Her hands were shaking.

The violent trembles made the metal fastened around her wrists clang together as they dug into her delicate skin. Bruises already darkened the area from when they grabbed her. Please, please no. Don't do this.

Words, such meaningless words were so cold in the large room. They seemed to echo, reaching from one dark corner to another until they cut through her. She should be listening, her mommy taught her to listen when adults spoke. But she couldn't, couldn't listen or she might start screaming. God! Please no!

Her little chest was heaving, aching as the air came in short pants. Her heart, her poor heart, fluttered against her ribs so fast she worried it might jump out. The rest of her body was numb. Let this be a dream, just a dream.

She was crying. Tears slid down her ashen face into the scratches on her cheek making them burn. Eyes stared down at her, judging her very soul. She curled into herself under their weight.

"I didn't do anything wrong!" she cried harder, shrinking toward the door desperate to escape the monsters. She wanted her mommy. That's all she ever wanted. She didn't hurt anybody.

"You spoke to the dead. You dare bring damnation on us all," there was no pity in his voice, no remorse for what he was about to do, "You will be hanged for witchcraft." No, no, no! God No! Please SOMEBODY STOP THIS!

No one helped her.

Hands hard and calloused grasped her arms and dragged her from the room. She jerked back, pleading openly now. She twisted back to stare at the judge, crying, begging for somebody to stop! Somebody listen!

"I was playing! I didn't do anything!" she sobbed, "Don't, please don't!" They dragged her past the edge of the village toward the woods without care for the thrashing child in their arms.

A large dead tree loomed above them, a single swaying rope the only movement in the clearing. One man moved a chair underneath it while the others roughly tied her feet together so she wouldn't kick. None of them bothered with a bag to cover her eyes. That privilege reserved for humans. Something sick grew in her stomach as they forced her to stand in place on the chair. She wheezed as her breath left her… please, please no…

"I'll make you sorry!" she screamed until her voice was hoarse. One of them stood next to her to bring the rope down to her height. He held her shaking head tight in his hands as he tugged the noose around her neck.

She was trembling.

Seven faces surrounded her, leering out of the shadows.

Not one flinched when the chair was removed.

AU: I just saw ParaNorman for the first time and it absolutely horrified me. I know it's a kid's movie and the dead part is almost a joke. But seriously, they murdered a little girl! Those zombies deserve the three hundred years of suffering. *deep breath* Anyway I just thought I'd give this moment the seriousness it deserved.