Well... With the very high amount of views and support I received from all of you, not to mention the fact that I technically left Misadventures a cliffhanger, I thought I'd do you all a favor and create the next installment in my kollection of stories. Originally written from a generic POV, this story has been rewritten to originate from Markus X's point of view approximately six months after his last Misadventure.


I stood next to Parsek, safety goggles on my eyes as I prepared my latest device for testing. "Ready?"

The expert martial artist turned to me. "All set. Power seems to be running normally to the gate. I'm not a scientist-type like you, but I see nothing wrong."

Satisfied, I flipped a lever that allowed power flowing from a gas generator running on premium automotive fuel to energize the device. I could see the ripples in the atmosphere as the portal began to tear a rift in space-time, almost like the air above a hot asphalt road. As we watched, the dimensional rift finally stabilized itself, a man-sized purplish portal having formed with cracks and sparks of electricity running across it. I removed my goggles as we gazed upon the beautiful sight: after six months of long, hard, and tedious work, I had done it: a portal was opened up. Whether it went to Outworld or not I didn't care. All that mattered to me was the fact that we had opened one.

Stepping closer to the rift, I slowly slid between the lightning bolts as I reached for a box with a small button on it. Quietly praying to God over the simple gadget, I tossed the cube into the portal before the rift closed of its own accord, shutting due to instability and a lack of power to nourish it.

Parsek eyed me, despite his height towering a good head above my own. "You think she got it?"

I shrugged. "I can only hope so..."


I had been treated quite fairly since Shao Kahn's destruction. With the death of several Outworld warriors in the recent conflict, I had been given an opportunity to fight and become a warrior under the teachings of Master Bo' Rai Cho. It was said that he had taught Shaolin warriors such as Liu Kang and Kung Lao, though I found this shocking considering the amount of wine my master drank each day.

Walking through the halls of the palace, I was suddenly shocked as a purplish portal opened itself up in front of one of the stone walls. Was something or someone going to come through? I waited until a small, cube-like object came through the portal before it rapidly collapsed in on itself.

Befuddled, I noticed a red button on the cube. Pressing it, I heard an audible message come from the object.

"To whom it may concern: please give this object to Empress Mileena so that she may know I'm alright, I'm missing her, and that she can come to the location of this portal in order to bring me back. Cheers, Markus X."

With the device in my hand, I stepped into the throne room, kneeling before the one on the throne.

"I have a message for Mileena, Emperor."

The Emperor rose from his seat. "Interesting... Trojan has returned after all this time, just to reunite with his precious Mileena. But no matter... He shall soon be dealt with as part of our new alliance. Nitya!"

The black haired girl stood and bowed to the Emperor, Sho Dai's pathetic plaything proving to be a tool yet again. "Yes, my lord?"

"Go give Trojan an... adequate welcoming party."

"Yes, Emperor Sho Dai."


As the two of us turned away from the now deactivated portal, I took a glance at Markus's face. For the first time in almost a year, I saw hope and happiness plastered all over his cheeks. It made me feel good to know that I wasn't only using my talents to help a friend out, but that I would experience something just as amazing too.

Getting into Markus's gleaming silver Jeep Grand Cherokee, the two of us headed to Lowe's in order to get some more parts to improve the portal's technology. I wasn't sure as to where he got some of this stuff, I just know he got it.

On the highway, I noticed a black van with tinted-out windows in the rear-view mirror, thinking nothing of it, I immediately became suspicious as the vehicle not only exited at our exit, but turned into the Lowe's parking lot at the same place we did. I poked Markus on the shoulder to indicate the hazard.

"Yeah, Parsek, I see them. I'll drop you off at the front of the store. Go in and get a water tank we can use as a pressure vessel for the ununhexium octahydride. I'll stay here and see what these guys are going to do."

Nodding, as we stopped at the front of the store, I immediately got out, walking at a quick pace to the sliding doors of the Lowe's. Turning my head, I smiled, thinking that no one had followed me, when a large group of soldiers armed with guns stopped me at the front entrance...


Driving off from the front of the Lowe's, I knew that Parsek would be fine. He was a smart guy, and so far as I could tell, there was no way anything would happen to him. With my friend gone, however, I now had my own skin to be worrying about.

Leaving the parking lot, I watched as, with no real surprise, the van continued to follow me. This was really starting to get annoying, and considering what a sturdy vehicle my Jeep was, I figured I couldn't do anything worse to it... Turning towards the the mysterious vehicle, I did something very stupid.

I rammed it.

I caused a good twelve to eighteen thousand dollars of damage to the front of my vehicle, just to stop the weird van.

My Jeep took the blow quite well, with maximum cosmetic damage to the grill, headlights, and hood. The chassis itself was entirely intact, and the vehicle itself was still running as I stepped out to get a better look at the van, now tipped onto is side after the purposeful accident.

Taking a crowbar from the spare tire rack, I marched over to the damaged black-ops vehicle, before I was struck from behind, falling into a deep black hole as my body ceased to consciously function.

When I woke up, myself and Parsek were in a room, cuffed to a pair of rolling hairs inside a place with walls made entirely of mirrors. I immediately realized where we were.

"Oh snap... Parsek, guess what?"

"What, Markus?"

"We're in an interrogation room."

"Well, who's interrogating us? The Army? Navy? CIA? We haven't done anything illegal."

"Well... We need to figure out a way to get out of this place. Six-way mirrors give me the creeps, just like binary star systems."

I looked around the room. No visible exit, no objects around... We were stuck.

Suddenly, a blonde stepped through a door cleverly concealed inside one of the mirrored walls. She was rather busty, a fact not denied by her all-encompassing camo jumpsuit and her beret.

"I hope you two didn't end up in too rough of shape to be useful here..."

I looked the blonde over, ignoring her chest as I had taught myself to do during my time in Outworld with all the large-chested women there. "And who do you think you are to be making demands of us, Miss..."

The blonde looked at me with a penetrating glare. "Blade. Major Sonya Blade, Outworld Investigation Agency, Special Forces, US Military."

Grinning, I responded with a taste of sarcasm mixed with sincerity.

"Markus X, college dropout, freelance tech designer, and boyfriend of Empress Mileena of Outworld."

Sonya's face grimaced a bit before she grabbed me by the chest and pulled me towards her, my face less than an inch away from her own.

"Well then... I guess you and I need to have ourselves a little talk..."