Yes, shoot me. orz.

I know I shouldn't start a project before another ends. I just can't help it.
So I was browsing otome games (Yes, now you know), and I saw one called Love Letter From Thief X. And this just happens. Yeah. Damn.

But since I'm not sure myself, I don't know whether or not I will update this or just end this as a stupid one shot.

The genre is Mystery/Romance, with a little bit crime activity on top. Fine, I lied. With ALOT of Crime syrup. But nothing too bad, really. Anyway, so, I don't even know what I'm writing... and I dunno seriously. And the museum name? I know, my naming sense is worst than Kariya's.

On another note, do you guys have great (free) otome game you'd recommend? One that doesn't need japanese language pack, please. I just can't find where to download them.

Anyway, happy reading!

It was late at night at the famous museum "Plateau". There are guards everywhere, standing watch with their eyes fully open, waiting for anything that could happen that night.

You were one of the few 'young' (young being an university student) female investigator that was assigned at Plateau. You didn't have enough sleep, and frankly you felt sleepy, but due to your devotion to your work, your eyes stayed open.

Three hours had passed since you started your guarding duty, and frankly, it is NOT easy to stay awake when you barely had any sleep these days. Paperworks, and all those things really loves you, thus always coming to you, and your perfectionist trait does not help a single bit.

Suddenly, there were a gunshot sound, and glasses shattered. Your colleagues, whom (mostly) almost fell asleep, quickly straightened themselves and looked around, concentration fully laid on the painting they (and you) are supposed to protect.

The other guards were checking on the place in which the glasses broke; but you had your own agenda. Working alone was your specialty, although you've never rejected a helping hand.

You had an inkling that the thief, or should you say thieves instead, will not come in from the broken glass, but rather, a little far away from them. It is also a possibility that they are disguised, but you're not sure.

Suddenly the emegency alarm roared out loud, and the emergency sprinklers turned on by themselves as well. There were no fires; you would've noticed.

You're surprised, and you're soaked wet.

As if sprinklers weren't enough, the lights went off, by themselves, once again.

This created more chaos within the museum. Most of the guards are blindly chasing anything in sight.

This, of course, made you panic, too.

What's going to happen?

Earlier this morning, Headquarters

"We have an emergency!" You heard someone shout. Looking up, you saw your colleague. On his hand was a black envelope, adored with the strong scent of roses—it was so strong that you could smell it. It was not a normal envelope; as there is a logo of red rose, overlapping with an X on the outside.

It was Akiyama Saitou, one of your closest colleague. He has black hair and brown eyes, and to be frank, he is quite the lady killer. He's a gentleman, as well. Alot of girls had fallen in love with him, but he never accepted any one of them.

It's quite scary how he uses his popularity to gain informations, though. He is one investigator to be feared.

"What is that, Saitou-san?" You asked him. He was going to bring the envelope to your boss, you thought, but there is nothing wrong in asking, isn't there?

"Aa, (F/n)!" Saitou turned around and jogged to your desk. He seemed eager to tell you.

"...What a strong scent..." You commented.

"Yeah. (F/n), have you heard about the "Code; Kraai"?" he asked.

"Kraai... Yes. They are the thief group, are they not?" you said.

"Yes. Their trademark are this black envelope. Of course there are letters inside. It's quite interesting reading them, though not really when you realized that they are actually going to steal from you." He said as he smiled bitterly. "Wanna take a peek?"

"Is it ok?" You asked. "You haven't told the boss yet."

"It's fine. I have an inkling that you're going to get assigned to the job." Saitou answered.


"Anyway, here." He handed you the envelope. You carefully opened them, not wanting to give the slightest scratch.

Inside, there were two things.

A normal-looking folded paper, and a black card.

"...Saitou-san, this?" you asked.

"Ah, yes. Apparently, this group is... a little eccentric."

"...I see."

Then, you proceeded to open the letter.

We are Code; Kraai.
Together with this letter, we are sending you a warning.

The handwriting here are neat, and the way the writer write is really polite. It's weird, considering they are thieves. If you (No, you are NOT going to) became a thief, you wouldn't bother writing like this.

Then you moved on.

Pft, that was formal and lame.
Our leader could've done better.

...the writing style changed.

That's rude, don't say that to our Leader!
Why are we writing this anyway?

...And again.

...Weren't we writing this because Leader told us to?

This one's handwriting is pretty cool. Wait, are you supposed to go and praise thieves?

Stop it, all of you! The leader got a headache!


Oh-kay. No comment. It seems that Code; Kraai had their own problems.

"Finished, (F/n)?" Saitou asked. You nodded as you gave him back the letter. You were confused, to say the least. These people... you thought that they vaguely resemble people you know, but you just... can't quite put a finger on it.

"This card," Saitou said. "Take a look at it." You nodded and took the black card from Saitou's hand.

There were nothing but the rose logo on the card.

"Their trademark," Saitou said, "Quite charming, aren't they? Hmm, hmm!" Saitou said.

"S-Saitou-san, you said that as if you like men..." You said.

"...Men? How did you know their gender?" Saitou asked.

You quickly turned to look at him. Did you just said "Men"? You're not quite sure how you knew their genders, as well. Truth be told, the word just rushed out from your lips. It was puzzling indeed. But your feelings told you that the thieves, are, in fact, a group of men. Although it's quite possible that those are girls, it's unlikely.

But to be able to say it so confidently... How?

After pondering for a while, you gave Saitou your (vague) answer.

"I'm not sure myself, Saitou-san."

"...Aa, I see. Then, I'll go and give this to boss. He shall speak the magic word and off people go." He chuckled. You laughed with him, and he waved at you.

You continued with your work.

Flashback End

It's quite your luck to get involved with Code; Kraai.

They are famous for their stealth. Nobody knew how they could just steal something without anyone realizing.

But now you (somewhat) knew. It was because of this. The panic and chaos they created.

"Everyone! Don't panic, stay on guard!" You shouted, but you felt like slapping yourself because your voice betrayed you. They're shaky, and isn't filled with bravery you almost always shown.

Then, when you were about to move, you felt something on your back.

...A gun.

Your adrenaline rushed, and you wanted to scream, but the person would obviously shoot you if you do. And so you shut your mouth, waiting for a miracle to happen.

"Hey, (F/n)."

...who... who said that? It's... quite... a familiar voice...

"Sorry, but I can't let you see anything."

You felt a needle, and you immediately realize that it was a drug.

"You won't die." The voice said, and then paused, "But you shouldn't see."

You immediately fell asleep, so you didn't hear anything else.

But the mysterious person was saying another line, before walking away,

"We won't let anything happen to you."

Yeah, so that's that. Anyone wanna take a guess who are the members of Code; Kraai (There are 5, with different personalities)? And no, it's not Protocol Omega, it's not anyone from CS (though I might add CS character as sprinkle later). It's free with (probably) a prize. But I can't do anything beside writing OTL.

R&R? Seriously Code; Kraai... how lame. Kraai means crow in Dutch, but heck. There are going to be some surprise later, but that's for later.