3 years before the Battle of Yavin IV
on Coruscant – the Imperial Capital -
_Present day_

It never ceased to amaze him, how big this planet was. Or rather this
planet-sized city called Coruscant. The pilot, momentarily distracted, quickly went
back to his controls. He checked his com radio and tuned to the frequency for the
Imperial air traffic control.

"Air control, this is Imperial shuttle Tyderium requesting
clearance to land...repeat, Tyderium requesting clearance to land..." "This is air
traffic control", the controller replied. "Please transmit your clearance code..."

The pilot punched in a sequence of buttons, and the code was transmitted. After a
moment the controller responded, "Code recognized, you have clearance. You may
start your landing approach..." "Acknowledged" the pilot replied, and the shuttle
began it's descent through the atmosphere...

Rain was a rare occurrence on Coruscant, although it was almost never
bad enough to cause any major concern. The drops could be heard falling on the
shuttle's roof from inside the cabin. "Sounds like rain out there my lord..." The
passengers were made up of a small six man contingent of stormtroopers, a
trooper commander, and Darth Vader...the Emperor's second-in-command. Vader
turned to face the trooper who commented on the weather. "It should be of no
concern to you trooper. Come, we must make our way to the Emperor..." he said
in a robotic sounding baritone. Making their way to the main hatch, it opened to
the outside.

As they made their way out from the private landing pad, an Imperial command
speeder was waiting to take Vader and company into the Senate District. A few
minutes later, they arrived near the Jedi Temple and landed. Vader cast one short
glance toward it before moving onward in the direction of the Imperial Palace. The
cadre of stormtroopers had followed him except for one, the trooper commander.
Something had caught his attention – it was a small monument in a rectangular shape.
There was something inscribed on it: "Here lie our fallen...Warriors, soldiers, brothers..."

His helmet now off, the commander stared at the monument for a while. One of those
words had meant something to him once..."Brothers"...Lost in his contemplation, he
didn't even notice when Vader walked up next to him. "Ah, TK-7567..." the Sith Lord
said to the trooper. "They were fine soldiers..." "Yes my lord...they were...", the
commander replied quietly, still staring at the monument. "Very well then. Carry on
trooper..." Vader said before he strode away. "As you wish...General..." the trooper
said with venom in his voice.

He doesn't even remember, or does he even care...They're
nothing more than dead bodies to him...He doesn't even care to remember their names...

No other trooper could have called him General without being executed on the spot,
except him. He doesn't even remember my name...

21 years before the Battle of Yavin IV
on Coruscant after the battle of Sullust -
_19 years earlier_

The two men stood before the large chunk of twisted and scarred metal. It had been
only a week after returning from Sullust. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and clone captain
Rex had managed to survive that brutal attack, thankfully none the worse for wear.

"It looks like a good piece Rex..." Anakin's flagship, the Resolute had been destroyed in
the firefight, but there were a few pieces of the hull that remained among the wreckage.
Many clones had given their lives in that battle, and both Anakin and Rex felt that they
needed to be honored in some way. A monument. "I agree General...I'm glad the
Chancellor agreed to this..."

Both men had approached Chancellor Palpatine and gotten approval to build the
monument. "Now the question is...what should we inscribe on it?" "It should be
something meaningful..." Rex replied honestly. "Well, don't worry Rex, we'll come up with
something..." Anakin said with a smile. "Sounds good to me sir. Sounds good to me..."

_Present day_

Rex would always remember that day. Serving alongside his fellow Republic soldiers gave
him a sense of personal pride. No one and nothing could take that from him. But never in
his darkest dreams did he expect to be betrayed. Betrayed by the Republic, no longer a
symbol of peace and hope. Now it was an oppressive Empire, content to rule its citizens
through fear and control. Chancellor Palpatine had played his part in corrupting what was
left of the Republic, and twisting it into his own sick little project. But the worst betrayal of
all...came at the hands of the man he considered a friend, Anakin Skywalker.

Once an honorable man, a peacekeeper, a Jedi...a hallmark in this universe. But now, since
he had thrown in his lot with Palpatine, he became the very thing he swore to fight against
...a Sith. In the past Rex would never have doubted the General's way of thinking, but this
was just...wrong. Why can't he see it? What is wrong with him? Now there was only Darth
Vader, a cold, unfeeling metallic suit...filled with rage and anger And Rex wasn't immune to
the changes either. No longer a clone captain, but a stormtrooper commander, in the employ
of the very thing he loathed with every fiber of his being. He cursed himself for being
programmed to be so blasted loyal, even if it was to the Emperor.

But still, he swore to himself - and any of his brothers that were still alive - that somehow,
he would escape from the Empire if it was the last thing he ever did. He replaced the helmet,
and began making his way back toward Vader and the other stormtroopers. There should be
another name on that memorial...Anakin Skywalker...my brother...
As he walked, the last line of
the faded memorial burned inside his mind..."Gone...but never forgotten..."