Chapter 3: Not the Lollies!


Still the week before the (second) Circle Meeting


After Mukuro's pain and suffering, it only got worse for everyone else at the Vongola mansion. At least for the guardians of the family, everyone else found it increasingly funny as each day went by.

After the 'Bible Incident' the other fathers took to watching their children like hawks, and looking for anything that looked suspicious. The rest of the 'Bible Incident Day' was relatively peaceful, aside from Mukuro stalking the halls like a mad man and demanding to every maid and butler he came upon, that all 'holy books' needed to be burned.

After awhile he conceded to just hiding them away since he was getting to many offended looks and his cheek was getting red from all the maids who kept slapping him. But alas, we are getting off topic.

It was the next day however, when another baby did a personality, one-eighty and another guardian's will snapped.




Lambo was adjusting nicely.

He was learning the ropes to this baby business. It took him awhile to figure it out, but when he did, he had many peaceful nights. It started with him thinking;

'Lampo is supposed to be like me, right? So if I was an annoying little baby…what would I want?'

It was so simple. It was as easy as taking candy from a baby; only not, because he was giving candy to the baby. After this light bulb inspiration, he was starting to actually enjoy being a father.

And honestly, it felt nice.

After waking in the morning he would change a fussy Lampo's diaper, dress him for the day, give him his breakfast, and then give him a strawberry flavored sucker, set him on his lap and finally napping with a perfectly content baby on his chest, both sucking on their respective candy.

He would then nap with his son, till I-pin came and took Lampo off his hands. Then he would go perform some of his guardian duties, come back, and repeat the process, before going to bed.

But really, Lambo should have known his luck wouldn't last for much longer.

He was leaning against the sofa with baby Lampo in his lap, while they both were eating their own candy. He hadn't drifted off to the blissfulness that was sleep just yet, and for the moment he was content in just watching Lampo who was a little more fidgety than usual. He took out his grape candy, making a slight popping noise, which made Lampo slowly look up at his father.

The duo sat and stared at each other, blinking slowly. It seemed even more of a snail pace that Lampo lifted his little hand grabbed his candy and pulled it out of his toothless mouth. They both sat with candy in their hands looking at each other. Lambo smiled at their similar positions.

"Are you trying to be just like daddy?" he said, smiling at the little Lampo who was now staring down at his candy curiously. Lambo's smile fell slightly when Lampo looked back up with a sly expression on his face that made Lambo start to sweat.

Lambo blinked, and he heard a cracking noise to his left, so he swung his head around to look at the wall where the sound originated.

Lambo stared blinking rapidly.

There was a little tiny white stick poking out of the wall and on closer inspection you could see a little sliver of pink. Lambo's faced quickly turned shocked as he slowly turned his head at horror movie pace to stare at Lampo who was now…lollipop…missing.

All thought stopped as he stared down at…Lampo? The baby looked innocently down to his hands and, after find them empty, reached to take daddies candy. As he reached for the candy his lip curled to reveal his toothless gums. Lambo almost wet himself.

Were babies capable of sneering?




Tsunayoshi clapped his hands together once in accomplishment. It was such a rarity that he finished all his paper work so early in the day. He could spend the day investigating!

He wanted to run some tests on Daemon, because well…..(For everyone's sanity, a crying Mukuro was a problem nobody wanted to deal with) . He would do nothing to hurt the boy, but he felt as if they were missing something big. A VERY big something his intuition never picked up on.

Giotto was acting fine. He was just a relaxed, cheerful baby and Tsuna hoped it never changed. His thoughts came to a halt when there was a long drawn out wail coming from Lambo's quarters.

And it wasn't a baby's wail.

Tsuna's eyebrows scrunched in concern. Not that a Lambo freak out was any cause of a panic but he was kind of put off at the fact that none of the butlers or maids he was walking by made any indication they heard anything at all. Was he seriously still the only one qualified and willingly able to calm a 'Lambo panic attack' down?

He groaned out load before switching his course towards Lambo's rooms. When he got there he swung the doors open;

"Lambo? Is everything all-"

Tsunayoshi stopped and stared blinking rapidly.

Lambo was kneeling on the ground in front of the couch cushions which held a baby Lampo. Lambo was holding open a candy bag filled with lollypops. Tsuna watched in a trance like horror induced fascination as baby Lampo reached inside the bag pulled out a lolly and proceeded to delicately peel off the wrapper. There was a slight blur around Lampo's little hands followed by a low popping noise.

Then the lolly was gone. Tsuna blinked again before rubbing his eyes and looking at the wall opposite them. A collection of white sticks where jutting out of the wall, it was sickening to look at as it reminded Tsuna of acupuncture. Looking at Lambo who had tear streaks down his face and still holding the open bag to Lampo, who had a look of wicked pleasure on his tiny face, Tsuna did the only thing he could possibly think of that could help this situation;

He turned around and walked out.

He shut the door quietly behind him. His face was serious and contemplative aka his Mafia boss face was on full force. Whoever dared mess with him now would seriously…heck, screw it;

"REBORN!" Tsuna screeched his tone high and girly, complete with flailing arms. His yell however was drowned out by another voice on the other side of the mansion. It echoed through the halls and Tsuna suppressed a shiver. Somehow Hibari could volumize his voice without having to actually resort to shouting. It was unnatural and scary, and just as the purpose served; everyone could hear his spoken wrath;

"How dare you be a herbivore!"

Tsuna's knees buckled and he crumbled to the ground in shock. When has Hibari ever cared if someone was a useless herbivore or not? Wasn't everybody one...Unless…

"What's happening to our children!?" Tsuna whimpered.

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