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We carefully walk into a very fancy building that I'll probably end up blowing up. I find my way to the front desk and cough politely.

The plump librarian turns around and beams at us.

"It's good to see some youngsters come to the library, these days." She comments.

"Is internet access here free?" Lee asks stiffly.

The librarian's smile wavers, before she sighs. "They only come here for the internet, don't they?" She says under her breath.

As if we couldn't hear her with our eagle ears.

"Do eagles even have ears?" I wonder.

"Yes, we have computers back there. Free internet. Go on. Oh, and sign here please." She replies.

I reach for the pen and I scribble some meaningless name onto the clipboard. When we reach the computers, all of them are occupied, except for one, ugly, old monitor in the back. Lee slides into the chair and we search up the name Machiavelli. 5,580,000 results in 0.30 seconds. Actually, it was 0.30221 seconds. After browsing through a lot of information about some Italian philosopher/diplomat, we finally find a news article.

Washington Posts

Mysterious Machiavelli Assists in bombing

A note was found on the doorstep of Creekview Middle School on a Saturday. It was not discovered until Sunday afternoon. Janitor Jake S. says that, "It was pretty normal looking, until I turned it over." On the other side of the note was a check for $5,000. The only words on the paper were,

"My apologies, in advance.


Three days later, a $3,000 theft occurred in the science lab. Luckily, during that time, all students had been in the Gym for an assembly. Later, it was discovered that a student at the school actually performed the robbery. The student, whose name is disclosed, did not recall anything. It is thought that he was drugged and forced to assist.

"Sounds like we found our guy." Lee grimaces as he reads the article.

I skim over the article and looked at the publishing date. It was only two weeks ago. I google the name of the school and found it was only a few miles from here. So, by my calculations, either this Machiavelli was in Arkansas, or still hiding out in Nevada. I decide on the latter.

"Come on, let's get cracking." I said, clicking the page shut and deleting all web history.

We hurry out of the library and run back to the abandoned lot before taking off.

"Wow. Machiavelli. This person doesn't exactly sound pleasant." Lee says.

"He did apologize in advance, though." I reply, scanning the surrounding land.

"Hey, look, to the left. See that white building? Looks like CreekView." I say.

"How do you know?" Lee teases.

"Latitude":"36.107223","Longitude":"-115.050649." I rattle off immediately.

Lee laughs, and looks impressed.

"Okay. Landing." He calls out.

We land with a jolt on the hard concrete. This time, we're in an alleyway. That took some aiming. Just as I'm about to walk out of the alley, Lee gasps quietly, and yanks me back under the cover of the shadows. Men dressed immaculately in black march past our hiding place. Three Itexas Lab Guards.

Crap. That meant an Itexas Lab was nearby. And we weren't even in friggin' Texas!

We watch the guards march around the square, and every 3.63 minutes, they pass our hiding spot. But all I can think of right now is how Lee is pressed oh-so-very close to me. I can feel heat radiating off him. His hand is still pressed over my mouth.

"Oh, shit." He mutters.

I bite my lip to keep from saying anything, but damn it, that voice was driving me crazy. Lee leans closer to me, almost as if he was trying to tease me, but I know he's just tense. His lips are 2.46 inches from my face and I can't stop staring at them. Why, did the stupid guards have to choose this moment to be guarding this area?

Lee realizes how close he is to me and we both shift uncomfortably away from each other. But suddenly, his lips meet mine and I feel electric tingles shoot down my body. His lips are hot and dry but I can't get enough of him. Soon we're pressed even closer. His hands are still tangled in my red hair when we finally break apart, gasping for breath.

"Sorry." Lee says, looking down.

I'm still slightly dizzy, so I don't answer.

"We need to get out of here." He mumbles, "They'll catch us eventually."

I nod, and we begin to edge towards the back of the alley.

Just as the words slip out of his mouth, something hits my shoulder and alarms began to blare loudly.

A string of curse words fly out of Lee's mouth as two (armed) guards yank us out.

"Who's this?" One of the guards barks angrily.

Suddenly, another guard laughs euphorically.

"Look, man, they got wings!" He says. "Do you know how much we can get for these guys?"

"Double paycheck!" The first guard breaks into a huge grin.

The first guard is terribly ugly, with patches of bald in his dark hair. His face is scarred, and his nose is crooked.

"So, Mart, how 'bout we tie them up and take them to Vell." The third guard says snidely. "He'll know what to do."

"Sounds good to me!" They all laugh cruelly.

Lee glances over at me as I signal and he takes advantage of the moment. His foot swings out in a hook kick. The first guard, "Mart", hits the brick wall. Hard. Lee follows up with a quick snap kick to the nose.

The second guy reacts quickly, but not quick enough. I slam him headfirst into the wall and he slides down beside Mart. Lee and I shoot up into the air, and we get out of there as fast as we can. Except, we barely make it three feet before Lee crashes into an invisible barrier and he falls in a crumpled heap onto the paved ground.

I rush over and drag him out of the way as the third guard charges me. I take my time, and turn 45. 7 degrees, just enough so the guy misses and I attack him in the back of the head with a back kick. He collides with a pole and falls onto the ground. Quick defeat.

But the alarms are still blaring

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