I do not own Danny phantom. Remember Kesha's song"Tick Tok?"

Clockwork was having just another boring day. He raised his wrist and counted the seconds he had left till Danny burst though the doors. He sighed and turned around to face him. " Danny?" Clockwork asked. "Clockwork! I like peanuts!" Yelled Danny with a crazed look in his eyes. "Danny, there are no peanuts here. Now leave my domain, never eat spiked chocolates again, or I WILL send Dan after you. "Horsies?!" Came the reply. "That worked in the alternate timeline..." Mumbled Clockwork. "Clocky-Poo! The Horseies tell me to tell you... PINEAPPLES!" Screeched Danny flailing his arms about. "Danny listen to me. The super secret agent puppies want me two tell you that Vlad has peanuts and is holding a puppy captive." Lied Clockwork, trying to get Danny to annoy someone else. "He has what?! I need to fly over there with my farts! Super-Farts activated!" And with that he left the Clocktower. "Disgusting." Mumbled Clockwork pulling a can of air freshener from his cloak. As he was spraying it Danny can back. " Yes Daniel?" "What time is it?" He slurred. "Oh wait, never mind, Kesha. I see it the 6 wristwatches, chest clock, your staff, your belt, and your 3 clock buckled shoelaces on each foot." With that he flew off. "You really need to lock your door, Kesha." Came an observant's tone. "Shut up. Mumbled Clockwork really disliking his new nickname.