestimating my family but also pissing us off as a whole with that stunt in kidnapping me during a movie of all things." She said before looking over her shoulder to make sure the furnace behind her was heated up.

"What are you going to ...Ahhhhh!" she said only to be shocked by her gauntlet again.

"Again please stop interrupting Madam Umbridge it's really bad form! Now since you've figured out Clan McCullens family business you've been busy labeling our noble family as criminals in that rag of a paper called the Daily Prophet and for what because it will make you and your Minister look righteous and justified among the sheep as you pass your personal agenda as gospel while making your corrupt minister look a hero of the light but we both know otherwise don't we dear." Lilith said with a purr of malice in her tone before she noticed that Dolores had kept quiet fearing she would be electrocuted again before hearing nothing.

"Oh see you're finally remembering to hold your poison tongue and act like a proper Englishwoman good for you , now it's true we McCullen's have built a merchant empire from blood and steel by arms trading since the thirteenth century, but three things we've learned over the years to always take Hard currency like gold or silver sterling instead of paper currency because government rise and fall but Hard Currency is forever the German Mark is a good example of this, The second rule was Never deal with the French because they have a tendency to be very rude customers, and last but not least when it's time to send a message your enemies make sure it understood without by all without having your intentions misread... especially when dealing with the English. Oh yes Clan McCullen never forgotten how Henry Plantagenet figured he could break a truce agreement with John McCullen or how the bastard kept him in a tower of London with the only crime said ancestor committed was questioning the British noble's demands of new taxation and how the British slaughtered of those who refused down to the last woman and child as an excuse to claim their lands of the fallen." she explained as she took a mask off the wall to show it to her "What you see my hands is the mask that very ancestor was forced to wear in the tower before he was released and swore an oath that his sons and their descendants took to avenge those who fell as I now have taken." She said enjoying the look of fear on the toad's face before she continued.

"However unlike them I will not do it as neither as Lilith McCullen the Daughter of Destro, nor as Harriet Potter the girl who lived but the mask of Madam Hydra! It will be on that day when I take my vengeance against all of England whose nation's wealth was built on the blood and suffering of my adopted ancestors but also the Magical Nations who felt political greed and pureblood bigotry should take priority over justice."

"You'll never get away with this! You'll be branded a traitor by both the wizarding world and the muggles they won't stop until they place you in that very tower John McCullen occupied or the Veil of death when they hand you over to us!" Umbridge said now knowing her chances of survival was very thin as she was trying to bluff her way out "I'll have a hero's welcome when I return to the Minster..." she threatened only to hear the child's laughter and asked "What's so funny trying to enjoy happiness before the Dementors get to you?"

Lilith stopped laughing before answering Umbridge's question "Oh nothing much just that you think you'll still be in one piece when you're returned to your beloved Minster ... how foolish are you little hybrid of an English sow and French toad you're dying as soon as l leave this room?" she said giving her a sadistic smile.

"Please Lady McCullen don't kill me ... I can be useful and help you regain your standing as a noblewoman in British wizarding society."

"Oh really your offer sound very tempting Former Undersecretary but I don't need you for that." Lilith said with a grin that told the captured witch everything she feared before the girls spoke again "Now I guess you're wondering how I'll achieve that perhaps you'll understand your situation better when you meet the alumni from Hogwarts that was chosen to apologize for your attempting to thwart my plans to seek a proper magical education."

It was then that Narcissa Black nee Malfoy stepped out of the shadows and smiled wearing a black dress with an interesting looking brooch encrusted in rubies she understood her before watching two men wearing black and green uniforms enter the room as Lilith walked over and told the one wearing the red stripe on his uniform spoke.

"Corporal when you're done playing with her don't forget to cut off her head and burn her body to ash in the Kiln I want them in an urn ready for departure and please remember to tape what you done I want to watch her beg for you to finish her suffering."

"Of course Madam Hydra it will be a pleasure," the man said with a salute "Sieg Hydra!"

As they left the room Narcissa and Lilith heard the woman's plea on deaf ears as they went to join the others at the party

"Couldn't you could have just asked your uncle for permission to use that brain scanner on her like you did with the Sniper?"

"True but why bother since you'll be pushing for my Sirius to take the toad's place as undersecretary after your husband vouches for him as reward for convincing me to return to Hogwarts during my third year."

"So in the meantime you'll be training in other forms of magic while arranging the apprenticeship for your Japanese rival with Nicolas Flannel over the summer in exchange for her to broker her allegiance as a member of Hydra sub division in japan?"

"Of course, killing such an noble asset as my rival would be as much of a waste as it would be keeping that bloated toad chained on the wall alive knowing she would betray me as soon as she figured the time was right." she said with a roll of her eyes looking back at the woman. "You should remember our motto by now Aunt Cissy since it was Sirius who brought you to my attention after all."

"You mean how if one head of your organization falls is cut two more take their place?"

"Indeed, now l lets go upstairs and enjoy ourselves it is my birthday after all"

As soon as they walked up the stairs they were stopped by Daria in her Original body

"Lady Lilith, I have news someone has sent one of your adaptoid prototypes into town would you like me to send a team of Iron grenadiers to retrieve it?"

'Damn it I warned Cobra commander it wasn't ready for deployment yet.' She growled 'If the commander wasn't such an important investors to M.A.R.S. I'd curio the Sodding bastard if he wasn't my godfather.' she thought to herself. "No leave my father's resources out of this I just want our researchers monitor the unit progress for defects and to destroy it to prevent capture." she said with a smirk.

"Is there anything I could do to help with your research?"

"No Narcissa if anything I could still salvage some useful research data from this she thought to herself but still remained calm and collected as she said "Send out Alora her skills would be useful since she want to test her new body abilities along with those of the Panzer Demons we found in hibernation in berlin."

Daria smiled before saying "Already anticipated your response on both matters and ... oh dear"

"Oh dear what now Daria?"

"I believe the fourth person who is accompanying the three Joes in question is a wizard on the Ministry's DMLE Wanted List... Severus Prince- Snape I believe"

"Damn that hook nosed bastard for poking his nose in my affairs again I thought he would have learned his lesson in Japan." Lilith growled before saying "Fine I'll just have to modify the plan and have local Magier field agents currently in London and Scotland on the lookout for them before the Prototype the commander sent out kills the Joes plus want that double agent of Dumbledore kneeling before my feet on Black island by the end of the night or his head in a box."

"Understood but what should be done with the Joes after capture?"

"Oh just keep them in confinement until I personally question them Veritaserum and Obliviate, then since we don't want the involvement of Hydra's existence being leaked nor the GI-JOE becoming a future problem to us until the time is right."

"It shall be done." Daria said before walking off when she was gone Lilith looked to her older cousin with a smile before saying "Now that we settled that nasty business lets go attend a birthday party."

At they walked upstairs they were greeted with Hydra Black Shirts, Iron Grenadier Elites and Crimson Guardsmen standing entered the ballroom.

As soon as she entered the ballroom everyone turned to her as she and Narcissa were announced by the Sergeant Major who dressed in noble garb for her birthday.

While making a note to get him a bottle of aged wine from the wine cellar later she was approached by Cobra Commander and father.

"Lilith dear you look stunning in your dress my dear." Cobra Commander commented

"Thank you cobra commander you look as regal as ever but I must ask a Question."

"Of course dear what can I do for your?"

"I would like to know how you found out about and deployed my Adaptoid class Battle Android trooper prototype for combat against the Joes who escaped."

"Mindbender told me about it and yes I know I should have asked for permission, but I figured you would like my forces to test it on live targets for your benefit." Cobra commander said before looking to Destro, "However if anything goes wrong I'll personally pay for the damages and-"

"Save it Commander if my daughter already knows about it she probably having its combat data recorded along with a freelancer on site to secure the data or retrieve the prototype." he said already knowing how his daughter thinks

"Indeed I did father it will also confuse the Joes before project cabal can begin." Lilith said with a smile while making a note to resend Mindbender's clearance level before adding, "However you may find the combat armor project for your Cobra's Vipers and troopers pushed by back a few years depending on the damage however in the meantime I have good news I fixed the tanks that were found in the synthod project and remove them since I was annoyed at how they kept being turned to goo like the last batches you used."

"Meaning what exactly?" Cobra commander asked not sure where she was going with this.

"Oh I'm thinking Cobra will have fully trained troops while you send those who don't meet with the standards of the conventional military back to Springfield for refresher courses in basic training and combat review."

"But wouldn't that would leave our installations defenseless?" asked one of the twins

"Not really since the synthods would be programed with the training you give your Crimson guardsmen plus it would give you fresh recruits for the Neo Viper program while the clones programed with combined combat knowledge of your Elite forces take over and make up the bulk of our forces kept them secure..." she said making a note to thank George Lucas with de-ageing potion for that idea due to the mentioning of the clone wars after meeting him.

"What about your cabal Lilith will they be using this technology." asked Destro, "I sure you would offer it to Hammer and Kama who be both know they will be reluctant about using.

"However the Fang clan will use them to create more of their panzer demons which it's why I offered to send Carmella and her forces to capture the Joes and Severus Snape to find out what that hook nosed buffoon told them!"

"Did someone mention Snape?" said Sirius Black who was still tipsy from drinking game that involved drinking grape soda and hard liquor blindfolded with Monkeywrench and Nymphadora Tonks before coming over. "What did that Death Eater turned Mercenary do to piss you off now?"

"He's helping GI-Joe escape and may have leaked news of my technology and perhaps the existence of Hydra to them as well Padfoot."

"I see then, I'll firecall some friends at the Aurors office and see what I can do to find them." he assured her, "I may no longer be a member of the Auror forces anymore but I still have the ear of those loyal to me that may be of assistance especially those who do side jobs like Obliviators and Hit-wizards.

"Good we may need Baron Ferris to weigh in on the battle." Lilith said mentioning the codename his Dogfather who nodded before walking off.

It was then Narcissa decided to ask, "Would you like me to call my husband?"

"No I need him thinking you're having a hard time with the negotiation to convince me to rejoin the British wizarding society not give him a bargaining chip for Fudge to use," she said with a frown before saying but let's enjoy ourselves you have to attend the sorting next week and we both know it will be worth the wait.

London, United Kingdom

Snape and the Joes managed to find themselves in London due to the man known as Redeemer telling them to grab an old shoe before finding themselves in a park before the Alley Vipers and the Advanced Battle Android Trooper heading toward the basement.

"What type of B.A.T. was that back there? It was unlike anything we've ever seen before?" Lady Jay asked as she remembered shooting at it only for the bullets to bounce off a shield made of hard light.

"Yeah I know we shot the thing too before Redeemer pulled us out of that FUBAR by grabbing that boot."

"It was called port key and we should hurry before the keeper of that thing you took a shot at decides to track us down."

"Wait where are we now?"

Snape looks around before seeing the statue of Sir Nelson saying, "Hmm... from the looks of things I'd say were in Piccadilly Square, now follow me I believe your Embassy isn't far from here and if necessary I have another port key on hand to take us to the one near Paris in case that thing that attacked the safe-house was modified to fly like the person you faced on your failed mission."

"Wait how do you know about that better yet when did cobra start having advanced tech like that at their disposal?"

"Since Lilith McCullen found Hydra's various Weapon Depots and bases in Europe especially in Switzerland ...

"Wait Destro's Daughter created that thing and what the hell is Hydra anyway an off shoot of Cobra?"

"No it was a nightmare from the second great war that has returned to haunt the world once more and I'll explain everything you want to know when we reach your Embassy but trust me when I say this has only begun." he said before leading them out of the park only to hear a crack as pair of men in red robes were waiting for them.

"Well, well, well if it isn't Severus Tobias Prince-Snape former death eater turned Hitwizard, I'm going to love the Galleons I'll get from you slimy hide!" Said the arrogant looking man in the red robes as he said

"By order of the Ministry of Magic you are under arrest for breaking the statue of secrecy and..." he never got to finish as Redeemer shot them both with a gun that turned both men into stone before banishing them to parts unknown with his wand.

Seeing what he just seen Flint wasted no time in slamming the man into the nearest tree and placed a gun under his throat before he said. "Okay Mr. Snape it's time to tell us what is going on and you could start with the words Death Eater and who those guys in the red cloaks."

"Flint calm down and let Redeemer explain who those guys are."

"Trouble from the ministry of magic they're called Aurors think of them as Magical Law Enforcement and trust me if he didn't shoot them with those rubber bullets laced in basilisk venom, calming drought, and sleeping potion before vanishing them to a hospital would have wiped you and Lady Jaye's memories, and taken me and Redeemer here to a magical version of the American prison Alcatraz that makes Cobra Island look tame in comparison for breaking the local laws of magic users which I'll explain later in great length plus the fact of leaving you and Lady Jaye at the mercy of cobra's new tin soldiers isn't something I'd feel good about either."

"Then get us to the embassy before we're too late."

"Then perhaps I may be of assistance?" said a woman with an old European accent who had blond hair, red eyes, and very pale skin who wore a form fitting officer's uniform worn by a German Colonel. The also noticed that Snape paled when she looked at her before seeing why...

Because when she smiled she revealed true nature along with her fangs.

"Carmela what are you doing here?"

"Why I'm here to take you and your friends to safety." she said before men surrounded them dressed in suits who took aim with semi-automatic weapons of pistols before one of the men in the suits came forward and threw four bags near their feet before she said. "Oh and please tell your friend to disrobe and disarm themselves along with you because the person who wants to meet you again doesn't want you port keying out like you did in Japan."

Washington D.C.

The Pentagon,

Parking Lot

General Hawk being escorted by Snake Eyes was about ready to head toward the staff car where Covergirl was waiting and head to back to the Pit to inform the rest of the Joes about how the Jugglers decided use them as a diversion to kill a young girl while leaving them to clean up their mess.

He also needed to put a team together to find out what happened to Flint, Lady Jaye and Big Ben who was currently MIA after the failed capture of Cobra commander due to the armored figure known to them only as Battalion.

However he noticed Snake Eyes tense up and turns around with an Uzi to see a Dark skinned woman with Purple hair wearing a grey business suit with a Pentagon visitor's tag.

"Midnight I thought we agreed about you doing meetings like this?" Hawk said as he motioned Snake Eyes to put his weapon away. "Mind telling me why are you here?"

"This isn't a social call Clayton I wanted to warn you about Lilith McCullen and her Hydra Organization and ask that you leave them to the Magi Defense Agency." she explained to him, "Because if you follow the Jugglers orders to pursue them it will end very badly GI-Joe I assure you."

"Are you threatening us?" asked Hawk.

"No General, I'm not but trust me about this if this new Hydra is anything like it was under Grindelwald 's administration you should expect the worst." she said before handing him a Blue Folder with the Seal of the Magi Defense Agency's, "Here take this I may not like your decisions to go after her or Hydra, but I don't want GI-Joe unprepared like the last time you dealt with the supernatural either by the way you'll find your missing allies in London hopefully my people will reach them before Hydra or the Local Magical authorities, god speed to you General Hawk and Silent Master." she said before walking off and vanishing into crows.

It was then he looked toward Snake Eyes before asking a simple question.

"I'm guessing you're going to London?"

Snake Eyes only nodded.

"Good I'll prep a team that knows about magic to go with you."

It was then he heard Morse code *No, I'll alone go too many would cause suspicion.*

"Fine but if you come across any British wizards who attempt to fire mind modifying spells at you the choice of killing them or disarming them is yours to call to make." He said before getting into his staff car while watching Snake Eyes drive off in his bike before.


During the great feast

Albus Dumbledore had just received a letter with the wax seal of the McMullen bloodline and knowing it belonged to Amaryllis Potter hoping she had seen reason and would accept the invitation to Hogwarts where she could get her alone and obliviate what she had learned from the Academy in Japan and begin preparing her as a proper bride for Ronald Weasley and die defeating Voldemort as planned and bring balance to the wizarding world once more…

However after opening the letter and a seeing the pink fabric covered in blood along with a Coin he hasn't seen in years fall out it was now what he expected as it shown glowing image wearing a cloak that only shown the lower half of her face

"Greetings Headmaster, I am Madam Hydra and on Amaryllis Potter behalf must decline of offer to attend your school much less a chaotic wizarding Britain." the cloaked figure said, "You see after a long detailed discussion with Sirius Black the godfather and rightful magical guardian you tried to usurp control of the young girl from figured out why you allowed to go to prison and suffer at the hand of dementors for a crime he didn't commit only to be freed after the death of the Dursley's who you allowed to abuse her so you could look like the dashing savior to manipulate and control," surprising all in attendance.

As Dumbledore was attempting to dispel it the image continued, "Oh yes we know you were responsible for getting her parents killed by switching him with Peter 'Wormtail' Pettigrew as secret keeper and using Lord Sirius Onion Black as the decoy however he was already a servant of Voldemort who was shown the way to her home to kill the Potters and leave young Amaryllis Potter with no parents to oppose you which would give you the perfect opportunity to control her life starting with placing her in a home of hateful muggles after you placed multiple blocks on her natural abilities making her weaker that of a Squib in their home." she explained.

"It leave us to wonder how many lives you've ruined over the years before then or how many people you made suffer for your Greater good when people questioned you only to end up being setup to die as martyrs or mislabeled as dark families to gain favor with those who have the same misgiving," she said making everyone look to the headmaster who still attempted to dispel the image.

"Now I wonder what lies you've been telling the wizarding world about the Last Heiress of House Potter hmm... that has been living in luxury wanting for nothing or being trained in magic to fight someone who may have already killed perhaps you should tell them how she was rescued and healed by muggle physicians or was met by an account manager at Gringotts who had informed her that she was never to be placed with Dursley family who mistreated her in ways that would make a house elf go mad..." she said while Dumbledore stated getting hot under the collar as he felt the gaze of Minerva McGonagall who looked as if she wanted to hex him into oblivion before hearing "...and let's not forget how medical studies shown how she lost her purity and innocence before our organization had enough and dealt with them permanently."

It was then Dumbledore watched as girls left from the from Hufflepuff table before noticing it was Susan Bones before Image continued, "Now you're probably trying to figure out what law you can use to in that Victorian pigheaded mind of yours to force her into your willing pawn again... Guess what it never going to happen since Dolores Jane Umbridge Undersecretary of the ministry of magic attempted to kidnap her showing you English have no honor once again!"

"But Lady Potter-McCullen will return to Magical Britain but it will be for one reason only to finish this war her birth parents died for and those you used as pawns and it won't be by your side. Oh yes Magical Britain will get their Girl who lived alright but it won't be the girl you turned into a merchandising franchise with books and dolls that were fabricated from total fiction!"

"It will be as a warrior under my leadership who commands legions with the will and might to crush her enemies to submission using the very same army that nearly brought the wizarding world to its knees in the Second Great War!" She said as those in the room from the later years gasped at knowing about Grindelwald who was the Dark Lord who nearly aided the muggles in taking over the world years ago. "That's right Dumb-as-a-door, she now commands the overwhelming might of the army Thule made before you removed it leader and leaving the millennium empire and it all thanks to you and your greater good!"

Surprisingly Slytherin students took notes including Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass who would later make permissive for their parents to watch during the holidays. Hermione Granger on the other hand started to look at Dumbledore like he kicked a box of puppies wondering if her great grandmother was right about him an may want to consider home schooling or relocating to Salem.

"Your actions only made them fragmented, weak and ripe for leadership of anyone willing to lead them." the cloaked girl explained "Some escaped to America to reemerge as the Muggle Think-tank known as The Advanced Idea Mechanics providing the American military with the most advantaged of it's technology,Other joined The Hammer Syndicate only for their leader who became decrepit, feeble, and quite mental when he figured he could gain the power to stop death through mystical means to become the main focus oh his organization's ideology seeing himself as the Ubermen. However while he did gather the items from atlantis golden age it was cursed and would have lead to the fall of humanity at the hands of the undead but his plans never came to be due to underestimated his opponents who like the potter may have suffered at the hand of a traitor but was able to still mange. They also went against Japanese branch of the Hammer known as The Kama whose leader also was a victim of Dumbledore's greater good and wanted to destroy the Colonials for revenge for the loss of the Japanese empire who like the americans ignored the ICW secrecy laws and aided in the very research that provided the organization with Anti-matter weapon to fire at Washington. However like the Hammer's syndicate Fuhrer the Leaders of Kama also underestimated their foes only to fall at the hands of the same enemy as a result."

"However it would not be the end it would only be the beginning! Now the time for Hydra to rise again has returned and the time for being scattered to the winds is over , the time for ambitious infighting and personal gain is past,and stupidity of weak minded men is are over which leave things perfect for Das Hydra to rise again once more!" The hooded woman spoke "Oh yes Dumbledore your great plans of cutting off the head of the snake fell and from it two more rose in it place and unlike Gellert Grindelwald's organization who used Hitler's thousand year Reich and Thule's resources to fund it's mystical science and advanced technology I won't fail! Those very thing you thought were destroyed are now mine to command, and I plan to offer this power to Lady Potter no Lady McCullen to use in striking out against not only but the pureblood ilk you secretly protect while openly preaching your dogma about your greater good and rights of Muggle Borns, Half-bloods and those who as listed as dark creatures you secretly despise while pushing the pureblood agenda like most politicians and knowing her she'll grant this great power to those them just to see the irony of your ambitions fail as your wizarding world falls due to the actions of using living beings as disposable pawns on your chessboard. Oh yes you may think stopping us again will be as easy as trying to dispel this very message but face it you'll have the same problem in attempting to defeat me and those who serve me and place me in a prison cell like you did when you withheld evidence that put Lord Sirius Orion Black in Azkaban or glorious Reichsfuhrer you spared to live out his days in Nuremberg for the sake of your greater good... you're fooling yourself because unlike him I'll will succeed where he failed!

Because where you defeating him and his followers may have cut off one Limb from the first generation during World War II, but it allowed me and Lilith and various others to take charge of the second generation that rose in its place and unlike we know your methods, your allies, and how to counter them! So sleep well in your castle and try to convince the students about the worthiness of your greater good Herr Dumbledore for your days are numbered betrayer and when we meet face to face the last thing on my lips before Lilith has you shot will be Sieg Hydra!"

It was then the Cloaked girls image changed into crimson smoke in the form of that fearful symbol of the Skull surrounded tentacles...

The students at the house tables and their house professors now looked at the embarrassed Albus Dumbledore with daggers in their eyes before Narcissa Malfoy who took over for Severus Snape as the potions professor and head of Slytherin decided it was time to take her leave with her students...

Professor Quirrell on the other hand decided to join her and was trying hard to keep a neutral face while hearing his master laughter internally from his link after his master's rebirth.

"Hahahahaa! Bravo Potter that's showing the old goat!" Voldemort said in the mind of Quirrell.

"But you're forgetting master she said she'd send her armies to hunt us down too!" the Dark Lord's servant warned him about the downside

"Oh yes I forgotten about that, we just need to find out what would appease her into accepting an alliance until we can decide on how to deal with her. Until then keep me posted on with how Dumbledore and the ministry is reacting to this revelation." Voldemort said with glee while thinking of how to convince this budding new Dark Witch into accept an alliance with the Death Eaters and have her focus on Dumbledore ilk and the sheep currently running the Ministry of magic.

But first he had meeting with the inner circle of his Death eaters to advise them to avoid all Muggle settlement for a while.

Potter Island

Location unknown...

Throne room

Flint, Lady Jaye, Big Ben and Snape all were bound in normal restraints except for Snape's since his hindered their magic as they stood in a throne room under heavy guard as soldiers in Black uniforms with Red or dark green strips on them stood in attention.

But it would be Lady Jaye who would worry more since it her grandfather of the SAS group known as the Wolf Pack before it disbanded after the death of SS Oberfuhrer Alexander Vlado of the Blood Clan and the Capture of Gellert Grindelwald only to be revived later after the survival of Carmela who now was standing beside her with Panzer Demons as their guards thing that both supposed to have been destroyed during the second world war

The Joes noticed right off that the uniforms looked like a cross between German SS and British RAF uniforms before one of them asked a question.

"What the hell is this place it looks like something out of a set from Indiana Jones movie." Lady Jaye whispered trying to play .

"Hopefully they'll have an arc of the covenant and will do themselves in." said Flint

"From the look of the family crest it think it's belongs to one of the Noble and Ancient houses of Potter." Big Ben said "But the house was wiped out during the last wizarding war?"

"Not all of them died young Weasley." Snape said with a cold tone "Some of them survived as victims of the self proclaimed lord of the light and desire revenge and if it is who I think it is we are in great danger."

"Why am I not surprised that Dumbledore and his tripe about the so-called greater good being involved." he said dryly hating how his mother who casted him would get him killed.

"Could you recap for those who don't speak cryptic and know about the magical world?" Fint asked sacasticly.

" I'd hold your tongue if I was you mortal unlike me some of my fellow all your questions will be answered when Madam Hydra arrives so try to be civil or I may have to entrail you into silence." interrupted the blond vampire maiden who later introduced by Snape as the original Carmela that was based off the short story that was basis for Bram Stoker's vampires including Dracula. "

It was then that a hooded figure in a black cloak accompanied by two guards who wore dark green and the armored figure who murdered most of the greenshirts and SAS soldiers as they walked up to a throne before they stopped as the two soldiers helped her take off her hood as it revealed a young girl they knew from surveillance photos as Lilith McCullen who wore a modified uniform that looked like Destro and baroness helped her create. They also noticed the armband on her right and the standards of the soldiers in the room who had not the symbol of Cobra but that of a black skull surrounded by tentacles on her a red armband.

She stood and looked over the crowd with a gaze that mesmerized the room before she said the words. "Hail Hydra!" with an scottish accent

"Sieg Hydra! Eternal Hydra! Cut of one head two more shail take it place!" the crowd chanted as the saluted with with their fist raised in the air and kept chanting until the girl sat down on the throne before the roome silenced before the girl spoke to her guest.

"Greetings soldiers of GI-Joe my sincere apologies for the restaurants but due to my attack by the Jugglers and Severus Snape's misguided crusade in stopping me from treading down a path what he feels is dark for me I must take precautionary measures you're now enduring." she said before noticing Big Ben. "Well well I have second exile from the British Wizarding world among us. Now why don't you tell us your true name Joe because I know not the one you put on your dog tags.

"David J. Bennett Staff Sargent of her SAS... serial number."

"Please top if you're going to give the old rank and serial number answer we can stop now but it's quite alright since I already have suspicions of you true name but I want to hear it from your own lips before to confirm it for myself.

"Why bother giving you the satisfaction since you're going to probably kill me anyway along with the other to prove your loyalty to Cobra?" Big Ben said dryly.

"Oh no Big Ben you've got me all wrong I have no plans to kill you nor join my godfather Cobra Commander in his Organization who your fellow Joes thawart on a yearly basis because my plans are more broader and well thought out." she said as she crossed her legs in her chair. "Now I can see some of you have questions now out with them before I start mine."

"Okay why don't you start by telling us why you really brought us here I know it's not a social call and don't think GI-Joe has forgotten how you broke Destro and Cobra Commander off the USS Flag and systematically took Scarlet apart."

"Why Flint you act hurt by your tone and make me start to thing if dated her before Lady Jaye but to answer your question I just wanted to meet one of you without systematically breaking limbs especially you my noble but roguishly handsome soldier and lets not forget the agile but cunning user of the javelin Lady Jaye who bested my parents on numerous occasions and both cherished as archenemies of the Iron Grenadiers and Cobra.

"So is there a point to this meeting I mean or do you plan to hand us over to Cobra or bore us to death with hero wos..." Snape said but didn't finish due to Carmilla's hard slap to the face before the vampire helped him up before she said.

"Why don't you remain silent Mercenary! you'll get your turn to speak to Madam Hydra when she recognizes you." she said before two guard who were armored held him up.

"Thank you Carmila for making the man hold tongue but try to be careful with your vampiric strength Hydra can still use him if he accept my offer this time." she said with annoyance before turning her attention to Flint and the other Joes."Please forgive the use of violence, but I just need to ask you a few questions before letting you three go unharmed."

"What about Snape?

"What about him, he's saved from the battle android trooper prototype so his job is over." Lilith answered Flint's question with a sinister smirk that reminded him of the baroness "However I still want answers from you instead of taking it from your mind and in the process discover secrets that are well hidden to hand over to cobra commander which would be Christmas to him."

"Fine do you want to know?"

"I'd like to know your thoughts on the B.A.T. Prototype that sent after you without permission, how do you think it will far after mass production for Cobra's use." she asked with a smirk."Do you think the Jugglers will like it if I recomend to Cobra Commander that he air drop one of them on Paris Island, West Point or maybe even the Pentagon itself or maybe I'll hit close to home and send one to Buckingham Palace, Parliament or MI6 since I own the British Crown and government a centuries worth of vengeance for not only myself, but also the Ancient Noble house of McCullen." she said enjoying the look of fear on their faces.

"Why not send one to the White house while you're at it?" Fint asked

"Good question but you'll be very surprised about the answer because i have no problem with the United States Government, United Nations, or it's Magical Counterparts however the Generals at the pentagon who personally pulls your strings known as the Jugglers who I refused to make weapons for however is another story entirely." she said with seriousness in her voice "Just like I have a problem with those who you met in the park in the red cloaks."

"You're going to war with the Ministry of Magic but that would spill out into the Non Magical communities!" Big Ben said with fear in his voice seeing what one of those bats could do.

"Are you insane child this isn't what your real parents... what Lily would have wanted for you this action would not only endanger Britain's magical population but the entire world's since the muggle governments would also panic out of fear."

"That right my dear Snape but I was once told that sometime the world must be torn down to make way for a new one, and lets be honest its Magical Europe's turn since they have children being raised about blood purity, to look down on creatures in ignorance who are twice as strong as humans and isolate themselves like the Centaurs or those who look human like the werewolves and vampires who have done everything possible to live among you in secret only to have bigots like Cornelius Fudge or Albus Dumbledore out them in the name of Politics or the greater good so make no mistake I'm not the one at fault it was Dumbledore and the Ministry of magic whose actions forced my hand tonight!" Lilith said shocking the Joes and Snape "I was willing to wait until the wizarding age of 17 before I started making the moves needed to change our worlds for the better, however General Conrad Mathews of the Jugglers and the Magical American Government wanted me to force me into a partnership and into Magical America's service and when I refused he wanted me killed because I wanted to Magical Britain on my terms.

"But wouldn't joining the Magical government of america help you?" Big Ben asked.

"No because I found out from one of the Aide in the room using a special mind art the real reason they wanted me. Oh Yes it's true the Magical American government would have been instrumental in cleaning up Magical britain's corrupt regime, but the price would have been too high for me to pay so I refused." she said with venom in her voice "So when I refused to give them my Mystical and technological knowledge deemed me a threat and tried to have me killed in a movie theater by someone in their black ops program no less." making the joes in the group wonder if she hold them responsible by proxy. "However I know for a fact you three are innocent and Snape would have intervened if he knew due to the life debt to my father and love for my mother unless he wanted to lose his magic, but that is for another time. Now back to why I refused the Jugglers it simple the Magical Japanese government made me better offer first and since their seers already seen that I was marked by fate they offered me advanced training that both Britain would have denied me and the Americans would have been careful about since I would be trading one master for another. She said with a tone that shown she wasn't anyone slave. "Oh but do you know what made me consider to ignore the american assassination attempt the fact their there are still good people in both parts of the american government that would suffer too the british however well due to the actions of certain Undersecretary who looks like a toad in a pink dress and a Meddling old man who think of himself as the next coming of Merlin I decided speed up the time table in my return."

"So because of three factions you're going to strike both worlds out of revenge!" Lady Jaye said already knowing the answer before finding someone attempting to invade her mind and cold see it was Lilith who grinned at her.

"Yes oh Lady Jaye but we already knew that before asking didn't you." Lilith said looking at the woman flinch under her predator's gaze as she smirked at her "Oh what's this not only is the Squib child of one of Dumbledore's former loyal sycophants among me, but it also seems you've got a few secrets you've hidden from not only to military superiors and Joe Allies but also your lover Flint too quite scandalous if you ask me but I'll give you some moments alone before we talk again hopefully you'll consider to use this moment to enlighten him on the truth." she said enjoying the fear in the female Joes eyes as she said before looking to the Armored guards. "Panzer Demons you may take them away to them confinement quarters usually used by Fenrir and have the guards tripled especially for keeping her in her cell afterwards and make sure to have the guard use the Silver ammo to prevent her from using her special talents."

When they were taken out of the room Carmela spoke "Mind telling me why we're letting the Werewolf bitch live instead of killing her?"

"Because tonight is special night for werewolves that I would find most entertaining thant a simple bullet to the head dear Carmela." Lilith said before asking "Now as much as I know your hatedred of werewolves cloulds your judgement you're smart enough to know your enemy so what happens on usually to her kind on new moon when they have mates especially human ones?"

"Pureblood werewolves can change at will however the new moon they're control is lost and they revert to their primal urges of eating raw meat and forced..." she said with a blush in her cheek vampires normally wouldn't have before saying "Oh my you are a little sadist like your mother aren't you."

So that mean's you'll be watching the show with me on the montors in the security rooms?" Lilith asked.

"Of course seeing the high and mighty werewolf of the fang clan going rapid from eating human flesh would be quite entertaining for me." The Vampire said withe smile that could shown she would enjoy the fun it would provide her.

"I knew that would cheer you up now could you go to the kitchen and ask to someone make a nice meal for my viewing pleasure while I make a firecall to my Uncle Padfoot to inform him of needing to use the secondary special room in Trans Carpathia or Castle Destro tonight.

"Of course it would be my pleasure my lady."

"Good I'll meet you there" she said as she watched the vampiress walk off before looking to Battalion "By the way is everything ready for the meeting between the Remnants of Hammer and Kama next week on Hydra Island?" She said looking at her cousin who was in the imposing battle armor

"Of course your medical officers just informed me that Natalia Kassle's body is responding to the special treatments you exposed her too as you predicted so she should be well and about as soon as you arrive." Dudley said before removing helmet of his armor "We also provided similar treatments to Shogunner and the Princess along with the other who survived their near death encounters from the operatives of Danger Girl Freelance Operations Limited." Batallon said answering her

"Good hopefully they'll remember who they have to thank on their second lease on life when I arrive." She said as she walked off never noticing one of the Hydra soldiers leaving the throne room to one of the broom closets.

As she was changing out of the Hydra uniform she grabbed a bag she had well hidden and unzipped it to reveal a leather bodysuit. "Hey Duces it's Sydney I think it's time to break cover because Snape and the missing Joes that Sonya's friend was asking us to look out fore are on Potter's isle.

"No maintain cover until Snake eyes and Ms Blake arrives at the rondaview point."

"Normally I would agree with you but Veronica's friend warned her and us about Lady Jaye's black file and it's a New Moon tonight so unless you want to explain why you felt it would be okay to maintain cover when one Alison R. Hart is going to be trapped in a safe room with no meat three men and very horny do you want to explain to her Great Grandfather why she went beserk?"

"Fine I'll tell them to hurry up last thing we need is to lose Sir Gallant or her grandfather's support get them out of there."


After being taken into and placed into a large room that had claw marks everywhere Snape and Big Ben looked at Lady Jaye with fear in their eyes before Flint asked.

What is this secret that Destro's Brat was talking about Lady Jaye?

It's nothing we just have to figure a way out of here.

Snape looked annoyed before saying "As much as I like watching a lover's spat you need to realize there no way out if this room is what I think it was plus if you told me about your condition I would have giving you something to stave off the transformation, so you better tell him while you still can you daft woman before I wil..."

"YOU'LL KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OR I'LL GUT YOU HERE!" she said before noticing she was lifting him up one handed before letting him go and shifting it back. "Hopefully the stuff I took before the mission will last until we get out."

Alison are you a witch or something how did you do that?

"Hardly Flint I'm a Werewolf species who was born with the ability to control their transformations and like the other members of my clan we can control our transformations."

"Is that why tend to have headaches on certain nights each month?"

Yeah and the New Moon is the moment our species grow their strongest.

That's good to know now tell me the bad news

"We become berserkers especially females plain and simple and since that kid knows it she using my berserker side to either kill or turn you which would be very bad for you three if you manage to survive." she said as started to feel the change "Flint... what type of eyes do you see."

"Oh hell you took the Anti-change serum must be wearing off quicker than you assumed it would." Snape said already seeing her eyes started looking animal like.

Outside Potter's Island.

Sydney Savage was waiting at the spot she told them before seeing a crack sound starting the arrival of Snake Eyes and Mature looking redhead who wore a green leather jacket over her SAS combat uniform with a Wolfs head logo on the side.

"Snake Eyes nice to see you again I guessing the well aged woman beside you is Cornelia Blake."

"And you must be Sydney Savage of Danger Girl you're not as slutty as Veronica Fox's claimed you were." she said before her eyes glowed and four bodies ended up burning around them "However at this point I would have commented on you time and would lecture you on being careless if it wasn't for the fact you weren't trained to evade Vampires who learned how to mask themselves in the shadows to avoid normal stealth detection." She said before pulling a special whip out for her to use. "Here use this a friend from Malta made it."

What is it and why does it have these silver bits in bedded into it?

Because unlike your normal whip which will do squat buy annoy what we face here this whip is designed to remove limbs and since you are skilled in using that variant of weapon, so just remember to target their necks and take them off and nothing else and before you ask Snake Eyes being a member of a japanese shinobi clan is aware of the enemy power. now take us to the dungeons we haven't got much time."

"Yeah I know follow me Okay follow me.'

Outside the Saferoom door four guards stand watch two Hydra Soldiers in heavy tactical armor and two Blood Clan Elites of Carmella's personal guard stood watch over he cell outside armed with assault rifles with silver bullets for the soldiers and sliver coated bayonets for the assassins .

"So which one of those humans do you think will survive Werewolf Joes's fun?" Asked the first Blood Clan assassin who was wearing a bodysuit uniform that shown it was designed for speed more than defence.

""I'll put up a weeks pay on is the hook nosed Hit-Wizard being a survivor." The First Hydra soldier said taking the bet

"My money is on the is on the SAS Squib who hair screams Weasley." said the Second Hydra Solider.

"True but lets not count the human out since it looked like he and the Werewolf have history so it may help prolong the fun." Said the second Blood clan assassin who was drooling as she the prospect of feeding on flint as she said "Hopefully he come out unmarked by the wolf to much since he looks cute for a rugged Amerikaner and is wasted on a Flea ridden bitch like her what do you think Gretta."

The First Vampire who was identified as Greta was a member of the old guard who served the Blood Clan during the second world war only nodded before she spoke and said "Oh I agree with you wholeheartedly Lindie but you know how Lady Carmella feels about turning people without her permission. Still I commend you on your taste in men, but in the end it all depends on how long the Wolf Slut will be able to resist mating or feeding on him before Madam Hydra decides to gases the room...(Sniff Sniff) Everyone Stand fast I smell two humans and...Oh no they have a Wolf Pack member with them." she said before turning misting.

Before one of the Hydra soldiers could ask what the Assassin was talking about he was hit with an arc of flame along with the other soldier other assassin not even allowing them time to scream as they burned to ask.

After walking down the hallway Snake Eyes looked at the damage caused by the flames before looking back at Cornelia seeing why Midnight met with him in london and paired him up with her when he arrived in the UK.

It was then she watched as the woman put her hand on the door hinges heat up to making the door turn bright red before it melted them off as the door fell off revealing that Lady Jaye was doing her best to control herself as a Hook Nosed man trapped flint Big Ben and Alison's lover Fint in a barrier of energy to keep her at bay.

Seeing this Cornelia walked over to Lady Jaye to before taking a raw leg of Lamb out of her bag and throwing it over to the Feral form of Lady Jaye who quickly shifted back as soon as she started eating it.

"Well young lady I see you're feeling much better after your meal I think you'll need a change of clothing." she said getting a spandex suit "Here I know it's not your normal military gear but you're Fang Clan too dear now while these mean guard the entrance so you can put this one without them drooling over your knickers.

"Thanks Aunt Cornelia, I'm guessing I'm going to get a lecture form Uncle Keith and Grandfather after this?

"Well I not going to lie to you dear but yes plus you're bound to get an to earful from General Abernathy about your recklessness too, now hurry up and get dressed because I know this room had monitors to watch your change." she said before looking right at the camera before frying it.

Castle Potter, CIC room (Combat Information Center)

In the Castle's CIC a Vampire looks at the screen before walking over to the intercom

Attention all loyal members of the blood clan! Cornelia Blake the Flame Witch who sided with our sworn enemies has infiltrated these ground with known spy Sydney Savage and Snake Eye the silent master of Akakage clan are currently in the detainment area! Those who capture them alive or barely breathing shall be rewarded handsomely by Madam Hydra herself

"As for Blake's condition the first to bring her ripped apart corpse to Me for study and her head to Camilla will have unlimited sire rites for a year to form their own ranks if they are vampires operatives as for those who are human you will the privilege of being the first of many to join the Iron Vipers enhancement Happy Hunting and Sieg Hydra!" the girl announced over the loudspeakers before laughing,

"Do you think it was wise to announce such a thing like that." asked Carmila as the watched both vampire, magic user and Squib mobilize in a rushed manor to capture them.

No but it will fun to watch them return and see them attempt to re enter the property if they escape." she said with a smile "Besides this place has served it's purpose anyway and everything is being relocated to our new island fortress anyway and the gift I'll leave behind will be waiting for them when I finally grow bored of them."

"You're not referring to Phase two of Das' Overtkill project you created based on the Panzer Demon research are you?"

"The every same sweet Carmilla and when the smoke is cleared we will become the master's of the world both the mundane and magical." she said with a smile before asking "By the way how is Project: Schwarz Sonne (Black Sun) going?"

With the technology provided by your Father Destro and yourself we already begun the micronization the cubes used for pyramid of darkness devices to work as the larger ones did at a larger scale not only disabling the mundane energy sources but also Magical ones in the wizarding communities however we'll need to inform our allies in both communities to be at the ready before activating them at your command my deal Madam Hydra."

"Indeed it will Carmela I think it's safe to say the world will learn to fear the darkness once more when they are activated."

"Oh they will do more that that Lilith and the best part about this will be when the Wizarding community of Britain kneels to you in fear after conquering it expecting you to be their great savior especially the followers of Dumbledore who wanted to turn you into a controllable pawn hungering for guidance as you suffered under your muggle relatives. When you reveal Hydra to the world they will see you not as a weak little girl but Queen and conqueror." Carmella said grinning at the irony of that her predecessor Alexander Vlado couldn't be alive to see this. However if things go as planned his resurrection and War between the Blood Clan and the Fang Clan would begin anew in this century and this time they would be the victors.


After hearing the announcement made over the speakers about them as they went to collect their things from the armory Flint and Big Ben as paled knowing Snape was correct about needed to leave as the group started running into Vampires,Mages and Soldiers eager to claim the rewards when they found an exit outside that lead to a mock up city that looked like an exact replica of some place Snape called Diagon Alley.

Suddenly they went into another area that was identified as the French version of Diagon Alley and made their way to the hall that led to a fountain were groups of armored soldiers were waiting to mow them down with armed with the heavy Machine-guns that would take someone with Roadblock's build two hands to weld was held one handed with ease as they carried shields to block their shots .

"What the bloody hell are those things!" Flint said before trying to aim for headshot only to have the shields block them. "These guys are more shielded than S.A.W. Vipers and and Alley Vipers could ever hope to be.

"I'm not surprised they're Panzer Demons made from the bodies of fatally wounded SS Soldiers but it's impossible since the last of them were destroyed when we cave in the eagle's lair." Cornelia explained before launching another fireball over her shoulder. "I set the charges to bury the place myself before the end to the war.

"Apparently you and your Fang Clan werewolves must have failed in you mission or didn't take into account Project Odessa..." Snape said with a bored tone as he reinforced the area with a shield using wandless magic before those beside he looked at him strange "What I watched it on the telly and I take the time to read books try it sometime."

"Trust me after Cobra messed with the supernatural last time Hawk and those in command made it mandatory reading for all new recruits." Big Ben said before Lady Jaye added before smelling the room "Damn those guys aren't reanimated SS either... I think they're Synthodiod."

"How do you know." Sidney asked

"GI-Joe had to deal with them not long ago when they tried to replace the world leaders and members of GI-Joe's command with those things and tried to used them trick one of my teammates to get a very powerful formula too and while they look and sound like the originals the one drawback is that they cant make them into supernaturals since they the closest thing to flesh golems that exist not to mention they give off a nasty chemical stench no matter what form they take.

"So that explains those canisters of protoplasm we past on the way outside but why create them again knowing that GI-Joe as dealt with them before?"

Because knowing Lilith she plans to use them against the world's ministries of magic's and while I know each of them deal with their defenses differently we both know since Cornelius Fudge took office as the Minster for magic he's cut funding to the the Auror, Hit Wizards and Unspeakable corps here in England meaning they won't be able to handle the onslaught they bring especially if they use firearms.

"But why is Destro's daughter doing this?" Flint asked before firing back

"Revenge! However at first it was only directed at Dumbledore but as time passed and kept being hassled by the wizarding world of Great Britain and members nations of the International Confederacy of Wizards who owed Dumbledore favors attempted to deny her schooling she decided the destroy what they hold most dear...the statute of secrecy keeping the wizarding world separate from the mundanes." Snape said with a frown "Either by the Wizarding world asking for help or the systematic extermination or conquest said world."

"Figures this would involve someone that Dumbledore royally screwed over." Cornelia said with anger. "It's also why I complain at the round table conference to queen bringing the Ministry of Magic back under British parliament control." she said with annoyance. "That old goat has caused a lot of headaches over the years and now I have the proof needed to present to parliament and the Queen, now I have all that's needed to get out of these ground and Buckingham palace ASAP." she said with a vicious smile "... now cover me I'm getting us out of here!" she said before she said as she was growing a large fireball in her hand and letting it rise before she summoned a shielding spell as she commanded the large fireball to fall and the group watched as the Panzer Demons were turned into ash.

The Joes and Sidney Savage could quickly see that the area's and the panzer demons were turned to ash and ruins as Snape decided to cast a Portus spell on the an armored arm he found still stable and watched as it glowed green showing it worked.

"There we can leave, now let's hurry before they send more of them." Snape said before each of them touched the item and teleported off Potter Island never knowing that Lilith lowered the wards and allowed them to leave.

...After all she got what was needed from them when she performed Legitimus on Flint in the throne room and knew what had to be done next...

But first she needed wait let her foes move their pawns first before her vengeance could truly begin.

To be continued...

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