I gazed up at the fireworks. They were so beautiful. I still didn't understand why this was part of the holiday, nor did I understand how this became a tradition. But I do not question it. I have learned the hard way.

It has been a year since I fell to become a hunter and be with Dean, Samuel, and Robert. I lost my grace, and I do not regret falling. I looked over by where the others were wrestling as I lay in the soft green grass. I then heard feet jogging towards me. Even though my grace is gone, I still can sense things like angels do.

"Hey, babe." Dean said, sitting next to me. I sat up.

"Hello." I said.

He smiled, "Enjoying the fireworks?" He asked. I nodded, and he continued, "Hey, babe?"


"I want to ask you something."

"What do you want to ask me?"

"Well," He said, and pulled out a box. I gasped when he opened it, "would you like to marry me?" He asked. I started tearing up, and kissed him passionately. He responded but pushing me to the ground, and we started our 'make-out session' as others call it.

A little while later, we heard a throat being cleared. We stopped kissing, and looked up to see Bobby and Sam looking awkward.

I smiled, "I am very sorry, and I am sure Dean is too." I pushed Dean off me gently, him slipping the ring from earlier gently onto my finger. I smiled. I stood and Dean followed suit. We then walked hand-in-hand to the Impala, and grabbed the cooler, before walking back and settling down with the other two members of Team Free Will on the large blanket that was brought. Then we started eating, before counting down to mark the new year.











"NEW YEAR! WOO HOO!" Everyone cheered as the fireworks were set into the sky and we jumped up, hugging each other. Bobby hugged me (manly), Sam and I 'fist-pumped' I believe is what the correct term is, and Dean kissed me.

"This is so gonna be an awesome year." Dean said.

"I cannot agree more."

Hope you all enjoyed this! I really hope you all enjoyed it!