Title of story: Lies and Love

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Gray is a popular international actor who has lost his heart 5 years ago. Lucy is a single mother who loves the children she gave birth to 5 years ago. Gray meets 2 children who looks exactly like him and were born 5 years ago. So what really happened 5 years ago? Two people know: Lucy, but not Gray.


Gray x Lucy

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Chapter 1

Chapter One: "Two Worlds"

"Okay! And…CUT!" the director shouted, his voice filled with glee. "That's a wrap everyone!"

Hearing that, everyone around him cheered and erupted in conversation.

"Finally! After seven months of shooting!" one of the men holding a very large video camera said, grinning at his colleagues.

"I can't wait to get home and see my kids," said the woman who had large headphones now settled around her neck.

Everyone around were excited, they were finally done with filming. Now they can go home to their families. After spending exactly seven months, two weeks, and four days on location in Pergrande Kingdom, they can finally go home. Of course, they all admit the place was beautiful, but it would've been a better place for a vacation with loved ones rather than a place for shooting a movie.

But there was one person, however, who was as indifferent to the city as he was to the conclusion of the shoot.

"Oy, Gray! Good work!" some of the crew called out after the retreating back of the star.

"Thank you everyone!" called back a woman before following the indifferent actor out of the set.

Lines of trailers were set outside on one of the large streets of the lovely city of . Many people gathered time and again to catch glimpses of their favorite actors and actresses as they went in and out of their own trailers each day for a while now.

The woman shut the trailer door behind her that had a large golden star on it with a name imprinted on top, labeling: 'Gray Fullbuster'. Peering through the tinted window, she saw the downcast face of a few young ladies who had been ignored by the celebrity. "You know, you could try to be a bit friendlier, for publicity's sake," she suggested.

"I'm not in the mood," Gray replied flatly, as he dropped himself onto the large sofa tiredly.

She merely grinned at him as he said this. "Great job today by the way, now we can finally catch a break to see the city!" she said ecstatically.

"Mmm…" he replied nonchalantly with his eyes closed.

Shaking her head, she let out a long sigh.

"You really sh-"

Whatever she was going to say, she was cut off by the ringing of her cell phone.

"Yes, this is Juvia…Yes…At y-…Okay…Sure…We'll be right there soon."

"Who was that?" Gray asked, an eye half opened looking at his agent.

"Jellal-san, he says he has to leave from the town in an hour, he wants to see us before he goes."

Jellal Fernandez was a Fiore producer to Gray's current film and one of the few people he trusted, besides his agent, Juvia Lockser.

"C'mon, let's go," Juvia said, pulling him to his feet. "It won't take long, I already met up with him before. He didn't tell me much, only he said that it's good news."

Reluctantly, Gray got up and followed her out of his trailer.


"Of course, I'm sure he'll be willing," Jellal replied into his cell. "Okay…yeah…Ja"

"What is this all about Jellal-san?" Juvia asked, getting excited.

Jellal was after all, responsible for Gray's first big break in show business and he's been a producer to all of Gray's movies ever since. He's also always recommending Gray and endorsing his skills as an actor to all his connections in the business, which in result often gives Gray chances to film internationally.

After pocketing his cell, the older man turned to two of his favorite people, one was a highly praised and one of the best female agents to date, and the other, one of the most popular and highly paid actors in the business.

"It's good news for you Gray!" he announced with a grin.

"So I heard," he said in a bored tone.

He eyed Gray curiously as he always had. His relationship with the actor was always good, they respected each other and at this point, he even considers him as like a younger brother to him which goes the same for Gray who treated him like an older brother. But regardless of the closeness of their relationship, this is one thing that he still doesn't understand, and it's his lack of passion for acting. He clearly remembers Gray years back when he was a just a budding actor, his talents were as good as they were today although not so polished. But he had passion when he acted, he actually saw fire in his eyes and that he was clearly enjoying what he was doing.

Now, however, was a different story. He lacked passion and he could literally see a barricade in his eyes. There was no fire, instead there was ice, and it was as cold as ever for the past five years. As his producer, he didn't care as long as he did well where his job in acting was concerned, and he did. As his friend and surrogate-brother, he couldn't bear seeing him like this, he can clearly tell that he wasn't at all contented with anything he does.

"I promised a friend you'd star in his new upcoming film!"

Juvia literally had stars in her eyes as he said this, a grin spreading across her lovely face. "Oh that's wonderful Jellal-san!" she exclaimed excitedly.

Nodding in agreement, Jellal turned back to Gray. "You have nothing important planned don't you? Can you do this?"

All of the films he recommended for him were always good for his reputation as an actor and he had nothing better to do with his life other than work anyway. "No," he replied to his first question, "Yeah sure, I'll do it," he answered to his second.

"Very good! You don't have a choice anyway, I already gave my word."

Gray raised a brow at him. "Then why bother asking me if I can do it?"

"I just wanted to know that you're actually willing to do it."

"So when does filming begin? And where do we fly out to next?" Juvia interrupted, now imagining places like the Caribbean or Greece. All of Jella's recommended projects always ended them up at the most wonderful of places.

"Hargeon, Fiore," he answered casually.


Jellal looked at the pair as they both repeated the word as if it were a curse.

"What's with Fiore?"

Juvia looked over at Gray who was looking at the wall, an ice cold glare spread across his face.

"Bad memories," he hissed.

Jellal saw the fire in his eyes as he said this. It wasn't the fire he was hoping he'll get back but it was fire nonetheless. And he hadn't seen him look this emotional over anything for years now, albeit the emotion seemed to be of pure distaste and hatred.

"A-Are you sure filming is already set for Fiore?" Juvia asked, sounding hopeful that he'd answer otherwise.

"Yes, I've read the script myself. It's really good actually, and the entire thing's set in Fiore. My friend asked me if I knew more popular actors who were fluent in Japanese, and of course, I recommended the first person that came to mind," he said with a glance at Gray. "After all, I did discover Gray when I was in Fiore almost six years ago."

At the mention of this, Gray's face hardened. "I'm not doing it."

"Why not?" Jellal asked, perplexed at his sudden change of mind.

"I just won't," he said in a final tone before walking out of the room.

"I'm sorry Jellal-san," Juvia said apologetically. "But Gray won't go back to Fiore."


"Hey there! Is your mom home?"

With that said, the door slammed to a close in front of the man's face.

Smirking, he turned to the person beside him who held exactly the same expression and face as he had.

"Boys! Who's at the door?" a woman's voice called out from the kitchen.

"Just a salesman mom!" the twins called back, grinning to themselves.

The doorbell rang again.

"That must be some persistent salesman," she said, peeking at the twins by the doorway.

The doorbell rang yet again.

Shaking her head, with a frown on her face, she walked towards the front door herself. "Look, we don't want-"

"Are you sure?" said a voice from behind a bouquet of flowers.

"Oh! Loke, it's you!" she said with a grin before taking the bouquet.

"Don't look too surprised Lucy, we're going out this evening, remember?" the man said, a smile on his face.

"Of course I remember, come in, come in," Lucy said, ushering him inside the house before sending a knowing look to the twins who were now frowning at each other. "I just have to leave Mira a few instructions, then we can leave."

"No problem, take your time," he said, grinning at her.

"Where are you taking mom?"

Loke looked down and smiled at the twins.

"Oh hi there! So you must be the twins Lucy keeps talking so much about. I'm Lo-"

"You didn't answer our question," said one of the twins, cutting him off.

A smile still present on his face, Loke gave them an apologetic look. "I'm sorry about that. Your mother and I are going to the movies."

"What movie are you watching?" they inquired at the same time.

"Well, it's not exactly the sort of movie 5 year olds should know about," he answered.

With that said, the twins turned to the other.

"Ehhh…do you remember that last movie mom watched with that guy? What's his name, hmm…Hibiki?" he asked, as if speaking only to his twin.

"Yeah, mom was so freaked out by that movie. She went crazy when she got home, I thought she'd do to him the same thing she did to our father," the other twin replied, also sounding as if it were only them at present.

"What did she do to your father?" Loke who can't help himself, asked, a frown now upon his features.

The twins turned to him simultaneously. "She murdered him."

Although he doubted if it was true, Loke still visibly paled at hearing the words come out of their lips.

"See that photograph over there?" one of the twins said, pointing to the frame being hung on the wall just behind Loke. "That's him, that's our father."

"And mom hangs that picture right there, because on the spot you're standing on right now, is the place where he died," the other twin added looking solemn.

"That was such a sad day," said the other twin.

The twin to the left nodded in agreement at this. "I know, we couldn't even mourn well because the police kept coming here day after day always asking about what really happened."

"But of course, they never found out," said the twin on the right, looking at Loke. "Because we helped mom cover it up."

"Yes, we even hid the weapon she used to murder him…"

"…to make sure she won't get caught."

"Actually, mom still uses the weapon from time to time when the wrong guys come into this house."

"We even have it with us right now…"

"…here it is." One of the twins then pulled a hand gun from the back of his pants and held it up to Loke who looked like he was about to faint.

The older man's eyes bulged as he stared at the weapon on the child's hands with dripping blood on the handle.

"Please tell your m-mom I'll call her. I forgot I had an emergency…thing to go to," he managed to say in a voice that sounded more like a squeak before he practically ran out the door.

The twins looked at each other with grins spread across their faces.

"Eh? Where's Loke?"

"He left!" they replied to their mother who had just come back, trying to hide the delight in their voices.

"Huh? Did he say anything?" she asked, looking at her boys suspiciously.

"Yes, he says that he'll call you…"

"…because he forgot that he has an emergency thing to go to."

Lucy sighed, Loke is officially the third guy who had one-way-or-another ditched her. Only this was the worst out of the rest of the other men she had dated, because this time, she didn't even get to start the first date yet and already he'd run off like the rest of them.

And somehow, she had a feeling that the reason behind all these guys from suddenly disappearing without another word to her, was because of the two twin boys who were the most mischievous kids she knew.

"You guys want some ice cream?" she asked, getting full blown smiles from them at the mention of the treat.

"Yes please!" they shouted before hugging her, a leg each.

But even if they were the reason why men avoided her, she wouldn't mind, they were the only men she was genuinely interested in. Her little men, Grey and Grayson."Eh? How did this frame get so crooked?" Lucy wondered aloud, seeing the frame so lopsided. It couldn't have been the boys, their current height barely even reached pass her knees.

"The man was looking at it earlier…"

"…we saw him touch it because he was curious who it was."

The twins then snickered to themselves as the image of Loke hitting the wall with the photo due to his fear of their toy gun, ran through their minds.

Lucy looked at the man on the photo who was about the age of 30 when it was taken. "I really do miss him," she said fondly, before straightening the frame.

"We miss grandfather too!" Grey and Grayson declared.

With one look at the picture of Jude Heartfilia, Lucy lead the twins into the kitchen.

"Grey, why do you have a large ketchup stain at the back of your pants?"


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