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Trickster Arise


Summary: 5x19 Full Summary inside. Gods cannot die. They can fade but never truly be gone; so Mercury didn't feel ashamed when he asked Lucifer to come to the meeting that ended up into a massacre. What he didn't count for was Loki being Gabriel & came to the said meeting; he broke an ancient law that night and now the other Tricksters want his blood. Can Loki's younger brother Castiel help find him and can Mercury bend back the ancient laws he broke, reconnect to his Trickster brethren and perhaps found mercy in the hands of Gabriel?


Chapter 7

To Understand Part 1


Everyone would be surprised on how long Jimmy Novak been a vessel.

To tell you the truth he been a vessel close to 260 years give or take a few years if you count Earth time along with Heaven and Hell time. The first 40 years of being a vessel is mostly a blur as Castiel took him as a vessel to go to Hell and whenever Castiel was wounded or surprised the asleep that Castiel held onto him would slipped and Jimmy would get flashes of events through the eyes of the angel. One of those times was when Castiel, the last survivor of his war-band that was sent to Hell to retrieve the Righteous Man, unknowingly found Dean Winchester already broken and already half way formed into a demon. Jimmy still shivered at the memory of the twisted dark form that looked human once, a soul now turning into something that was not. His eyes were hallow as if someone plugged out his eyes long ago; his lips, nose and skin on the man's face was peeled off along with all the rest of the skin on the body that exposed his mingled muscles and broken bones. The soul itself however unlike many surrounds it wasn't corrupted or twisted as it should has it inhabited the demon form that was once his own body while living on Earth however forever changed (this was how Castiel knew who the soul was).

Castiel couldn't fully repair the soul itself as he was just an angel at the time but it would lessen the damage somewhat and recreate the body of Dean Winchester. Perhaps over time the soul would heal either on its own or with a little angelic help in the future. As it was that time that Dean Winchester had no reason not to say yes to Michael and the Archangel would've healed the soul fully when it came to time that Dean would say yes and defeat Lucifer before he gotten to full power. And there was other reasons why Castiel took a vessel to Hell, Jimmy's soul would help Castiel by giving him strength into his own grace to survive Hell as human souls can be used as batteries (if not careful an angel can suck a soul dry into nothingness as it happened to Donnie Finnerman, Raphael's first vessel as the soul was highly damaged thus leaving the human in a catatonic state when the Archangel left the vessel) along with the help of the humanity that Jimmy held would lessen the angelic force that would've end Dean's soul right then and there like any other demon that been touched by an angel in battle mode. As Castiel took hold of the almost demonic soul (after it stopped struggling from the bear hug), healing it the best he could and then he took hold of the bright ball of light that was now brighter than before that's Jimmy learned then was a soul when outside the body.

Castiel, with Jimmy still watching (the angel didn't thought it was necessary to put him back to sleep during this point, he had other things to do) the three of them rose from Hell, passing corpses of the dead demons and the like along with their hounds as Castiel gripped tight onto the soul that they cupped into their breast for safe keeping. Dean as it was then that Jimmy learned of the soul's name, cuddled into the embrace as if it never known love latching onto both Jimmy's own soul and Castiel's grace feeding off from them, making their grip mark the soul that would later be revealed as a handprint on Dean's upper shoulder. To the humans it was just a mark that showed that Dean was saved from Hell from an angel but in an angel's standpoint, Castiel and Jimmy was his superiors' sort of speck, not of something of being inferior of but it was that Dean was under both Castiel's and Jimmy's protection.

Even when it was against Castiel's orders not to get close to Dean (later Sam as well seeing that the two brothers are connected to the hip), Castiel did it anyway because it was his, their duty to do so. And over time, Castiel choose Dean against his own superiors and made a brotherly friendship with Dean whom Jimmy knew that they could be more than just friends if Dean put his head out from his ass from thinking if he ever thought of Castiel like that it means he's gay or as the Angel of Lord it's a sin to think such things about an angel something about doing so would make him go straight to Hell again if he commit it, which is a joke in its own right. Castiel's dad doesn't care who or neither what his children love to nor care about gender as a God gender is meaningless.

When the three of them got out of Hell back where Sam left Dean's body to rest, Castiel started putting back the body that was torn into treads ignoring Jimmy's gasp of shock of what the hellhounds had done four months previously, and Jimmy was surprised that he knew the date, where it felt or was 40 years but…it only four months now? What was going on?

Castiel, Jimmy knew (he didn't know at that time but later found out the longer a vessel is awake of being a vessel the connection to each other would straighten), that was contemplating if he should deal with his vessel first or continue with his work on the Righteous Man. Of course his orders was clear so it wasn't that hard of a choice of leaving Jimmy on watching the angel use his body to recreate a human body from decay and repairing the soul more that he couldn't do in Hell as he did so which made Jimmy awe that he got to watch this rare event.

He did try to tell Castiel that he shouldn't leave the body back in the grave as he wasn't an expert on recreating human bodies or repairing human souls but putting back a soul into a body would mean that Dean would come back to life (he did try not to think about Dean now being a zombie) and being woken inside a makeshift coffin and digging himself out will not be a good expertise; doesn't matter if they were a badass hunter or not.

Of course at that time, Castiel didn't know anything about humans or their way of thinking, as a common angel is much like a robot as it is closest thing Jimmy could compare an angel to. All Castiel did after he was done healing Dean was to tell him it's time to go back to sleep and he was apologetic that Jimmy had to witness Hell and feel his pain from his injuries when they happened. Of course by this time, Jimmy wanted answers like where they are, why it was so important to save Dean and ask about his wife and daughter as it really been 40 years or only four months because all he knew he could be a grandfather with grown grandchildren by now. The next thing he knew was abyss until Castiel was ripped out from him from not following orders while Dean and Sam found him lying on rumble in a warehouse.

That was a long time ago since then and looking back Jimmy was happy that both he and Castiel came a long way as friends and little more than that and he is happy with his life even though his wife left him without a trace taking his daughter with her. Besides the fact that there is a warrant of arrest under his name but it's mostly there for questioning some 'unexplained' things that happened since he said yes to Castiel and the fact he is labeled as mentally unstable person. If he ever gets caught without Castiel in him, he will go straight to the Looney-Bin (which he hopes that'll never happen). He doesn't hold against his wife by leaving him as he hasn't been home in a long time and having a husband that is never home along the fact the said husband might be a crazy criminal takes a lot out in marriage and he knew that Claire-Bear is okay with it. He knew she is safe wherever she is as he along with Castiel can still hear her prayers to them but to be safe she never revealed where she is at in case the angels or demons find out, she is a very smart girl, and she as well as the Winchesters brothers is warded against angels and demons including them. They visit her dreams a few times but even that is dangerous to do because people could be listening in.

"Hi Daddy! Hi Cassie! It's me again, Claire. I just wanted to say hi and hope you two are okay. I miss you daddy. I am doing okay in school. Met a girl today in art class and I hope we can be friends soon… Mommy is okay too, she says she doesn't miss you but I know she does, daddy. I can hear her cry all the time when she doesn't think I am there. I think she's sick…. I done what you told me to do Cassie, I made sure all the salt lines are around the doors and windows and the anti-demon and anti-angel wards around the house. Mommy doesn't know of course but I don't like lying to her… Well I got to go. Love you!"

That was the last prayer that his baby girl given to them last week. And it was both good and heartbreaking at the same time. At least he gets updates about her schooling and he does hope his little girl who is not really little anymore make friends. She told them the other kids at school think she's weird. Claire as well told them what she wants to do after finishing school; she wants to be a hunter part-time and go into criminal justice to help folks like her and her mother that was thrown into the Supernatural World unexpectedly and not knowing what to do afterwards because normal folks won't believe them. Jimmy is both proud and terrified about this that his only child wants to get into this dangerous world and happy that she wants to help other people. It helps him focus on helping Castiel harder within this war, so when his daughter gets old enough to finish from college she doesn't have to be part of this Supernatural World that's been unbalanced for thousands of years; the thought of them winning and uniting Heaven and Earth into a more peaceful place is something to look forward to achieve. He as well is glad that Earth time is vastly different compare to other realities that he found himself companying with Castiel as it been centuries to him as it only been a few months for her. Jimmy doesn't think himself as selfish man but he gets to have his little girl a lot longer than anyone else he knew.

And he and Castiel does visit Claire time to time during her birthdays and when the holidays came around without Amelia knowing of course because last time she screamed at him, thrown things at him, told him to never come back and threaten to call the cops. Jimmy agreed with Castiel that they should respect her wishes and only visited Claire at places where it was hard to track and in her dreams.

His daughter is the reason why Jimmy said yes for the second time and he has yet to regret that decision as he helps Castiel with the war. When Castiel told him to hold back further into their minds during the interrogation he didn't question it. Mercury had previously proven that he can sense and hear him so it was unwise to be too close with the other angels watching and Balthazar being there. Castiel took a note to look into this further to understand how Mercury was able to do this; was it a Trickster thing or a Pagan God thing? After years of only able to talk to Castiel it was unnerving to find that he is able to have a short conversation with other person. Jimmy would admit to himself that he was shocked and awed to talk to a God a lesser one in that but a God nevertheless. He did go to College and took some classes in a form of a rebel against his father into taking classes of religious iconology and symbology (1) and it came in handy many times since he been a vessel and was thrown into the Supernatural world. Jimmy met Mercury the God of Travelers himself; can anyone in the world can say that (besides the Winchesters, why is it always the Winchesters)?

But yet Mercury still ratted him out during the interrogation which Jimmy wasn't surprised which annoyed Castiel of this fact. They both knew sooner or later the other angels will find out the only question was what will happen when everyone finds out? Would Castiel loose his followers? They couldn't dwell on these thoughts until it happens.

When the three of them came into the meeting room, Jimmy kept himself out of the way much farther then he ever have been without going into sleep as Castiel have vowed long ago that he would never go back to sleep. With Mercury ratting him out, few of the angels would be curious and look deeper to see if it was true or not of what the Trickster said and right at this time it wasn't a good idea to have this come into light. Castiel hopes that because Mercury is a Trickster they will think he was lying trying to make the other angels doubt Castiel, their leader.

Jimmy looked around the large circler table seeing all the main angels under Castiel's rule that was already there waiting; Rachel (2), Hester (3) and Inias (4) (whom was sited far from most of the angels) to name a few as others that have joined them into their rebellion against Raphael. Samandriel (5) toosat away from everyone else however unlike Inias the young angel sat close to the two seats that were left empty for Castiel and Balthazar to seat themselves. Jimmy knew why the two angels sat alone from everyone else as the two of them were spies and much like the human world, there will always be doubt about the loyalty in spies.

Inias, the Hell-spawn as both he and Castiel heard of what the other angels call the angel behind his back. About fifteen hundred years ago give or take by Earth Date Inias had angered the Roman Church which resulted him being labeled as dishonorable by both by the humans and partly by the Host because just like some Pagan Gods and other creatures even angels rely on human prayers and humans believing in them. No one really knows what he done as it was hushed up and Inias is not talking. Being labeled such as that, Inias was the most demonic of them all which enable him to be the sole angel to be the rebel spy in the Hell's ranks. Because of this many angels in the Rebellion does not trust him as he is more darkened by the Underworld more so than even Castiel whom is the sole survivor of the war-band that went into Hell to save Dean Winchester. Of how many times Inias went to Hell and spend time there so long touched by his grace that will never truly fade.

He is no more or less than the filth that was under Lucifer's command that once joined him back during the Great Fall. Inias knew what he was getting into when Castiel had asked him of this duty. Inias assured him that he knew what he was getting himself into and admitted he was already demonic touched before, what's little bit more won't hurt him as he been an outsider even before all this started. From his reports that Castiel gets when the two of them are alone, Inias was good of what he does; acting like a normal crossroad demon (as an powerful angel in his own right he would never pass on being a black eyed demon) doing the acts of taking human souls when being summoned at a crossroad, giving the humans ten years of life and so on. And Inias have admitted that he does go with the other demons that he works with into fieldtrips when they were off duty making deals by raising havoc on Earth killing some humans when they feel like it and indulging himself in the sins of the flesh and other such things that before would've resulted him to be put to death or kicked out from the Host.

Castiel, Jimmy knew was heartbroken that he may be losing his brother before his eyes but they needed someone in Hell, a set of eyes to know what's Crowley and Meg was doing. And Castiel did warn Inias of this before he agreed to come across as a demon; one would have to do what demons do not to stand out as Jimmy pointed out to Castiel, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Inias was determined not to fail him or their kin and both angel and vessel knew that Inias does enjoy the sins that he finds himself doing time to time even if half the time Inias lies to himself that he doesn't.

Samandriel on the other hand is the spy in Raphael's ranks in Heaven. He is at odds with everyone else even before he became a spy as well however not by Hell's touch; he is not the most powerful angel to begin with, and if Jimmy had to state who is the weakest angel in the meeting he would have to say it was Samandriel sadly. However not powerful by angelic standards the young angel does have an interesting power that makes him stand out as he is not only the angel of fertility (Jimmy has wondered why many angels that sided with Castiel are angels of something to do with sex, relationships and so on) along with being the angel of imagination which allows him to have a similar power that Gabriel and Lucifer is said to be masters of commonly known as Reality Warping. The power to make things and beings appear differently then how they are by literally changing reality. Seraphs are known to have of this power (along the other Archangels may be able to do as well) but they are limited on this power however Samandriel is much more advance of this ability more so than any Seraph even when he is just a common angel as it was it is highly unusual which in turn made him from the start an outcast as it was Gabriel who was his first teacher (an outcast himself as well being a Messenger and all) who taught him of this ability before everything happened and Samandriel later improved his power himself after Gabriel disappeared.

The same day when Castiel has bestowed the duties to Inias of being a Hell spy, Castiel requested to the same duties to Samandriel however spying on Raphael and his ranks along with giving them information that is hidden among the ancient libraries that is now blocked from them. Much like Inias, Samandriel agreed knowing the risks along that they may later be found out and may be later publicly executed. Samandriel a few times had to company the other angels against the Rebellion in battles and ambushes and twice killed their own people which in turn made Samandriel an enemy among the angels that doesn't know about him being a spy. Unlike Inias who doesn't have to worry much about pretending to be on the other side in the face against their brothers and sisters because most if not all angels avoid Hell and the inhabitants from the Underworld that none ever sees him as a demon.

Samandriel had to witness the hatred from his own kin from the Rebellion and those on Raphael's side that calls him weak because he had many chances on killing one of his siblings but didn't. The only two times that he was forced to kill two of his brothers was during which one time he was chased for three days on Earth by one of the common foot soldiers under Castiel's rule that wanted him dead. When Samandriel and the foot soldier finally dueled as it was pointless to run as the foot solider won't stop hunting him. Samandriel being publicly known as a weak angel the foot soldier thought the younger angel would've been an easily kill from the start but a quick change of reality just enough that the said soldier didn't notice what Samandriel was doing was able to side step and make a quick fatal blow to his brother's chest.

The second time was during an ambush and his brother, Uthra (6) was his name whom he knew in passing but never hanged out with, was at his mercy when he had his angelic blade under his throat when the said brother foolishly thought he had the upper hand and found himself on his back. So many times did Samandriel try to get Uthra to leave him alone but Uthra much like the first wanted his blood and Samandriel had to no choice as Raphael was watching them had slit Uthra's throat which Samandriel knew fueled Raphael's thirst of blood watching as Uthra wasn't yet dead as both his vessel's blood and his grace pooled from the deep wound as he was unable to flee after Samandriel took out a common human knife from his pocket and pinned the angel to the ground at the shoulder so Uthra couldn't move as Samandriel hovered his blade above Uthra's chest waiting for Raphael's command to finish him off as it was that Raphael's army had overcame Castiel's own army's pointless attempt to beat him. Raphael spitted at Uthra's fallen body before he given Samandriel the order to kill him which Samandriel swiftly done so without a second thought. This act itself did earn him by being more trusted by Raphael in which in turn reward him by keeping him close to Raphael and many plans in the future and of course the many tombs of the library that many angels were forbidden to walk.

Both Castiel and Jimmy knew that killing Uthra was the turning point to Samandriel which looking through his eyes knew that Samandriel was losing it as with the help of Jimmy, Castiel told Samandriel if he needed someone to talk to don't hesitate of not coming to him for help as it was that many if not more than half of all angels in both the Host and the Rebellion that broke ties from both spies through the 'Angel Radio'. Castiel won't be surprised that both angels are feeling the emptiness and the aftereffects of not feeling their brethren that they mostly relied on most of their lives. If he, Castiel himself almost went insane by forcedly been cut off from the Host they too would soon follow. Castiel and Jimmy can only hope that the two angels would come to them to talk soon or Castiel will find himself forcing the two to talk about their feelings in which would be hard for an angel to do so.

Balthazar took his seat on the left leaving the last one closest to Samandriel open for Castiel to sit but as the leader he kept to his feet. No one noticed as Samandriel slightly flinched at this action not looking at the British angel who now had his legs prop on the table with his arms across from his chest. "Let's get this meeting started so I can leave; I got stuff to do." Balthazar said, the other angels glanced at Balthazar with a disapproving look.

Castiel took out a small disk from his bottomless pockets from his trench coat pushing a nearby button on the circler table console that next to his side as he slide the disk into an opening that open on the table as an image appeared above the table showing what the scribes and the healers had so far found about their godly prisoner. The signet above his arm showed to all to see and the image of Mercury inside and out showing his health.

"Appropriacy three days ago by the Earth Calendar date…" Castiel became telling them of his story of how he first found their prisoner.

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(1) Religiousiconology and symbology: a fictional field related to the study of historic symbols, which is not methodologically connected to the actual discipline of Semiotics.

Took this idea from a character named Robert Langdon the books written by Dan Brown (Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol and Inferno). Awesome books if you haven't read or watched the movies that they made from them.

(2) Rachel: the name means "ewe" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this is the name of the favorite wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

The closest angelic name is Rachiel who is a cabalistic angel of the Ophanim who rules Friday and the Venus sphere. She is also said to be in charge of human sexuality.

(3) Hester: is the Latin form of the name Esther which possibly means "star" in Persian. Alternatively the name Esther could be derivative from the name of the Near Eastern Goddess Ishtar, the mother Goddess of love, war and fertility whom also is identified with the Sumerian Goddess Inanna.

The closest angelic name is Heziel an angel of the zodiac.

(4) Inias: also spelled as Iniaes. He is one of the angels who were officially removed from the list of honored angels recognized by the Christian Church at the council in Rome in 745. The list of angels was listed by the Church officials to counter what they feared was altogether unwholesome obsession concerning the angels in the popular thinking of the time. Inias was joined in disgrace by Uriel, Sabaoc, Tubuel, Raquel and Simiel. The legend is told however that Inias responded quiet poorly to the actions of the council and became an enemy of the faith.

(5) Samandriel: in Angelic Lore he is a Mandaean angel of fertility who serves as a receiver of prayers. It is his duty to determine when the prayers should be answered at which point he delivers them to the appropriate source, God. Samandriel's name as well is an alteration of the name Samandiriel, the Angel of Imagination knows through visualization and thought to aid in transforming the world around us.

(6) Uthra: in Mandaean mythology, an angel (or spirit of life) is one of 10 that accompany the sun on its daily course. I wanted an angel who connected to Samandriel some way so I picked a name that popped out at me from Mandaean Angelic myth.

Author's Notes: I know that Jimmy was not Castiel's vessel until after Dean was saved from Hell but let's just pretend that Jimmy been his vessel much longer then we thought.

This chapter was super hard to write.

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