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So everyone who reviewed seemed interested in seeing where this ends up. Here is Nell's perspective. There will obviously be more to the story. I do have to wonder how authors can write one-shots. I really tried to figure that out, but I can't seem to let the story end there (even without the encouragement to continue).

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What. The. Hell. That was the only thing going through her head at that moment. Did that seriously just happen? She takes a mental note of the amount of alcohol she consumed tonight and is well aware she isn't anywhere close to drunk. As far as she recalls, he hadn't really been drinking much either. At least not that she had noticed. It took a minute to compose herself enough to walk back to the table. The rest of the team was there in various states of inebriation; question was did anyone else see what just occurred. She sure has hell wasn't going to ask. That was for damn sure.

The fire behind that kiss was the most intense she has ever felt. It made her feel like a schoolgirl who just received her first kiss from that guy she'd liked for months. Except she had never once thought of him in that manner; not even a passing thought. Sure she had been taken aback by his good looks and easy charm, but that was no surprise. His eyes were amazing and they held more secrets than anyone could even imagine. But she had never considered him in the romantic sense.

That has all gone to the wayside though now. Now she is still reeling from the most amazing kiss she has ever received and it leaves her wishing she had been less shocked when he planted it on her. She touches her lips as tries to re-capture the all too brief moment. Had she missed something along the way? Did he drop hints that she failed to pick up on that would have indicated he was interested in her?

Thinking it through, she knows he doesn't operate like that. He would have simply asked her out, except he hadn't. Instead he had walked up to her in the middle of a public venue and kissed her for all to see; including the team. It didn't appear they had noticed, but who really knew with them. Master of disguises and all, they wouldn't necessarily reveal it to her if they didn't want her to know.

It occurs to her that everyone is finishing up with their drinks and paying their tabs. Her last several minutes in her own head made her miss that fact. Heading to their respective houses to sleep off a night of team bonding and looking forward to a day off tomorrow, the team filtered into various cabs waiting outside.

As she sat in the cab waiting for it to reach its destination, she was still trying to decipher the events. Seriously, out of the blue he kissed her. Who even does that? Obviously him, but why her? She had spoke to him several times during the evening and even tried to get him out on the dance floor with her. He talked easily enough with her, but declined to dance. She had been out there dancing a couple times and he didn't interrupt. Then BAM! There he was; him and his lips.

God, those lips. She was going to go insane if she kept thinking about the intensity of that kiss. You know the whole weak in the knees thing has never happened to her and the immediate desire to intensify the kiss came a second too late as he pulled away. Then he looked at her and smiled. Geez, his smile made her knees go even weaker. Before he left, the soft sweet kiss on her forehead that should have had a calming effect just made her swoon even more. She decides she is losing it.

The cab reaches her destination and she shakes her head as she pays the driver. Thanking him as she gets out of her seat, she makes her way down the sidewalk towards her apartment. She briefly considered going to his house and asking him what exactly that was all about. She changed her mind when it dawned on her she wasn't even able to process it, so asking for more information would have risked overload.

Walking into her apartment, she placed her keys on the table by the door and deposited her body onto the couch. Reaching down to remove her shoes, she hears her phone ring from her purse. Setting her shoes on the floor beside the couch, she retrieves her phone from her purse. Figuring it is probably Kensi checking to make sure she got home alright; she doesn't even check the name on the screen as she answers the call, "Hey, I got home fine. Thanks for checking."

She hears a chuckle that most definitely does not belong to Kensi and she quickly pulls the phone away from her ear to check the name. Holy Toledo! It's him! She is pretty sure her heart stopped beating in that second and the ability to breath evenly has apparently stopped becoming an involuntary action on her body's part. Willing herself to take a breath, she listens as he speaks.

"I just wanted to say good night. I really enjoyed seeing you tonight outside work. It's always fun to relax and enjoy a free evening together." Then he pauses. Damn, like she's going to be able to actually respond! This is ridiculous; she has never had an issue communicating and has always been rather forward. Why this is so different is beyond her. Just as she finds the ability to respond, he laughs softly before speaking again, "Anyway, sleep well. I look forward to talking to you tomorrow."

Then she realizes the call has ended. For the second time tonight, she is left with no clue what the hell just happened. Did he really just call to say goodnight to her? For the love of God, what is going on? Shaking her head, she is well aware that it will be impossible for her to get a hold on this situation until she has time to clear her head. Shower and bed it is; then deal with this tomorrow. At least, put it on the agenda to figure out.