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Life's tough.

I learned that early on.

My mom taught me everything she knew about being strong.

But she's gone now. She's with the angels. I think she's lucky she has wings. Otherwise, won't she fall from the clouds?

I miss her a lot. But I'm brave for her sake.

My name is Phoenix Ride.

Two years ago, my mom died suddenly. My Uncle Ari killed her in her sleep. Then Ari disappeared too, Dad says Ari's dead, but I'm waiting for the day when I can avenge my mother's death.

A mutant's life really isn't simple.

Mom used to say that all the time.

It's the night of prom. I don't want to go, but Nudge and Aunt Angel want me to go have fun. They even volunteered to buy me a dress and do my make-up.

I'm standing in front of the full length mirror in my bathroom. The mirror's foggy and I wipe away the fog to see a girl wearing a long, strapless silver number. Her auburn hair is loose and flowing, a dusting of silvery powder on her eyelids. Her strange electric blue eyes clash with her pale, ebony skin. She walks unsteadily on tall, glossy, heels.

Is this girl me?

I'm no longer sure.

Where are the girl's sweatshirts and jeans? Where are her tattered sneakers?

Only one thing remains untouched. A silver chain dangles from my neck, painstakingly created by my mother's hands.

Wouldn't my mother be proud, if she saw me tonight?

I hesitantly open the bathroom door and step into the bedroom, where Nudge and Aunt Angel are waiting.

"You look gorgeous, Nix!" My aunt Nudge gushes. "Oh, if only I brought some of my jewelry! You would look even more amazing. Don't you think, Angel?"

"Hush, can't you see she's overwhelmed?" Aunt Angel reprimands. "You look beautiful, Phoenix."

"Thanks, Aunt Angel and Nudge."

I smile tentatively, having inherited my father's quiet personality

Its dark out by the time the dance starts. Lee picks me up, pinning a small white flower in my hair when I get in the car.

The auditorium is dim and a disco ball twirls above the dance floor, sending sparks of light flashing above people's faces. Lee laughs at my expression and pulls me over to the dance floor. My hands go around his neck, and his hands slip onto my waist. We move slowly in time to the soft music.

Lee's my first boyfriend. His father grew up in a lab too. I was told that Lee's dad fancied my mom, but it didn't work out in the end anyways.

I can feel the heat emanating off his body. A soft laundry like smell lingers on his skin. His heart beats, thrumming in time with the music. I lean into him, still swaying together to the music.

"You look lovely tonight." Lee breathes into my ear.

I smile, moving closer to him.

We dance until it's late. I hadn't even eaten dinner yet.

"Are you hungry?" Lee whispers, leading me to sit on the couches placed around the room.

The music turns up, playing loud pop music while scantily dressed girls dance about, flirting with the cute boys laughing in the corner.

"I guess." I murmur, placing my head on his shoulder.

We leave for a nearby restaurant, Lee grasping my hand tightly the whole time. I was happy, for the first time in weeks.

But when I look back at that night, I think, man; I wish I had enjoyed it more while it lasted.

Because as we all know,

A mutant bird kid's life is never that simple.


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