karin kurosaki is a soul reaper? and a strong one to top that off! karin goes missing one day and apparently on that very day the truth is revealed. karin is more powerful than captain ichigo of 5th division and ... (much better story than summary)xxx

(A/N: if you've seen the latest anime of bleach you would know that their outfits or hair styles have changed slightly. so keep that in mind)

A Soul Reaper


its 2 years after the winter war and isshin and ichigo kurosaki have become captains

A captains meeting was in order and the main topic was a high spirituall presure that was realised in karakura town earlier that day.

"captain kurosaki of the 3rd division." bellowed head captain yamato. isshin kurosaki stepped forward "you were on petrol in karakura town, could you please enlighten us all what that high spiritual presure was."

isshin kurosaki took a deap breath and spoke"well head captain yamato i'm afraid 10 years have passed and ..."

"enough!" head captain yamato opened his eyes and had a serious look on his face "well have you got any idea where she is or what she is doing right now?"

"sorry but when she came to her senses she decided she need to be alone for the time being and disapeared. she did attract many hallows however but delt with them before i could blink. she didn't seem very comefortable. but then vanished when i caught up to her." replied isshin

"i understand. i would be like that if i was enclosed like that for 10 years" said head captain yamato

ukitaki and kyouraku stepped forward and ukitaki spoke "erm. if you don't mind me asking but are we talking abou~" before he finished he got a nod from both head captain and isshin. that was enough of a response for the both of them and they stepped back once again

"i'm sorry but i do not comprheand" said byakuya

"captain kurosaki would you enlighten us" said head captain yamato once again closing his eyes

"very well then" said isshin taking a deap breath and stepping infront of everyone in goten 13 to look at them all. another deap breath. "10 years ago a powerfull young soul reaper was ripped off her powers because she was endagering a lot of people and she couldn't handle the stress of soul reaping anymore. me, head captain yamato, captain kyouraku and captain ukitaki decided that we will put a powerfull kido on her slowing down her spiritual development for ten years aswell as canceling her memory of soul reaping. we all new that in ten years all of her previous and newly built powers will explode and her memory will come back. this young soul reaper is human, and also a full bring making her power even more powerful than mine or ichigo and the rest of you. their may be an exception of you that will be stronger than her though." *sigh* "this soul reaper became a soul reaper at the age of four years " *gasps. muttering*" after she was 6 its was to hard for her and the decision was made then. a few of you have met her and ichigo you have known longer than anyone here, well all except me"

"hhmm. i know this girl" said ichigo


"how old is she?" asked kaname


muttering was heard

"who is she?" asked zaraki

"she is my daughter. karin kurosaki" said isshin

everything went silent. stunn faces went all around. ichigo, byakuya, toshiro.

"WHAT! karin is no soul reaper! i would have known that!" yelled ichigo

"as i said she stopped being a soul reaper and besides wasnt she the first to know you were a soul reaper." ichigo stopped and his facial expression showed it was true " i sould thank you. thanks to you karin hasn't had a mental breakdown. knowing your a soul reaper and all helped her since you kept her updated and told her quiet a lot." said isshin

"so what now?" asked kyouraku

"we will have to find her" asid captain yamato "thanks to the medicine we gave her as a child her body wont be left in the streets but her body will stay with her"

"if her body will stay with her, wont she be visible to the mortals?" asked myiuri

"no. kiske urahara made a medicine that allows her to keep her body on her as a soul reaper but still be a soul" said ukitaki

"so were will she be?" asked unohana

"isshin, ichigo. you are family you should know" said captain yamato

ichigo and isshin chuckled lightly and ichigo said while scratching his head "you see... karin has always been distant. so... we don't really know"

"WHAT!" yamato bellowed

"i know where she might be and i'd be happy to help" said a soft voice. suddenly youroichi, urahara and yuzu appeared. urahara and youroichi look the same while yuzu is wearing a green strapped dress and has grown her brown wavy hair down to her waist line.

"yuzu?what are you doing here?" ichigo said

"ichigo" yuzu gave a small smile and said "i've been dead for a week now. so i've come upto date about everything"

ichigo's face went to compelet horror "why didn't you tell me?" ichigo yelled at his dad

"i was going to tell you today but all this came up" isshin replied in montone

"silense. what is she doing here?" yamato asked youroichi and kiske

"well this is yuzu kourosaki and she knows her sister karin very well" said kiske waving his face with his fan

"she thinks she knows were karin might be" said youroichi

"hmm. well finding her is our top priority right now considering her power and the dangerous people after it. this vesel will help" said yamato "both captain kurosaki's aswell as the sister , captain hitsugiya, kiske urahara and youroichi shuhi are to go to the world of the living with their lutenents to find her. while captains ukitaki, kyouraku and unohana are to search the soul sociaty with their lutenents for her. the remaining captains are to do their work as normal. understood"

"yes sir!"

"excuse me head captain. how are we meant to know what she looks like?" asked captain unohana

"i have a picture of her" said yuzu taking out her phone and showing everyone a picture of a girl leaning on a railing to see the most beautiful sunset to lay eyes upon. the girl was looking at the direction of the camara and smiling. her head was tilted forward letting her long hair flow. her hair was black and she had a side fringe. she wore a cream dress that fitted her from waist up and fell loosely from waist below. you could tell she wasn't wearing any make-up and she had natural beauty.

"hmm. understood. got it" said captain unohana

"wow karin sure has changed. i almost didn't reconise her" said ichigo

"seems like that little girl sure had grown up?" kyouraku to ukitaki who just nodded a smile.

toshiro kept a staight face but on the inside he was doing kartwheels on how beautiful she had become and how she didn't forget about his spot.

"were is she right there?"asked ichigo

" its this railing she goes to she the most beautiful seanery. both night and day. oh and espesially sunsets and sun rises" said yuzu "she goes there to clear her head some times aswell as the roof of the house. i bet she's at the railing right now"

little did she know that karin was there at that moment

"ok dismised go find the kurosaki" yelled yamato and every one left