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*Stevie Rae*

She was busy lately. VERY busy. First, new class schedules, including potions with Damien, Stark, Kramisha, and Piper; also their were her priestess duties; then there was the fact that she still had her normal class schedule; and of course she had to make time for both of her groups of friends.

Either that it she could be friendless or failing, which didn't seem like a bad idea anymore considering it meant she could sleep.

"Stevie Rae? You in there buddy?" Piper said waving her hand in front of Stevie Rae's face. Blinking, Stevie Rae looked around. She was still in Pipers room with Piper herself and Hermione.

"I didn't even realize I blanked out, sorry, repeat that?" She said with a sheepish smile.

"I said," Piper stated obviously upset about something, "did you ever meet a red fledgling named Nicole? She and I used to be close before she... Rejected the change..." Piper said, triggering Stevie Rae's memory to the day Dallas had changed sides.

"Well... I did know her actually, and, to be quite honest, she didn't like me," Stevie Rae said, staring at the blanket with sleeping with sirens on the front.

"You did? Why didn't she like you? Weren't you her high priestess?" Piper said with lightning like speed.

"I was her high priestess, but she didn't like me because I chose the way of the goddess and not darkness. In the end she chose a different high priestess,"

"Neferet." Hermione said, it wasn't a question but Stevie Rae answered her anyways.

"Yeah, Neferet." Stevie Rae said still looking down. Stevie Rae felt she needed to be somewhere in a second so she stood up and walked to the door saying only "I'll be back."

She walked all the way up to the owlery without stopping and then looked into the large opening for owls, already knowing what she would find.

"Hello my red one." The whisper came not from a mouth, but a large black beak. The stare didn't come from beady black eyes, but humanoid red eyes, locked in an entrancing stare. The rustle of wings didn't come from the small owl wings watching the event take place, but from the angelic black wings attached to Rephaim, the ravenmocker, and Stevie Rae's consort.

If it weren't for the long fall behind him, Stevie Rae would have tackled him, instead she practically ran to him and pulled him towards her, squeezing him until she cried onto his feathered chest.

"I missed you Rephaim... Don't ever do that again..." Stevie Rae said. Even though it was muffled by his feathers, he still heard her.

"I promise Stevie Rae, I never will do that again." He said choking back his own tears.

And they stood like that, just in each other's arms, for what seemed like forever, and yet still not long enough...


He held on to the adolescent boy in his bed with a smile. He looked at his almost perfect blond hair and took in the shampoo scent from it.

Everything seemed to be perfect about him. He was perfect all around really, he was just imperfectly perfect. His small flaws were covered by his own majesty that only Damien noticed.

With an even greater smile he put his hands in his hair and fell asleep atop Jack Twist's head, dreaming of a day when he might be able to call him Mr. Maslin...


Zoey let out a small sigh and rolled over, queuing him to rub her shoulders. Even in her sleep she knew how to make him massage her.

It wasn't that Stark minded, if he was honest he actually liked to rub her shoulders, but sometimes he laughed at himself.

She really did own her guardian.

But he was fine with that... So long as he had her in his safe arms, he was okay with that...


The high council had allowed Neferet to move to England, but Thanotos thought that gave her to much freedom.

Thanotos had already talked to the headmaster and was invited to stay with the rest of the vampyres.

She had her bags packed and she was on her way to the campus. Her flight only brought her to a train station, from there she would walk to platform 9 and 3/4 before getting on a one-car-train. It would move faster with only one car and since she would be the only one on it, there would be no need for any more cars. There was no need for a conductor either, it was powered and steered by magic. She was pleased that she had time to think, but she would have been grateful to know that their was someone else steering the train.

When she got on the train, she was surprised to find a buffet lined up for her on board. Even though she had no intention of eating it, she was thankful for their hospitality...


"I think we should apologize, Ron." Harry said with a stern expression on his face.

"I don't care, it was her that over reacted," Ron replied stubbornly.

"Ron, don't be rude, she was only trying to help us, and because of us, she almost go killed by a troll," Harry replied just as stubbornly if not more so.

For a minute they just stared each other down, silently arguing, until finally Ron agreed to it...


Hagrid was an interesting fellow.

Lenobia had learned about almost every type of horse breed until now.

Hagrid had opened a new door to horses for Lenobia.

There were unicorns (unicorns!), thestrals, and many more breeds to be learned about. Lenobia wasn't just told about them, Hagrid even had some for show.

First up, thestrals, which could only be seen if you had seen death before, and of course as a teacher of fledglings she had seen death many times in her lifetime.

Hagrid told her to meet him at his house at midnight and he would show her around.

She knocked on the door three times, each time she waited before knocking again.

She was about to consider leaving when Hagrid bellowed across the field, "LENOBIA, OVER HERE!"

She smiled seeing a small horse on a rope and feeling the warmth of its welcome.

As it came closer to view, Lenobia noticed it had black wings and seem to shine in the moonlight. Hagrid had said before that the thestrals didn't have fur and their skin was like leather but it still surprised her when up close the small horse looked like a dragon in the dark.

"She's beautiful," Lenobia said rubbing the scaled muzzle of the small horse.

"She was just born, she's just a'lil' baby," Hagrid said patting her back affectionately.

"How big do they get?" Lenobia said astonished, it was already the size of a normal quarter horse.

"Well, about here," Hagrid said, lifting his hand right around his shoulder.

The same size as a Percheron...


"I this is what the goddess has chosen for you, that is where you must be," Neferet said before making him get on a plane back to Tulsa. He had the entire campus to himself and an occasional crew of cleaners. He had the trackers mark. It was his destiny.

Unfortunately his destiny messed with his plans to be a Hollywood actor.

He didn't want this, in fact he just wanted to be back at Hogwarts teaching.

On the bright side, no more Zoey.

He smiled at the thought of not having to deal with that crazy magnet...

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