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It was an exciting day for the Summer King. Finally he would show the girl that crept her way into his heart over the course of the past few weeks his favorite place on earth; the apple orchard. He was so happy when Donia admired the blooming trees, the smell of fresh apples and the dozens of colorful flowers around them, a curious sparkle in her eyes, making her look almost childlike. A small smile played on the edge of her lips.

"I like this place. It's almost as if time stood still, as if it's always summer here.." She trailed off, amazement in her voice.

Keenan returned her smile softly, taking her hand and together they walked, listening to the birds chirping in the trees, a comfortable silence between them. They sat down under a great willow. Hastily, the girl freed her hand from Keenan's grip, because being this close to him made her nervous. The young man said nothing, just chuckled lightly. For a moment, Donia just watched Keenan. The way the light fell through the leaves and on his skin in a quiet dance; she admitted to herself that she thought of him as beautiful. Thankfully, he didn't notice the light blush that grazed her cheeks. Instead, the Summer King's eyes spotted a spring not far away from them, and an old story crossed his mind.

"Say, Donia", he started in a lighthearted tone, "have you ever heard the story of Narcissus?"

"Narcissus?" She frowned, trying to remember. "No, I think not. Who's Narcissus?" Donia asked.

Keenan intertwined his fingers with hers once again. "Come with me." He helped her up and led her to the spring, where they both knelt. This time, however, Donia did not let go of his hand; she actually liked the feeling of his warm skin against hers. Of course Keenan noticed this, and it made his heart jump a little. They couple stared at the leaf-covered surface of the spring.

And the Summer King began his story. "Narcissus was a very beautiful man. But he was well aware of his beauty, and that made him arrogant. Many people, women and men alike, fell in love with him; but proud as he was, he rejected them all."

Keenan had turned his gaze up to the skies now, an almost wistful expression on his face. You could have been a Narcissus too, Donia thought to herself. She nudged his arm gently, signaling for him to continue. "Foolish man. What happened to him?" She asked.

"One day, a nymph called Echo fell in love with him. Narcissus refused her heart, and an outraged Echo cursed him. He went to a spring, just like this one, and as he saw his reflection in the water, he fell in love with it."

Donia shook her head, smiling. Falling in love with a reflection? How silly! "Don't move." Keenan commanded suddenly. A little surprised, the girl obeyed.

With a smile, Keenan bent forward, but instead of kissing his own reflection, he touched the one of Donia with his lips. Her eyes widened a little, but she remained quiet. Again, there was silence between the couple.

"I think it's impossible." Donia finally spoke up.

Coming back up, still smiling, Keenan asked: "To fall in love with a reflection?"

Donia kept her eyes on the spring, not daring to look at the man next to her.

"To kiss it", she answered so quietly that the Summer King barely heard her. His eyes softened.

"You might be right.. Kissing a reflection is not satisfactory."

Donia's head snapped up when he stroked a single finger against her cheek. She squeezed his other hand that she was still holding. Unconsciously, they both leaned towards each other, until their lips met in a soft, tender kiss.