Hey guys! Ninten here with another fanfic that I'm probably not going to finish! /shot

Anyway, this one's based off of the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomness episode, "Bad Po". While watching the episode, I thought to myself, "What if it were shifu who was split into a yin and a yang persona instead of Po...

and thus this was crapply written *shrugs* I'm just posting this here and if you guys like it, feel free to R&R!

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It was just another warm, breezy evening in the Valley of Peace. Everything was pretty much as calm as the mist that stretched across the moor. Well, almost everything.

A shadow crept up the stone stairway that lead up to the Great Jade Palace on all fours. A painfully long but effective method for sneaking past the radius of the Red Panda's hearing. Once the intruder slipped into the room of artifacts, he slowly opened a door revealing the idem that he sought. Mystical Mirror of Yin and Yang. The feline's eyes narrowed as he crept into the Red Panda's washroom (which was located adjacent to his bedroom) silently and swapped the heavy, old mirror with the even older one and dashed out the halls and away from the palace at lighting speed.

Shifu's ear twitched at the noise. The martial arts master cracked a azure eye open and frowned. He would never admit it, but one of his favorite things to do was enjoy the little amount of time that he spent every night in bed resting. It was the one part of his day (or night) that he could actually get away from everyone and relax. Back to the present, not a sound but Po's snoring across the temple could be heard. Shifu's hearing was enhanced not only due to years of training but genetics as well. This was one of his strengths among numerous other things.

Deciding that the threat was no more than a mere draft or the sound of one of his students trying to not be discovered having another mid-night snack, Shifu stretched, threw the blanket over, and made his way to the washroom. He splashed the ice-cold water from the clear glass water basin onto his face and then dried it off with a washcloth. He gazed up at the darken mirror. It had begun to glow red. Before the Red panda could jump away, a bright, red and white light blinded him. His eyes were wide and he was left standing stunned. He finally shook himself out of he stupor and blinked. A calming sense of relaxation flowed throughout Shifu and made him feel like a completely new person. It was as though all of his doubts and fears had been sucked out of his mindset and all he wanted to do was sleep half of the day away. Something in the back of his mind was telling him, 'You NEVER think like this! You must get a hold of yourself!' but he decided to ignore the nagging feeling and stumble back to this invitingly warm cozy bed. His thin fingers pulled the blanket over his shoulder and his head nestled into the pillow "I think that I will let them sleep in for one day..."

The rays of daylight streamed from the round window that loomed on the upper half of the Master of the Jade Palace's room. Shifu stirred, yawned, and stretched. With a smile, he threw the covers off once again and made his way across the wooden boards to his dresser. He pulled out his usual dark orange and brown robe and began to change and wash up after. He entered the kitchen and was greeted by what seemed to be a speed-eating contest. While the Dragon Warrior who on the other hand, was oddly sitting and watching the others inhale their lunches. Poor guy looked miserable.

"Good morning my students. You all seem to be extra hungry. Did you all forget to eat for four days straight?" Shifu chucked. The five stopped and stared at him before rushing over and bowing. Tigeress spoke up with a serious-no-nonsense tone "Master Shifu! We shall return to training at your command." Po's green eyes gleamed with guilt. "Just please allow me to have one dumpling! Please master! I didn't mean to break the staff, I swear!" Shifu blinked in confusion. He hadn't told them to wake up so early or train so hard so early! That is unless he was doing it in his sleep and didn't even realize. "No, I want you all to sit back down and stop eating so fast." Their eyes trailed his path as he walked past them towards the stove. The old red panda stopped at Po's side and looked up. "Except for you. Come with me." Po gulped as he followed his teacher to the kitchen counter and watched him pull out a knife. Shifu pulled out a stool, hopped on, glanced over his shoulder, and handed the knife to Po. "Where's the dumplings and vegetables? I thought that you were going to fetch them from the storage cabinet so we could make a stew. I have absolutely no idea clue about you but I'm starved!"

His pupil only stood there with his mouth gaping open. Shifu looked back after placing the stew pot on top of the stove. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Po begun to search for a pot, leddel and the ingredients half-consciencely. The old master chopped up the vegetables, started a flame in a "Um..Shifu, I don't mean to be rude or anything but what the heck is going on?! First, you have us get up in the middle of the night to go on a run halfway to Gongmen city and back before the sunrise. Then you have us spar with each other, which isn't so bad and then you. You 'barely showing mercy by not breaking any of our weak, limbs.' Which was a bit harsh might I add...Even for you! Wait a second...YOU'RE COOKING? FOR ME?!"

"Yes. Yes I am since the others are already ea- po?" Shifu's eyes widened as he watched the panda sway to his left and passing out. He dropped the spoon into the pot, jumped down and swung the chair under the near-unconscious student. A closer look revealed a purple bruise on his side and arm and a small trial of blood running down the back of his head and heel.

"Po! You're injured. This needs to be tended to right away. Tigress!"

The young adult bounded in at the sound of her name. "Yes Master Shifu?"

"I need you to watch him as I retrieve the bandages. Get a basin of water in the meantime as well."

She bowed and looked through the cabinets for a bowl. Shifu ran out out of the room at a surpringly fast pace.

"Hey Master Shifu? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'll be with all of you in a moment."

The 5 watched their mentor shuffle back into the kitchen with the bandages and a towel.

Shifu started to wipe and wash the blood off of Po with the towel. Then turned to Tigress and asked, "Since he is unconscious, I can't ask him how he got these wounds. You wouldn't happen to know, would you Master Tigress? I will not be upset with you or him."

She was hesitant to answer. However, she eventually did. "It was because of you, sir."

Shifu froze. How could that be? Sure, he made the Dragon warrior train hard but not to this extreme. 'Everyone was acting a bit odd today. They all seem to be somewhat... what's the word? Afraid.' Tigress was defiantly no liar though...

"How can that be?"

"Forgive me for saying this master, but I believe that you went a little too far with the intensity of his training this morning..."