From deep within the shadows, a figure emerged. Draped in black, he was clearly humanoid, but his specific features were shrouded and disguised by the thick cloak he wore. Turning, he waited for the correct moment before speaking.

Acting all dramatic and whatnot, the Author then pulled back his hood to reveal a very generic head and face.

What, you expected the shadow of death? Anyways, Misadventures 2 is over. I will pick up in the next story from Halloween to Armageddon, so expect a shard more humor in this ending sequel.

I would like to thank those loyal readers who have stuck with me since my first story... Drawerfan, ElfDavis, EvilGeniusProductions, and Edenian Princess are some of the few who enjoyed my fics. There was someone trolling the comments, and though I believe I know who it is, I'll let them continue to make a fool of themself.

Anyways, on to more important matters relating to the next story... I have formulated a list of ten probable questions someone may have labour the sequel. Let's get answering, shall we?

1: "How are you going to resurrect the dead Earthrealmers?" Various plot devices... I brought Smoke back with one(being that as a demon, he was not truly killed, only made subservient), and expect some more later down the line. Do note that stuff like that has at least some canonical basis... My story wasn't designed to fully deviate MK lore from its original path.

2: "Where's Scorpion, Sareena, etc?" The goons belonging to Quan Chi are, for the most part, still with him. Noob Saibot is a rare exception, someone I don't really want to bother with until much later. And speaking of...

3: "Isn't the soulnado supposed to have killed Noob Saibot?" Perhaps, but I had a different view... Suffice to say that Classic Sub-Zero may be making an appearance soon. Sure, he has as much solidity in canon as Human Smoke, but hey, the more the merrier.

4: "Will the plot arc with the Lin Kuei be expanded?" You betcha... Sektor and his goons will almost obviously join the Forces of Darkness at Armageddon. Maybe they'll run into Taven, who knows?

5: "No Dragon King or Deadly Alliance?" Um... Considering the fight with Shinnok coming up in the next story, and the alliance between Sho Dai and Quan Chi, I suppose MKG and MK:DA got mixed. As for Deception, Onaga will show up eventually. He has to.

6: "Is Ermac controlled by Jerrod now?" Yes... That's kind of obvious, as anyone would guess from his MK9 ending. The 'Others' he refers to are the souls he(as Ermac) relies upon for such things as kombat, telekinesis, etc.

7: "Is Kitana evil in this fic?" Not so much evil as corrupted. Remember: certain aspects of life change the very ways things go. It wouldn't take too much imagination to envision a scenario in which Kitana and Mileena had their fates swapped. Besides, I can't imagine Shinnok and Quan Chi resurrecting the Earthrealm warriors without making each of them a sinister version of their former selves.

8: "What about characters such as Nitara, Chameleon, etc? Will they be included?" The answer is yes... Nitara will have disappearing or retractable wings to make her look a bit more sensible, and Chameleon? Dunno what to say about him. He is a rather obscure character, but then again I dedicated a fight to Ruutuu, a character solely from the Challenge Tower... We'll see.

9: "What about these OCs? You did try to introduce another pairing of Princess and bodyguard with Glacé and Sapphire..." True, but I thought something more interesting was needed than a mere Mileena-Skarlet pairing, ala Kitana-Jade. And no, Glace is not a Cryomancer I made to replace Frost, or a Cryomancer in general. More on that will be revealed in the next story, but suffice to say, read up on your Japanese mythology.

10: "Why did (insert notable occurrence) happen/not happen in the story?" If you want an answer, PM me what you're curious about and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability. No promises though...

With almost no effort at all, the Author turned away and replaced his hood.

Anyways, I have some creative thinking to do. The story will be up soon, so patience... Some friends of mine should be coming up with more stuff to entertain you sooner or later, so relax and enjoy the feeling of having completed the reading of this story! Be seeing you...

Turning away, the Author walked further into the darkness of the void, debtors disappearing into the maelstrom of barren and dark emptiness.

Thanks for reading the story, everyone! I'm looking forward to finishing this story out with a little help from my friends. Expect more fics soon! :D