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After eight years of being so close but so far they finally broke. He asked and she said yes. So now here they were, in a small church with Cassie, Daniel, Teal'c, Jonas and Thor to officiate the ceremony.

He swore to love, hold (he mentally added worship but who needed to know that?) in sickness and health as long as he lived.

She swore the same while smiling his favorite smile.

Two years later

Sam quietly slipped into the house with a sigh of relief when she heard the soft strains of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Yep she was home.

She quietly slipped down the hall after discarding her shoes by the door. Upon entering the room she saw one messy golden head tucked under the chin of a graying brown head. Sam couldn't help the small, loving sigh that escaped her. At ten months little Grace O'Neill was already sleeping through the night, much to her father's relief. She quietly slipped Grace out from under him before slipping in beside him with a contented sigh from both. Life was good, she thought drowsily.

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