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"Hey, (F/n). Today you got assigned to another job." Saitou said, giving you a cup of coffee whilst you work on your papers. You looked at him, as you sighed heavily.

"Work doesn't seem to end. I haven't even graduated yet." You said.

"Well, no joke. Even for me. Look at my desk." Saitou said, scratching the back of his head.

You turned around to see Saitou's desk, about fifteen metres away from yours. His desk, which is always clean whenever you turn around to look at it, was no longer clean. It was full of papers, datas and photos.

"And it was yesterday when I finished my papers." Saitou said, "What a harsh boss we have."

"I fully agree," you said, "So, what's my job this time?"

"I heard it's something connected with Code; Kraai, again," Saitou said, as his voice suddenly turned serious, "You've been hospitalized yesterday because of them. You might as well reject this assignment."

"...But I can't. I must unravel Code; Kraai's... mystery."

"Hoo, what's with the sudden seriousness? Hmm? Do you, by any chance, have leads as to who are the members of Code; Kraai?" He asked.

"...I might have. But I'm not sure myself. I do not dare to give false informations, thus I can't tell you now, Saitou-san."

"It's okay. Just don't let boss gets wind of this, or he might torture you just to get the information he needed," Saitou joked as he laughed.

"Haha, I'll remember your advice, Saitou-san. I'd better go and meet boss now, or else he might explode." You said, chuckling.

"Exaggerating about him is always funny." Saitou said.

"I know, right? See you later, Saitou-san!"

You walked to your boss' office, ready for his briefing.

"Finally, you are here, (L/n)." Your boss said.


"Your assignment now is to look for any leads regarding Code; Kraai. Take anything you need, however, your time is limited to a week." Your boss said.

"...That's... strange, boss."

"This was an order from the higher-ups," Your boss replied, "Apparently, they caught wind of Code; Kraai's next target, which is a corrupt governmental bigshot's house. Of course, as they needed to maintain their image, we have to do any and everything to not let that happen, while they sit their asses there without a care in the world." Your boss sounded really sarcastic and annoyed.

"I... I see." You replied, "Alright, boss. I'll do everything I can."

"I'm counting on you."


You walked out of his office after you bid your good bye.

It was lunchtime and you're really hungry. You decided to go to the cafeteria and buy something to eat.

You met with Saitou at the cafeteria. As usual, he's crowded with women and girls all around. He occasionally smiled and nodded at what they said, although you're pretty sure he's not really listening to... whatever they are talking about.

Saitou saw you, and his eyes stared into yours, clearly screaming "Help me!".

You sighed, deciding to help him, even though those women and girls will probably glare at you continuously for your nonexistant guilt of stealing Saitou away.

"Saitou-san, boss called." You said. But he knew already that you lied. He smiled as he bid his goodbye to his fans.

"I need to go now, Boss calling," he said. "See you girls around," he smiled his million yen smile.

He mouthed his "Thank you" to you as he walked outside the cafeteria, not minding that he left about half of his lunch. Running away from those bubble-babble girls are far more important than food to him, anyway.

"Saitou-san, I want to talk to you later." You whispered when he went past you.

He nodded.