She still visited his grave every day, even eighty years after his death. She talked to him telling her about her day, how the twins were doing.

"I wish you could see them now, Arty," she whispered. "A.J is just like you. Same pale skin, same raven hair, same blue eyes. Diana has your eyes too, but otherwise she looks just like me. She used to get made fun of, but she beat the tar out of the person who said she looked stupid. He never said anything again. Did I tell you Root retired? I bet Vein..." She continued to tell him all about her day.

"I miss you Artemis. More every day. I don't think I ever told you, but we got Opal. I killed her, and I enjoyed it. I wish I could say otherwise, but she killed you. She killed you." She started crying then, sitting there for what must have been hours. Finally, someone came to get her.

"Mom?" a female voice said. "Mom, we have to go home. Dad will understand."

"O-okay, Dee. Let's go home," Holly whispered. "Bye, Arty."

They walked off, Holly's hand in her dauther's. A.J met them at the gate, and together they walked back to Fowl Castle.

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this fic, and I hope you did too. I know this story isn't the best, as it's my first, but using the things I learned while writing it, I started working on two new ones, one about the chronicles of Vladimir Tod, one about Halo: Reach, and an original story that I hope to publish. Also, please note that I just changed my pen name to Archangel's Blade

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