Mitchie Torres loved to watch her boyfriend, Shane Gray, sleep. The way he looked so peaceful, not having a care in the world.

His ebony hair framed his pale face, long eyelashes kissing his face. Mitchie lowered her hands to his sweet childlike face, gently slipping off his glasses and placing them on the bedside table.

His grip around her waist tightened, then loosened. He snuggled next to her a bit more, a smile firmly afixed on his rosy lips.

Mitchie ran a hand through his messy ,yet soft curls. How she loved his curly hair. She ran her hand down, past his slightly rosy cheeks, to his neck.

"Michie...Michie...I wuv uh."(Mitchie, Mitchie I Love you)Shane muttered in his sleep. How cute, Shane talked in his sleep. He had told her many times that he loved her, but hearing it while he was asleep was really beyond adorable.

"I wuv uh mo evwy day."(I Love you more every day) He muttered. "That's cute, considering he tells me that every day, literally." Mitchie thought to herself.

She continued to run a hand through Shane's onyx curls as he softly snored. Mitchie giggled lightly as a small snort escaped his lips. Shane sure knew how to be cute, sometimes without even trying to. Her eyes traveled down to his bare chest, rising and falling in steady breaths. Shane buried his head in Mitchie's hip, his grip tightening and loosening like the last time.

His eyelashes fluttered then calmed down once again. Shane moved his head a bit more, making his midnight bangs fall over his closed eyes. Mitchie couldn't help but smile, he really was too adorable for his own good.

"I love you, Shane." Mitchie gently whispered in his ear.

"I wuv uh too." (I love you too)Shane said. He must have been dreaming that he was saying it to Mitchie, which in a way he was.

Mitchie gently brushed her lips against his, barely enough to cosider it a kiss. When she pulled away Shane was still fast asleep, cheeks tinted bright crimson red. Mitchie tried, and succeeded, not to laugh, even in his sleep Shane still blushed whenever Mitchie kissed him.

"I love you more than you could ever know." She whispered. He just smiled and snuggled next to her a little more. "Michieā€¦I'm col." (Mitchie I'm cold)Shane mumbled, a look of complete uncomfort on his face. He sneezed a few times, still asleep. Mitchie giggled, then comprehended what he had just told her, that he was cold.

Mitchie pulled the puffy white comforter up a bit, enough to reach Shane's neck. He smiled at his newly found warmth, a content look on his face.

Mitchie wiggled in his grip until she was lying down right next to Shane, his arms still around her slender waist. Closing her own eyes, Mitchie wrapped her arms around Shane's neck, she too falling into a deep sleep.

Tis is for those that took the time an read my insanely cheesy story! Thank you guys! I hope you enjoyed this one as much as the last one! I don't own Camp Rock, if i did both movies would have been way differetn!