Chapter 34: Surprises and Spies.

Sasuke stood on the wall of the Uchiha district and watched with a smile as villagers began slowly filtering in.

"So, this how you thought it would be Aniki?" Naruto asked from next to him.

Sasuke turned to his brother and nodded, "It's exactly what I hoped for."

Naruto grinned cheekily, "Glad to hear it!" he exclaimed as he hovered into the air.

Sasuke smirked and threw a sealing capsule to the ground, in a poof of smoke, Sasuke appeared standing on his hover board, "Then let's go, we got ladies to look after." He said as he and Naruto travelled through the air towards the inner wall.


"You know, I'm pretty sure Naruto-kun didn't want me to come with you guys." Tayuya said with a frown as Tenten dragged her and Hinata around the outer area of the food stalls.

Hinata just smiled as Tenten suddenly ran up to one of the stalls, "E-even if he didn't plan for you to come, he'd be h-happy you're here with us." Hinata said softly as Tenten reappeared.

"Guys! I got dango!" Tenten said as she held out a handful of sticks to each of them.

Tayuya blinked in shock at Tenten's exuberance, "Uhh, thanks buns." She said as she grasped her share.

Tenten raised a brow, "Buns?" she asked.

Tayuya raised her hand and poked one of Tenten's hair buns, "Yeah, buns."

Tenten blinked a moment before shrugging, "Meh, I can get used to that." She agreed before munching on her dango.

Hinata smiled, 'That was lucky, I thought they might get into a fight or something.' She thought before taking a small bite from her dango, "Naruto-kun said he'll f-find us wherever we are, so what do you girls w-want to do?"

Tayuya smirked at Hinata's timidness, "What's wrong princess?"

Hinata blushed, "I-I'm not a p-princess," she said looking down at her feet.

Hinata gasped as she suddenly felt someone wrap an arm over her shoulders, she looked up to see Naruto moments before he gave her a kiss.

Pulling away, he grinned, "You're my princess," Naruto said before giving her another kiss on the head.

Tenten pouted, "What about me Naruto-kun?" she asked cutely.

Naruto smiled and reached out, resting his hand on the back of Tenten's head, he pulled her close and gave her a slow kiss as well.

As Naruto let go of her, she stepped back with a smile on her face, only to land in the arms of another Naruto.

Tayuya looked between the two Naruto's, "The fuck is this?" she asked before suddenly feeling a weight on her shoulder as well.

Tayuya turned around to come face-to-face with a third Naruto, "Alright, I've been mind-fucked or something, I can't tell the clones apart."

The Naruto holding Tenten smirked, "Yeah, that's the point. You see, a wood clone is in effect another version of me. So I will spend all of tonight with each of you."

Hinata smiled and kissed her Naruto on the cheek, "That's sweet of you Naruto-kun." She said quietly.

The Naruto with his arm around Tayuya grinned, "So, who wants to do what first?"

Tenten shrugged before wrapping her Naruto in a hug, "I thought you had special plans?" she asked.

Tenten's Naruto hugged her back, "We do, we just wanted to know if there was anything in particular you guys wanted." he said with a smirk.

"I th-think I speak for the three of us when I s-say, 'surprise me.'" Hinata said with a smile up at her Naruto.

Hinata's Naruto smirked, "Good plan, alright we'll see you all later then."

The three Naruto's walked away with a girl, escorting them to different nights out…


"I don't get it Sakura-chan, why are we waiting here?" Kin asked as her and Sakura leaned against the outside of the inner wall.

Sakura shrugged as she watched all the civilians run around the new shopping district, "This is where Sasuke-kun asked us to meet him, said he had some special plans for us."

Kin raised a brow and was about to ask when the two heard a humming noise, they looked up to see Sasuke as he was in midair sealing his board back into its capsule.

Landing in front of them, he turned and smiled softly, "Sorry, I took so long. Are you two ready?" he said calmly as he held out his hands.

Instantly, the two girls were latched onto an arm each, ""Yes Sasuke-kun!"" they chanted in unison causing Sasuke to chuckle.

Within moments, the happy trio were walking towards the north of the Uchiha district, the two girls happily trusting Sasuke and his plan for the night.


"A bakery?" Hinata asked with a blink of her wide eyes.

Naruto grinned, "Actually, I've got us set up near the roof of the bakery. I just thought since you like cinnamon rolls so much, we can get them warm from here." Naruto said taking Hinata's hand and leading her into the busy establishment.

One of the working attendants smiled, "Ah! Naruto-san! Come this way!" she said with a large smile.

Naruto nodded and escorted Hinata after the attendant, who opened a doorway for them as she began talking, "Everything is as you requested, we put you on the higher balcony. Is that okay?"

Naruto nodded, "It's perfect! Thanks a ton." Naruto said with a smile as he pulled Hinata up the stairwell.

Hinata smiled seeing Naruto so excited, "W-who was she Naruto-kun?"

Naruto paused in front of a door and smiled at Hinata, "She used to live on the southern district, she was in the slums since she had no home. Sasuke and I gave her a home and a job so she's very happy to work here." He explained.

Hinata's eyes widened, "Th-that's very kind of you two."

Naruto grinned and stepped behind Hinata, he hugged her around the waist and placed his chin on her shoulder, "Enough about that, tonight is about us." he said as he reached forward with one hand and opened the door.

Hinata gasped as her and Naruto stepped out onto the balcony, it was a comfortably sized set up. A small round table with a white cloth covering it sat in the centre of the balcony and on it a single candle was lit surrounded by covered dishes. The view from the balcony showed the whole of the Uchiha market district and in the distance the sun making its final decent.

Naruto walked Hinata over to a chair and pulled it out for her with a smile, "Hina-chan."

Hinata blushed with a small smile as she sat in the offered chair, moments later Naruto was sitting opposite to her and he began lifting the covers off some of the plates. Hinata smiled at the wide assortment of foods, "N-Naruto-kun, how did you get all of this?"

Naruto smiled as he began serving food to their plates, "A lot of the people that are staying at the shelter were offered jobs and almost everyone said yes. They're happy to have a purpose in life so they feel good to give back. They're exactly the kind of people Sasuke was talking about in his speech." Naruto explained with a grin, "Also, they kinda feel like they owe us a lot so they've gone out of their way for this."

Hinata smiled softly as Naruto passed her a set of chopsticks, "This is wonderful Naruto-kun, th-thank you for this." She said before taking the first bite.

Naruto smirked, "Anything for Hina-chan." He said with a wide grin.

Hinata smiled in return, "I forgot to ask, h-how is your new sage training going?"

Naruto's grin became a smirk as his eyes took a slightly dark look, "It's nearly perfect, the snake's memories have made it much easier to get used to." He said.

Hinata smirked in a very un-Hinata moment, "So…have you mastered the snake tongue technique?" she asked with a minor blush.

Naruto paused in his eating and blinked in astonishment, "Umm, I think I've been hanging around Ero-sensei too much." He muttered before shaking his head, trying to get the perverted thoughts to exit his mind.

Hinata bit her lip nervously and reached to grasp a cinnamon roll from Naruto's plate, he stared as she brought it to her lips, "W-what were you thinking about," she whispered before she licked the top of the roll, "Naruto-kun?" she asked as she fluttered her eyelids.

Naruto flushed as red as Hinata usually did, "H-hey, don't act like that, you have no idea what you can do to a guys' imagination." He said as he leaned forward to hide his… 'tent.'

Hinata chuckled quietly as she began eating the cinnamon roll, "S-sorry Naruto-kun, I'll try harder next time." She said with a cheeky smile and accompanying blush.

Naruto was at a loss for words at Hinata's actions, "Uhh, huh." He mumbled before swallowing heavily.

Hinata placed the other half of the cinnamon roll on her plate before sitting back once more, "S-so, your techniques?" she asked innocently.

Naruto blinked at her sudden attitude switches before his eyes widened in realisation, "Oh, right. Well with every piece of Orochimaru's soul I've received, I've learnt one more technique. After the initial three of course." Naruto said before delving into theories and jutsus he now understood.

Hinata smiled as she watched Naruto talk, 'I love when he gets like this, so eager to learn something new.' She thought before her mind flashed briefly to the semi-dark look he made earlier, 'Then again, something about the way he looked then,' she blushed heavily, 'I really like that look in his eyes.' She thought before refocussing on Naruto's words.

Naruto had grabbed one of the napkins and had just finished drawing some kind of gate on it, "…called the Rashomon Gates. There are a total of five gates but Orochimaru himself only had access to two at the time he gave the mark to Jirobo, who was the most recent to receive the mark." Naruto trailed off as he glanced up at Hinata, who was staring at him dreamily.

Naruto raised a brow, "Hina-chan?" he asked, thinking he had bore her.

Hinata's smile increased, "Yes Naruto-kun?"

He scratched the back of his head, noticing the odd feeling of not having his sword on him for once, "I'm not boring you am I?"

Hinata shook her head, "N-not at all, I am c-curious about one thing though." She said.

Naruto nodded and smiled, "Ask away,"

She rested her head on the palm of her hand as she looked at him, "It's about the C-Clan Restoration Act. S-since Tayuya is here, does she fall under the act as well? Or is it annulled or something?"

Naruto sighed, "No, the act doesn't affect women of a clan so that they aren't forced into marriages. And since she is a woman the part concerning me is still in effect." Naruto explained, "Sorry Hinata-chan."

Hinata shrugged, "P-Please don't apologise, it's not your fault in any way at all. I'm glad that she was saved." Hinata said with a smile before tilting her head curiously, "Just how close are y-you and Tayuya related anyway?"

Naruto smiled, "Tayu-chan and I talked about that, the father of hers was actually in love with my mother. If he's the person mom mentions in her diary, then they were from opposite branches of the clan." He explained.

Hinata blinked in thought, 'Tayu-chan?' "Your mother's diary?" she asked.

Naruto nodded, "Didn't I tell you? Her diary was in a containment seal in the back of my dad's journal. Some strange things written in there." Naruto mumbled.

Hinata nodded, "S-so…it wouldn't be wr-wrong for Tayuya to like you like Tenten and I do right?"

Naruto's eyes widened, "Tayu-chan likes me?" he asked.

Hinata shook her head, "N-no, I'm just saying that clans usually do inter-marry. W-we hyuuga do it a lot apparently…" Hinata trailed off, nervous of what she was saying.

Naruto slowly nodded, "I guess I get it…but honestly, I don't know how to go about doing…that." He said, unsure of how to phrase what he was thinking, "I mean, I'm barely managing to be with two women, I don't know what I'd do with a third." He said before rubbing his head, hoping to think of something.

Hinata hummed, "S-sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up." She said with a smile before holding Naruto's hand across the table, "L-let's just focus on us right now, o-ok?"

Naruto nodded, "Sure Hina-chan," his eyes lit up, "Oh, yeah. How has the training with your dad come along?" he asked while squeezing her hand.

Hinata smiled once more, "According to father, I am g-going a little slower than usual. But I am m-much more accurate than m-most."

Naruto grinned, "That's great! How is he doin anyways?"

Naruto grinned as Hinata began to talk about her new training, her father was helping her develop her own style after she had shown him her first original move; Protective Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms.


Tenten blinked and rubbed her eyes, "Did you put me in a Genjutsu?" she asked.

Naruto grinned, "Nope."

Tenten glanced at him then back towards the restaurant they stood in front of, "Then how is there an Akamichi BBQ in the Uchiha district?"

Naruto shrugged, "Aniki had some seals to help the Akamichi clan grow stronger, in return all he asked was that they make an agreement with him." He said as he took her hand and the two began to walk towards the restaurant.

Tenten raised a brow as Naruto waved to one of the workers, "What agreement?"

Naruto smirked, "Y'know, knowledge on this stuff was traded for knowledge on that. Sasuke gets one of the BBQ franchises and the Akamichi get some stuff in return."

The two were being shown to their seats as Tenten frowned, "Is it possible for you to be more vague?" she said sarcastically.

Naruto burst into laughter, "Maybe!" he said with a grin.

Tenten rolled her eyes while she smiled just as the waiter stopped by a table near the largest window, "Here's your seat. I'll send someone to come get your order soon, would you like a drink while you wait?" he asked.

Tenten and Naruto sat opposite each other at the table and she looked out the window with a smile as Naruto ordered, "A pot of Ginseng tea please, two cups?"

The waiter wrote down the order and nodded before clicking his pen, "I'll have that sent over." He said before walking off.

Naruto turned to talk to Tenten, but he stopped himself from breaking the silence as he saw her face glowing from the light outside the window. He didn't realise we was caught staring until Tenten nudged his leg under the table, "Hey Naruto-kun, you in there?" she asked playfully.

Naruto smiled softly and poked her back with his toe, the two kept their legs entangled as they began to talk.

"Ten-chan, I got a question I've been meaning to ask you for a while." Naruto said with a smile.

Tenten nodded, "Sure, ask away."

The two paused in their chatter as their drinks arrived, Naruto began filling each of their cups as he asked, "How did you learn to use pretty much any weapon to near perfection?"

Tenten pretended to be offended, "What do mean 'near' perfection?"

Naruto immediately back pedalled, "N-no I mean, umm, how did you learn to fight with pretty much any weapon you're given?"

Tenten giggled and picked up a normal knife, she flicked it around in a way which suddenly made it seem very threatening, "I'm not sure, Uncle Dan says that my dad had this weird thing too. It's how he met mum, she ran the Higurashi weapon shop until Dan took over." Tenten explained.

Naruto hummed as Tenten set the knife back on the table, "Do you think you can do it with any weapon? Even one you just got?" he asked as his eyes sparkled in mischief.

Tenten raised a brow and smiled as Naruto began rub their legs together playfully, "It depends really, I can get most ranged weapons straight away. But some close up weapons take a couple of times to master."

Naruto grinned, "Good to know." He muttered mysteriously before a waitress stepped up to the table.

She smiled as she took out a notepad, "What can I get you guys?" she asked.

Tenten was about to order when Naruto placed his hand on the menu, "A regular serving of the salted pork belly, and the standard side plate." He said with a wink towards Tenten, "And a small serving of the soy beef." Naruto requested as he passed the waitress the menus.

The waitress bowed, "Okay that will be out soon. Call me if you need anything." She said with a gesture to the service button next to the in-built stove-top.

Naruto smiled as the lady walked away, Tenten turned to him with an inquisitive look, "How did you know my favourite was the pork belly?" she asked as she took a sip of her drink.

Naruto shrugged with a smirk, "How did I know your favourite drink was a ginseng tea?" he asked, causing Tenten to blink and glance down at her drink.

Tenten smiled again, "Okay, how did you know that?" she asked as she placed her drink back on the table.

Naruto took a sip from his own drink and played with Tenten's feet again, "I know these things Ten-chan. Just trust me when I say something is true or not." He said with a lopsided smile.

Tenten pouted cutely and tilted her head to the side, "How come I feel like there is more to that than there sounds?" she asked.

Naruto grinned, "Just remember that alright?" he said before leaning back into the cushion of his chair, "So Ten-chan, every time we've gone out in the past has either been really short or with Hina-chan." He said before smirking, "I'm all yours for the next few hours so I want to know all about you."

Tenten smiled softly and hid behind her cup, "Well, what is there to know?" she asked.

Naruto's smirk held strong, "Let's see…what's your favourite colour?"

Tenten smiled and looked at Naruto's eyes, "Ocean Blue."

Naruto grinned as he put together her implications, that her favourite colour was the colour of his eyes, "Favourite hobby?"

Tenten smirked, "I thought these were the things that you 'just knew'?" she asked playfully.

Naruto grinned, "Your favourite hobby, is sharpening the tools in your uncle's shop." He said.

Tenten blinked in shock, "How did you…?"

He shrugged, "I just know these things, but I like hearing them from you more." He said as he moved his leg up a little higher than before.

Tenten blushed lightly, thinking that Naruto was implying something more, "R-really?" she gasped.

Naruto, not realising his leg had moved, smirked lowly, "Oh yes Ten-chan, your voice is a melody that little can compete with." He said, "I wonder what other sounds your voice can make?" he said flirtatiously.

Tenten blushed bright red and pulled her leg free of the entanglement, before using it to rub much higher on his inner thigh, "W-well, we could easily find that out." She said in a sultry voice, "After all, ninjas are legally adults." She said.

Now it was Naruto's turn to blush as his body started to react to Tenten's words and actions, "Ten-chan," he moaned quietly before placing a hand on the leg that Tenten had basically on his lap, "You have no idea how much I'd enjoy something like that, but maybe we should wait a few more years until we begin…restoring the Uzumaki clan ne?" he said as he held Tenten's leg comfortably and lovingly.

Tenten blushed, and the look between the two of them was interrupted as the waitress placed their food between then.

"Is that all for now?" the waitress asked.

Naruto nodded and glanced at Tenten, who nodded back to him, "Yes that's it for now, thanks."

The waitress nodded and left as Naruto flipped the meat onto the BBQ grill, "So Ten-chan, how would you like your feast cooked tonight?" he said with a toothy grin.


"HOLY FUCK THIS IS HIGH!" Tayuya screamed from her place sitting on Naruto's shoulders.

Naruto laughed as he stood in midair, he was above the height of the Hokage monument, floating over the centre of the village in the near-night sky, "Do you want to go down Tayuya?"

Tayuya shook her head with a smile as she held onto Naruto's raised hands for support, "Hell no, this is amazing!" she said as she watched the sun dropping over the mountains in the distant west.

Naruto smiled at what was now an almost common view for him, 'I hope she'll be happy here in the leaf.' He thought as he noticed a small flock of birds to their right.

Naruto smiled, "Tayuya, slide back down will ya?" he asked as he slowly let go of her hands.

Tayuya nodded before widening her leg's grip on Naruto's head, she slid down his back and caught herself in a piggy back position against Naruto's cupping hands, "What's the plan Whiskers?" she asked.

Naruto smirked at the nickname, his mind flashed back to Kiba for a moment before he refocussed on the girl in his grasp, "Just keep quiet, listen and look." Naruto said as he flew up into the air and towards their right.

Tayuya looked up only to gasp softly with wide eyes as the aligned themselves in the middle of a flock of birds, Naruto was horizontal in the air like the birds so Tayuya slowly sat up straight into the air.

They weren't going too fast, so Tayuya could see the triangle of birds clearly. She turned to her left as one bird squawked at them, Tayuya smiled and waved before Naruto suddenly began to turn downwards.

Tayuya gasped and gripped Naruto tightly as the two began to freefall, Tayuya looked around as the whole world was turned upside down and they span slowly through the air. 'Wow…' she thought with a small smile before feeling a little too dizzy and closing her eyes.

Feeling them balance out again, she opened her eyes to see Naruto looking over his shoulder at her worriedly, "Are you ok? I didn't make you sick or anything did I?" he asked.

Tayuya shook her head and lessened her grip, "Nope," she said, popping her lips on the letter p, "Just a wave of dizziness." She explained before looking around at their new location.

They were in midair above a large building with a larger yard. From her point of view, she could see it was a three or four story building with a basic training grounds and a track field.

"This is the Konoha Ninja Academy," Naruto explained, "This is where I learnt to be a ninja for the leaf, obviously."

Tayuya smiled, imagining a tiny Naruto running the track, or training shuriken. Naruto spun in mid air and began slowly flying forward.

Not twenty seconds later, Naruto nodded, indicating a building ahead of them, "This was my old apartment, I lived on the top floor. Sandaime-Jiji gave it to me so I could always see the Hokage monument through my window." Naruto said while turning in the air so Tayuya could see his old view.

Tayuya smiled as the sun's setting rays bounced off the monument, imaging seeing the sunrise over it every morning as Naruto must have many times before.

Naruto flew one block before hovering above a small bridge and pointing to a small stand, "That's Ichiraku Ramen, or at least it used to be." Naruto said with a smile, "That was the first place I was accepted for who I am." He said.

Tayuya was pulled from her musings of the stand as she heard Naruto's faint words, "For who you are? What do you mean?"

Feeling a sliver of harsh chakra, Naruto turned in midair before rising into the air and flying back to the center of the village. He came to a stop and Tayuya was about to ask again when he began talking, "I was born on the day of the Kyuubi attack. A lot of the villages saw me as something to take their anger out on when I was younger, since they thought me to be the reincarnation of the Kyuubi." He explained before sighing, "I guess in a way there fears were justified."

Tayuya's grip tightened around Naruto's neck as she felt his sadness, "Naruto..?" she asked quietly.

He looked up with a rueful smile, "I am the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." He said simply.

Tayuya's eyes widened in shock, "You…" she trailed off, unable to form a coherent response.

Naruto floated in quietness for a second and channelled some chakra into the seal around his eye before continuing, "I don't blame them for doing what they did. They were scared, and only wanted the safety of their children." He said with a smile, "I probably would've done the same if the situation was reversed."

Tayuya's eyes began to soften as Naruto continued his soliloquy, "But…I will be taking a more direct route to weeding out the threats of the village," he said with a smirk as he took one hand from holding Tayuya and pointed it towards the distance as his eye seal glowed, "I won't hesitate or threaten anyone who tries to harm something precious to me." He said as he shot a wind upgraded bone bullet into the distance.

Tayuya stared with wide eyes at the simple display of power and control as Naruto finished his speech, he stared at the setting sun with red eyes as he could see his bone bullet strike home, straight through the head of a spy sleuthing closer to the village just before an ANBU took the killing blow. "I'll just kill them all." He affirmed, watching the corpse bleed out with his enhanced sight.

Tayuya sat on Naruto's back in silence for a moment before hugging him as tight as she could from her position, "So…that 'hand of the village' thing you were talking about earlier…that's you isn't it?" she asked.

Naruto nodded, "I am the demonic assassin. People I'm sent to kill will drop dead once I set my sights on them." he declared before looking over his shoulder, making eye contact with Tayuya using his seal-glowing red eye.

Tayuya merely blinked at the sight before smiling, "Well, guess if I'm gonna stick by someone, it may as well be my family aye?" she said before hugging him again, "Looks like Mr. Assassin has met Ms. Illusion." She said with a laugh as he joined her.

After nearly a minute of laughter, Naruto blinked his eyes back to normal and began flying back towards the Uchiha district. Tayuya grinned as they passed through another flock of birds.

They soon touched down on the Uchiha lookout tower, Tayuya stood on her own feet for the first time in an hour and was a little wobbly, so Naruto held her hand to steady her, "You ok?"

Tayuya closed her eyes and nodded, "Yep, just gimme a moment." She muttered before taking a deep breath.

Tayuya had her eyes still closed when she heard the familiar sound of something being summoned. She opened her eyes to see a cobra in front of Naruto, wrapped around a picnic basket.

Naruto smiled, "Thanks King." He said to the snake, which bowed before leaving in a poof of smoke, leaving the basket behind.

Tayuya blinked in confusion, "You're a fucking snake summoner too?" she asked in shock.

Naruto grinned at Tayuya before sitting down, pulling her down with him, "Yeah, did you think this tat was just for show?" he asked with a laugh.

Naruto placed the basket on the floor of the tower's balcony and leant against the main pillar, "Have a seat Tayu-chan." He said as he pat the spot next to him.

Tayuya stood with folded arms, "How the fuck are you a snake summoner?" she demanded.

Naruto sighed and opened the basket, "Sit and eat with me, I'll explain." He compromised with a smile as he pulled take away containers out of the basket.

Tayuya was about to refuse before she noticed the containers, "That ramen?" she asked before sitting down and grabbing the bowl from Naruto's hand.

Naruto smirked and the two ate in silence for a moment as the sun finished its final descent, leaving the village being only lit up with its own lights.

Finishing his third bowl and letting Tayuya have his last, Naruto began talking, "You know that technique I used to absorb the white snakes from the seals?" he asked.

Tayuya paused in her eating and glanced at Naruto before swallowing her mouthful with a nod, "Well that was a portion of Orochimaru's soul." Naruto explained.

Naruto lifted his arms into easy view allowing her to study them, "I am the only user of the Soul Drain jutsu, I have absorbed the souls of a fair few ninja . When I first absorbed a piece of Orochimaru, I obtained this." He said with a gesture to his summoning tattoo.

Tayuya nodded in awe before taking another serving of her food, "So, who else then?" she asked, trying to seem casual about the thought of absorbing someone's essence.

Naruto smirked at her behaviour before ticking off some of the more recognisable people he absorbed, "Well, I got the First Hokage, Zabuza Momochi…a Kaguya." He said casually, grinning at her suddenly shocked expression.

Tayuya stared at Naruto, mouth wide in awe and confusion, until Naruto shoved a spoonful of rice in her mouth, regaining her attention, "You even listening?" he asked.

Tayuya chewed once before swallowing all the rice in one go, "The First Hokage? The wood user?" she asked sceptically, "And just how the hell do you expect me to believe that?!" she asked.

Naruto reached into his pouch and pulled out a seed, he closed his hand around it and channelled his chakra. Tayuya watched as Naruto opened his hands to reveal a fully grown rose, "This is my power." Naruto said before giving the flower to Tayuya.

Tayuya gingerly took the rose, "Wow, that was amazing!" she exclaimed with a grin before standing up and dropping her containers into the basket again.

Naruto stood as well and dusted off the lower portion of his outfit, "So, what do you wanna do now Tayu-chan?" he asked as he picked up the basket.

Tayuya smirked, "Let's play catch!" she said as she leapt up onto the balcony rail and raised her arms out.

Naruto's eyes widened as Tayuya began to fall back with a laugh, "Catch me Naruto!" she said before falling off.

Naruto quickly dove over the edge of the balcony and stretched out his cursed arm, grabbing a hold of Tayuya as he straightened into a dive.

Tayuya gasped as Naruto's arm wrapped around her waist and she was spun, within moments, she found herself in Naruto's arms, being carried bridal style as she somehow ended up holding the picnic basket against her stomach.

Tayuya laughed at Naruto's exasperated expression as the two continued flying around, sharing their stories and enjoying their time together.


"The Uchi-Raku noodle restaurant?" Kin asked in confusion as she read the sign of the establishment Sasuke had escorted her and Sakura to.

Sasuke smiled as he led the two of them through the open door, being met by a waiter, "Sasuke-sama! We have one of the private booths set up as requested." The waiter said.

Sasuke nodded with a smirk as Sakura and Kin looked around the establishment. They took in notice of the Uchiha fans posted on the four walls and the large print 'Ichiraku' across the main counter as they were lead to the back area.

Moments later, the three were sitting in a plush booth, Sakura and Kin sitting opposite Sasuke as they looked over the menu, "Woah, I didn't realise there were so many different flavours of ramen, udon and soba." Sakura said before looking up at Sasuke, "So is this the place Ayame-chan's family runs now?"

Sasuke nodded, "Teuchi is head chef and Ayame is the staff supervisor, I'm hoping this place will get as much profit as estimated." He said while gesturing back to the main room, "As you can see, I think we'll make a fine profit." He said with a smirk.

Kin nodded, "What a great idea! Did you come up with it Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke shrugged, "Well, Dan suggested I remake the Uchiha's market district. I offered a spot to Teuchi after Naruto found information from the establishment owner." Sasuke explained just as a waitress appeared.

"Hi everyone, I'll be your server for tonight. Ayame-san said she'll be free once everyone gets their rhythm going so about twenty minutes?" she estimated with a smile.

Sasuke smirked, "Thankyou Mimori, how do you like working her so far?"

The girl brushed some hair back and smiled, "It's great, I really enjoy it and it pays more than I thought it would, now have you guys decided what you'd like to order?" she said as she pulled out a notepad.

Sasuke nodded to the girls, signalling for them to order, "Umm, I'll have the tempura udon please. Kin-chan?" Sakura asked.

Kin hummed, "I'll have a veggie ramen." She said with a smile.

Sasuke passed the menus to Mimori without looking, "I'll have the chef's special."

Mimori nodded as she tore the order from her notepad, "I'll get that in right away. Any drinks while you wait?" she asked as she tucked the menus under her arm.

Before either of the girls could answer Sasuke spoke, "A bottle of sake and four cups."

Mimori blinked before shrugging, "Well, technically you're the boss…" she muttered before walking off towards the backroom/kitchen.

Sasuke turned to the girls, "So, how have the two of you been?" he asked with a slight smirk.

Sakura and Kin looked at each other before Kin gestured to go ahead, "Well Sasuke-kun, I've pretty much just been part timing at the hospital and perfecting my control over my new upgrade," She said with a flick of her earrings, "Other than that, just the mission to get you back Sasuke-kun." She finished with a nervous smile.

Sasuke leaned forward, "You haven't shown me this 'new upgrade.' What is it?" he asked.

Sakura blushed lightly at the intensity of his interest in her before sending a small amount of chakra to the rings on her ears.

Kin and Sasuke's eyes widened as from the rainbow glow of the earrings appeared a pair of pink sun glasses that covered her eyes completely behind the sharp pointed shades, she smiled as she glanced over the two, "These are called 'Scouter Sight'." She said with a grin.

Sasuke blinked on his Sharingan and looked over the seemingly simple glasses, his eyes widened as all he saw was a bright pink light of chakra before he deactivated his jutsu. "What do they do Sakura-chan?" he asked as he finished rubbing his sore eyes.

Sakura smirked, "I can see the strength and skills of a person with but a glance."

Kin raised a brow, "How? What do you mean?"

Sakura smiled as she glanced at Sasuke and began to analyse him, "These show me the threat level of the people I look at and also gives me titbits of information that help me get a better guess at their fighting style. Like you Sasuke-kun," she said with a grin as numbers began to appear in her view, "The largest chakra pools in your system other than the core is your eyes and fingers. This means most likely you have a doujutsu and are either a puppet master/seal user or something I'm unfamiliar with. And the numbers indicate that your over all threat level is twelve." She said before turning to Kin.

"Kin-chan, the largest pool other than your core is in your chest, so I'd assume lungs. So you've been learning chakra moulding techniques that you spit out. Therefore, some kind of distance fighter I assume. Your overall threat level is an eight." Sakura said with a grin as she pulled the chakra from her earrings.

The two observers nodded in awe, "That's quite amazing Sakura-chan, just how many upgrades are there?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura smiled, "A fair few more, but unfortunately some of them are damaged. I'm hoping Naruto-Nii can help me with all his knowledge on how the snow technology works."

Kin raised a brow, "Snow technology? You mean those blueprints he was fussing over?" she asked as she remembered Naruto not sleeping for a full night and her having to force him to take a rest.

Sakura nodded, "Yep, sure is." She said just as Mimori appeared again.

Mimori smiled, "Here you go, a bottle of sake for the three of you. Ayame-san says she'll be finished up soon and can come take a break with you guys then. Anything else I can do for you before your meals arrive?" she asked.

The two girls looked at Sasuke who shook his head, "No, we're good here thanks."

Mimori bowed again before walking off as Sasuke turned to Kin, "What about you Kin-chan? We haven't had time to talk in a while." He said with a soft smile.

Kin smiled as both Sakura and Sasuke began to pay her attention, "Well, since my probation ends at the end of this year. I haven't had much to do other than train, so…yeah." She said with a shrug.

Sasuke nodded, "With Anko-san right?"

Kin rubbed her arm while scowling, as if remembering something painful. "Yep, Anko-sensei has been teaching me…a lot."

As if noticing her level of discomfort, Sakura asked, "What has she trained you in exactly? All I know is that you've been appreciative but it's very strenuous." She said before thinking back to her chakra analysis, "She's been teaching you jutsus?"

Kin nodded, "Well, what you said about me being a distance fighter is true, that's what she's been helping me try to not only improve, but fix."

Sasuke tilted his head, "Fix and improve?" he asked.

Kin lifted the sleeves of her snakeskin cloak off for the first time in front of Sasuke, his eyes widened at the bruises on her forearms before she pulled the sleeves back on. "Please explain before I kill Anko." He said darkly as his Sharingan flared to life.

Kin reached over the table and grasped his hands to calm him down. Sakura, who had already had this conversation with Kin when she spotted the bruises in the shower, busied herself with filling each of their cups with sake.

"These bruises are from me learning the Venom Style. The style is focussed on small combos and one hit kills as well as poison attacks." Kin explained while squeezing Sasuke's fists in her hands.

Sasuke's grip lessened, "And what methods are she teaching you with?" he asked.

Kin breathed in quickly, knowing he probably wouldn't like the answer, "She's given me the scrolls of the whole style and every day we spar…until one of us loses." She explained.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed, "And what counts as a 'loss'?"

Kin frowned, "Either capture the other person in a position where they can't exit. Or render them unconscious." She felt Sasuke's fists clench at the word 'unconscious', "But I like the way Anko-sensei is treating me!"

At her odd proclamation, Sasuke's anger disappeared, "What?" he asked.

Kin held Sasuke's hands in hers now, "She treats me like an actual student, she cares about me and every time you guys go out on missions, she's been staying with me." She explained before shrugging, "She gets lonely without Kakashi around, and I don't like being…alone." She said while staring at her hands, entwined as they were with Sasuke's.

Feeling a grip on her chin, she looked up to see Sasuke leaned over the table just before he kissed her forehead. She sat in silence with wide eyes as Sasuke sat back, "Kin-chan, I wish you had told me earlier. I could've set up somewhere for her to sleep peacefully." He said with a soft smile.

Kin grinned at Sasuke's acceptance, "Thanks Sasuke-kun!" she cheered.

Hearing steps near them, the three turned to see Ayame walking out, she looked exhausted but her face was set in a wide smile.

The three sat back with a smile as Ayame fell into the cushiony seat next to Sasuke, "Hey guys," she muttered before leaning against Sasuke and kissing his cheek, "You like it?"

Sasuke nodded, "Everything about Uchi-Raku's is a success. I love it Ayame-chan." He said.

Ayame smiled again and sat up straight, "What about you guys? Do you like it?" she asked.

Kin nodded, "Yeah I do! And you're in charge of the staff right?" she asked.

Ayame nodded nervously, "Why is there a problem? Oh no, I told dad I was too young to do this." She said, obviously mere seconds from having a nervous breakdown.

Kin stared in shock, unsure what to do, luckily Sakura saved the day by placing the sake shots in front of everyone, "Of course you can do this Ayame-chan, Kin was just curious about how long Mimori has worked in this business, because she seems to be really good at it."

Ayame held the cup and nodded, her breathing slowing down, "Really? That's good, she was one of the two I was most worried about."

Rather than worry Ayame's thoughts about the second person, Sasuke lifted his cup into the air. The other three followed his lead as he toasted, "I want to thank you three for accepting me as Sasuke. It's thanks to your kindness that I've been able to make some hard decisions in my life. Honestly," he took a deep breath, "I…love you." He muttered before lifting his cup and sculling the contents before sitting down.

Ayame, Kin and Sakura stared wide eyed at Sasuke, completely shocked at his sudden and quite random proclamation of love.

Kin was the first to speak, "S-Sasuke-kun, umm…" she blushed, feeling a little uncomfortable saying this in a public space, "I love you too."

Not to be outdone, Ayame leaned over to Sasuke hand hugged his arm to her chest, "Me too Sasuke-kun, I love you!" she proclaimed loudly.

Sakura smiled as Sasuke glanced from Ayame to her, "You know my feelings already Sasuke-kun, I love you."

Sasuke's smile stretched across his face as he lifted his cup again that Ayame had refilled, "To us then, the bringers of the next generation of the new Uchiha clan." He said with a smirk.

All three girls blushed bright red at his proclamation and Kin flat out fainted, leaning unconsciously against Sakura who was struggling to keep her thoughts from reaching 'the bedroom'.

Sasuke smirked before thinking about what he just said, '…Maybe this Sake is affecting me already.' He thought before glancing at Ayame, who shot her drink then hugged his arm, though less tightly as before, 'Na, it's probably just cause its true. I mean, why else would I say it?' he thought with a smile before frowning, 'What were we talking about again?' he thought before narrowing his eyes in concentration.

"Umm, excuse me."

The three conscious people turned to Mimori, who had three dinner plates in her grasp, "Your meals are ready, also Nami needs your help Ayame-chan." She said a little nervously.

Ayame instantly shot to her feet, "Well, back to work for me." She said before turning and leaning over to kiss Sasuke on the face, "I'll see you tomorrow for breakfast okay?" she said with a wink.

Sasuke smirked at what she had accidently implied, "That I will Ayame-chan, good luck tonight." He said before she waved and walked off.

Turning to his meal, Sasuke chuckled at Sakura, who was holding up the unconscious Kin. Sakura returned his laugh, letting the awkward moment from before be forgotten.

Sakura formed two hand signs and placed a green finger on Kin's forehead, causing Kin to wake up in a few seconds, "You okay Kin-chan?" she asked with a smile.

Kin nodded as her blurry memory cleared up, "Yep. Fantastic." She said with an awkward chuckle before taking her sake in a single gulp and began devouring her food in a very Naruto-like fashion.

Sakura openly laughed while Sasuke watched Kin's blushing face with a smile, 'By Log I love these women.' He thought before beginning to eat his own meal.


"Well I must say this isn't what I was expecting when you wanted to go somewhere via shunshin. Usually I end up on my back." Anko said with wide eyes as she looked at the picnic mat set atop Hokage Mountain.

Kakashi eye smiled and took Anko's hand, leading her over to the mat he began talking, "Well, tonight's a special occasion Anko-chan. My students have made major steps in their lives, and given me the courage to take some major steps in mine." He explained.

Anko grinned at his statement and pushed him into a laying position, she took off her coat and lay flush against his side, "You sound really proud." She said before sighing, "I know Sasuke has re-done his district, but what have your other two kids done?"

Kakashi lifted his chest for a moment and began taking off his flak jacket, "Well, Naruto has recently led a successful A-rank mission to save Sasuke and his team captured three A-rank ninjas. That's earned him a nickname in the bingo-book. His performance at the Chunnin exam in making that giant water dragon made many nations aware of his power. And he was only a gennin at the time." Kakashi explained as he lay his vest under their heads to use as a pillow.

Anko rested against his shoulder again as he lay down again, "Okay, when you put it like that he sounds damn amazing. But, what about Sakura?"

Kakashi chuckled, "Sakura has near mastered the Radical Good Speed. Once she has the power of each upgrade fully integrated into her system, she'll literally become as fast as the speed of light." He said with a proud eye-smile towards the sky.

Anko smiled at his tone before leaning up and pulling Kakashi's masks down, "When can you keep this off for good?" she asked before kissing Kakashi lovingly.

As she pulled away, Kakashi smiled, "It is law of the Hatake. I cannot take off my mask until I can pass it to my child." He said before pulling Anko on top of him and sitting up, causing her to slide into his lap.

Anko smiled and stroked Kakashi's lip, "Honestly, I don't understand your clan rules sometimes. This mask thing seems a little odd don't you think?"

Kakashi smiled, "I think every clan has their own personal weird things. Like the Hyuuga and their seal, the Inuzuka's facial tattoos, the Naara's deer farming…" he trailed off for a moment before looking down at Anko's face, seeing the sunset's light bounce off her glittering eyes.

He raised his hand and stroked her cheek, "You're so beautiful Anko-chan." He whispered.

Anko smiled dreamily and continued running her fingers across his lips, tracing over a scar, "When did you get this?" she asked.

Kakashi's smile slowly shrank and he looked to the side remorsefully, "The only time my mask was ever damaged. The day I lost my teammate, Rin." He explained quietly.

Realising it was a painful subject for him to think about, Anko turned his face back to her, "Enough of that," she said before pulling him into a hug, burying her face in the crook of his neck, "Let's just focus on us okay?"

Kakashi hummed and hugged her tightly, "Of course," he muttered before raising his hand into the air, gaining her confused attention.

He clicked his fingers and two Kakashi clones stepped out from the trees, they placed down a plastic bag and a paper bag before dispelling.

Anko blinked in confusion as Kakashi reached over and brought the plastic bag closer to them, "Close your eyes Anko-chan." He whispered into her ear.

Anko shivered at his hot breath before doing as he said, feeling something near her lips, she opened her mouth wide, very expectant for what appeared to be happening.

To her confusion though, Kakashi spoke again, "Guess the flavour Anko-chan, did I get it right this time?"

Anko opened her eyes and noticed that it was in fact a stick of dango he held resting in her mouth, she mentally slapped herself, 'Duh! I'm sitting in his lap for Log's sake!'

Anko bit off the first ball and chewed before smiling and suddenly kissing Kakashi on the lips, allowing him to get a taste of the treat.

As she pulled away, Kakashi smiled softly, "Did I get it?" he asked.

Anko inhaled the rest of the balls on that stick while nodding, "Oh yeah! My favourite flavour!" she said before reaching into the plastic bag and pulling out another. She held it to Kakashi's lips as he took the other and fed it to her, they did this for a few minutes. Watching the sun's final descent, they eventually were laying next to each other again and looking as it disappeared over the trees.

Kakashi chuckled softly, "This is so sappy." He muttered between bites.

Anko nodded with a matching giggle and fed him another ball, "You should feel honoured. If any other man tried to see me like this I'd castrate him." She said with a grin that was a little to joy filled.

Kakashi's hand twitched when he imagined the vivid imagery, "Uh, yeah. I'm very honoured." He said before reaching to grab the paper bag.

Anko watched as Kakashi reached in and pulled out a bottle of sake each, "Well Anko-chan, would you join me for a drink?" he asked as he held up the two bottles.

Anko grabbed her bottle from his hand and clinked her bottle to his, "To us, may our children wear funky masks and snakeskin cloaks." She said as a joke before laughing and taking a swig of her drink.

Kakashi smiled and took a swig before rolling into a sitting position, "Anko-chan…"

Hearing Kakashi's odd tone, she looked up at him with a raised brow, "Yeah 'Kashi-kun?"

Kakashi turned to face her and kneeled on one knee, "Would you like that? Children I mean." He said as he reached into his pocket.

Anko noticed the implications of Kakashi's actions and nodded slowly, "Yes, if there is one thing I'm sure of its our future together 'Kashi-kun. I'd like to… have a family." She said, staring deep into his eyes hopefully.

Kakashi smiled a full smile, "Anko-chan," he whispered as he lifted a small box from his pocket, "Will you give me the pleasure, of marrying m-OOMPH!"

"YESYESYESYESYEEEEEEEESSS!" Anko screamed in joy as she glomped Kakashi onto his back.

Kakashi grinned and the two shared another kiss before she sat back, sitting on his lower stomach as he raised the box between them.

Anko watched with wide eyes as Kakashi opened the box and placed the white jewel encrusted gold ring on her finger, her eyes began to tear as the sun's rays lit up the ring for a moment only for the light to sink behind the trees.

Anko grinned and looked back down at Kakashi and kissing him full on the lips again, when she opened her eyes, they had somehow managed to end up sitting in each other's arms in the center of the picnic mat.

Kakashi entwined his hand with hers and admired the ring, "Perfect fit." He muttered before looking back to Anko, who was holding her bottle of sake again.

She licked the bottle's tip, "So 'Kashi-kun, wanna take this party back to our apartment?" she said sexily.

In an instant, a Kakashi clone was cleaning up the picnic grounds while Kakashi and Anko disappeared in a poof of smoke, her laughter echoing throughout the area.

################################################## #

The night was filled with happiness and love for the members of squad seven and their loved ones. There was peace throughout the night and into the late morning. Everyone experiencing dreams of their loved ones at the happiest moment in their possible lives…


The Next Day

Naruto stretched as he reached the bottom of the steps, "Mornin fellas." He muttered before yawning.

Gaara looked up from his place meditating on the back balcony, "Good morning Naruto. The other two are in the kitchen." He said calmly, with something in his voice which Naruto barely picked up on.

Naruto grinned, "Thanks Gaara, what's got you so cheery?" he asked.

Gaara turned to face outside again, "I have my appointment with Hiruzen-sama and Jiraiya-sama at midday. They are going to do their best to help me sleep safely again." He said with a small smile.

Naruto's eyes lit up as he hovered into the air, "That's great Gaara!" he exclaimed before his stomach growled.

Gaara chuckled once, "Go get some breakfast Naruto."

Naruto nodded and flew to the only other room on the bottom floor of their house. Opening the door, he grinned at Pikkon who was walking placing his dishes into the sink to rinse, "Morning Pikkon." He said before sitting in his place next to Sasuke and began helping himself to some of the rice sitting in the table's middle.

Pikkon smirked, "Good morning Naruto, what's your plans for today?"

Naruto grinned, "Well around ten Kimimaro-san said he'll help me with learning the dances of his clan. Apparently some of them are really painful when ripping the bones out." He said with a shudder before inhaling his share of food.

Sasuke raised a brow, "And this afternoon? Do you remember what Ero-sensei said?" Sasuke said sternly.

Naruto frowned and nodded, "Yeah, I'll we'll tell everyone together yeah?" he asked.

Sasuke nodded in response, "You do realise you have two minutes until you're supposed to be meeting Kimimaro right?"

Naruto gasped and looked at the clock on the wall, "OH SHIT!" he yelled before flying out the window, covering the street side in glass as he flew towards the window of Kimimaro and Jirobo's apartment.

Pikkon raised a brow at Sasuke, "What is it you're gonna be telling us all?" he asked.

Sasuke shook his head and stood from the table, "You'll find out this afternoon, just like everyone else." He said coolly before placing his plate in the sink and disappearing in a shunshin.

Pikkon frowned at his behaviour, "I wonder what that's about." He muttered before walking into the lounge room and heading to the basement, "Gaara, I'll be practising my earth element if ya need me." He said before opening the door and heading down, knowing Gaara would hear him.

Pikkon closed the door behind him and walked down the stairs, he sat in the middle of the near empty room and began focussing his chakra into the earth around him.

Pikkon suddenly stopped and his head snapped to his left as he stared at a crate in the corner, 'What's that chakra?' he thought as he suddenly felt movement through the ground with his earth chakra.

He began focussing again, trying to pretend he didn't notice the small chakra flare. He slightly opened one eye and saw a small white rat run from behind the crate and over to Naruto's workstation. He frowned as he noticed it looking over the blueprints of the chakra armour, 'That rat is more than it seems.'

Keeping up the façade by feeling the earth with his chakra, he sent it over to feel under and around the crate, his mind's eye widened as he felt a small tunnel behind it and someone sitting there writing something.

He glanced back at the rat which he realised had just rolled the blue prints back up…with its thumbed hands… 'Okay, seriously what the fuck?!' he thought, pretending to still be meditating.

The rat's mouth suddenly elongated and it picked up the blueprints, 'Shit! No more watching!' Pikkon thought as he grabbed one of the short blade daggers from inside his sleeve.

The rat looked up only for its head to be pierced by a wind blade, it collapsed into ink and paper as Pikkon pulled back his blade. He ran over to Naruto's desk and pulled the blueprints free of the ink.

He brushed off the ink and scanned the room with his eyes, 'No more rats.' He thought before moving over to the crate that was covering up the hole. He grunted as he pulled the crate to the side, but to his confusion, he could see no hole in the wall.

Pikkon blinked twice before frowning, "What the hell is going on here?" he asked to himself before pushing the crate flush against the wall once again. "I better go tell someone about this." He muttered before taking a sample of the ink and running up stairs, not noticing as another rat made its way out.


Chapter End.

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