Shane and Mitchie pulled away after another sweet kiss. Mitchie put on a huge smile, she loved the feeling of Shane's lips on her own. When she looked up she noticed that Shane's cheeks were a bright shade of crimson red.
"You, Shane Gray, are the only teenage boy that I know of that blushes after kissing his girlfriend." Mitchie stated. She had to hold back a giggle as his cheeks reddened even more.
He finally looked up, red cheeks and a smile on his Cupid's bow lips. He put his knuckle in to his mouth before speaking. "Uh ave me ma fir it."(You gave me my first kiss), He said. Mitchie looked at him, the confusion clearly written on her face.
"Come again?" She asked.
"Uh ave me ma fir it."(You gave me my first kiss), He said once more.
"Shane, you know I can't understand you, right." Mitchie said. Shane took a deep breath before speaking again. "Yougavememyfirstkiss." He said as quick as he possibly could after taking his knuckle out of his mouth.
His cheeks were still tinted bright crimson red when Mitchie started to lean in. Shane's eyes fluttered closed and soon Mitchie's lips came in contact with his own. The kiss was slow and sweet, making Shane's blush stay on his cheeks. Mitchie's hands came to his cheeks, she smiled in to the kiss after feeling the warmth of his cheeks.
She pulled away, forcing herself not to laugh as Shane's long eyelashes kissed his bright red cheeks. Shane opened his eyes after a few seconds.
"You know, you blush a lot, right!?" Mitchie said, a light giggle escaping her rosy lips.
"Only you know how to make me blush." Shane whispered, a smile tugging on his lips. He moved his head, making an attempt to have his black hair hide his reddend cheeks. She giggled once more, as his cheeks were still visible.
"Now what did you say, I didn't hear you the first three times." Mitchie asked. Shane sucked in a deep breath and started to speak once again.
"You gave me my first kiss."
This time Shane was ready to blush like mad and have her laugh like crazy. But instead of what he expected a pair of soft lips pressed against his own.
Closing his eyes Shane kissed back, just enjoying the moment. When the pair of lips pulled away he opened his chocolate eyes to reveal a red eared Mitchie.
"You look cute with red ears." Shane said, moving her chocolate hair to her back. Mitchie's copper brown eyes looked into Shane's chocolate ones before whispering, "I find guys who blush sweet, sensitive and extremely cute."
With that Mitchie kissed Shane's lips once more, just to see him blush when she pulled away.

So there's my first story! It might be a little cheesy but it just came to me one day and I just had to write it. So if you read this please review, I kind of want to know what you think!