Chapter 2: Reverse Demon Baby

The Vongola men sat in their circle much like they did previously, when the children were just wee babies. The mood wasn't as dreary or creepy as before and, though this was the one hundredth and twenty-seventh 'Circle meeting', since the first, this was the second that was actually worth mentioning.

Whilst before they just complained about poopy diapers and screaming infants now they had serious concerns about what the heck was going on. You see, all the children have now learned to crawl, in other words;

The. Hellions. Are. Mobile.

And most of the kiddo's personality could shine through to them now, which should have been really no cause for concern, considering the mafia history books practically screamed at the near identical personality traits the fathers and sons shared. But…really, they should have known better.

Especially were Gokudera was involved, which he demonstrated by typically acting like a diva with flailing arms and dramatic pointing at his son, G, who was cuddling with (at this very moment) Baseball idiots son, Asari.

And to pile more dung on to everyone's crap pile of confusion, it was not G, but Asari who lifted his head up to give a death glare to Gokudera for making all the un-wanted racket. At the chilling look, Gokudera seemed to be stabbed by an invisible icicle and right through the heart mind you, before collapsing on the ground, twitching.

Knuckle who was sitting in contemplation just moments before, pointed at Gokudera, and started laughing in the only way babies are known to laugh, by giggling cutely. But alas, everyone knew that if he wasn't a baby, but perhaps an older child or an adult, the room would be filled with mocking laughter. In short…the cute giggling reassured no one.

Hibari's cold eyes swept around the room, assessing the situation before looking down to the thing shaking pitifully in his lap, he sighed looking back up to the ceiling and ignoring everybody and everything.

Tsuna sat there pondering everything, trying to think of when everything started to go wrong. He supposed Daemon was the first one that started acting strange.


One week ago.


Mukuro woke up in the morning feeling refreshed. Which was odd, at least for him, to get a whole night's sleep and to wake up in the morning feeling…rested. It was truly a novelty, and something that always put him in a good mood.

So, naturally, it seemed like a perfectly good day to teach his son how to harness his mist flames. It was a long shot, really. But Daemon was the first out of all the children to crawl…so maybe…just maybe a mist flame miracle would happen.

Mukuro almost puked at his optimism.

"How's my little Demon?" Mukuro crooned while peaking a look inside his sons crib. A pile of quilts and blankets met him. He quirked a smile and whispered something that sounded suspiciously like 'Chrome' under his breath fondly. Reaching down he started digging through the blankets to find his buried son, he exclaimed, "Success!" when his cold hands found a babies foot.

The baby of said foot let out a shriek at the sudden cold intrusion of his warm foot, before whining in unintelligible babble when all the blankets where taken off of him. Mukuro smirked before picking him up swiftly causing the baby to let out a whoop? of excitement before giggling and kicking his legs and trying to go higher. Mukuro slowly lifted an eyebrow at the squirming baby, how odd;

"My, my," he said in wonder, "aren't we excited to today?" he jumped when Daemon shrieked in reply, before giggling profusely. Mukuro was starting to wonder why he was getting a sudden uncomfortable feeling in his gut. He tried to ignore it.

"Your probly just very excited because Daddy is going to teach you how to spill the blood of the innocent and how to torment your frenemies and get away with it, right?" He couldn't have been more wrong.

Daemon stopped in his merriment to turn and stare at his father. It was a hard serious stare the made Mukuro feel…..guilty. There is a first for everything apparently. Then baby Daemon closed his eyes and started to shake his little head in disappointment. Mukuro stared on in horror, feeling everything spiral out of his control.

"Maybe…daddy can…read you…..a….. story?" Mukuro said hesitantly making the end sound like a question in his confusion. He jumped again when Daemon shrieked in merriment kicking his legs and narrowly missing Mukuro's discolored eye. He laughed nervously and held Daemon at arm's length, making a beeline for the nursery.

When he got there he sat Daemon on the floor in front of the book case and started looking through all the books before pulling out an illustrated book about Dracula. He showed the front cover to Daemon, a hopeful smile on his face. Daemon stared blankly at it before he shook his head, and Mukuro practically whimpered before throwing the book behind him and turning to search the shelf in increasing panic.

He pulled out a colorful Gothic and bloody version of the Little Red Riding hood.

Daemon shook his head.

It joined Dracula behind them.

He pulled out a children's version of Edgar Alan Poe's poems.

Daemon paused, and studied it a little, before recognizing blood on the cover before shaking his head.

It joined the ever increasingly pile behind them.

It was a vicious cycle of showing, then shaking and, finally tossing. A grumpy line started to form in between Daemons eyebrows, getting deeper and deeper with each book Mukuro showed him. His two tiny hands flew up in frustration when Mukuro showed him Pride and Prejudice: Zombie Version.

"Mah!" Daemon's tiny voice rang out, making Mukuro jump and drop the book in his hands. Daemon put both his hands forward and pushed himself up so he could crawl closer to the book case. After a lot of huffing and puffing little Daemon got a book to fall off the book case and land in-between them. All the color drained from Mukuro's face at the sight of the black book.

The Holy Bible

He laughed nervously, "Why would you need this?"

Daemon pointed to himself and shook his head, then pointed at Mukuro and nodded his head.

If any maids or butlers thought they saw Mukuro rocking back and forth and weeping while reading the Bible to his son, they didn't say anything. It was probly a practical joke anyway.

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