A young man at the age of twenty one with black messy hair opened his red eyes slowly as the glare from the sun hits his face. He sat up from the bed bare chest and gave a long yawn. He turned his head towards an alarm clock that says six thirty a.m. He removed the blanket away while wearing nothing but white plain boxers and was about to get up and go to the restroom to be prepared for work until a hand under the blanket grabbed a hold of his arm. He turned around and smiled as he slowly sat back down and chuckled. He slowly removes the cover and sees a young woman's face at the age of twenty with long beautiful brown hair with a white hat by her side smiling back at him.

"Where do you think you're going cutie?" The girl teased as she sat up from the bed while covering her bare naked breasts with the blanket. The young man chuckled as he leaned over and gave her a morning kiss on the lips.

"Going to work Leaf, being the champion is a hell of a job." The young man with red eyes said as he chuckled. Leaf smiled at him as she rests her head on his back.

"So we did it huh Red?" Leaf happily said as she embraced him from behind. Red smiled back as he turned around and kissed her forehead which she laughs in response.

"We sure did my little devil…and you were wild." Red joked as he felt a light punch on his back which he shrugged off. He turned around and sees a flustered Leaf. Red smiled as he dove in for the kiss.

"You were perfect last night…Leaf." Red whispered to her which made her blush even more. Soon he starts kissing her more passionately as he gently pushes her back down on the bed and kissed her more fiercely. She starts moaning as Red kissed her down her collar bone and using his hands to touch any sensitive parts on Leaf's skin.

"R-Red! Ah!" Leaf moaned as Red went down inside of the covers as he starts trailing kisses down her body. Leaf could do nothing, but moaned as he kept kissing her down lower and lower.

Several hours later Red is dressed and ready for work. He's dressed just like he did when he started the pokemon journey, the signature red cap, red jacket with a black T-shirt underneath, light blue jeans, and fingerless black gloves. Red's at the door of his house in Pallet Town as he turned around to see his beloved by the door faring him a safe trip and luck.

"Good luck Red." Leaf happily complimented her boyfriend. Red looked at Leaf and smiled.

"Of course I will. When I get back from work, I'm going to show you something special." Red slyly said. Leaf's face flushed red as she starts twiddling her fingers.

"No not THAT, Leaf something else!" Red laughed as he starts blushing too. Leaf felt embarrassed for thinking of such a thing. Red chuckled as he leans forward and kissed her on the lips one more time.

"I love you Leaf, have fun in the lab and make sure those kids get their pokemon." Red simply stated. Leaf nods her head confidently with a smile. Red kissed her again as he walked outside and pulled out a pokeball from his belt and out came a flaming orange dragon like creature with a flaming tail and strong sturdy wings. Red climbed on top of the dragon like pokemon and waved back at Leaf who waved back at him. He flew up sky high towards the Indigo Plateau.

It's been three years since the whole incident with Lance and Red. Leaf have decided to stay with Red back in Pallet Town and surprisingly, her parents agreed on letting her stay with Red, knowing that he'll be able to take care of her. She also became the professor in Pallet Town, ever since Professor Oak had died, from an unknown cause, though it is classified. She's the first youngest professor at the age of twenty next to Juniper in Unova. Red on the other hand had a special request from the government themselves. They allowed him to become the champion of the Elite Four. So far no one has defeated him in ages, not in a long while which is good for his record and the money he makes is based on that record. So far life is good for Red and Leaf and it will soon be even better later on in the evening.

"So Black huh, what brings you here to Kanto?" Red questioned the younger teenage trainer, who wears a blue sweater, black jean, red and black sneakers, black leather satchel on the side and a cap that's the same color and shapes as a pokeball with a black pokeball insignia in the middle of it that rests on his brown hair. He smiled at his opponent Red.

"I'm here to defeat you and become the next Pokemon Master! I've already gotten the Johto, Unova, and Hoenn badges, I also defeated the Elite Fours from all of those regions. Now all I need to do is to defeat you which I heard you were nearly impossible to defeat. I want to see the stuff of legends myself." Black responded with a smirk on his face. Red chuckled, all he asked him what he is doing in Kanto, but from the looks of it, he already said a mouthful. Red smiles and nodded his head as he pulled out a pokeball from his belt.

"Let's see…the blood cells for the Squirtle is a lot denser…could that mean it'll have the lax or calm nature?" Leaf whispered to herself as she examines the blood cells through a microscope. She switches lenses to get a better view of the cell.

"Professor Green, the children are here to pick up their pokemon!" The assistant called out to her. Leaf pulled away from the microscope and nodded her head.

"Alright, I'll be right there!" Leaf called out as she pulls the lenses that contains the blood sample of a Squirtle and placed it in the sink.

"Good game there Black, but you have to learn how to stay calm at times, even when in a heat of battle, keeping calm posture will keep a clear mind and help you focus on your next moves." Red explained to the defeated young trainer who just shook his head from disbelief.

"Look Black, you're a good trainer, but you have to learn from your mistakes, I know I did and so can you. Like I said keep calm and collected." Red said to Black who just kneeled down on the ground in defeat, unable to say anything. Red sighed as he shook his head, feeling a little guilty for letting his goal slip away from his grasp.

"Black, I'll help you train, if you're in." Red suggested. Black's face perked up as he looked at Red and nodded his head, but still kept the frown on his face.

"Thank you Professor Green!" A young trainer called out as he walked out the door while waving back at Leaf. She smiled as she went back into her office and continues on with her analysis.

"I wonder what Red meant by something special?" Leaf wonders as she looks through the microscope and switching the newer blood cells.

It was now four thirty p.m., Leaf has returned home from work, but for some odd reason, Red isn't back home yet. She's not that worried about him because sometimes he usually train the newer Elite Four members or on a business conference which he really hates. She chuckled at the thought of it, Red being in a conference with a bunch of non caring employees. Suddenly her pokegear started to ring, she immediately picked up the phone like device that said "Red" on it.

"Hello?" Leaf called out.

"Hey baby, you know that special thing I wanted to show you?" Red said on the other line. Leaf giggled.

"Yeah, what about it?" Leaf questioned. Red chuckled as he starts shuffling around in the phone making terrible static noises.

"Come meet me at the front entrance of Pallet Town. I have the big surprise for you!" Red happily said on the other line. Leaf smiled.

"Okay Red, I will be there shortly." Leaf responded back.

"Great! Okay, I love you!" Red said on the other line. Leaf laughs.

"I love you too Red." Leaf hangs up the phone and grabbed her white hat. She walks towards the entrance of Pallet Town and saw Red standing there. Leaf smiled as she rushes towards him with open arms and they both embraced each other. They both laughed and giggled until they finally pulled away from each other.

"What is this so call big surprise?"Leaf questioned Red. He laughs as he drags her to the top of the hill of Pallet Town. The same spot where they had their anniversary when they were a young teenager, back when she had to move back to Sinnoh on this very spot.

"Close your eyes Leaf." Red gently whispered in her ears. Leaf did so as instructed as she covers her eyes with both hands and eyes shut. Red kept holding onto her hand as he starts pulling her higher and higher up on the top of the hill of Pallet Town.

"Okay open them." Red said. She opened it, but was confused, there was nothing here, but Red still kept that same smile. Is this some sort of game?

"Red what are you doing?" Leaf questioned further and a bit confused. Red chuckled as he grab her hand and holds it against his.

"Leaf…for so many years we've been together, we've went through hell and made it, we've suffered together, we were made for each other, and I just wanted to let you know, that I love you very much." Red happily said. Leaf giggled, feeling a bit awkward for being here without a true purpose, so she asked.

"I know Red; I love you too, but…why drag us up here?" Leaf questioned. Red chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head as he grab her hands and pull her higher towards the top hill. Red check his watch, it was eight thirty five. Red smiles as he looks over at Pallet Town.

"Come Leaf; keep on looking at the mountain side of the town." Red said as she walked near him and looked at the town. She didn't see anything until there was a spark of fire, then another spark, and then another as it kept trailing it. Leaf was confused on what is going on until the trail spelled out "W." Another fire sparks up as it trailed once more to form another letter, and then another, and then another until it formed a word.

"Will." Leaf stated. Red just smiles.

Another fire starts flickering and another letter appeared. It formed a "Y." Then the fire starts forming another letter until it finally turned into a word.

"You." Leaf stated again, until her lips starts trembling. Red starts chuckling as he sees Leaf getting even more emotional than before. Red figured she probably figured it out, but wanted to keep quiet until the fires are finished.

The fires form once again, but this time the fire turned blue instead of red. This time Leaf's eyes bulged out, her lips kept trembling, tears are spilling filled with mix emotion.

"Marry." Leaf stated again, but stuttered a bit. Red was snow smiling widely as he looked at his girlfriend.

The fires formed once more and this time the letter "M" is red and the letter "E" is green.

"M-M-Me…" Leaf finally said it as she starts crying, tears of joy. She then turns her head at Red who was smiling at her. He then kneels down on one knee and reached down in his pocket.

"Leaf Green…my beloved girlfriend, my soul mate, my BurningLeaf, will you…marry me?" Red softly said as he pulled out a blue box and opened it. Leaf's eyes started watering, crying tears of joy as she couldn't contain her excitement any longer. What she saw was the most amazing ring ever. It's the fire stone, combined with the leaf stone in one. What seems impossible to imagine mixing two evolution stones together into a crystal diamond ring, but turned it into what looks like a leaf inside of the stone that is literally burning from the inside. He slips the ring through her finger, she couldn't be even happier than before.

"My heart…and my soul…is in there…will you-"Red was interrupted when Leaf starts kissing him passionately, but Red kind of saw this outcome as he kissed her back.

"YES! I do! I will marry you Red Fires!" Leaf cried out as she kissed him again. Red smiled even more as he picked her up bridal style and starts swinging her around happily. They both laugh and cried, so happy that they have finally gotten engaged.

"SHE SAID YES! HEAR ME KANTO! SHE SAID YES!" Red yelled out in joy which Leaf giggled from his reaction. They continue kissing each other.

"So…how is this training?" Black questioned as he looked at his pokemon, Haxorous who spew the flames of saying "Will You Marry Me." His pokemon shrug its shoulders.