Chapter 7-The Beginning of the Chuunin Exams

Kurenai fidgeted in front of her new Master, the realization, and humiliation from the fact what had befallen her had reached the deepest recesses of the brain. After hearing what Tsunade decided would be her punishment be for the actions she took against Naruto, the former kunoichi of Konoha was taken to the T&I Dept. by her now former friend Anko, and it was clear that Naruto's Jounin sensei was enjoying this WAY too much. How did Kurenai know this? The former student of Orochimaru kept talking about how Naruto should probably have her wearing the sexiest maid outfit on the S&M market that would do little in hiding his new servant's body to everyone with fully functioning eyes. It made Kurenai shiver when Anko said that and again when entering the room where one Morino Ibiki was waiting since he had been given a heads up in advance by Tsunade.

The scarred man, who was essentially Anko's Boss at the T&I explained to Kurenai the rules, and procedures regarding her new life in being a servant. Kurenai simply nodded in understanding, but her mind had been on autopilot the whole time, as she could barely comprehend what had happened to her life, and where it was now headed. The mark that would symbolize Kurenai's new life was a seal placed on her shoulder, not unlike where Anko's Curse Seal had been on her body, and a drop of blood provided by Naruto (who she later learned had kept hidden in the shadows the whole time) bound her to the red haired boy.

It was only when she had arrived at the Namikaze Estates, in the presence of Namikaze Minato, his wife Kushina, and their son (and her new Master) that she fully understood what had happened. She was a servant to the boy she hated. That she had tried to get close to in order to kill later when the opportunity had presented itself during her unauthorized leave to Wave Country while impersonating a Genin. Looking at the three individuals she now stood in front of, Kurenai saw one blushing while trying to glare at her with anger, one was seething with hate for multiple reasons, and one kept his face impassive while being unreadable with the boy being the latter of them all.

Kushina was the seething one.

"Am I to your liking Naruto-sama?" asked Kurenai nervously while standing in front of her Master, as she was in her new attire in the form of a maid, which as she feared, had been provided by Anko, and was watching from behind them with a smirk on her face.

"It is acceptable Kurenai. For now," replied Naruto, as he looked from Kurenai to Anko, and saw the woman grin at him like she was saying "your welcome!" for providing the clothing.

"She should be aged to that of an old woman and made to work her old bones to dust," offered Kushina, as she saw the woman's figure was indeed amazing, and would no doubt inspire lust to rise one day within her son.

And possibly her husband. Something she would not allow no either front.

"Sure. Ruin my fun," whispered Anko while pouting, but the glare Kushina shot her way shut her up, and whistled nonchalantly.

"In any case, some new servant based clothing will be provided for future use since the clothing that Anko had provided will no doubt cause...distractions," commented Naruto though he had to admit, if only to himself, the outfit was sexy, and it did take effort to hold back the blush that wanted to manifest itself.

He may be mature beyond his years now thanks to everything that had happened to him recently, but his body was still in the developing, and growing stages that all boys go through.

"Thank you Naruto-sama," replied Kurenai while inside she felt part of her seething at being in this situation.

The seal along her right shoulder began to burn slightly. A simple means to enforcing the fact that any negative thoughts towards her Master would not be tolerated. The more she felt angry because of Naruto, the greater the burning pain would become, and was meant to enforce positive thoughts. Granted, she would have to think positive thoughts about her new Master, but that was her choice, and Kurenai decide to stay neutral at this point.

She could withstand a little pain if a few negative ones came along.

"Your list of duties here will be short yet simple. Mornings will involve waking me up, my parents, and preparing breakfast for us. There will be times when making lunch and dinner will be expected at times when ordered by either of us. Cleaning and maintenance of the house will be done daily or every other day when allowed. Because you were a former Shinobi of Konoha, you are allowed to train in the arts to keep those skills sharp, and defend this home as if it were your own," commanded Naruto with him motioning for her to follow him while showing her around the house.

"Yes Naruto-sama," replied Kurenai while watching walk with a purpose and it actually took a bit of effort to keep up with his stride to ensure she didn't get too far behind him.

"When I am not around, my parents will be in charge, even Haku if she wishes to use your services for something, and my future wives. However, none of their orders they give can override mine, and in the event they are not around either...I expect your time being autonomous to be used wisely!" explained Naruto with Kurenai nodding while processing this information quickly since it was clear to her that acting like a sniveling incompetent maid was not tolerated.

"How much freedom do I have outside of this house Naruto-sama?" asked Kurenai while sensing both the boy's parents walking behind her and watching with cautious eyes.

"You will be allowed to see friends and family of course, provided you still have any of the latter or the former that are concerned about your new position in life. Your clothing will be of a servant and maid based attire. You will not hide it. You will not deny it. If asked about your current situation, you will answer truthfully on why, and how it came to pass. If you lie or twist the truth about something in anyway possible, the seal on your shoulder will burn painfully in that general area, and won't stop hurting you until the truth is admitted," explained Naruto further with Kurenai's eyes widening in shock and a little bit of horror at the implications.

"Does this pertain to how I became your servant or to any and all things in general about myself?" asked Kurenai curiously.

"All things in general about yourself if asked. Though there is a security measure in place to prevent anyone from asking about my abilities or those close to me that will tolerate you lying. However, that feature will only act in the event that you have to lie in order to protect the secrets of myself, my parents, my wives, and anyone else within this family," answered Naruto while Kurenai shivered in fear while Anko was grinning viciously at her while walking beside the boy's parents.

"What about relationships? Will I be allowed to have one?" asked Kurenai, as she was hoping to have some kind of relationship in the future with a man.

"Until I say otherwise, my no!" answered Naruto with Kurenai clenched her hands and fought back the pain in palms that was matched by the mark on her back now burning with an intense heat.

"How can you be so cruel and deny me that?" demanded Kurenai while fighting the pain in her shoulder when it spiked further.

"Cruel? Cruel?! You wish to talk to me about cruelty? You are lucky I let you live past today. You are lucky I do not age you to that of an old woman, who has mere days, if not hours to live, and cut your life expectancy short. You are lucky the Hokage placed you as my servant and did not execute you or send you to prison. A prison that is currently well stocked with prisoners, who would enjoy making your life miserable, and Hell on Earth just for being a former Leaf kunoichi. At least with me, there is a roof over your head, there is food for you eat, clothing to wear, and you can see your friends every so often when your duties within this house are finished for the day. So what if I am denying you a chance at a romantic life? Would you prefer to be stripped of everything you now have on you and live on the street? Because that's still a possible avenue for you to take if your heart desires that life," answered Naruto with Kurenai looking at him in shock.

"Maybe I do wish for it. I could always go back to being a loyal Konoha Shinobi if that happened," replied Kurenai with Naruto laughing at her like she just said something very funny.

"You think the Hokage is going to let you back into the ranks? After what you did? Your assets have been absorbed into my family's holdings. I own them all. You would have your chakra sealed off and your memories wiped. At best, you would find yourself one day waking up to find yourself living a life as a poor civilian woman with a mediocre job, and everyone you ever knew was forbidden to be your friend," answered Naruto with Kurenai's eyes widening in horror.

"She wouldn't do that. My skills in Genjutsu are second to none outside of the Uchiha Clan. Not even the Hokage herself would cast me aside like that!" replied Kurenai with Naruto's eyes narrowing at her.

"For me, my Godmother would turn this village into a crater, and fill it with the bodies of those of every person in it that wronged her Godson. You think the Hokage cares about you and your talents in Genjutsu? There are countless people with powerful bloodlines throughout the world, who are either immune to Genjutsu, or capable of dispelling with ease. Don't forget the Kurama Clan has a girl my age with skills in Genjutsu that go way beyond anything you can do. I believe you know her and have history with the girl in question," answered Naruto with Kurenai's face going deathly pale.

"Yakumo," whispered Kurenai, as she had tried to teach the girl at first, but had problems in terms of muscle problems, and had to have the girl's powers in Genjutsu sealed away with the Third Hokage's approval after Yakumo refused to stop learning.

"That's correct. My parents are even going to take a look at her seal soon since they have been going over the Sandaime Hokage's past decisions in certain matters to correct them. I have a sneaking suspicion that seal did more then just seal away her powers. In fact, after speaking with her Uncle, the current Clan Head, my parents suspect that the seal is either faulty, or it was meant to slowly make her spiral out of control with the right push," explained Naruto with Kurenai not liking that one bit.

"She had her powers sealed away for a reason. Her Genjutsu is so powerful it can hurt people physically as well as mentally," explained Kurenai before she fell to the ground in pain and grabbed the seal causing it.

Was this what Anko felt with Orochimaru's Curse Seal?

"As I said, lying to me, or twisting the truth is not tolerated," commented Naruto with Kurenai looking at him from her kneeling position.

"Okay! Okay! I didn't want to train her because I feared that my ability to teach would be inadequate and tried to get Yakumo to quit being a Shinobi. She refused and I went to the Sandaime Hokage to fix the problem," answered Kurenai and the burning on her shoulder stopped.

"It wasn't your ability to train her in Genjutsu that was inadequate. It was your confidence and good judgment," coldly remarked Naruto before he walked on and Kurenai struggled for a second to stand to follow.

"All the same Naruto-sama, her muscles are very weak, and physically she doesn't meet the qualifications for being a Shinobi," said Kurenai while Naruto turned slightly and he scowled at her like she was an idiot.

"Perhaps the seal that restricts Yakumo's powers also weakens her body? Did it ever occur to you that the Sandaime Hokage, much less Jiraiya of the Sannin were less then trustworthy, and should be approached with caution? That you should focus on her weaknesses rather then strength by finding her a teacher capable of helping Yakumo in such an area?" questioned Naruto with Kurenai looking away in shame.

"I...I didn't think it mattered," answered Kurenai with shame in her voice.

"Like I said was your good judgment and confidence that was inadequate," said Naruto with him going to a room that was of moderate size and had a bed.

"Is room?" questioned Kurenai with Naruto nodding.

"Be glad you get something of this size at all. If it were up to me, you would live outside in a cardboard box, and wouldn't be let in the house if it rained," remarked Kushina while Minato looking over at her for a moment and put a hand on his wife's shoulder.

"Come on Kushina. Let Naruto do what he feels is right. She belongs to him so what size room she gets while living here is entirely at his discretion," said Minato with Kushina letting out a huff.

"Fine! But if you so much as look her in anyway I're sleeping face first on the ground with gravity seals," threatened Kushina with Minato not liking that idea one bit.

Especially if he suddenly had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

"I will leave you to get settled into your new role. I expect you to start performing your assigned duties within the hour. I have business to attend to elsewhere," replied Naruto before he left Kurenai with his parents soon following.

Leaving Kurenai with Anko.

"I'm almost jealous of you," remarked Anko while leaning against the door and smirked at Kurenai.

"Jealous? In what way?" demanded Kurenai with Anko giggling perversely.

"Really? Are you that prude? Come on Kurenai-chan! Live a little! Just think, you could be cleaning the study one day, bending over when Naruto walks in, he's overcome with lust, and decides to just mount you right on the spot," answered Anko with Kurenai now blushing while also red with anger.

"As if I would ever let him do that to me! I don't care if I am a servant or servant to the gaki to the end of my days. I'd sooner slit my throat then let him touch my body!" exclaimed Kurenai with Anko letting out a small sigh of disappointment at her friends words and it showed in her eyes too.

"And you wonder why more guys stay away from you then they do me," remarked Anko before she left the room with Kurenai scowling and looking away from where her friend once stood.

"They stay away from me because they know I'll castrate them," whispered Kurenai to herself before walking around the room to figure out where to put things.

(Sarutobi Clan Home)

"We've got to do something sensei. Fast! Tsunade is undermining everything we set into motion," said Jiraiya, as he saw his sensei smoking his pipe, and sighing while trying to think things over in his head.

"I agree. It wont' be easy given Danzo is dead and my former teammates died with him in the process. Root has been removed with many being reconditioned to be more open and they've talked about what happened while serving Danzo. Our only hope is the Chuunin Exams coming up with Orochimaru's plans with Suna to invade and killing Tsunade. Can you handle this? Knowing what needs to be done?" asked Hiruzen with Jiraiya nodding that he could.

Jiraiya had was far too deep to crawl out of this mess that had become the "Grand Plan" Sarutobi "The Professor" Hiruzen had created to make Konoha the strongest village of all the five major ones. In fact, Hiruzen had brought Jiraiya into this from day one of it being on the drawing board, back when the Sandaime was still in his prime, and working on a means to make Konoha's Shinobi have a constant flow of battle hardened warriors that would send fear through the Elemental Countries. Jiraiya had created his spy network during the second Shinobi war, molded it quickly to his liking so his informants were in high places, hearing things at the highest level, and then reporting them to him before he reported to the Hokage. In the third Shinobi war, Jiraiya molded his students to be at the top of their game, the war itself being instigated by Konoha in secret using the spies they had in Iwa to make their enemies attack Suna, and with Suna being allied with Konoha brought about the war itself while Kumo decided to throw its hat into the fight to capture some Shinobi to use for the bloodline breeding programs. As for Mist, they had stayed out of it for the most part, but they had gotten attacked, and attacked back with the risk of them fully getting into the war being a possibility. They only real reason that never truly happened was due to the instability of the country, and the village itself were showing signs of manifesting.

So Jiraiya saw his student grow, become a man among men that was worthy of being Hokage, and for a time the Sannin had been proud of Minato. But the loss of Rin and Obito during the third Shinobi war had caused Minato to stray from the true path that he along with Sarutobi-sensei had made for him to walk. Minato wanted all Jinchuriki, not just Kushina to be looked at with compassion, and love like it was a necessity to have for them to fight for their village. Jiraiya never believed in that and neither did the Sandaime despite the fact that Senju Hashirama and Senju Tobirama did in their place. It was naive to think such things could happen and naive ways of thinking destroyed Shinobi villages under the might of others that did NOT think like that and Hiruzen wasn't about to see Konoha fall from the naive ideals of his former senseis.

After Naruto was born, the Sandaime had created a plan that would ensure Naruto stayed loyal to Konoha while manipulating the prophecy to keep Konoha on the map while just about every other village would be removed depending on what direction the boy took it. Make sure the boy was humbled, his power, his very potential restrained, and controlled in an environment of their choice. When they were sure Naruto's loyalty to Konoha was unquestioned, Jiraiya would come along, and slowly remove the various seals on the boy without his knowledge so the brat would think he was getting stronger under the Toad Sannin's command. By that point, the Hokage in charge, even if it was Tsunade would be convinced to restrain Naruto, and be used as a weapon despite any sentiments she may have in using him like that.

Her successor, would be someone, who was NOT Naruto, and understood what it meant to use Jinchuriki as deterrents in Shinobi wars. Once the Sixth (if not already the Fifth) Hokage took office, instructions from the Sandaime, and himself would be there to guide the chosen leader of the village to ensure that Uzumaki Naruto was kept on a short leash with the boy's chosen successor in holding the fox enduring the same treatment as him. Naturally, it would have to be Naruto's offspring, if not his offspring's offspring given how the Uzumaki bloodline allowed for much longer lasting life then normal people, and a team be on standby to...remove them from the new Jinchuriki's life.

While some of the plan was in disarray, it was still salvageable, and just needed to have a few problems removed before they could bring things back on course.

"I did what I had to do in the last two wars for Konoha to win them sensei. I can do the same here, even if it means taking out Tsunade, and her assistant Shizune. After all I was the one who made sure Dan and Nawaki were removed on your orders to further ensure Tsunade would focus on the war effort itself and not settle down for a life of peace, didn't I?" answered Jiraiya with Hiruzen nodding.

"Good. We can use your spy network and those still loyal to us here in Konoha to aid Orochimaru in his plan to take down Tsunade. The general public within Konoha won't care if she's dead or not so long as Naruto is brought under heel with his parents. With your own knowledge of seals, we can make sure all three get taken down during the fighting, and make them weapons for Konoha," replied Hiruzen with Jiraiya nodding.

"Just tell me what you want done," stated Jiraiya with the Sandaime laying out his plan.

(With Team 7-One Week Later)

"Okay you two gakis, listen up, and listen good! I have some good news and bad news. The good news is I just spoke to Tsunade about the Chuunin Exams. They are coming up fast in the next few weeks and she wants you two in them," declared Anko while handing the papers to Shino and Naruto.

"I take it the bad news is our third teammate being thrown in a cell makes us entering a bit...complicated?" questioned Naruto with Anko shrugging.

"Pretty much. Though personally, I find Haruno being off our team to be more of a plus then a minus, and I have an idea on who to get for this team that would fit perfectly with us since no one with half a brain thinks you have a snowballs chance in Hell in passing," said Anko before she turns slightly so they could see Kurama Yakumo standing there nervously in Shinobi attire.

"Interesting. While I am not disappointed in the chosen teammate, I am a bit surprised, and was expecting Haku-san to join us," replied Shino passively since either one would suffice in his mind.

"Haku's level of skill was assessed by Tsunade herself not that long ago and concluded she was Chuunin rank with the chance to be a Jounin being possible in a few years. While Haku was given the option to compete on team 7, she felt that in doing so might deny this girl here a chance to earn her stripes, and even suggest Yakumo be the one to take the open spot," answered Anko with Shino nodding while Naruto grinned since he knew the girl was going to take the spot on team 7 to replace their previous and useless kunoichi currently removed from the Shinobi ranks while in a prison cell at T&I HQ.

Naruto had used his reverse aging power to carefully restore muscle strength to her body back to what they should have been before the whole incident with the Ido in her head. The damn old fool for a now retired Hokage that was Sarutobi Hiruzen had put a seal on Yakumo that did little to repress the creature lurking in the girl's head and influencing her powers to become violent. If anything, the seal used did the exact opposite, making the Ido more stir crazy, whispered things into Yakumo's head, and the fact Kurenai had tried to take away her dreams of being a Genjutsu Master for the sake of the Kurama Clan's own future only made the Ido's words more potent. Kushina and Minato had taken a look at the seal after chakra chains were wrapped around the girl to see just how badly the seal truly was with Yakumo's uncle Kurama Unkai listening to everything about it.

To say the man was floored was like saying Anko liked to eat dango since no one thought the girl's seal would screw her mind up this badly. The seal even numbed nerve centers of her brain that commanded the muscles in her body to move so she would tire out more and they would atrophy faster for disuse. While born with a weak body at first, it could have been countered in the future if Yakumo was given strong proper medicine, and vitamin based nutrient drinks along with constant exercise to stimulate muscle strength.

As to the death involving the girl's Father, Yakumo was told the truth after the seal had been altered to keep the Ido from whispering, or controlling her mind ever again. The girl had cried wave after wave of tears, begging her still shocked Uncle for forgiveness over the fact she had involuntarily killed her parents, and didn't want him to hate her for it. Unkai assured his niece that there was nothing to forgive, as he along with the rest of the clan had kept Ido a secret from everyone else in Konoha for years, and should have tried to handle the situation better when her powers showed such strength. The retired Third Hokage's own journal on the matter explained how the fire had started, how the source of girl's power was unstable unless handled carefully, and yet rather then handle it like he should have the old monkey decided to use it as leverage against the Kurama Clan when the time came for matters to be addressed at meetings with the Clan Head's support being his when the time came to call in the favor.

So with that horrifying lie being exposed, Minato along with Kushina introduced a relief filled Yakumo to Naruto, who explained he could reverse the decaying process of her muscles, and with enough exercise within the next week would possibly be fit for Shinobi duty. Yakumo was greatly excited by this prospect and vowed to prove herself once more with this second chance at being a Shinobi.

"I have heard of the Kurama Clan. My Father says that their powers over Genjutsu rivals that of the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan and not to be underestimated," replied Shino with Anko nodding in agreement.

"Agreed. Now I would normally train you two into the ground or at least try to train the two of you into the ground due to one you having inhuman amount of stamina making that impossible! I need to focus on getting Yakumo ready for the Chuunin Exams since she hasn't had any experience outside of the basics and needs to catch up on a lot of things before the Chuunin Exams arrive. So for the time being until I say otherwise, I'm going to focus on Yakumo, and expect the two of you to find training elsewhere with your parents," explained Anko with Naruto and Shino nodding since that was fine with them.

"That is fine with me. My Father wished to add new elements to my hive and experiment with crossbreeding certain insects together to create a new strand of species that could benefit us," replied Shino with Anko nodding since the Aburame Clan focused heavily on their insects.

"Good! But don't focus on them too much as your overall strength. Branch out and take up a weapon or skill you can use outside of your colony. The last thing you need is some enemy Shinobi blasting you with insecticide or some other bug killing gas to leave you rendered defenseless," lectured Anko with Shino shivering in fear at the horror his mind was now creating.

"Dad and Mom want to help me further with seals. I also want to focus on my Arrancar powers and perfect my reverse aging process. Decaying something is easy, but reversing the process is much harder then you think, and I want to get it down to the point where its as easy as breathing," stated Naruto with Anko nodding in approval since that would be useful since the reduced amount of focus on that could come in handy if an enemy tried to sneak up on him while doing that.

"Good. Seal Masters are very rare these days in Konoha and in all five Shinobi villages in general. The only true Seal Masters around are your parents and Jiraiya, but I wouldn't trust him to help you in that field, nor would I recommend it," replied Anko with Naruto nodding since he did not trust Jiraiya either.

With that done, the two boys bowed respectfully to Anko, and left the two remaining members of team 7 with the sensei of the two looking to tort-er...train the still nervous Kurama Clan Heiress. If Anko had her way, she would make sure Yakumo was one of the most feared future kunoichis all of in Konoha, and become its new Genjutsu Mistress.

And Anko intended to get her way in this.

(Konoha-Weeks Later)

Naruto found himself busier as time went on. His time at home was a little different now that Yuhi Kurenai was staying with him at the Namikaze Estates. To be honest, Naruto didn't think Kurenai fully embraced the idea even after the first night sleeping as its first ever servant, and had brought about an altercation with Haku when the ice using girl saw the former Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha the kitchen making breakfast on the very first morning of her new position. It was only after newly awoken brains and memories of what happened during the previous day did an all out battle in the kitchen be prevented.

As per his instructions, Kurenai had awakened Naruto from his sleep early in the morning to begin his daily ritual of bathing, eating, training, spending time with his friends, and check for any mission that required his talents. Due to the Chuunin Exams, the last one was not possible, and Naruto refused to do D-ranked missions since they were chores any civilian could do, but chose NOT to do on account of them being lazy, and would most likely find any excuse to cheat Naruto out of his small yet well earned pay.

Next, Kurenai went to awaken the rest of the Namikaze family, with the first time earning a hand wrapped around her throat, and a glare from Kushina. It was clear the red haired woman was itching to rip her throat out and the slightest provocation on Kurenai's part, no matter how small, was grounds for such an act. It was only by Minato's hands that Kurenai's life was spared death and her now bruised throat further pain while telling Kurenai that she should prepare breakfast.

Apparently, he like Kushina, and Naruto had slightly forgotten about Haku living with them now so when the sound yelps followed by things being thrown were was natural to assume something had happened.

Before Naruto was able to calmed everyone down and people started to remember.

Now Naruto was minding his own business, looking around Konoha, and seeing that despite Tsunade being in office with everything her predecessor had done being brought to light...people still hated his guts. Oh the younger generation weren't as hateful now, but some of them still didn't want to disobey their parents, and some hate Naruto for what he was now despite the fact Kyuubi was no longer apart of him.

Apparently, what he was now was even worse in their eyes, and should be controlled like some kind of servant to be brought to heel at their feet if not publically killed.

"Hey! Let me go," came the voice of a child, a young boy in the next alley.

"Or what brat? You ran right into me. I should smack you around right now to ensure you know your place is at my feet," came another voice, an older boy from what Naruto could make out.

"Kankuro, we don't have time for this. Gaara could be watching," said a female voice now sounding tired and frustrated with the one called Kankuro.

"Quiet Temari. Gaara's not around. Besides, this punk runs into me and has the nerve to glare back like he's my better? You know as well as I do that the Leaf Shinobi here have become arrogant and needs its next generation brought down a peg," said Kankuro with anger in his voice.

"Fine! Hurry up and let's go before someone comes around to see this," remarked Temari tiredly, as it was clear she didn't really want to be around long enough for this even to spiral out of control to possibly get caught, and get into trouble with the local Shinobi authorities.

"Any last words gaki?" asked Kankuro with the boy he was holding glaring.

"Yeah! Wash your face clean of that makeup, you like a girl!" exclaimed the boy while Kankuro growled at him.

"Its war paint! Just for that, I'm going to really mess you up!" exclaimed Kankuro angrily at the brat.

"I would advise against that act. It could cause some serious repercussions on your end of things," replied Naruto, as he appeared behind Temari by a few feet, and proceeded to walk toward Kankuro holding the boy who was Sarutobi Konohamaru.

The retired Sandaime Hokage's Grandson.

There were also two other children Konohamaru's age not that far away and looking at the event fearfully.

"Oh yeah? In what way cane boy?" asked Kankuro while looking at Naruto and then back at Konohamaru.

"The kid you are holding is the retired Sandaime Hokage's Grandson. Beating him up over something so trivial as bumping into you would lead to war with your village, which according to your headband is Suna, and we both know that would be unwise given how relations between our villages are right now," explained Naruto with Kankuro seething at him while Temari was blushing at the sight of this red haired noble looking Shinobi.

'Wow! Look at those muscles on his arms. He's ripped! What has he been eating? Also, why do I also feel terrified of him?' thought Temari while the red haired boy walked right past her and put a hand on Kankuro's arm.

"Don't touch me Leaf scum," barked Kankuro while wondering why he couldn't stop the red head from touching him and saw Naruto's eyes narrowing.

"Would you prefer your third teammate hanging upside down on the at tree over there touch you? From the way he's giving off killer intent, the boy doesn't approve of your actions either, and wants to kill something right now," remarked Naruto with Kankuro going pale and looking over where another red haired boy was standing.

Upside down on a tree branch.

"G-Gaara?!" exclaimed Kankuro while looking at the boy in fear.

"Enough Kankuro. You are outclassed here. Drop the child," commanded Gaara before he appeared in a swirl of sand behind Naruto with his back to him.

"B-But h-he...t-they...," stammered Kankuro, but a look from Gaara told him to shut up.

"Shut up...or I'll kill you," commanded Gaara with Kankuro nodding and releasing the kid from his hand and Konohamaru quickly made his way over to the kids his age.

"I trust we won't be having any problems like this in the future?" questioned Naruto with Gaara nodding.

"No. Kankuro knows his place and if he gets out of line again...I will end him," answered Gaara in a cold tone while Kankuro shivered in fear.

"Excellent! My name is Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. What is yours?" inquired Naruto with Gaara's eyes widening slightly at the name since he recognized it from the rumors that have been flooding out of the Leaf about the boy said to have the power of death itself at his fingertips.

"Sabaku no Gaara of Suna. These two are my siblings. Sabaku no Temari and Sabaku no Kankuro of Suna. Are you going to participate in the Chuunin Exams?" asked Gaara with Naruto nodding with a grin on his face.

"I am. I also sense you are different. You have a Biju sealed inside your body," stated Naruto with Gaara's eyes widening even further and his siblings going tense.

"You are referring to Shukaku," stated Gaara while surprisingly feeling the Biju in him going strangely quiet.

Like it was in hiding. But hiding from what?

"Yes. Judging from your eyes, you haven't slept in a loooong time. I could fix that for you," replied Naruto with Gaara narrowing his eyes.

"You lie," countered Gaara with anger in his voice while the sand in his gourd began to stir slightly under his command.

"I despise liar Sabaku no Gaara. Why would I become what I despise?" Naruto countered back before walking over to the still shocked children and shooing them away.

"Because you fear me and my power over the sand," answered Gaara with Naruto looking back at him before putting a hand on the tree the red haired Suna boy had been on mere moments ago.

Before making it rot and die from his touch.

Naturally, it shocked the Hell out of Gaara, and his siblings that a simple touch from Naruto could do that.

"Do I look like I'm fearful of your power over the sand Gaara? You are indeed strong in some aspects when commanding it. There is no question about that, but you have yet to know true power, and it does not come from Shukaku whispering in your ear every second of everyday of your life. Your sand nor the Biju you hold frightens me Gaara. If anything...your Biju fears me," replied Naruto before walking away from the trio of Suna Shinobi staring at the decayed husk of the tree that was once full of life.

"Stay away from him for now. He's too dangerous to take on alone," commanded Gaara with his siblings nodding in agreement.

Not that far away, the three Sound Genin were thinking the same thing, and decided to avoid the red haired boy with the cane.

(Days Later)

"Are you Yakumo?" asked Naruto, as he knew Shino was ready given everything they had gone through recently, but the girl of their group was still a bit new to this, even with Anko's training, and this would be considered hitting the ground running for her.

"I believe I am. I know it will be difficult, but I will do my best, and try not to slow us down. I've even gotten good in using different types of Genjutsu to the point where drawings only make what I do stronger after I trap my opponent in it," answered Yakumo confidently, as she had been practicing with Anko using the obstacle course, meeting with Maito Gai privately (he was threatened under pain of death if Yakumo was seen wearing the green spandex suit) for Taijutsu as well as muscle strengthening, and Naruto had ordered Kurenai to provide the girl with every Genjutsu she knew.

Naruto was actually surprised the girl didn't look tired after all the tough training she went through to get here so quickly. It was actually quite impressive really and was something to be admired by the girl's desire to be a great Konoha Shinobi.

"That's good to hear Yakumo because now we will see just how strong you are under pressure," replied Naruto, as he along with his team entered the Academy where the first part of the Chuunin Exams was going to be held, and headed for the third floor.

Only to find their path blocked by Genin on the second floor.

"You have to let us through! We're expected," said a girl with buns in her hair that made her look like a panda while her teammate that looked like a mini clone of Maito Gai was pushed back.

"Sorry, this is for Genin with potential only! You runts don't have what it takes," said one of the "Leaf Genin" blocking their way.

"Naruto-san?" asked Shino with a frown slightly on his face.

"Ignore them, keep walking, and say nothing about what you know," whispered Naruto with Yakumo and Shino doing exactly that.

"You wanted to weed out the ones that couldn't see what we did," whispered Yakumo when they headed up the stairs.

"Exactly. If they can't get past the second floor and see through the Genjutsu then they shouldn't be here," replied Naruto before he stopped and turned slightly as if hearing something with a sigh of frustration soon escaping his mouth.

"Naruto-san?" asked Yakumo when she heard him sigh.

"I don't know how the fools got into the exams, but I do know that they screwed it up for the rest of us. The damn Uchiha basically told everyone they were on the second floor and that it was Genjutsu over that door with the two Chuunin disguised as Genin to keep the weak from advancing," answered Naruto before pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Who did they get to be their third teammate? I know Kiba and Sasuke would have to team together, but who is the third member of the group?" asked Yakumo with Naruto closing his eyes for a second before they opened with anger bleeding out of his eyes.

"I don't believe it. Its Sakura. Our former teammate," answered Naruto with Shino now frowning and Yakumo's eyes widened in shock.

"How is that possible? She should still be punished for her actions in sending Kurenai-san as her replacement for the mission," questioned Shino with Naruto nodding in full agreement.

"I don't know. But we'll wait and see what she does when around us in public. Sakura is a blabbermouth and will no doubt explain how she is free to participate," answered Naruto with Shino nodding in agreement and Yakumo doing the same.

Sure enough, they entered Room #301, and saw the large number of teams from different villages in the room. Almost every team looked at them with intense glares and killer intent, which didn't bother Naruto, but decided to make these fools bow before his team, and unleashed an intense wave of spiritual pressure that made everyone quite literally bow before him. Fortunately, for his team anyway, they were behind him, and Naruto was projecting the spiritual pressure towards the other teams so they didn't feel such a heavy weight on their shoulders.

"I think you have made your point to them Naruto," observed Shino while once again silently admitting to himself that his teammate should not to be trifled with under any circumstances.

It just wasn't logical...or healthy!

"Perhaps. Let's wait and see," replied Naruto before stopping the spiritual pressure from breaking these fools completely.

'What was that? What is he?' was what everyone in the room looking at right at Naruto was thinking.

"Naruto-kun!" exclaimed Ino, as she got over the spiritual pressure, giving him a hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

Which earned her a glare from Yakumo and one secretly from Sabaku no Temari.

"Hello my dear. How are you?" asked Naruto with the platinum blonde girl smiling and giving him a cheesy smile.

"Oh you know me Naruto-kun! Training hard and hitting hard," replied Ino, as she had taken to training herself viciously while Naruto was in Wave, and ironically enough it was because of Sasuke that she did.

Mainly because Sasuke had tried to ask her out on a date and she had said no.

It was then, Ino learned Uchiha Sasuke does not take rejection well.

(Flashback-To the Day in Question)

Ino was alone, working on her Taijutsu on a training dummy, and had come to realize just how badly she was back at the Academy when compared to now. Back then, she was a Sasuke fan girl, who cared about flowers, plants, and Sasuke while being in control of the biggest gossip network in all of Konoha.

Not bad really...if she was just a civilian with no Shinobi training at all.

But it was here that Ino realized that the gap in level between what she was back then to what she was now was huge! Like Hokage Monument huge! After meeting Anko, getting to know the real Naruto, and training with her team under Asuma-sensei had shown Ino just how lacking her strength was back when she was a fan girl. All she did was screech when Sasuke got hurt, screech when Sasuke did something wonderful, and screech at just about anything related to Sasuke.

Damn she was pathetic back then.

"Ino!" called out Sasuke calmly much to the girl's surprise.

"Sasuke? What are you doing here? asked Ino curiously, yet cautiously since Naruto had warned her in the past about Sasuke's possible attempt to sway her to him, and use her in some way to get some kind of twisted revenge against her future husband.

"Same as you. I was training not that far away from here. I was actually wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me?" answered Sasuke casually with Ino looking a bit surprised, but wasn't saying no, which made the Uchiha smirk while thinking the girl was putty in his hands from his presence alone, and would be easy to use against Naruto.

"A date?" asked Ino with Sasuke nodding.

"Yeah! A date. You and me," replied Sasuke while feeling his patience with the girl's lack of response being a "yes!" to be infuriating.

"I can't Sasuke," said Ino with Sasuke's smile becoming a scowl.

"What?" demanded Sasuke angrily with Ino flinching slightly from it.

"I can't Sasuke. I'm going to marry Naruto-kun in a few years. We're already dating in a way by getting to know each other before then and to date you would be...well it would be considered cheating on him," explained Ino since she knew Sasuke knew how her marriage to Naruto was all over Konoha and everyone knew that.

"What's your point?" asked Sasuke with Ino frowning.

"What do you mean? You're not suggesting I cheat on Naruto-kun, are you?" questioned Ino with Sasuke smirking.

"Yeah I am. Why not? He's a loser. He was a loser at the Academy and he's a loser as a Shinobi regardless of his parents being among the strongest in the village. Besides, you were more then eager to go on a date with me before at the Academy, and considering how strong you've become since then means you're worthy of dating an Uchiha Elite like myself," explained Sasuke with Ino scowling at him.

"I'm not going to cheat on Naruto-kun. He's nice, sweet, caring, and understanding in a way I always wanted you to be when at the Academy. But you were cold, mean, and always shrugging people off of you when they tried to give affection. I've spent my time getting to know Naruto and learned a lot about him. His hopes, dreams, hobbies, likes, and dislikes while I shared my own even if some of them seemed silly. Yet he didn't think I was silly. You only want to date me now because I've become a strong Genin ranked kunoichi and I'm marrying Naruto-kun. So my answer to your proposed date is and always will be a big fat NO!" replied Ino with Sasuke's eyes going from angry to livid with rage at being denied what he wanted.

"Fine! If you won't be my temporary girlfriend, then you'll be my temporary bitch, and be used to humiliate the loser knowing his future wife isn't pure!" exclaimed Sasuke, as he moved to make this girl know her place on her knees, and at his feet so he could get his measure of revenge against the red haired loser that dared challenge the Uchiha.

Only to be quickly schooled by the platinum blonde girl in hand to hand combat and was quickly on the ground with a kunai to his throat with Ino holding the blade tightly with surprisingly cold eyes.

"Don't you dare try to touch me you filthy Uchiha! You so much as even try to get within grabbing distance of me for whatever reason, I'll cut off the offending hand, and then I will take the reproductive organ needed to continue the Uchiha bloodline!" threatened Ino while the Uchiha smirked at her.

"You wouldn't dare. I may not have as much influence with the Councils anymore, but I still have the Fire Daimyo, and he will ensure any act like that will sign your clan's death warrant. A clan for a clan," replied Sasuke confidently while Ino's eyes narrowed.

"You think such a threat frightens me Sasuke? You have the Fire Daimyo. I have Naruto-kun. Not to mention his parents, his Godmother, and the rest of my friends that know such an order would be unfair. You're backing only one horse Uchiha. What will you do when you have nothing left and facing enemies on all fronts you helped make through your own arrogance?" challenged Ino with Sasuke scowled at her.

"I'm an Uchiha. We do not fall at the hands of our enemies," countered Sasuke with Ino smirking.

"If that were remotely true Sasuke, you wouldn't have lost to me, and you didn't answer my question," replied Ino with Sasuke's face showing now clearly showing his anger.

"I don't have to answer your question you dumb bitch. Now get off of me before I do something violent," commanded Sasuke before he was punched in the face and a knee to his groined.

"You're the bitch here Sasuke. What I felt just now when I hit you with my knee proves that much. For a moment, I thought I hit an underdeveloped girl," remarked Ino before walking away and making a mental note to inform the Hokage of this while asking that Naruto not be told since she didn't want to put this on his plate when he got back.

(End Flashback)

"That's good to hear," remarked Naruto while Shikamaru sighed.

"Not for us it isn't. Ino has been punching and kicking the two of us since our team was formed," added Shikamaru before muttering troublesome underneath his breath and got a growl from Ino for his troubles.

"I could hit you right now if you don't shut up!" threatened Ino with Shikamaru raising his hands in surrender.

"See what I mean Naruto. I almost pity you in a few years. Almost!" replied Shikamaru with Naruto smirking at him, but it ended when the trio of Genin he didn't want to see had entered the room, and looking like they owned the place.

"Look at them. We just entered the room and they're already shaking fear of us," barked Kiba with pride at feeling like he was to be feared.

"Keep it down! We don't need another scene like he made when entering the room," said a silvery white haired boy with glasses crouching in the corner wearing mostly purple.

"Oh yeah? What did the loser do? Crap his pants at the sight of so many people that are better?" taunted Kiba with a smirk on his face and laughing at Naruto while everyone just held their breath while looking deathly afraid of the red haired Leaf Shinobi.

"Actually, I think he might have made a few people in the room do that," replied the boy seeing a few Genin looking nervous.

"Please! He's a loser. A nobody. Naruto might put on a tough guy appearance to go with his noble like clothing, but in the end, the loser is a loser, and his Academy grades prove it," stated Sasuke with Sakura nodding.

"Altered grades Uchiha. Or have you forgotten how yours were made to appear higher then what they should have been by ass kissing teachers," countered Naruto while he made his cane hit tap the floor loudly when walking over to him.

"Shut up loser! You're nothing compared to an Uchiha. You will always be second best compared to me. The Academy Instructors here knew it, Danzo along with the Shinobi Council knew it, the Civilian Council knows it, and the Fire Daimyo himself knows it too!" challenged Sasuke while Naruto smirked.

"Danzo and the Shinobi Council are used in past tense for a reason Sasuke. I killed them with my power. Also you really shouldn't praise Danzo for supporting you or the Shinobi Council members either since they ensured Itachi got away after butchering your clan. They even made sure to harvest the Sharingan Eyes of your so called great clan to graft onto Danzo's arm for him to use," countered Naruto with Sasuke seething in rage at the mention of Itachi and at what was being aired out for everyone to hear.

He needed to save face!

"Lies! Propaganda spewed forth from the mouth of an unfit Hokage. Not surprising when you consider she is a Senju and your Godmother. All she does is play favorites in giving you everything while leaving out the true Shinobi elite like myself out of truly important missions," countered Sasuke with Naruto smirking.

"Its not so fun when someone else get the pampered treatment, is it Uchiha?" questioned Naruto with Sasuke getting angrier.

"Calm down you two. You're making everyone here nervous. Besides, the time we spent here waiting can be used to gather Intel on your competition while here, and as a fellow Leaf Shinobi myself...I can give it to you," offered the boy with glasses.

"How?" questioned Kiba while interested in what this guy could give him on the other teams and possibly on Naruto.

"Shinobi Info Cards. Its got information and stats on the Shinobi you want to know about someone," the boy with glasses while Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"What is your name?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Yakushi Kabuto at your service," said Kabuto with a bow, but it was a bit mocking in Naruto's opinion, and resisted the urge to backhand the boy's head clean off his body.

He could always do it later.

"And you actually have info on everyone here?" asked Sasuke with interest.

"Every single one," replied Kabuto confidently.

"Give me all of the information you have on Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto," commanded Sasuke while ignoring the teams from Iwa and Kumo going tense since they both had history with the boy's parents.

"Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto huh? Okay. Here is the information on him. Age 13, once had blonde hair, but now its red, and was considered the dead last at the Academy due to his supposed lack of talent. He unlocked what is being called a bloodline and has been on a roll ever since with his team and went on his first C-ranked mission turned A-ranked. He went toe to toe with Momochi Zabuza, an A-ranked Missing Nin from Mist, who is now employed here in Konoha because of him, and has the last known user of the Hyoton bloodline under his clan's protection. His various skills as a Shinobi are unknown, as he was secretly trained by his parents, who were brought back to life using strange powers, and he is rumored to be a Seal Master. It is also believed that a great deal of his power comes from his weapon, which is disguised behind the image of his cane, and wields the power to make things...decay," answered Kabuto with many in the room looking a bit fearful of the boy in question since they didn't like that last part about making things decay.

"The proper term for my power is rot. Making things rot and die! I'm also curious how you know what you do since a great deal of that information is fact...classified!" stated Naruto with a very deadly edge in his voice with Kabuto starting to sweat.

"Oh I'm just that good. When you take the Chuunin Exams for what will be the seventh time helps when you know where to find such information," answered Kabuto though it did little in terms of satisfying Naruto's curiosity.

"You shouldn't be sticking your nose into information beyond your pay grade. It can get you killed," countered Naruto before unleashing a large spike of spiritual pressure right at Kabuto and the man was panting heavily under the weight.

'What is this? This is the second time I have felt this and felt like I was in the presence of the Shinigami himself!' thought Kabuto while staring into the boy's cold blue eyes.

"Perhaps you would like to give us some information on yourself? Just to even out the playing field of course," said Naruto with Kabuto smiling weakly at the boy.

"I've never had to gather information on myself. Sorry," replied Kabuto with Naruto's eyes narrowing.

"How disappointing," stated Naruto before lifting the pressure off of him.

"That's quite the power you have there Naruto-san. Just make sure to be careful when going up against other Genin from other villages. Even minor villages are competing in this one to gather more clients and prove their villages aren't weak like most believe them to be like the newly made Sound village in Rice Country," explained Kabuto, as he began wiping sweat from his forehead, and saw the trio of Sound Genin narrow their eyes at him.

Before charging at him.

And they would have reached him within a manner of seconds had Naruto not stood in their way by turning his cane into his zanpakuto before smashing the battleaxe head down on the ground to block them from striking. The large red eye at the center of the battleaxe glowed a menacing red while staring at them with a rage that made all three Sound Genin freeze in fear.

That and the massive damage the floor suffered where the blade struck.

"Let me make something perfectly clear to each and everyone in this room. My name, is Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, and I am the scariest person you will ever meet in this room! I am the son of the Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. For those of you on teams from foreign villages, who were told those two names from the history classes at your Academy, and even seen old Bingo Books by your answer to the question in your head is yes, I am the son of those two Shinobi you have all heard the stories about growing up. Stories about the same man, who ended the Third Shinobi war, and was even given a flee on sight order. The same woman, who is skilled in the Sealing Arts, and was feared for her temper when provoked. On a side note for you to tell your Kages for when you return home...correction IF you return home from these exams...they are very much alive!" declared Naruto with the teams from Iwa and Kumo showing signs of fear when hearing this news.

Not surprising when considering one destroyed Iwa's forces before becoming Hokage and the other had special chakra chains whispered to restrain even a Biju.

'I can sense it. He's really an Uzumaki. Like me!' thought a girl among the team wearing a Grass village headband and glasses while she stared at Naruto.

The power she felt coming within from his body was truly terrifying and seemed to go on forever!

'Such terrifying power. I'll have to be cautious should I wish to make him a new vessel like Sasuke,' thought another figure, though this one was in disguise, and had to stay hidden for a short amount of time.

"Our...apologizes Naruto-san. The pride of our village was being targeted by this fool behind you. We felt it was only appropriate to defend the honor of our village," replied the one Sound Shinobi, who had his face covered mostly with bandages, and stepped back like the rest of his team.

"You were wrong. Get out of my sight," commanded Naruto coldly with the Sound Genin doing just that.

"There is something that bothers me. Why is your team even here Uchiha? How did you even get a team? You and Kiba are on the reserve list," questioned Shikamaru since he felt an explanation was required here.

"The Fire Daimyo wanted me to participate. All I needed was a third teammate and a Jounin sensei. Hatake Kakashi volunteered for the honor. You may have heard of him since he was the Yondaime's last surviving student," said Sasuke in a smug tone while Naruto's eyes narrowed at him.

"Hatake Kakashi is a shell of the man he once was before now. Also, my Father has long since renounced Kakashi as his student for his betrayals to my family," replied Naruto with Sasuke now scowling at him.

"But how did forehead get out of prison? Its no secret she ditched the mission her team went on and convinced another to take her place!" stated Ino with Sakura scoffing at her.

"Sasuke needed a teammate. I was the best choice since there were no other potential candidates worthy of him," answered Sakura while Shikamaru snorted and Choji was nearly choking on his chips.

"Please! More like Hinata refused since she is under apprenticeship of the Hokage herself in the Medical Arts and there were no other Genin ranked Shinobi around. The only true reason Hatake Kakashi is your official sensei, is because he is the only other Sharingan user in Konoha, and can bring your bloodline out to its full potential. IF you can bring it out," countered Shikamaru with a smirk on his face and Naruto's own smirk appeared too.

"Hinata-chan would have joined us, if not for the abomination here, and his Hokage for a Godmother filling her head with delusions of grandeur. Her place is on our team, by my side, and doing what I say since she belongs to me," declared Kiba while Naruto scoffed at his words.

"You exaggerate," replied Naruto with Kiba glaring at him.

"The point is that regardless of everything, we are now here, and my team is going to be responsible for destroying everyone in the Chuunin Exams," stated Sasuke with Naruto scoffing once again.

More would have no doubt been said, but the a poof of smoke later, and Morino Ibiki appeared with his team of proctors.

"All right you runts, listen up! I'm the Head Proctor for this part of the Chuunin Exams and until otherwise told...your asses to belong to me!" exclaimed Ibiki with many in the room looking quite intimidated by him.

That...and Naruto was grinning too.

'This is going to be so much fun,' thought Naruto with a small chuckle coming out of his mouth.

'I can do this. I will prove I'm worthy of being a Konoha Shinobi,' thought Yakumo with determination burning in her eyes.

For Yakumo, this wasn't about being promoted to the rank of Chuunin, but rather it was about proving she had what it takes to be a Shinobi regardless of the outcome.

'You just watch loser. I'm going to dominate the Chuunin Exams and take your power from you to kill Itachi. And once I'm done there, those girls you are going to marry will be mine!' thought Sasuke while glaring daggers at Naruto.

'Once I dominate the Chuunin Exams, Hinata will be all over me, and denounce Naruto for the monster he is before ending their arranged marriage to the other. She's my bitch and I'm going to make it happen,' thought Kiba, as he was going to prove to everyone that he was alpha material, and Naruto was an abomination that should be put down.

Off to the sides, Maito Gai's team was also watching Naruto, and each having different thoughts about him.

'His strength is incredible. Wield that heavy weapon with one hand and use that level of speed to intercept the enemy! Truly a strong opponent if we fought each other,' thought Lee, as he had heard about how Naruto defeated Momochi Zabuza, and the rumors about the power to make things decay being whispered throughout Konoha.

"Such an evil looking weapon. Its very powerful. I wish I could examine it and possibly try to recreate such a weapon in the family forge,' thought Tenten, as she had heard the rumors about the cane being his weapon in disguise, and saw it in action moments ago proved that the rumors had some merit.

'Hinata's future husband. I will take great pleasure in crushing him with my skills and Fate siding with me on this. It doesn't matter what power he wields, his Fate is sealed, and I will prove to him that Fate is the absolute power of the world,' thought Neji, as he had felt angry at hearing Hinata was marrying the Namikaze, and wouldn't be getting the Cage Bird Seal on her head like himself.

For the Hyuuga Branch family member, he felt this was the second time his life had been cheated, and wanted justice for what had happened.

In his slightly warped mind, in order to get this justice, Neji believed he had to target the one at the center of his pain, and that was his cousin Hyuuga Hinata. At the moment, he could not touch her, as she was not on a Genin team, but rather was studying under the Hokage under the rights of apprenticeship, and would get field experience later. Neji had hoped that Hinata would somehow, either through some sense of courage, or foolishness would participate in the Chuunin Exams. That the two of them would face off sometime during the exam and he would crush what strength she believed was within her. Now that was not possible thanks to Naruto's interference, his Godmother of a Hokage providing the apprenticeship, and the support of Hyuuga Hiashi giving his daughter in order to get stronger.

But it seemed where Fate would deny him his cousin, it would grant him the chance to go after the next best thing, and hurt her future husband in the process. Neji imagined Hinata seeing Naruto bloody and broken would destroy his cousin's self confidence that would soon send her into a depressing madness from which there was no escape.

All Neji had to do was kill Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto and do it in a legitimate setting in which no one, not even the Hokage could punish him for delivering the killing blow.

And Neji was going to make sure he hit with deadly accuracy.

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