Chapter 3-Filling in the Blanks

(Naruto's Mindscape-Night of the Forbidden Scroll Incident)

Naruto awoke in a dark place, a dark dank place with ankle high water, and rusty pipes above that made it look overall like a sewer. Groaning, as he got up from the ground, he shook off some of the liquid, and struggled to properly stand. Looking around in a sense of disappointment at his attempt of killing himself failing and being stuck in this place that possibly the aftermath.

Or perhaps what he experienced was just a well desired dream and some villagers beat the crap out of him before dumping his body in the sewer. It wouldn't be the first time that happened and no doubt they were laughing at a job well done in "putting him where he belong" like they felt they were doing with their abuse.

'I'll get them back one day. I swear it!' thought Naruto while walking around and decided to explore his new situation since he had a feeling that he would be stuck here for awhile.

Walking along the watery path before him, Naruto saw red, and blue pipes all around him with new shadowy purple pipes though they seemed to be decaying at the same time. It was strange to see so many kinds of pipes being multicolored and the boy realized this was not Konoha's sewer system since they didn't have these kind of pipes beneath the village. As he kept walking, a cold, and deathly draft from one pathway suddenly caught his attention, and Naruto felt compelled to walk toward the source of it. When he arrived at the source of the draft, the Uzumaki boy stared at the massive open cage before him, its once golden form it once had was rotting away, falling apart in various places, and it clearly looked like a shadow of its former self.

"Look what that guy did to my seal! Pure sealing perfection that held Kyuubi for years and in one moment the new guy ruins it!" exclaimed a voice behind Naruto, who spun around to see a blonde haired man, and a red haired woman walking toward him.

"Well what did you expect Minato-kun? Baraggan-san did devour the fox and used its power to restore himself to his true potential. You make it sound like your sealing skills are unbeatable," said the woman while giving the man a slight glare.

"Well I wouldn't say unbeatable Kushina-chan. Though you do have to admit that it does rival Uzumaki Sealing," answered Minato before being slugged in the face by the woman named Kushina.

"Uzumaki Sealing will always be unmatched forever! Dattebane!" exclaimed Kushina, as she shot her fist up into the air again, and then looked over seeing Naruto staring at them.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto while walking toward them.

"Naruto? is that you?" asked Minato, as he got up from the ground, and rubbing his sore jaw from the punch.

"I know who I am, but who are you? And you?" questioned Naruto with the two adults looking at him with a frown before looking at each other and then at him.

"You mean don't know? That you weren't told?" asked Minato curiously while Naruto scowled.

"Told what? Who are you? Why are you here? Where is here? And what was in that cage?" demanded Naruto before he was bonked on the head by Kushina.

"Mind your manners Naruto. I would have thought Tsunade would have taught you better manners at this point. Though considering her own habits, Shizune is probably doing all the work, and being the responsible one in this family," stated Kushina with Naruto now rubbing his head and glaring at her.

"Who is Tsunade? And answer my questions damn it!" replied Naruto, who dodged the oncoming hit from Kushina, and kept on glaring.

"Wait a minute Kushina. Naruto, who has been raising you all this time?" asked Minato while Kushina let out a huff.

"No one. I've been alone all my life," answered Naruto with Minato and Kushina looking at him in shock.

"No one? What about Tsunade and Jiraiya? Your Godparent?" questioned Kushina with Naruto looking like he had been struck in the face.

"Godparents? I have Godparents?" was Naruto's response while the two adults frowned.

"Yes Naruto you have Godparents. Though why they haven't raised you up until now is troubling to say the least. Is Sarutobi Hiruzen still alive?" said Minato with Naruto just nodding.

"Yeah. He's the Sandaime Hokage. Just who are you two and how do you know me?" asked Naruto with the two adults looking at each other uneasily before looking back at him.

"Naruto, I don't know how to really put this except that...we are your parents," answered Minato while pointing to himself and Kushina with Naruto sporting multiple emotions at this point.

"My...parents?" questioned Naruto in disbelief.

"Yes. My name is Uzumaki Kushina and this is Namikaze Minato. I'm surprised you don't recognize your Father since his face is on the Hokage Monument for everyone to see," answered Kushina, who moved to embrace her son, but the boy jumped back, and his face was livid with anger.

"My Father is the Yondaime Hokage? That's flat out impossible! Its not true!" stated Naruto with Kushina and Minato looking shocked.

"Why don't you believe it Naruto? Surely Hiruzen, Tsunade, and Jiraiya will confirm it for you if asked?" questioned Minato, but got a glare from the boy, and it shocked him to see such anger aimed at him.

"I did ask? You know what I got from the old man? Nothing! Just a 'I don't know Naruto. I'm sorry. I'll look into it, but now is not the time to ask.' or some other crap! As for those other two, I've never met them, and as to why I don't believe life has been utter Hell in Konoha! If I was your son, do you really think I would be hated, and beaten in the place that loves you?" countered Naruto with Kushina and Minato looking shocked by this.

"Wait! You're not loved in Konoha? Do the people know who you are?" asked Kushina, as she moved forward again, but stopped when Naruto took several steps back, and kept his glare on them.

"Yeah. They know who I am. I'm the 'demon brat', the 'monster', and the 'abomination' of Konoha! I'm the kid they beat up on my birthday! I'm the kid they use for target practice! I'm the single most hated person in Konoha!" exclaimed Naruto with all the anger he could muster.

"What? That's...that's not possible!" stated Minato, as he looked at Kushina, who was on the verge of crying, and the woman instantly moved faster then either male could track to find her hugging the stunned boy.

"W-What are you doing? Let me go! Now!" said Naruto, as he struggled to get free, but Kushina held him tighter, and started to cry.

"My son. My baby boy. I told Minato this might happen. I told him the village wouldn't honor his dying wish. OUR dying wish," stated Kushina with Naruto now stopping his struggle to get free when he heard this.

"What I want to know is WHY it wasn't honored? Why is Naruto treated so badly? Where are Jiraiya and Tsunade? How does the village know of you holding the Kyuubi?" asked Minato with Naruto's body going stiff again.

"I...I hold the Kyuubi?" asked Naruto with Kushina and Minato looking at him.

"You mean you weren't told? Ever?" asked Kushina with Naruto shaking his head.

"No. I often wondered why I was hated. Beaten up within an inch of my life. I asked the Hokage countless times and he just...wouldn't answer me," answered Naruto with his two parents frowned further.

"And you haven't been in contact with either of your two Godparents?" They are hardly unrecognizable since they are two of the legendary three Sannin," replied Minato with the boy shaking his head no.

"I barely survived being at the orphanage. I was either eating rotting food or no food at all and I was kicked out in the middle of winter during a snow storm," answered Naruto with both his parents looking livid at this.

"And the Hokage allowed this? He let this happen?" asked Kushina with Naruto unable to look her in the eyes.

"I...I don't know. I don't think...he's a busy man," said Naruto while scratching the back of his head.

"Naruto, the power behind being the Hokage of Konoha is absolute with the exception of the Fire Daimyo. You are the single most important child in Konoha and even more so for holding the Kyuubi. Something that should have been known to a select few and two of them would have been your Godparent. Why they weren't in Konoha raising you is disturbing to me," replied Minato before a cold chuckle was heard throughout the dark room.

"Correction. He was holding the Kyuubi," said a malevolent voice before an elderly man with scars on his face and looking like a barbarian warlord walked into the light.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto while Kushina moved him protectively behind her and saw Minato getting ready for a fight.

"I am the Kyuubi's killer and replacement in being housed in you call a mind. Though given how you have been abused, neglected, and taught next to does not really surprise me that this is the outcome of what manifests for a mind these days," replied the old man while walking further towards them.

"Stay away from our son!" commanded Minato while the figure just stopped and laughed at him.

"Protecting your son. Your only child. How noble. How honorable. Its been awhile since I've seen anyone worthy of my attention. Most humans in your position would run and abandon their child to save themselves," commented the figure while the two adults in front of him got ready for a fight.

"We're already dead. We're mere soul fragments left behind to act as a fails safe in the event the fox would get free while keeping all our memories intact in the event we did interact with our son. We have nothing to lose by fighting with all our power to protect him," answered Minato with Kushina nodding in agreement.

"True. Under normal circumstances, you would be right in that regard. If not for the fact that my kind devour souls. Human souls to be exact," countered the figure and saw them both stiffen in fear.

"Human souls?" asked Minato with the figure nodding.

"I am a Hollow. The former Hollow King to be exact. I guess you could say I was...well dethroned before my near death. I'm actually quite surprised to be alive. From what I am to understand, your Shodaime Hokage, his wife, Uchiha Madara, and Kyuubi all had a hand in me arriving to your world many years ago when they all fought. I've been sealed away in the Forbidden Scroll of Seals ever since I was picked up by the Shodaime and was until today...feeding slowly on the energy of the various Hokages that have worked in that office. You being one of them," answered the former Hollow King.

"And when Naruto put on your crown...," replied Minato with his eyes widening.

"Yes. A near infinite amount of demonic energy was sent my way by the fox, who was in fact actually trying to expel me with his power, and he was quite surprised when it simply backfired on him. I've been going through his memories and I must say he did not like being trapped in three different humans. His pride in being the strongest of the nine Biju and his anger at how he felt Konoha would use him to be their weapon was what resulted in his attempt to kill the boy prior to the sealing. Hence the woman here died. Being the shield against the fox's claws aimed at your only son. You have might utmost respect. Both of you," replied the former Hollow King.

"You still haven't told us your name," said Naruto, as he boldly took a step forward, and ignored his parents trying to force him back.

The figure let out a laugh.

"How very true. I only gave you all a title and it was a former one at that. My name is in fact Baraggan Louisenbairn and as I stated before I was the former Hollow King. As for what Hollows are? They are tortured lost souls, who in turn survive by eating other souls to fill hole in themselves that cannot be filled, and grow stronger for it. We also eat other forms of energy if it's consumable and in my case I consumed Kyuubi's power along with his soul to bring myself back to peak performance. In fact, I'm significantly stronger then I was before my near death, and could destroy Aizen if given the chance," said Baraggan with the last part more to himself in a near whisper.

"Who is Aizen?" asked Naruto with neither his parents knowing the answer.

"You don't need to worry about that boy. In fact, from what I've seen from the fox's own memories of this seal, and its have little worry about as of right now in regards to your life," answered Baraggan with Naruto, Kushina, and Minato frowning.

"In what way?" asked Minato cautiously while wondering how the former Hollow King was able to understand his complex sealing method.

"Simply put, because of this seal's overall purpose, and design I am not only going to be the fox's replacement in being your tenant...I am also going to become you," answered Baraggan with Naruto looking shocked.

"Wait what?!" questioned Naruto while both his parents were stunned by this.

"The purpose of this seal was to do more then just hold the Biju within your body. It was designed to trickle its 'chakra' as you call the energy of this world into your own system and purify it so your own reserves would in fact grow to immense proportions. Overtime, this seal your Father made would have allowed your body to absorb the fox completely into your body, and the two of you would have in fact...merged with your mind being the dominant one. Now that I have effectively taken his place in every shape and form...I will now merge with you dear boy," answered Baraggan with Naruto looking floored by this while Minato felt the same way.

Kushina was smiling at her husband, but her smile did not reach her eyes, and the smile was the kind that made many men (mainly Nara Clan men) try to run away from such a woman with that smile.

They never do get very far.

"Minato-kun, you didn't tell me that was part of the seal design when you were preparing it to seal Kyuubi on our son. Why is that?" asked Kushina with Minato laughing a very nervous laugh.

"Oh see uh...I thought that with Kyuubi merged with Naruto would help the boy in the future when he was fully grown and a strong capable Shinobi of Konoha," answered Minato while his wife approached him in a menacing way as she was cracking her knuckles in a way that a certain blonde woman would do when she encountered a pervert in the hot springs.

"And turn him possibly into a half-demon fox in the process? Maybe ALL demon?" asked Kushina with Minato backing up with his hands up to stay off a big beating.

" theory it might have been possible. In my defense, I was rushing a bit with the fox's rampage, and rescuing Naruto from Madara," answered Minato in a pleading tone.

"Madara? As in Uchiha Madara?" asked Baraggan with the two adults in front of him turning their heads to look at him.

"Yeah. Why?" asked Minato seriously while ignoring his wife's ever doom giving form still looming over him.

"No reason. Please continue," answered Baraggan while he was looking at the various memories still being sorted through him regarding the Uchiha.

"So...I become you? Or do you become me?" asked Naruto while ignoring his Mother beating the crap out of his Father.

"As I said before to you child, we merge into one being, but your own mind will be the dominant one, and therefore you are the one in control. I thought you would understand that fact since its easy enough to figure out," said Baraggan with Naruto frowning at him.

"I do understand! Its just that...for some reason I'm having trouble understanding things. I always did when growing up," answered Naruto while wincing slightly from a pain he was feeling within his brain.

Baraggan felt it too and frowned slightly since it was clear this was not normal.

It was clear this problem the boy was having within his mind in terms mental capabilities was something that shouldn't be happening to the boy at all. Using his own sensory based power known to all Arrancar as Pesquisa, Baraggan easily tracked the problem to another section of the boy's mind, and located the source of it being another seal surrounding the ability for Naruto to intake knowledge with a door shut while wrapped tightly in chains.

It was keeping that door shut with little room for anything to properly get through it and upon further inspection of the boy's mind the former Hollow King found more! It seemed there were other parts of Naruto that were chained and locked tightly in place with the purpose of staying locked away forever.

"Wait here child," ordered Baraggan before he used Sonido to vanish from sight and soon found himself standing in front of the various doors chained and locked heavily in place to prevent them from being opened.

Frowning at the three doors in front of him, which read "mind", "hair", and "aggressive anger", the former Hollow King focused his power to age object to make the chains rot. Sure enough the chains and the locks began rotting away before they were destroyed without a trace of them left. With the restraints on the doors gone, they all opened up one by one, and only when hearing Naruto's crying of pain did Baraggan used Sonido to get back to him.

"Naruto! What did you do Baraggan?" demanded Minato while Kushina held her son and saw him going through changes.

"Your son had more then the Kyuubi sealed inside of him. I have found multiple doors pertaining to the boy being locked heavily with chains. They were parts of him that had been sealed away to weaken and suppress his potential. Not to mention it was preventing the boy from ever thinking of retaliating against those fools in his village that would hurt him physically or mentally," answered Baraggan while seeing Naruto's hair change from blonde to red and his eyes while in pain showed a sense of sharpness in understanding things around him.

Baraggan also saw there was anger in those eyes. LOTS of anger.

"I hate them," whispered Naruto furiously while Kushina held him tight.

"Naruto," said Kushina while feeling her son shaking now with more rage in his body then that of pain.

"I hate them! They beat me, poisoned me, starved me, and tried to kill me multiple times while those above I thought were trustworthy left me to ROT! Well I'm not going to let them win. I'm going to fight them with all my being and make them pay!" exclaimed Naruto furiously while Kushina held him tightly.

"And I'll help you for as long as I'm here my son," answered Kushina while her son now looked up to stare with calculating eyes.

"You mean it?" asked Naruto with Kushina crying harder.

"Look into my eyes Naruto. You mean more to me then this village every could. I love you my most precious of treasures. I gave my life to save you from Kyuubi's claws so that you could live. I would do it again and more if I could so while I'm here I will help you learn what you were denied by those in Konoha. Everything I know, I will teach you, and help ensure your the most power Shinobi ever," whispered Kushina into his ear and Naruto closed his eyes while tears left his eyes.

"You promise?" asked Naruto with Kushina nodding.

"Of course! An Uzumaki always keeps their promises," answered Kushina while Naruto smiled at her and returned the embrace she was giving him.

"Hey! What about me? Can I get in on this promise? I may not be an Uzumaki like your Mother here, but I would like to think a Namikaze can keep a promise too," stated Minato walking over to them and hugged them too.

"Yes. Yes you can," replied Naruto, as he held onto them tightly, his tears flowing freely, and the pain of never knowing his parents while wondering if they ever loved him had been washed away.

"As touching as this moment is, we do have a considerable problem since you two were not meant to linger in his mind for long, and thus you will leave him eventually. The only reason you haven't left is because time moves differently here then it does in the outside world. You have actually been sustaining yourself here longer then usual due to the fact Naruto is unconscious within his own mind and thus focusing all his mental energies here that have kept you alive. If we are to have any chance of the two of you staying here for the need to time to teach the boy, I will have to take over, and assert authority over the fools in this village. Though time is running short since even now, a few seconds here is minutes outside, and I'm currently keeping a large number of your village's Shinobi in the surrounding at bay by using my power to cover the boy's body like a shield. As it stands the Shinobi are waiting for the large pillar of energy I have released to die down," said Baraggan while watching this drama scene play out before him.

"They're not my Shinobi. Not anymore. They betrayed my trust. They betrayed my wife. They betrayed my son. They betrayed the principles of the Leaf in which this village was founded on," remarked Minato bitterly with the man looking at Baraggan, who nodded in agreement, and walked toward them while summoning a cane manifest into his right hand in the process.

"I'm going to kill them. All of them! I don't care if I'm in the Bingo Book. I don't care if I'm feared or hated for all time for destroyed Konoha! It will all be worth it to watch them all die slowly!" exclaimed Naruto, as he tried to move, but stopped when his mind began to throb, and fell to his knees again.

"Easy boy. You are not ready for that just yet. 12 years worth of having your potential suppressed and removed is finally taking hold of you while information that would have stumped your brain is now clicking into place. Furthermore, you will need to learn here what your parents are capable of teaching you what they know, and there is also the matter of MY memories you will be receiving from here on out while we merge together," reminded Baraggan while he stood in front of the boy and his parents.

"What do you propose then Baraggan-sama?" asked Minato while seeing the old man give him a smile.

"Simple. I take charge of things until the boy is ready to awaken and we properly merge together as one being," answered Baraggan with Minato and Kushina looking at each other while Naruto just stared into the former Espada's eyes.

"Agreed," was Naruto's reply.

"Wait Naruto! What's the catch?" questioned Minato with Baraggan shaking his head.

"No catch. The two of us are going to get a new lease on life when we merge together my dear boy. Strangely enough, that will only happen by our lives merging together, and will be starting off fresh with a clean slate. When we merge, all my knowledge, powers, and abilities I had before my death will be yours to command in the span of say...three to four Months depending on the absorption process. In short, you will become my Heir to the throne of death. As I was once the former Hollow King, you will be the Hollow Prince, and like me you will be Ruler over all things death itself!" answered Baraggan with Naruto nodding since his mind was allowing him to understand this.

"And those that betrayed my family? The Sandaime Hokage? My Godparents? The Leaf itself?" questioned Naruto with Baraggan smirking at him. They will pay. All in do time. Whether by my hands all yours, the point will be made not to mess with either of us, and understand that a price must be paid for their treachery," answered Baraggan with the boy nodding in agreement with his parents doing the same.

There would be Hell to pay for Konoha's betrayal.

(Konoha-Present Day)

Baraggan awoke from his slumber. Or rather, Naruto's body did since it needed rest just like any other 12 year old, and the former Espada had made sure to exercise it properly. The boy was still growing so even with the body being physically enhanced beyond all normal means, it would be foolish of him to not give it the proper exercise required to keep everything in tip top shape, and show any form of weakness.

Baraggan wouldn't tolerate it and neither would his Heir.

After going through his now becoming usual morning physical routine to keep it in top shape, the former Espada in a child's body headed out for the day to inspect Konoha, and see what else was going on in this cesspool of sorts that needed to be addressed. Tsunade was back, which was a plus for Naruto since the woman had no idea of the boy being alive until two days ago, and even now the newly minted Fifth Hokage was cleaning house. The Academy had lost several of their instructors responsible for the sabotaging of Naruto and the other students in his class. They were taken to Ibiki, who had no problem unleashing his skills on all of the morons that would cripple the next generation in their own way, and risk the Leaf becoming too weak to fight back possibly stronger enemies. Each Academy instructor had eventually confessed not only the sabotaging, but that they did it for money being paid by the Councils to further Uchiha Sasuke's belief of him being a true prodigy, and keep the boy loyal to Konoha in the belief he could be a great Shinobi thanks to their tutelage. The Sandaime also knew of this and approved of the sabotage, provided that it didn't go too far, and that each of the students had a fair chance of graduating the exam before being judged by their Jounin sensei during the real test.

Insulting and stupid to say the least.

The Academy itself was a joke to Tsunade, as she saw the curriculum being used by them overall, and nearly threw her desk out the window in frustration at what was taken out of the programs. All that was left to teach these kids was history of Konoha, the basic Jutsus used by any novice, and the Academy standard Taijutsu. What about elemental affinities? How about the study Kenjutsu? Different weapons for different Shinobi. There wasn't even a mention of Medical Ninjutsu being capable of saving lives of injured comrades!

'If this is how things were going since I've been gone, then the Leaf is in bigger trouble then I thought, and the fact sensei let him happen concerns me. What was he thinking?' thought Tsunade, as she sighed while looking over more of the damage the Sandaime Hokage caused, and wanted to smash his face in.

If it wasn't already and he was at the hospital with Jiraiya with the two healing in full body casts.

"How are things?" asked Baraggan after using Sonido to enter her office thanks to the open window.

"Bad. Everything sensei did since taking office again after the Yondaime died was just one bad decision after another. Its like he purposely weakened Konoha, but for what I don't know," answered Tsunade with Baraggan nodding.

"Did Jiraiya tell you anything about the account he and Hiruzen made to pilfer money from the Uzumaki and Namikaze accounts?" asked Baraggan with Tsunade shaking her head no.

"He wouldn't answer me. The man just looked away with a scowl on his face like I did something horrible in revealing that to the world. Like some big secret that shouldn't be made public was brought to light. Of course by that point I was upset with him to no end that I broke his jaw, which I just finished healing with a solid punch, and told him that I would get answers no matter what," replied Tsunade with Baraggan nodding.

"The account in question had quite the sum of money deposited in it from the pilfering, plus the interest it was given to grow made it even larger, and could nearly buy a whole village with it," remarked Baraggan with the woman nodding before frowning.

"Wait a minute. The total number in the account was, according to the Bank Manager had grown to the sum of 3,050,000,000 ryo," stated Tsunade with Baraggan nodding.

"That was with the interest from the years it sat growing in secret under everyone's noses like it was some kind of...nest egg of theirs," remarked Baraggan with Tsunade nodding, but the frown didn't leave, and pulled up some information she found that was in regards to land rights possibly being purchased.

"There is only one place where a sum of money that large could an would be used when it comes to purchasing something on a massive scale. My former sensei was going to buy land that once belonged to Whirlpool Country," answered Tsunade with Baraggan now frowning before she handed him the information.

"His Mother's homeland and your Grandmother's too. But why buy it?" said Baraggan with Tsunade sighing.

"After Whirlpool fell during the Second Shinobi War, it was believed with proof that there were other Uzumaki Clan members, who had survived the fall, and would one day come back to reclaim the land when the time came. The Fire Daimyo was able to politically use the alliance Fire Country had with Whirlpool to gain some form of right to the land, but not entirely since an Uzumaki could reclaim it for free regardless if the land was bought by another country, and it was forbidden for anyone to remove anything there unless with permission from an Uzumaki without coercion from someone else," answered Tsunade with the former Espada in front of her narrowing his eyes.

"Unless someone like the Hokage bought the land using money in an account made using money from the Uzumaki account and an overeager naive teenager for an Uzumaki that was currently living in Konoha changed things. One, who was curious about his family history on his Mother's side, and wanted to know more about it. All he had to do was give permission and the payment would just further enforce the claim over anyone else before the rights to such land was given to Fire Country," stated Baraggan with Tsunade looking a bit confused.

"Why not ask me? I'm an Uzumaki on my Mother's side," questioned Tsunade with the former Hollow King looking her right in the eye.

"Could you surrender your home to Fire Country? Willingly? Let Shinobi from the Leaf rape and pillage the treasures that lay buried there. The knowledge of Uzumaki Seals, the Jutsus, and the natural resources that surrounded the island?" asked Baraggan with the female Hokage shaking her head.

"No. Not when you mention it like that. I would have probably thought about the offer if asked, but in the end, I would have said no, and let the past stay respectfully buried," said Tsunade with Baraggan nodding.

"Hence why you weren't asked. But if Naruto had been molded in the way Jiraiya and Hiruzen wanted...," remarked Baraggan so the unfinished sentence could in fact finish itself in Tsunade's mind.

"He would have unknowingly given Konoha and Fire Country just about everything that belonged to him before they made sure it was never seen by him," finished Tsunade with the former Hollow King nodding while the woman seethed in anger.

"Exactly! They were intending to take what did not belong to them while using someone who could take it because it did belong to him. Only when he moved to take it, those that were with him would ensure the boy never had it, and lie to make Naruto believe there was nothing there to take," added Baraggan with Tsunade's anger rising while trying to keep it in check due to her guest helping in learning the truth.

"Thank you for helping fill in the blanks on this matter Baraggan-sama. I will take the proper steps to ensure no one tries this again," replied Tsunade with Baraggan nodding and taking his leave again before stopping at the window.

"Also, in addition to this conspiracy against Naruto...I suspect the Fire Daimyo is also involved in it too since he would gain the most from such a deal, and no one could prove he had a hand in the machinations required to make it happen. By the time any questions or inquiries were to come up, Hiruzen would have been dead, and Jiraiya getting there within a few years," added Baraggan with Tsunade's eyes widening in surprise and knew that was true.

The natural resources within Whirlpool would make Fire Country financially richer then it had been in years and the Fire Daimyo would be able to take credit for his country's newly found prosperity. The Fire Daimyo would have the most to gain from such a thing with such financial stake in the matter. Not to mention that her former sensei and Jiraiya could only set their plan in motion with the Fire Daimyo's approval.

"And the Fire Daimyo would consider what happened to be completely legal on his end while denying anything illegal happened under his watch," said Tsunade with Baraggan nodding.

"He will eventually be dealt with in time," remarked Baraggan before he walked out of the room.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

Naruto smile while looking around within his mind, as it was no longer a sewer like when he first entered it, and walked on white sand instead of water. There were no longer pipes of all different shapes, sizes, and colors in tight constricting places like last time. Now there was only wide open space, with a wide open night sky, stars high in the air, and a shining moon above that was the only source of light in this dark place.

An exact replica of Hueco Mundo.

The smile left him quickly though, as a look of concentration replaced it, and like Baraggan he too had a shadowy black cane with a fox's head in his left hand.

Appearing behind him was his Mother, a sword in hand, meant to slash him diagonally down the back, and tear through his flesh. Dodging the attack, Naruto moved left, right, down, up, shift more to the right, leap back using a handstand before spinning to face her, and then blocked the last attempt with his cane. Holding his cane steady, Naruto felt his Father's presence behind him, a kunai in hand currently at the ready to stab him in the back of the head, and moved his head away to prevent the weapon from killing him. Grabbing the arm with his free one, Naruto gave a squeeze until Minato had no choice, but to let the weapon fall with his limb at risk of being broken, and kicked the fallen kunai at his Mother. Kushina quickly jumped away to prevent the weapon from striking her in the chest and pierce her heart before charging again with Naruto using Sonido to vanish from sight.

"Damn it Naruto! Stop using that move!" exclaimed Minato since his son used it easily to dodge his parents attacks with Kushina colliding into him in the process.

"But its so fun to use it. Besides, you use your own technique that made you famous in the last Shinobi War. Its only fair," countered Naruto with a smile on his face.

"He's got you there Minato-kun," added Kushina while Minato grumbled.

"You're only saying that because he has red hair like you," countered Minato, who got punched in the jaw for that, and earned Kushina's wrath.

"Don't denounce people with red hair! Red hair is the best hair color ever! Dattebane!" exclaimed Kushina while Naruto smirked at seeing his Father whimper in pain from the punch to the face.

"Enjoying things I take it?" asked Baraggan, as he appeared before them, and saw the boy nod his head.

"I sure am Grandpa Baraggan," answered Naruto with Baraggan smirking at him.

"Smart ass gaki. Still, in a way it does make sense you would call me that. How goes your training in understanding my techniques and those of your parents?" questioned Baraggan with Naruto shooting a Bala through the sandy dunes of this fake version of Hueco Mundo.

"Everything is going well. I still have a ways to go though. So much to learn here and then practice in the real world when I take control. How's life outside?" replied Naruto with Baraggan informing him and his parents of what has happened so far.

"I knew Tsunade didn't willingly abandon my son! Take that Minato-kun! Dattebane!" exclaimed Kushina happily while Minato groaned at his wife being right.

"Regardless, I'm disturbed by this news of the Hiruzen, and Jiraiya conspiring with the Fire Daimyo to acquire Whirlpool for the treasures there," remarked Minato with his wife's happy mood shifting from happy to angry with her hair moving around wildly.

"I'll kill them! Let me at them! Let me at them!" exclaimed Kushina with Minato having to restrain his wife before she got too out of control.

"As for the arranged marriages, you have Inuzuka Hana, Hyuuga Hinata, and Yamanaka Ino to be your future wives. If any other potential women catch your interest will be up to you to court after we've merged into one entity," remarked Baraggan with Naruto looking surprised while Kushina squealed with joy.

"Yes! I'm one step closer to having lots and lots of Grandchildren! Dattebane!" exclaimed Kushina while Minato just looked at her with a sweat drop running down his head while laughing nervously.

"Sorry about this. Even when she was pregnant with Naruto, Kushina-chan was thinking he was a boy, and wondering how many girls would chase after him. She kept saying he would be grow up to be a handsome boy or overall a heartthrob with every girl wanting to marry him," replied Minato with Naruto shaking his head while Baraggan snorted in amusement.

Women would always be strange to them no matter what

(Real World-With the Rookies)

"Come on you maggots! Move it! Move it! Move it!" exclaimed Anko, as she watched the group running around her obstacle course she created with the Hokage's approval, and saw how each of the Rookie Nine that would have qualified to take the official graduation test that their Jounin senseis would give them were now struggling to get through it.

Were the Academy's standards this low that they couldn't go through her version of an obstacle course? It wasn't like she overdid things here and made it too challenging, right? Okay, so maybe the multiple rings of fire they had to jump through, the buzz saws that came out of the floor if you stepped on one of the multiple hidden switches, and the large pit of spikes were a bit much. Maybe. Still, did they have to glare at her when she decided to unleash one of her larger horse sized snakes on them before they started running, and trying to get away from being devoured by it? Was she that cruel and sadistic? In one word to sum up the answer to her own question...absolutely!

"S-S-She's a sadistic b-bi-itch. I-I think I-I'm g-g-going to p-puke," remarked Kiba, as he was panting, and taking this brief moment to crouch slightly with his hands on his knees to catch his breath after finally completing the course with a few others.

"Why is she running us ragged like this?" asked Ino since she wasn't expecting this when they were being given the crash course in their Shinobi training.

"I believe she wants our bodies to be at peak performance since the Academy didn't do that much in regards to physical endurance training," answered Shino, but even his stoic form was covered in sweat, and it showed on his trench coat if only slightly.

"I can do all that at home when I train. Why do it here?" challenged Kiba now on his ass and felt his breath get caught in his throat when he sensed a looming figure having moved to hover behind him.

"Because all of your parents want to make sure you get the maximum amount of physical training. Also, I had a talk with your Mom last night about you slacking off at home, and she knows for a fact that a certain runt I'm talking to here hasn't been training that hard in his clan's style," replied Anko in a sweet yet evil voice while Kiba laughed nervously at her cruel looking eyes.

"I'm pacing myself," answered Kiba with Anko picking him up by his jacket.

"Wrong answer gaki! Do the course over again. If you die, remember its not my fault you can't cut it, and considering your sister is going to eventually marry the family line isn't going to be lost!" exclaimed Anko, as she threw him to the start of the course, and heard him let out a dog like whine before growling at the mention of his sister's future marriage.

'When I see Naruto-baka, I'm going to kick his ass, and see to it that all his marriages are cancelled,' thought Kiba angrily while using it to run through the obstacle course again.

"So Hana is going to marry Naruto?" asked Shikamaru after taking a bottle of water and drinking some of it before pouring it on his head.

"From what I've heard from my parents, Ino here, and Hinata are in an arranged marriage with Naruto-san," answered Shino with Ino frowning and Hinata blushing at the mention of her future marriage to Naruto.

Of course it was hard to tell since she was panting heavily too from running through the obstacle course.

"Well I don't like it! If I'm going to be an arranged marriage with anyone, it should be Sasuke-kun, and not Naruto-baka," answered Ino finally while Hinata frowned while Sakura collapsed near them by this point.

"Y-You...tell t-them...I-Ino pig," replied Sakura though in truth she was glad Ino was out of the running in getting to be with Sasuke.

As well as most of the other girls since they gave up earlier when Anko first introduced the obstacle course.

"Shut up forehead! The point is, being married to Naruto-baka will be painful, and make me want to kill myself. Why anyone would want to be married to him and live a pathetic life with him is beyond me," remarked Ino while Hinata scowled now and felt her hands wants to ball up into fists to slug the girl.

"Perhaps you should look in the mirror first before judging others little girl," remarked Anko while walking up to the girl.

"What do you mean?" questioned Ino with Anko shaking her head at her.

"You want to talk about painful? About Naruto? That gaki's life has been anything, BUT pleasant, and I should know since I've seen it. Didn't your Father tell you the boy's history and past in connection to how he suffered everyday since he was born?" questioned Anko with Ino looking away.

"He did. I just...blocked him out for the most part. Its kind of hard to listen to him when he mentions I'm going to married to the baka," answered Ino before flinching under the glare from Anko and probably Hinata's too if she focused on the Hyuuga girl next.

"So you blocked out the part where your Father explained how Naruto was beaten within an inch of his life? How he was stabbed with swords, kunai, shuriken, and used for Jutsu testing against his will? How he had to eat out of garbage cans, eat rotten food, and in some cases NO food at all?" questioned Anko with Ino looking away further in shame while the other Rookies heard this and were listening intently.

"The baka recovered, did he? The Kyuubi just healed his injuries anyway so what does it matter?" asked Sakura while getting involved in this conversation.

"Just because he healed physically doesn't mean there weren't mental scars you dumb pink haired bitch! Not only was Naruto hurt in all those ways growing up, he was also told his parents didn't WANT him, and that they ABANDONED him because he was a monster! How would you feel growing up and hear that from just about everyone in the village? Its a miracle the gaki lived this long without killing himself sooner. Kami knows he probably has considered several ways to kill himself, but he shot them down because he knew they would probably fail, and believed that the object sealed in the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing as his only way out in what he believed was a guarantee that he would die!" exclaimed Anko with Sakura moving away from the angry woman while Ino was looking ashamed.

"Well...he is a monster!" Sakura shot back before Anko moved over to the pink haired girl now crawling backward away from her and stomped on little girl's stomach.

"Listen here brat! You think your world is so perfect? That your parents are perfect? Let me tell you something about your parents, they are the ones who went to the Sandaime Hokage, and bitched about the Academy being too hard for little girls like you. They felt that the innocence of their little 'pink haired princess' and by extension every other child going to the Academy. They asked that the standards at the Academy get lowered to the point where even the fan girls like you and the other wretches that want to get into the Uchiha's pants have a very small remote slim chance of passing. Trust me brat, if you were in MY class at the Academy, you wouldn't have made it halfway through the year, and quit being a Shinobi altogether! You lack the needed stamina, the necessary training, and your only real strength is book smarts that don't really help you out in the field. They might in a library, but in being a Shinobi, and don't tell me that Suzume's flower class, and how to act like 'proper woman' counts since it doesn't," answered Anko while she glared at the pink haired girl.

"And like Naruto-baka would have done any better?" challenged Sakura weakly with Anko barking out a laugh.

"Done better? The kid would have outshined everyone! But you'll see that soon enough when the kid awakens and is out in the field. Personally, I can't wait to see how badass he can be, and make his enemies run away after soiling themselves," remarked Anko while letting out a giggle of joy at the idea of seeing Naruto make his enemies do that.

"She's scary. Like my Mom," whispered Shikamaru to Choji.

"I knew that before we ran the obstacle course," whispered Choji while wishing he could eat some chips right now.

"Keeping them on their toes I see," remarked Baraggan, as he had used Sonido to arrive at this training area where Anko was tort-training the Rookies to the point of puking the food they ate three days ago out.

"Yep! You must be Baraggan-sama given the mature way you are addressing me," said Anko with Baraggan smirking despite the smirk was made using Naruto's face.

"Thank you my dear. Its always nice to meet a woman with perceptive eyes, ears, and the brains to know who they addressing," replied Baraggan with a slight bow of his head to show his respect to her.

"Flattery will get you and Naruto nowhere. At least not until Naruto is older and he talks the same way as you," countered Anko before giggling and Baraggan let out a chuckle of his own.

"I'll be sure to tell him know or at least mentally remember that so he can later when we merge into one being," replied Baraggan with a smirk on his face.

"He's still a loser," remarked Sasuke, which got everyone to look at him, and most of the faces from these people were looking at him with disgust.

"Care to repeat that Uchiha?" questioned Baraggan while looking at the boy like he was a worm that deserved to be crushed beneath his boot.

"You heard me freak! Without you, the loser you inhabit would stay a loser, and be a weak nobody like everyone in the village believes if true. The only reason they don't now is because you are threatening to kill them with your freakish powers," challenged Sasuke with Baraggan not looking pleased by the Uchiha's words.

"Tough talk coming from the boy who had everything handed to him early on in life. All the Academy Instructors basically handed you everything except your Shinobi headband before you even took your first test. They bowed to your every whim simply because you are the 'last Uchiha' and your Sharingan is suppose to be this special bloodline that should be feared. I see it as a cheat. A crutch. A bloodline for those seeking the easy path in life without any desire to work hard for what they want," countered Baraggan with Sasuke seething at his words.

"I'm an Uchiha! The Elite of this village. They should give me everything I desire simply because my eyes and bloodline are the future of this village! Not you and that no class orphaned fool, who deserves to die with his deadbeat Father, and whore for a Mother. I bet the dead last isn't even the Yondaime's son and that bitch whored herself throughout Konoha just to stay in this village!" exclaimed Sasuke before Baraggan used Sonido and appeared in front of the Uchiha before striking the boy in the chest with an open palm strike that sent the victim of the simple strike bouncing violently multiple times into a tree.

"You speak out of place boy," replied Baraggan in a dangerous tone and walked over to the downed Uchiha before he was surrounded by blank masked ANBU.

"Step away from the Uchiha," commanded the Captain of the group.

"And who are you to command me?" questioned Baraggan while ignoring the blade at the boy's throat he was currently possessing.

"We protect the last Uchiha from any and all threats. You are a threat to him if you do one more act of violence toward him," answered the ANBU Captain while two in his unit helped the Uchiha to his feet.

"What are you idiots waiting for? As the last Uchiha of Konoha I order you to kill him! Kill him now!" commanded Sasuke with blood running down the side of his mouth and glaring hatefully at the former Hollow King.

"They can try boy...and they will fail!" challenged Baraggan with a cruel smile on his face.

"For the good of Konoha! Die monster!" exclaimed the ANBU Captain while ignoring the shout of protest from the Hyuuga girl or the fact she had moved to stop them.

Only to be shocked when the blade at the boy's throat broke into pieces from the attempt to slice him open at the neck from ear to ear.

"Foolish prideful humans!" said Baraggan furiously at their continued arrogance and let his spiritual pressure cover the entire area to make everyone fall to their knees with their lives flashing before their eyes.

'W-What is this?' thought Sasuke, as he looked up at Naruto's form, and the eyes of the boy he hated for having all this power from this entity that favored the now red haired Uzumaki.

Only to see the face shift rapidly before him into looking like a skull with a crown and back with the angry eyes clearly showing the former Hollow King's displeasure.

"You are an arrogant child. You believe yourself invincible with your so called power that is your bloodline. These foolish Shinobi that defend you are worms just like those on the Councils that believe your Sharingan is a gift from some great deity. They sit in their little cradle of power, stomping their fists, beating their chests, all the while trying to use some invisible authority they all believe is their in order to get command over someone like me. In truth, they would have better luck making a rat dance for cheese, or make a cat move with a cheap toy. I've seen the boy's memories of you, walking around like you own this village because of the loss of your pathetic family, and acting like the entire world itself owes you everything. You are owed nothing Uchiha Sasuke. Some may tell you otherwise, but they only say it to inflate your ego to work for them, and expect favors be returned on your end once you've been placed in a position of power. You need to be reminded of the order of things and that you are not the 'Elite Shinobi' everyone in this village has practically proclaimed you to be despite no outside experience whatsoever on your part," stated Baraggan before he smacked Sasuke in the face multiple times in the face with the end of his cane six times.

Three sides per cheek with what seemed like crude whisker marks in the form of cuts and bruises.

It was after the sixth strike to the Uchiha's face that the spiritual pressure died away and Baraggan turned to walk over to Hyuuga Hinata before he gently helping the girl up to her now shaky legs. She held onto him for a long moment, her breath catching up with her during that time, and slightly blushing at the physical contact while Hinata knew that the being possessing Naruto was in control.

Even if the feeling of shame at failing to stand at the time of his anger being released upon the Uchiha and his supporters.

"I-I-I'm sorry. I must seem so weak to you Baraggan-sama. I don't think I'm truly strong enough to be worthy of being called Naruto's future wife," whispered Hinata while the former Espada let out a chuckle.

"My dear, you showed a great deal of loyalty to the boy when you called out like that to when the ANBU made his attempt at slicing Naruto's throat. Even moving toward the danger despite the risks involved. That takes courage. As for falling down to the ground with everyone else, it was to be expected considering my power, and eventually Naruto's power will be beyond anything you have ever felt before. Hopefully, as time passes while you are in close contact with Naruto in the near future, you will develop some form of resistance to it, and be able to stand tall in the face of such power when it is unleashed," replied Baraggan gently with seeing Hinata nod while shying away at his words since she still didn't feel worthy of being Naruto's future wife.

As for the Shinobi behind him, they had managed to stand with weapons drawn, and were about to attack when Tsunade appeared with her own ANBU right behind her.

"What the Hell is going on here?!" demanded Tsunade since she had sensed the power that Baraggan had unleashed from the tower and knew it spelled trouble.

"This creature in Uzumaki Naruto hurt the last Uchiha. We were protecting the boy from harm," answered the ANBU Captain with the blank ANBU mask on is face.

"Oh really? Who ordered you to be the Uchiha brat's bodyguards? I certainly didn't! None of MY ANBU wear those masks so take them off now so I can identify you!" commanded Tsunade with none of them obeying and were instead moving slightly back to retreat.

"Bala!" said Baraggan, as he blew the ANBU Captain's leg out before he used Sonido to stand on the screaming man's chest to prevent any of his comrades from trying to silence him.

'Wow! I barely saw it,' thought Anko while feeling a bit turned on by the sudden use of violence.

"Run away and you join this one on the ground only without either of your legs to stand on when I get through with you...literally!" stated Baraggan with the ANBU in front of him looking at each other before they surrendered one by one and Tsunade's ANBU had them restrained.

Uchiha Sasuke had no intention of letting this insult slide.

Throughout his whole life, Sasuke had been in the shadow of his brother, trying to fight his way to the level Itachi was at so he could kill the man, and avenge his family. Now this loser, who was suppose to be dead last among the other students at the Academy, has this new found power, and using it against him! Even worse, the people in the village, the Councils, and even the Sandaime Hokage himself had been restrained by the freak in the dead last's body. With the Senju for a Hokage backing him, everything seemed to shift in a way that didn't suit the Uchiha in the slightest, and the throbbing painful strikes to his face just enforced the belief that something had to be done about this situation. This shift in his life had to be changed back, the Sandaime needed to come back, the authoritative power of the Councils had to come back, and the position of Sasuke himself being the true Elite of Konoha had to come back.

The only way to do that was to kill the body of Uzumaki Naruto and thus kill the entity that possessed him while killing the dead last too in the process.

Grabbing the tanto closest to him, Sasuke moved to stab Naruto's face in the belief that because he had scars there that it was somehow the weakest part, and that was the place to strike. However, before Sasuke could even have a chance of getting the blade close enough, Hyuuga Hinata had flanked him from behind, her being the closest Shinobi to possibly do anything, and struck the Uchiha with a Gentle Fist jab along the neck to induce temporary paralysis.

'So the shy girl's got a fire in her after all. Not bad. With the proper sensei, she could be quite the juggernaut herself, and prove all those snooty Hyuuga members in her clan wrong,' thought Anko, as she had a clear view of Hinata moving around Sasuke when he first grabbed the weapon, and poised to strike with deadly precision when the Uchiha was angling the blade to stab Naruto in the face.

"For someone who believes they aren't strong enough to be Naruto's wife in the future, you are doing a good job in disproving that belief," remarked Baraggan with a smirk on his/Naruto's face while Hinata herself found herself focusing on what she had done with the reality of the situation catching up to her.

"I-I...I reacted on instinct. I saw what he was planning to do with the weapon and I felt like I just had to...move!" exclaimed Hinata with Tsunade looking impressed while the other Rookies were shocked she could move like that at all.

"Good instincts then," remarked Baraggan with Hinata blushing under his praise while wondering if Naruto would think the same thing.

"That and I think she wants to prove herself worthy of being Naruto-kun's wife. Maybe scare away any of the competition or dominate it so they know who is the Head Female the gaki's life?" added Anko with Hinata letting out an "eep!" and blushing heavier.

"Enough Anko! Hinata, I want you to come to my office later to talk about this after I finish handling this mess with these rogue ANBU, and the Uchiha here," said Tsunade, as she left with her own ANBU, who were taking away those that surrendered, and she was personally dragging the Uchiha by his shirt through the ground to the Hokage Tower.

"Well that was certainly interesting," remarked Baraggan with a chuckle before he was gone via Sonido.

"Monstrous freak of nature," mumbled Kiba before he was suddenly struck in the face by Hinata with a harsh open palm jab.

"Don't call him that!" exclaimed Hinata while everyone was looking at her like she had grow two heads and a fox tail.

Since when did the shy girl suddenly not...well act so shy?!

"What? He is a monstrous freak of nature! Did you see him! What he did? What he could do to all of us in an instant if we get out of line? Naruto will be the same way! He'll be a tyrant oppressing us with his power and won't care about how we feel!" challenged Kiba with Hinata looking livid for the first time in her life and in a way it was frightening for the girl to feel like this.

It was like a fire had suddenly risen in her that screamed to act in Baraggan's and (in the long run of things) Naruto's defense. Hadn't the persecution gone on long enough? It was the same thing over and over again since her childhood growing up while walking around Konoha. People whispering cruel things about Naruto, how they bragged about hurting him the other day, or how they witnessed it like it was their favorite pastime. How they had rewarded their kids for hurting him and told their kids to their friends to do the same.

And now, because Naruto was going to have the preverbal fangs, and claws to fight back against these abusers, a few of them were speaking out on how it was unfair!

"A tyrant to those that were tyrannical to him," countered Hinata with Kiba spitting out some blood in his mouth.

"He deserved every bit of it! If my Mother had adopted him into our clan, I would have turned that loser into a stuffed chew toy!" exclaimed Kiba with Hinata finding herself moving to slug him, but was stopped by Shino, and Anko herself was between them.

"Okay! Okay! Easy you two. Hinata, go see the Hokage's assistant, and cool off with her while you're at it. The rest of you can go home with the exception of the mutt here. I'm taking him to see his Mother and discuss what he just said here," commanded Anko, as she summoned a snake from her sleeve, and wrapped it around Kiba to prevent him from running away.

"Don't need to tell me twice," mumbled Shikamaru, but the look Anko gave him seemed to double his speed in leaving with Choji right behind him, and Ino walking away with Shino per the Aburame's request that they talk further about this situation she had with Naruto.

The Aburame Clan was filled with Masters of logic and the Aburame Heir also knew that helping Ino understand things would go a long way in her accepting Naruto as the end result. It would also help Naruto in terms of healing emotional scars from the past and thus make the boy that would be a potential Shinobi comrade less likely to lash out at them with his deathly powers.

"Can we talk about this?" asked Kiba in nervous tone.

"Sure! We can talk about this...after I bring you to your Mother and explain what you said about Baraggan-sama and by extension Naruto-kun too," answered Anko sweetly in a way that would make all Nara men shudder in fear since it would remind them of the women in their clan home.

All it made Kiba do is struggle further so he could get away from Anko and hopefully get to his Mother first to tell his side of things in the hopes his Mother would take his side over the crazy snake using Special Jounin.

Alas, for the Inuzuka Heir, his struggles were in vain, and were a total failure.

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