Nobody's Buisness

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Didnt Expect that, did you?!

Arilyn was hot, as she was still asleep she tossed and turned but no too much as her time in the hospital treatment still kind of pained over. Arilyn was sprawled all over the bed as she wanted to feel some air and coldness, she felt like she was in the sauna played by a prank by tala and kai. It was early in the morning as arilyn was trying to go back to sleep but wasnt working, she turned on to her body as her face was in the pillows, her blanket covered her up to her knee's and the rest well her top pulled up a bit as torso was shown but she didn't care as she closed her eyes.

Kai and Tala was downstairs with Kimmi as they was having there breakfast, Anna and Christopher was up aswell as Voltaire left early for a meeting with someone in the morning. Anna started to worry a bit for arilyn as she kept looking up the stairs, then back at the breakfast she was making for kimmi.

"Kai can you go and wake arilyn up, for your mother's sake" Christopher said as he sipped his cup, looking calmly at his wife who handed kimmi her breakfast while anna gave daggers. Kai put his cup down and looked up with a dull face.

Kai got up as he walked to arilyn door, heading up the stairs. He made it to the top of the stairs as he remembered arilyn room kai walked across the corridor, while he knocked on the door. He had no reply as he had a confused face he turned the door knob open feeling a burst of heat come at him as he had to sigh and see arilyn looking dead on the bed.

He knew that the room was too hot, for her as he rolled his eyes and walked to her window he opened the window as some cold, fresh air came into the room. Arilyn felt the fresh air come in, but did nothing as she continued to sleep she thought it was anna in the room as she, slept.

Kai looked to arilyn as he saw her sleeping face again but this one was more relaxed, carm and innocent. He smirked as he bent down to her, he looked over to arilyn as he shook her a bit, as you would expect this arilyn shrugged him off as she turned around to let, her self sleep more.

"Ari wake up!" Kai said in a loud, deep strong voice as arilyn got startled and sat up immeadiently looking around to the voice she saw kai walk out of the room as she glared at his back and got out of bed.

"Baka" Arilyn said as she kicked the sheets off her foot, and got off bed. She headed towards the bathroom to change as she refreshed her self.

Arilyn came out wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a black loose t-shirt, with a maroon hoody hanging on her waist, she put on some slippers as she done her own business in the bathroom coming out looking refreshed, and more human. Ari walked downstairs to get greeted by Kimmi as she ran up to her and reached for a hug, Ari hugged her and picked her up as she sat on her waist but then arilyn winced at the pain and having to put kimmi back down due to her pain.

"Sorry Kimmi but my body really hurts" Arilyn said as she put her hand on the injured area limping towards the kitchen were everyone else was. She noticed that this feeling was different, waking up to have someone downstairs waiting for you or worrying about you, more like a proper family.

Ari sat down on one of the high chairs, as she got herself a cup of water and some cereal as anna laid it out for her. Ari tried to move but felt too sore, she just got a straw and put in her cup and sucked out of that, as anna giggled at ari and just helped out.

"How are you feeling?" Anna asked as ari sat up wincing a bit but then pick kimmi up on her lap.

"Numb and Sore" Arilyn said as she looked completely shattered, until she noticed tala eyes widen and point at her, at some area.

"Ari your bleeding" Tala said as ari remembered it wasnt her period but it was something else, ari stood up and lifted her top as her stomach was only visible as anna shooed tala and kai out shutting the door getting the first aid kit.

"Ari you need to sleep and rest and don't move to much too, because you are still weak and tired and you're not going school, after i tell this to the school, they have to let you off or im going to get on them" Anna said as she got some antiseptic and placed it on the cut, were it came from as anna thanked god that it wasnt her stitch.

Even though anna was a little surprised to only she bruises but no stitches or scars on her, anna dried up with some cotton wool and dabbed it ever so lightly on as ari hissed to it, keeping the pain and moan in. Until Anna was done arilyn got up feeling a little cleaner and being able to move a little more than before. Ari walked through the doors as she opened then up again. Tala and Kai saw her boredly walk up the stairs like she's been cursed or was in misery.

"Whats up with her?" Tala said as he raised a eye-brow at the back of arilyn as she was too busy trying to not slip on the stairs.

"Mommy told her to rest and she can't go school because of this" Kimmi said as kai opened his eyes to see the direction ari went in, as he saw her go into her own room without hesitation, she looked like she was going to be bored out of her mind as kai thought of something.

He got his phone out as he searched his contact's, he looked through it looking for that one person name, it was driz and his other 2 mates, as kai thought it would be alright to bring some friends over for arilyn. He knew that ari couldn't do much since her last injuries and what she's been through kai is still amazed at that, if he was tortured like that he would have gave up.

"Tala tell akin to bring am here with driz for ari" Kai said as tala saluted and went onto his phone being totally focused, on that. Kai looked at arilyn door and then back at kimmi, he was totally lost at how arilyn relationship with his little sister was. 'The two are so close, and kimmi opened up so much then before' Kai thought as he went back to his own thoughts.

"Kimmi were having friends over for arilyn so be good" Kai said as he crouched down to her, he rustled her hair as he stood back up heading towards the tv.

Arilyn walked to the bathroom as her vision was becoming more blurry, she felt weaker by the second as she held on to the edge of the bathroom sink as if that was her only support, arilyn head felt lighter as she didn't have the energy to call someone, soon she blacked out but then trying to support herself into staying awake.

'Wh-Whats h-h-happening?' Arilyn stuttered out in her mind as she felt onto her knee's feeling blood everywhere she touched, she couldn't get anything out of her mouth as she noticed a pile of blood that started to form below her as she pushed her arms up to give her support, tears was coming out of her eyes one after other like a stream. Ari arms went numb as she tried her best to keep herself up but it was no use.

Ari fell to the floor as she tried to get up many times but it wasnt helping anything but make her weak, she fell on the floor as her chest made contact to the bloody floor below her, arilyn head rested on the floor as, her eyes was automatically closing.

Kai was getting a little suspicious about ari he walked up the stairs but then thought she was getting some sleep so he walked away with kimmi back down the stairs but then have this urging feeling. 'Leave it Kai! Remember what happened last time when i woke her up!' Kai lectured himself in thought as he sat on the couch doing his normal pose, were he would close his eyes, fold his arms and put his right ankle on his left knee and sit like that.

"Kai there here" Tala said as he shouted from the hall way, kai remained in his place as its been only a few minutes and they came here quick as they could. Kimmi sat down by the piano trying to play the signets of the piano. Kai had to admit she was a bit like arilyn. Am and Akin came along with Driz walking in to see arilyn as they had some gifts with them for her.

Akin and Am walked upstairs into arilyn room, to give her a surprise or was that going to be the other way round. Akin and Am walked into her bedroom to see her in her bed, as akin and am smiled at each other, they sat on the bed lightly shaking arilyn up.

"Ari wake up!" Am said as ari eyes fluttered a little to open, she smiled as she had the clear view of am and akin as the two smiled back helping her sit up.

Kai and Tala walked in with driz and kimmi as kimmi settled herself on the bed with ari. Kai sighed as he thanked god for nothing too serious happen to ariyln while she was up here.

"Hey guys what time is it?" Ari asked as she yawned stretched her arm a little but her yawn was more like a sigh. "It's around 4 to 5, you ok bab" Am asked as she sat down next to ari rubbing her back as ari winced a little but then eventually got used to it.

"What are you guys doing round here?" Ari asked as she leaned back still sitting up, but looking at every one of them, as she was a little confused.

"Well we got a call and you was bored, so we came" Akin said as ari nodded looking at tala and kai by the door just watching as driz was behind akin, with arms on her shoulder by him.

"Arrw Thanks" Ari said as she received some flowers and chocolates, she looked a little sad-looking at how hard the chocolate was, everyone was confused at why she looked sad at the chocolates, she had an idea as she then let kimmi eat as she told driz to ask anna to put the flowers in a pot.

"Sorry guys im giving the chocolate to Kimmi because i cant chew solids there too hard for my jaw to bite" Ari explained as am given a glare at akin as driz sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Oopsy" Was all akin said as she chuckled ari smiled at the two, as they was still the same as ever, exactly how ari remembered them 3 along with kai and tala they knew each other since they was in kindergarden at kids, ari was with anna as she gave birth to kimmi, ari been through every step with kimmi being a big sister she never had.

"Come lets go downstairs and watch a movie" Driz suggested as everyone nodded, ari looked everyone like 'what the fuck injured person here?!' Akin and Am laughed as kimmi did a confused face at ari, as ari pulled the sheets off, with akin help of course.

Ari turned her body around, getting up with out a struggle as if nothing happened to her. Everyone was a little worried but shocked at ari strength, ari turned around to see a running kimmi jump at her, ari smiled as she bent down to pick her up, ari picked kimmi up and placed her on her right hip letting her settle there.

"Kai i thought she was numb?" Tala whispered to kai as kai looked at him with the same expression but then turn into a stern one.

"Well now, she isn't is she?" Kai questioned as he halted seeing ari stop at the top of the stair case looking a little pale or frozen, kimmi waved her hand in front of ari face as her eyes blinked again.

Ari walked down the stairs but keeping a firm grip on to the railing, as she walked down, holding kimmi a little tighter than before. Ari sighed as soon as she got to the bottom, cause while she was going down her head was feeling a little light-headed and her vision went blurrier.

"Come on" Ari said as everyone sat down, it was kimmi on ari lap, with kai on her left then tala, with akin and am on another sofa but sitting together on the right to ari as driz was opposite on the left nearer to tala.

The movie wasnt much but, it has to be decent for kimmi to watch too so they watched Ice Age 4 which wasnt much but the latest so far, Anna went to pick up Voltaire and Christopher up from work as the teens and kid was left home alone. Kimmi moved closer to ari nearer to her ear as ari noticied and moved forward to let her back.

"Ari can you teach me the piano?" Kimmi asked as ari knew she was bored watching the movie, with the amount of times she's been yawning ari smiled and nodded she got up and picked kimmi but kimmi held ari right hand and walked to the music room.

Everyone looked confused and watched then leave, the 5 teens looked at each as kai noticed and stood up.

"I'll go" Kai said as he folded his arms and followed behind, kimmi and ari as he noticed kimmi was taking ari to the music room were the grand ivory piano was.

He watched his little sister drag Ari to the seat and sat her down as she placed herself next to ari, kimmi looked excited and happy in his eyes never have he seen this, 'Why was she so interested into playing the piano? But With Arilyn?'


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