Author's note: Alright this has been in my head for a while so here it is. Everyone now be nice, this is my first non-crossover fic.

Chapter 1: New kid on the block

Life can be unpredictable - and in more ways than one. That much Leonor Harker - better known as Nonnie amongst family and peers - understands for the most part. And it had been pretty cool up until her folks said the two most dreaded words of childhood: We're moving.

Her younger siblings don't seem to mind, they were curious at the moment to see where they would be living in next. Jaime and Willow. . . brother and sister ages five and seven respectively - they're on good terms with Nonnie, but the two of them were always taking the "following the older sibling's example" lesson a little too seriously. However, in genetics and personality, it was another story - Little Jaime inherited Dad's dark hair and mom's brown eyes, possessing the excitable, cheery and noble qualities true little kids his age have forgotten. Whilst Willow was confident, friendly, girly girlish and much more of mom in appearance.

Nonnie herself was scrawny with coppery brown hair - which was currently hidden under a periwinkle cap - green-blue eyes in a heart shaped face.

As for her parents, well… her hair dressing mother Mrs. Ophelia Harker: loves them a lot, but tries to force the crummy ideals of old-fashioned feminine traits on her. And frankly, Nonnie thought, that's already stressful enough without forcing us to pack up our lives and move to the middle of nowhere.

Her father, Mr. Donovan Harker is banker but much more much more laid back and supportive in his older daughters thoughts than his wife was.

Then there was Ebony, the family cat. The family had gotten the affectionate Bombay as a kitten when Nonnie was only eight after Dad came back from a business trip bearing gifts for the family. Since then, the cat served as Nonnie's first true friend and confidante.

Mr. Harker looked at the rear-view mirror briefly at his eldest child. "Hey champ, try and smile."

Nonnie gave her father a sardonic grin, "I would, but that would misinterpreted as me actually being happy about us moving one of the most dullest places on Earth."

Her dad chuckled, "No fear of that, you've made your opinions loud and clear in the past few weeks."

"Don't you like being closer to Gramma Nonnie?" Jaime asked innocently to his older sister.

Nonnie sighed, "It's like I don't like the idea of living close to grandma, Jay, I just don't like the move."

On top of that, in the distance some angry grey clouds were forming over the direction they were headed in.

"It's looks like rain." Her mom said ruefully. "Not much for a first impression on the first day."

Her father shrugged, "It'll clear up tomorrow morning, just wait and see."

Nonnie and her siblings all shot their father annoyed glances.

"Daddy, we got school in the morning." Willow pointed out.

Finally the van drove into the quaint little suburbs of what was to be their home - up ahead on a small hill was a windmill with the letters: New Holland.

"Well everyone here we are," Mr. Harker declared proudly at their new house. "Our new home sweet home."

Yeah, new home: New town, new school and new strangers…

The Harkers got out of the van to unpack. As they were pulling out the boxes and suitcases, Nonnie looked around the neighborhood and could've sworn she'd seen a few of the residents looking out at them from the blinds or from their curtains, but then vanish when they see her staring back.

Aw great, the whole world is gawking at them while they're taking out their stuff in the pouring rain without raincoats or umbrellas.

At least there's one thing going for her: here in New Holland almost nobody knows them - it also means a fresh start. She can leave behind her crummy past behind - It started in second grade, when just one particularly pernicious little schoolmate had the two-faced nerve to just tell Nonnie she doesn't like her, never would and would make sure no else would either. Sadly, this started a chain reaction among the school group: the name calling, being left out and taunting.

What's worse on Valentine's day, the one boy she'd crushed on ultimately rejected her valentine card. The only other thing besides Ebony and her siblings that had kept her from absolute despair was her friend: Josephine "Jo" Smith. She was gruff, and big boned but had a heart of gold and close friend to Nonnie.

Before Nonnie moved away, they gave each other friendship charm bracelets to never forget. Mom said she could write and have Jo visit over the summer, but still. This school year, she's not gonna let people walk all over her - especially not ignorant authority figures.

That night after unloading most of the stuff and taking out the sleeping bags (the foundation for the beds won't be done until the next morning), they had smores and it was soon sleep time.

The kids were sleeping in Nonnie's room together for the night while the parents bunked out in the living room.

"Nonnie's growing up," Mrs. Harker briskly, "You got to treat her differently."

"How so?" Donovan says distractedly as he put on his socks, "You know I love the kids all equally - no one gets left out."

"Oh you know what I mean! You've got to treat her as what she is: a girl." Ophelia reprimanded him, "With all the sports talk and activities you treat her like a boy!"

Donovan is already opening his sleeping bag, without sparing her so much as a glance, "Don't exaggerate."

"Look at her the way she dresses and behaves. She's at an age where she should be more feminine! She ought hare a little more activities fit for a young lady."

Oh brother, thought Mr. Harker, he'd heard this complaint a hundred times before. Donovan rolled his eyes, "Ophelia, Nonnie is only ten years old! You'll worry about that department once she turns thirteen and when the boys start noticing her." He said the last part disdainfully.

Their children were still young, they won't be thinking about dates and other stuff just yet anyway.

Early the next morning, breakfast was short because Mr. Harker was giving his children a ride to school.

Nonnie was still sulking a little, prompting her father to say: "C'mon honey, just give the town a chance. Heck, give school a chance. Maybe you'll make more friends this year."

"I guess…" She said, casually glancing out the car window. Then something caught her eye, making her straighten up.

It was a boy riding his bike to school. He was pale, had thick black hair and was wearing a white shirt with black pants. But she couldn't help notice that he was SO cute…

"There you go!" Her dad said cheerily, not seeing what she was looking at.

Nonnie was dropped off first. She gets out in a daze, almost forgetting she was in school - and on the way into her assigned classroom, promptly bumped into someone!

Thankfully it wasn't a teacher, it was a boy: A tall, skinny and… rather intimidating looking boy. He had a flat bowl cut, olive skin, a dark yellow turtleneck, black pants and was currently staring Nonnie down with an intense gaze that could've frozen even drinks.

"Sorry," Nonnie said meekly. This guy looked kind of creepy.

"Excuse me," the boy said coolly, his baritone even voice had a soft accent to it. And he brushed past her.

To the girl's chagrin, he was in the same class as her. Perfect, she thought sarcastically, it's my first day in school and I've already made a bad impression.

She walked in hesitantly with the teacher introducing her to the fourth grade class. Nonnie looked at her fellow fourth graders with vague interest - the desks were lined up in rows of five horizontally and three vertical.

"…welcome your new schoolmate, Miss Leonore Harker."

"Please, it's Nonnie." She said tentatively, though she wasn't sure the teacher had heard her.

"I'm sure you'll all make her feel right at home." He gestured for Nonnie to sit down.

She nodded and went to take a seat on the far right in the back. As she approached, Nonnie spotted the cute boy that'd rode past her dad's car sitting on the far right, looking up curiously. And in the second row in the back, Nonnie could see the freaky looking boy she'd bumped into giving her a cold, judging gaze. He was currently sitting behind an Asian boy - Japanese probably - that was wearing a light-blue short sleeve shirt with a pen, protractor and ruler in front pocket, black slacks and shoes. He was watching her with a shrewd, inquisitive look.

Nonnie stared straight back as she sat down. But all of a sudden - she has a vision of the boy dressed in a formal black tuxedo and top hat, standing in front of a parted red curtain. In his hands, he held a case with an expensive necklace, in the other a bouquet of red roses and a "come hither" type smile. Wild catchy music and cheery voices are heard from behind the curtains. Miniature Jaime and Willow cupids in togas fly by.

"What's the matter, Nonnie?" asks cupid Willow.

"Ain't you ever seen guy checking you out before?" teases Cupid Jaime.

Nonnie shook her head. Whoa, what was that? She glanced over at both the boy up front, who was listening to the lesson and then to the Asian boy.

Oh well, they're both cute. Maybe living in New Holland won't be so bad after all.

To be continued…