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Tricksters Arise


Summary: 5x19 Full Summary inside. Gods cannot die. They can fade but never truly be gone; so Mercury didn't feel ashamed when he asked Lucifer to come to the meeting that ended up into a massacre. What he didn't count for was Loki being Gabriel & came to the said meeting; he broke an ancient law that night and now the other Tricksters want his blood. Can Loki's younger brother Castiel help find him and can Mercury bend back the ancient laws he broke, reconnect to his Trickster brethren and perhaps found mercy in the hands of Gabriel?


Chapter One

When it All Begins


Mercury son of Jupiter (1) walked alone in the ancient halls of Mount Olympus his winged sandals fluttered slightly with each step he took as they echoed with each clink. The halls itself have seen better days however his Father made sure the stone floors and walls still was kept clean and painted. The walls was still lit with fire like torches every 5feet or so however with the morals not preying to them much anymore the glow and the feel of the place was missing.

He sighed heavily; as he rubbed his sore neck. It was still painful since the Christian Devil snapped it. He should've foreseen that; as Lucifer himself had this look on his face before it happened. Unlike some of his Trickster brethren, he was not hunted by Hunters or priests of the like so he is not used of being tricked by other cunning folk.

He was about to turn the corner when he felt something shift in the air that was foreign. It had an earthly feel to it along with emotions of mischievousness, gleefulness, sarcastic, anger and—does he smell some kind of a dog? When did Mount Olympus get dogs? Whatever it was it was getting closer. Mercury knew that whatever it was; it didn't want to cause harm, yet.

The wings on his cape beat against him giving him a warning as a dark figure of a man like creature appeared in front of him stepping out of the shadows. The man was tall; with long straight black hair with a coyote headdress on top of his head. He was bare-chested with amulets around his neck as well wearing some sort fur cape, wearing white-deer leggings and was barefoot. He carried a long wooded staff as feathers and other things dangle from it. The man himself would've been overlook as a normal Native American shaman in a Powwow Festival if it wasn't for the unnatural bright canine like yellow eyes staring at him along with having a long wolf like tail and claws.

Fear gripped Mercury as he stepped back with a yelp as he knew of who this person is; Coyote (2). The two of them have never met as most Tricksters were very territorial and some doesn't like to share with other Tricksters with almost anything. Mercury has no dealings in North America (only in the Capitals of the countries as many of their laws and symbols calls to him time to time) along with the fact that Coyote doesn't venture to Europe; the places where the Romans and the Greeks was once at its height.

The fact that Coyote was standing in the heart of Mount Olympus the home of the Greek and Roman Gods was unheard of and whatever reason he is here was something of importance because Mercury couldn't think of any reason why the American Indian Trickster God would come here, unless he was here to bring out a message. Tricksters are messengers of high deities, for it was one of their jobs that they were created for. But why would Coyote is chosen to bring such a Message to the Roman or Greek pantheons? What does the Great Spirit (3) want that needs his father's attention?

And how did Coyote find him without anyone noticing him? Coyote must've walked past Janus (4) somehow but then again of the stories that he overhears from the other Gods says about him, he wouldn't be surprised if Coyote just walked normally through the main gates as if he lived here and no took notice because nothing seems amiss, but again how can anyone miss someone wearing whatever Coyote was wearing was beyond him. He himself would be caught dead in that thing that the Trickster God was wearing in front of him. Is he really wearing a dead dog on his head?

"Mercury, son of King Jupiter." Coyote spoke his voice had growl to it. "You little messenger is hard to find alone."

With a smile fix on his face with a snap, Mercury hoped it was an apologetic one. "I wasn't aware that anyone was looking for me." This earned him a laugh that sounded too much like a howl to his liking.

"Of course you wouldn't. Your Father wasn't pleased about you as of late. Keeping you under his sight like a rotten child and for good reason." Coyote snapped he tapped his staff onto the stone floor; bright sparks fly out from the hit. "With that being said is why I am here."

Mercury's eyes narrowed; his once pleasant smile gone in an instant. "Give me the message that you have, wolf and be gone. You are not welcome here. I grow tired of you; do not forget that you are in my territory." Coyote had hit a nerve, as it was true that his Father is not happy with him as he hasn't left Mount Olympus for quite some time and he is now what mortals call, grounded. He is not allowed to fly, or be alone any long period of time nor he is allowed to do any of his normal duties as the cupids were doing them for him as ordered by Jupiter or Zeus as some people like to call his father (of course duties to the Underworld was appointed by Hercules however Hades is still angry at him by taking Cerberus that later returned pregnant. He and many others wonder how that happened). Mercury knew when he gets off of being grounded he would have lot of paperwork to do and mess to clean up because cupids were stupid creatures and it angers him that his Father embarrass him of getting cupids to do his job. And to top it off his father had to ask his younger half mortal brother to give out messages to their uncle! At this rate he will never beat the Underworld God in that chest game that been going on for years now. And he can almost hear the Underworld God's snickering along with the other Gods.

Coyote narrowed his eyes at the younger God, not like being called a wolf as he is a coyote. He brushes it off this time because believe it or not he has other things to do then whack his staff on the Gods' heads plus he is on a tight schedule. "This message is not for your Father, boy. It is for you." Coyote chuckled.

It was rare but not unheard of for Messengers to bring messages to each other. Whatever it was it wasn't good.

Not showing his uneasiness Mercury stepped forward, "Let me have it then." Coyote grinned showing his long sharp teeth he as step forward suddenly grasping his clawed hand around the God's wrist painfully. If Mercury was mortal this simple act would've shattered his bones beyond compare as Coyote's grip gotten tighter making the said God gasp in either pain or surprise as Coyote spoke in language that he wasn't familiar with. An ancient power was increasing between them, as a bright light started to burst under the anthropomorphic God's hand on his wrist. Whatever it was it was burning right into him past the Avatar Body into his true self, his very essence.

As fast and it started it was finished. Mercury found his energy was gone as he fell heavily on his knees his left hand cradling his other arm wondering what the other Trickster done to him. Coyote stood silently looking at the other God with such indifference on his face and he then started to walk away without looking back.

"Stop! What did you do to me? Come back here!" Mercury yelled at him. He suddenly found himself landing hard on the stone floor onto his back wondering why he suddenly felt sleepy.

It was then that Mercury fell into unconsciousness.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 2,017

(1) Jupiter: The roman counterpart from the Greek God Zeus. Jupiter is the King of the Roman Gods and God of sky and thunder. Jupiter was the chief deity of Rome state religion throughout the Republican and Imperial eras until the Empire came under Christian rule.

(2) Coyote: is a common character in many Native American cultures based on the coyote animal. Depending on the Native American tribe; Coyote is a hero/villain Trickster, the creator, hero of humanity, the ancestor of the tribe or helper to the hero of the story. Coyote as well been compared to both the Scandinavian Loki God of fire & chaos and as well Prometheus (Titan Trickster in Greek Mythology) who shared with Coyote the trick of having stolen fire from the Gods as a gift to mankind and Anansi a mythological culture hero from Western African Myth. Other places have similar stories like Coyote however he is said to be a fox, a raccoon or a spider.

(3) Great Spirit: every single Native American Tribe have their own names of their own Creator Spirit God but over most the Creator/King Gods among them, the name meaning of the said God either means "Great Spirit", "the Owner", "the Creator of All things" etc. I used the most common name in Native American mythologies.

(4) Janus: is the god of beginnings and transitions thence also of gates, doors, doorways, endings and time.

Author's Notes: While little bit of reading I come across a list of known Tricksters and Mercury was in the list. Mercury is the Roman God counterpart of Hermes (whom is the God of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, fish, and guide to the Underworld). Mercury is a messenger who wore winged sandals, the God of trade, merchants and travel as well. And researching Tricksters, most if not all Tricksters are Messengers of (the) God(s) and with that idea it wouldn't be farfetched that the Archangel Gabriel would be a Trickster as well (kudos to whoever that help write SPN of connecting that with Gabriel). And most would like to think that all Tricksters are Gabe in the SPN canon always say "I'm THE Trickster" but with meeting Mercury in 5x19 kinda makes that idea out the window per say however as I see it Angels are not bound by any religion so Gabriel could be known many other names other than Loki and a Trickster from another pantheon and Religions. It just means he is not all of them but a few.

And besides; Tricksters is what makes myths awesome and it's a shame that no one writes about them and SPN have given us the seeds showing us Gabriel aka Loki and Mercury, the Massagers of the Gods and follow Tricksters.

And as well I pictured Coyote looking like one of the Native American chiefs I saw in a Powwow festival in North Dakota once. Well I never talked to the guy (wish I did now thinking of it) but the guy looked awesome, wise looking and everyone seem to come to him for advice as I watch the dancing shows side glancing as people flock to the guy. He was a great drummer as well. I figured why not honor the guy into my writings.

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