hello my name is gir240 but you can call me Gir. okay this is my second story on this website and my first one didn't get much love but i really don't want to give up on this one so please review and follow. I'll try to ask you guys on what to do with the story if i get enough readers to make a pool of ideas.

No ones POV

It was another day of wandering Sanctuary for Zer0. He was hoping to get a job to pass the time unfortunalty since the death of handsome jack the need for quest have droped drastically.

The vaults hunters found themselves getting hobbies or jobs to pass the time. Axton could be found working with Marcus selling guns to Pandora, Maya opened a school in Pandora to educate the children of Pandora. There would be the occasional bandit child that would come to here but she would straighten them out and teach them to be a proper human being. Well as proper as you can be on a planet of Pandora.

Salvador became a hunter bringing stalker meat and Bullymong pelts to feed the denizens' of sanctuary. While doubling as a butcher it wasn't striping bandit flesh but it was good enough for Salvador.

Gaige became a part of the catch-a-ride family. At first she helping Scooter and Ellie with repairs around the garage. But soon Gaige commission her own garage in the tundra express. She was apprised as genius for here improving upon the catch-a-ride system making it possible to digitized a buzzard and her own vehicle she invents. You could find her either in her garage or having a tea party with her best friend Tina.

Suddenly Zer0 was yanked out of his thoughts when a echo text flashed upon his helmet. A exclamation point flashed above his helmet from the surprise. He looked to see it was Gaige "Zer0 get here quick I need your help with something awesome and DeathTrap says hi!"

Zer0 quickly thought something to do and rushed of to the fast travel staion near the center of sanctuary and plugged in Gaige's workshop and de-digitized and traveled trough the network.

Zer0 pov

I digitized in a messy lobby and was greeted with the sound of banging metal and saws. I walked through the door that divided the lobby and the workshop and saw Gaige and here DT unit working on a giant contraption with assortment of technical looking equipment.
"ZER0! Over here your just in time." the little girl squeled with excitement. "come come your going to love this" she skipped to the control panel were another even littler girl crawled out of a panel yelling on the top her lungs.

"SISSY ! ALLL DOONNEEE" soon after cart wheeling into a giant bunny bean bag chair saying "bedtime"

Gaige slightly giggled then proceeded to climb up on deathtrap getting a piggyback.

"go over there and don't move"

Before I could refuse Tina came and blew up a tile behind me and the shock wave into a platform that closed with a shield.

"hahahahaha burn all the babies!" is all she screamed.

I yelled "let me out" to mad to even make a haiku.

"Calm your ninja tits your going to be my test subject. All you are aware I got into a show called doctor who and have been obsessing over a certain Rory character but that's beside the point." All I gave her was a :P face over my mask.

"Can it!, as I was saying I made my very own Tardis" a ! appeared on my mask. Before anything could be done Gaige flipped the switch and yelled "Alons-Y"

A giant flash ensued and the zer0 was no were to be seen.

Me:oh i have always wanted to make one of these segments.

Zer0:I really think you have no business writing a story with me in it you have no idea on making a haiku.

me:well im sorry i slept through that in school so leave me alone.

Gaige:Why do i need to do a mad scientist act?

me: well i assumed since you were traumatized from your first skill and got a scientist complex.

*hiccup enters the the room*

hiccup: so when do think i enter the story.

Gaige:he is kinda cute

hiccup: uh...well

me:Gaige no, you get out you will be in the next chapter