I am Lightening

I am swift and merciless

I am vengeance

I cut through all in my path

I am Fire

I am strong and greedy

I am power

I burn through intentions

I am not Wind, though I should be

I am not flexible nor free

I am not benevolent

I cannot leave all worry behind me

I am Lightening

I am chained by men and promises

I am bound to the unchangeable past

I remember the short lived flames of a single strike

I am Fire

I am the power behind great intentions

I am the sentinel in the dark

I feed off the darkness for nothing else makes sense

I am not Wind

I am only a puppet for the sake of others

I am a fighter who has lost his dearest dreams

I wish I could be as sure and free as I could be

I am stubborn like Earth, though I cleave through it

I am adaptable like Water, for I survive where others fall

I am destructive like Fire, I consume all before me

I am short lived like Lightening, others give life where mine should die

I wish I was Wind for then I could follow my justice unerringly

He is Earth which jealously and stubbornly guards

He is Water which changes mercurial emotions

He is Earth the foundation when all falls away

He is Water which gives life an new hope

I wish I could be more like him for his existence proves mine