I just wanted to say to all the readers, or to the people who actually read this story.

Grammar sucks I know. The way the, story is written is Terrible I know. If I know the story is terrible well let me, tell you this. I never got the chance to edit, or update this as I'm on a writer's block with the, story.

At that time I wasn't the best typer or, at my english I had a habit of writing american meanings instead of the english one's.

But being on Fan fiction did actually, improved my writing and typing skills. Me reading, negative comments are like reading positive comments, to see other people perspective and opinions. So that's a real, help.

With my new stories on the go I've improved but sorry again, if you really liked this story and wanted me to continue.

I won't be deleting this story so yay. However, I am going to keep it incase you like re-reading.