Title of story: Lies and Love

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Gray is a popular international actor who has lost his heart 5 years ago. Lucy is a single mother who loves the children she gave birth to 5 years ago. Gray meets 2 children who looks exactly like him and were born 5 years ago. So what really happened 5 years ago? Two people know: Lucy, but not Gray.


Gray x Lucy

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Chapter 20

Epilogue: "Forever With You"

Layla silently crept up the stairs with Grey and Grayson silently following her.

"Layla, I really think we should just be waiting downstairs!" Grey yelled in a whisper.

"Yeah, dad said he'd be right down," Grayson added, looking back down the stairs worriedly.

"But he also said he's be down thirty minutes ago," Layla countered as she continued her way until she reached the second floor landing.

Everything was silent in the floor except for a little scuffle in one of the rooms.

"Daddy?" she called out before making her way to the only room whose door was slightly ajar.

No answer.

"Daddy? Are you there?" she called out again.

"I told you, I don't have it with me!"

The triplets stopped dead in their tracks, hearing the desperation in their father's voice.

"Just leave us alone!"


Gray looked at the man in front of him with a stony expression. "Just leave us alone!"

"Don't lie!" the man yelled before swinging his fist to his stomach. -Uwahh? What's going on? TT-TT-

Gray fell to the floor in a heap; his face in agony.

The man walked closer towards him before kicking him in the stomach, rolling him over to face him.

"Next time, I-"

"Leave him alone!" three voices suddenly shouted.

The man had only just turned to the door to see the newcomers before he was sent falling to the floor with small fists hitting him in the chest and two pairs of arms holding him down by the knees.

"Leave daddy alone you!" Layla screamed as she continuously hit the man with weak and tiny punches. -Kawaii!-

"Yeah, what did our dad ever do to you?" Grayson added, not letting go of his left leg.

"Yeah! What do you think you're doing mister?" Grey said, holding on to his right leg.

"CUT!" someone shouted behind them.

The triplets stopped immediately and turned to look behind them. Around seven more people were in the room, a man sitting on a high chair, another holding on to a large camera beside him, two men holding on to large lighting equipment, another man holding another large camera in the far corner of the room, and two women, one holding a clipboard, the other with a set of headphones dangling around her neck. All of whom were staring at them in obvious surprise.

Everyone was still. Though the director shouted a clear cut to the filming, the cameramen were still rolling and the rest of the crew was still in a state of shock.

"Layla, Grey, Grayson," a voice said from above the kids who were still holding the supposedly evil man down on the floor.

The triplets stiffened before looking up at their father who had his arms crossed in front of his chest. They smiled awkwardly up at him.

"H-Hi dad!" they greeted, the guilt apparent in their voices.


"I'm sorry again Master," Syaoran said with a guilty grin. Makarov is an extremely short, elderly man. He has black eyes and is growing bald with only the outer rims of his head containing white hair. He also has a thick white mustache. FYI, he loves to be called "Master."

The man laughed before slapping Gray in the back lightly. "Not a problem Gray! That did catch me off guard though. I have to admit, it's not every day you get three kids to come and wrestle you to the ground like that. I was practically ambushed!"

Gray laughed along with the rest of the crew as they made their way down the wide set of stairs a few minutes after the triplet's timely arrival.

"Your kids are so adorable Gray!" the woman with the clipboard gushed from behind him.

"Adorable yes, but mischievous as hell," he countered, making all of them laugh again. "This is the first time I brought them along on location. They've visited me on set in studios and warehouses before but I guess being in the actual place made them think it was real."

Gray landed on the ground floor and immediately spotted the kids by the snack table, taking to a few of the crew men.

"Having fun?" he asked, making the three turn to him with their mouths full of various fruits. "Make sure your clothes don't get dirty or else your mother will kill me," he said, making them nod and try to swallow down the food. "Actually, Mira will kill me first if she finds out too," he added, making them grin.

"You know you're late?" Layla said with a pout making Gray grin at her in apology.

"Yeah, mom's gonna be mad," Grey said.

Grayson didn't say anything, instead clicked his tongue similar to that of what their nanny does when she disapproves of something.

Gray raised a brow at them. "Well, I would've finished much sooner if three little kids didn't interrupt with filming earlier," he pointed out casually.

The triplets looked at each other for awhile before looking up at him with determined looks on their faces.

"We tell mom that it was the director who got us late," the three of them said simultaneously with an arm each raised up at him.

Gray laughed out loud before nodding and shaking each of their hands. "Deal."

The triplets grinned at him.

"Okay, okay. C'mon let's go, before we end up even more late than we already are."


Lucy turned to the door as it opened.

"It's time for you to go on Lucy," the man informed.


"And I was told that they've just arrived and are now seated up front," he added with a smile.

Lucy sighed in relief. "About time," she muttered under her breath. "What the hell is that man thinking? He's cutting it a bit too close," she ranted, thinking of Gray, before standing up and removing her robe with shaking fingers.

"Oh, you look fantastic Lucy!" Mira gushed, making Lucy's prep team nod in approval behind her.

"Are you sure it's not too…I dunno, over the top?" she asked.

"Over the top? Other celebrities way older that you have dressed in skimpier clothes than that!" Lucy's hairdresser said in defense for her.

Lucy smiled at them and breathed out slowly. "Wish me luck!" she told them before leaving her dressing room.

"Good luck Lucy!"

"Yeah, knock 'em dead!" added Mira excitedly.


"Jellal! Erza!" Gray greeted loudly, shaking the man and his wife's hands before he took his seat with the triplets between him and Elfman at the very front row of the stadium, just below the stage.

"Gray! About time you got here!" Erza Fernandes, Jellal's wife, shouted back over all the noise the crowd was already making.

"I got held up with shooting," he replied before pointing back inconspicuously at his kids.

The pair laughed and nodded in understanding before all the lights went out and the entire crowd behind them screamed wildly.

Gray turned to the kids to see if they were okay but to his horror and utter amusement, the three of them were also screaming their lungs off and were bouncing on their seats.

Layla, who hasn't gone to the hospital or had met with any doctor- with the exception of Natsu's frequent but casual visits -since that day he and Lucy had argued after Juvia's tactless comment, was the one screaming the sharpest and loudest amongst the three, and she showed no signs of stopping anytime soon either.

As for Juvia, she's walking around town with no job. After Gray's interview with Cana Alberona, half of the world who stay tuned on Gray knows better not to accept Juvia Lockser to their company and that also goes for Lucy's fans now. I mean seriously, who would want a manipulating bitch like her to work with you on your company. Well, lets just say not only "official companies" won't accept her, but even the minor jobs. Hohoho. Her nice condo on the outskirt of Hargeon, gone. Absolutely not one, nada, zero would accept her.

Gray laughed aloud before he and Elfman forced them back to sit properly.

"There's my girl!" Jellal shouted unthinkingly, making Erza nudge him in the side. "You know what I mean babe!" he reasoned with a chuckle before clapping loudly as the underground platform that had taken Lucy up to the middle of the stage, stopped.

Gray gaped at her.

"How are we doing tonight FIORE!" she shouted before slowly walking over towards the front of the stage, waving at her audience with a bright smile.

"It's hard to believe this is her first live performance!" Jellal shouted at Gray over the ceaseless screaming.

"You must be very proud Gray!" Erza shouted as well, watching Lucy with great fondness. It was hard to imagine that this was the same sweet and simple girl she had accidentally met some long time ago along with her just as sweet daughter in the hotel lobby.

Gray closed his mouth and nodded mutely but continued to stare at Lucy with wide eyes.

This was the first time Gray had ever seen Lucy dress in something like that. The fabric of her outfit was a pale pink color, the exact color of cherry blossoms. It was a tube dress with a heart shaped bodice that was stuck to her like second skin, defining her every curve until the waist where the fabric turned to something much softer, was set in a few layers creating a little ruffle, and was flowing with her every movement, ending in mid-thigh. Silver rings were fastened around her upper arms where the fabric similar to that from her skirt was sewn on and fell wide and loose just a little beyond her wrists. Her hair was done in large curls, falling to the middle of her back with a large bow ornament stuck in the side, just above her ear.

As Lucy walked even closer to them, Gray felt his mouth dry as he looked up at her. Her legs looked even longer in this angle; her four-inch heeled pale pink pumps did nothing but compliment her assets even more.

"Who chose that outfit?" Gray demanded from Jellal who was caught by surprise.

"She did," he said with a raised brow at him. "Why?"

"It's too damn…" Gray's voice trailed off, not knowing the right word to describe it.

"Sexy?" Erza supplied with a laugh, making her husband chuckle as well.

"Yeah," he replied absently as Lucy waved in his general direction. Her outfit wasn't meant to be provocative in the least and he knew it. He was even willing to bet that the people assigned to her wardrobe would've wanted something even skimpier than what she wore now.

"Hi mom!" the triplets shouted, waving back.

Lucy blew them a kiss and they grinned, each blowing her a kiss back.

"Everyone," Lucy said in a loud voice while making silencing gestures with her hands, calming everyone down. "I know this is a little unconventional to do before a show but before we get started, I would like to thank you," as she said this, screams erupted again, making her laugh before she continued, "for all the support you've given me since the release of my album. This concert is the first stop for my tour."

The audience still went wild at her every word and Lucy can't help but laugh and do a little curtsey.

"Things wouldn't have turned out as they have now if it weren't for you," she said gesturing a hand across the large stadium that was full to the brim with people. "My fans, you really mean a lot to me," she said with a slight bow of her head. "And of course, to my family," she continued, a wide smile on her face as she turned to look down at the first row of seats. "Grey, Grayson, Layla. Only you three could make me feel like the proudest and happiest mother alive. I love you three so much," she said with a little wave at them.

The triplets waved at her wildly, shouted "We love you too mommy!" and their faces glowed with happiness for their mother.

"Now, this first song I'll be singing, is something all of you are familiar with," Lucy said with a playful tone to her voice as she walked around the edges of the stage casually. "I wrote this for someone special to me," she admitted in a serious voice. "In fact, he's that special, that he's the only man I know who could possibly bring me so much grief and pain, and could bring me to tears so easily."

The crowd was immediately silenced at her confession, and Lucy stopped in her tracks, right in front of the stage, looking out at everyone before her.

"But," she continued, a fond smile now forming on her lips. "He's also the only man who brings me happiness and contentment, and the only one who could give me a bad case of butterflies in my stomach at every touch. He's the only one whom I have ever trusted completely, the only one whom I've never stopped caring for dearly, the only one, I promised myself all those years ago, that I'll ever love."

Lucy bent down slightly and held her hand out while still holding onto her microphone with her other.

Gray, who had already stood from his seat, was directly below her and he reached his hand out to hold on to hers.

"I love you Gray…my ice prince," Lucy said with an affectionate smile.

All the lights and cameras were on them, zoomed-in to the loving looks they held for each other, and the audience was in silence, watching their exchange at the edge of their seats.

Gray didn't say anything. Instead, he leaned closer towards her and placed a soft kiss at the back of her hand.

"I love you too, Lucy" he finally replied in a voice full of pride and pleasure.

The entire stadium shook from the tireless screams of its thousands of occupants.

And with one last adoring smile for the other, they finally let go of their hold, their wedding rings glinting under the bright lights as their hands parted.


Grey, Grayson, and Layla grinned at each other and high-fived as Lucy made her way back to the center of the stage and started her first song, titled: Forever With You.

The triplets clapped, shouted and sang along with everyone in the crowd for a while until they knew the first song was coming to an end before they huddled together to look down at the CD case they had brought along with them to be guided with the songs Lucy was going to sing that night.

Gray turned to them, looking amused at their arguing about what Lucy will sing next. He chuckled before grabbing the CD case.

"You're going to hurt each other if you argue while holding on to this," he reasoned at the frowns he got from his kids.

The three shrugged before resuming with their argument.

Gray smiled at them before looking down at Lucy's CD. He read through the list of songs printed in a curved font at the back of the case:

CD 1:

1. Two Worlds

2. An Unexpected Meeting

3. Returning Favors

4. Parent Trap

5. Several Conclusions

6. The Lullaby

7. Grief

8. Problems and Solutions

9. Realizations

10. Several Faults

CD 2:

11. When Problems Arise

12. Family Dilemmas

13. Beyond Expectations

14. Peace In Paradise

15. Unconcealed

16. Five Years Ago

17. Publicity

18. Unveiling Truths

19. Forgive or Forget

20. Forever With You

He was quite impressed at the number of songs Lucy managed to complete and the amount of fame she was able to acquire in a short period of time. Even more impressed that one of the songs was inspired from the name he had given to his yacht.

Most new singers in the business would usually start off with a single CD with typically twelve songs. But she had insisted in releasing a double, and had actually recorded a total of twenty songs in her first album which, as it turns out, was a complete hit. She had done things her way and it worked with much favor from the public who had even demanded for her to write and sing more regardless of the already more than usual amount of songs she had released for a first and single album.

They had been married for a year now, and the triplets were going to turn 7 years old soon. Time had passed quickly and things really have changed drastically since his return to Fiore almost two years ago. Lucy's career as a singer was only getting better. His career as an actor, although most of the projects he accepted were shot in Fiore, was still as good as it had always been. He's even gotten more publicity due to his relationship with Lucy and because of their three kids. They had already agreed to keep the kids in Fiore for as long as they can in a regular school and will eventually have to hire private tutors when Lucy starts her tour and when Gray decides to take other projects outside the country again. This year, they're also expecting an extra add member to their family of five. You can say, they have been trying to revive what they lost. Lots and lots of love making here and there, but of course it applies only when their kids were off to school and Mona was out of the house.

Now that they know no one will get in their way, who knows they might be able to afford to raise 30 babies. -≥/≤ 30 babies!? Kyaaa!-

Just thinking of it all made him wonder how things would've turned out if Lucy hadn't forgiven him or if he hadn't forgiven her after everything they've been through. What if they had given in to Juvia's treachery? Along with it, the hate, cruelty, pain…and all the lies that were conceived thereafter. What if he never found out he had kids? What if Lucy had decided to not tell him the truth? Or what would have happened if he had believed her from the start? What if…

Gray shook his head at his needless thoughts. Lucy had forgiven him for all the wrong he has done and subjected her to during those wretched months, and he had forgiven Lucy completely for everything, from her unwarned leave seven years ago, to her keeping their children's existence a secret from him for five years.

Lies have gotten through them at some point, it interfered with their relationship and affected them greatly and dearly, but their love for each other triumphed in the end. Fate brought them back together.

With a satisfied sigh, Gray re-examined the CD case in his hands. He turned the case over and traced the side of the front cover with his thumb, a warmhearted expression overcoming his features as he did. Half of the front cover had a photo of Lucy, and the other half had a zoomed-in photo of a large hand, which he knew was his, cradling three smaller hands that belonged to the triplets, and below the photo, embossed in gold was her name with the album's title underneath:

Lucy Heartfilia-Fullbuster

Lies and Love

-The End-

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